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Monday, March 18, 2002
Kids chat

Be hydro 'logical'—know more about water

Happy days are here again as the final exams are finally over. It's time now to hang the school bags and get going for more fun and entertainment. Especially after those tiring exam days you deserve a good treat.

Cliparti: Hi Friends! It's been quite a while since we have talked about some fun and games in our weekly meeting in kids chat. The examination fever spread across the country among all kids created the mood for studies. But now it's all over and we are set to roll the ball again.

Fluppy: Yeah that's right, Cliparti! I have even made plans for my summer vacations, which are so near but yet so far.

Windy: Hey, wait a bit. You guys are boring our friends with all that theory and not talking of any interesting stuff. Let's celebrate the end of examinations with a bang! Hey guys why not start with sending e-cards to your friend wishing them luck in their new class. You can logon to http://free.bluemountain.com/cdb/FGM/KGM and send fun and games cards to your friend along with the good luck message for their new class.

Cliparti: Fun and games e-cards! Never heard of this Windy. What's this all about, please explain?

Windy: This is an interesting site and has games on the cards. You can send these cards with the games to your friends and they can play these games on receiving it. This way you can convey your good wishes in the most entertaining and impressive way. Some of the interesting games card on this are The bubble game, Find-a-kid game, Circus game, Transform-a-Kid game, How does your garden grow game, Mars mission, a treasure hunt, visit the toy shop, Chicks puzzle, submarine diving game, the monkey game, Firefly game, Bizzare Wars, A Castle puzzle for you, carnival games, play Marco polo games etc. There are many more games listed on this site and these are some of the displayed games on the site.

Fluppy: Wow! That's great. Hey Windy, what about sending me 10 good luck cards.

Windy: Yeah sure. I will write good luck 10 times in my mail and will send it across to you.


Fluppy: No I was asking you to send those fun and game cards to me.

Windy: You start by sending these cards to your friends and you will get many cards in return. Don't you think, this is great idea, Fluppy?

Fluppy: Yes indeed! And I will start with Cliparti.

Cliparti: Thank you Fluppy, I promise to reciprocate. Anyways let's check this interesting site, which I have found for our friends. This site is www.scholastic.com/kids/games.htm and on this site you can find a lot of interesting stuff. You can play some interesting and skillful games on this site like

Remnants Shuttle Escape, Harry Potter Wizard Challenge, Deltora Quest, Play I Spy, Action!, Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Games, Clifford's Xylobone. The fun does not end here as you can fulfill your dream of becoming a writer on this site by writing in the biggest children's book in the world and become a known person in the world. The fun does not end here either as you can play a lot more interesting games like Tonka Truck Sounds Game, The Great Gracie Chase Game, Clifford's Beach, Animorphs Hawk Rescue and MegaMix Maker, Captain Underpants Name Change-o- Chart 2000, Cyber Speak Quiz!, Clifford's Backyard Lost & Found etc.

Fluppy: That's a nice site too, Cliparti. I am sure you guys must be busy hopping on the Internet just after you finished your exams, as you have found some really interesting sites. Hey my find of this week is a bit different. Since summers are approaching so are the waterborne diseases. So, its time we know some thing about water. My find of this week is on information related to water. But Hang on! I will not spoil the playful mood and thus I would like to tell you that even on this site you could play games like Word Scramble, Water Trivia etc. But more importantly, you can learn a lot on water on this site like Water Myths and Realities, Water questions and answers, water facts of life, Be Hydro-Logical etc. These are very vital pieces of information and crucial for everyone to know.

Cliparti: Oh Well! That's an interesting piece of information, Fluppy. I would certainly go through this site and enhance my knowledge about water. And on that healthy note let us sign off for now and meet again next week with lots and lots of other interesting stuff for our friends.

- Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Let’s be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is [email protected]. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. — Windy