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Monday, March 18, 2002

DirecWay by HECL
Tribune News Service

Shyamal Ghosh, chairman of telecom committee and secretary DOT
Shyamal Ghosh, chairman of telecom committee and secretary DOT, (left) and Pradman Kaul, chairman and CEO of Hughes network systems, pose for a photograph.

Hughes Escorts Communications Limited (HECL), India's leading VSAT service provider, announced the commercial launch of DirecWay - a comprehensive, end-to-end satellite broadband service for consumer, small business and enterprise markets. With an investment of over $ 15 million in introducing DirecWay, HECL will be the first national satellite broadband service provider in the Indian market to offer services in over 800 cities and rural areas across the country.

To support this service, the company has invested in setting up a world-class infrastructure, in for the Indian market that includes dedicated satellite space, a data centre for hosting enterprise applications, a network operations centre to manage all services and marketing services and support. DirecWay will not only offer broadband access via satellite but also deliver solutions for networking, managed network services (MNS), data centre hosting and application services such as distance education, multimedia broadcast services and telemedicine.

Announcing the launch of DirecWay in India, Pradman Kaul, chairman and CEO, Hughes Network Systems, said: "DirecWay has clearly been one of the most successful services for Hughes worldwide. Today, we have over 1,00,000 subscribers in the USA alone and have installed over 25,000 units in Australia and Europe. I am confident of its success in the Indian market with the role it will play in bridging the digital divide by delivering comprehensive solutions that will allow small businesses and individual users in remote locations the same advanced technology that powers global enterprises."

With DirecWay, HECL plans to target a wide range of potential customers including large enterprises, SMEs and the home user. The solution is quick to deploy, delivers cost-effective networking and enables wide spread connectivity.

Through its host of value-added application services such as e-procurement, e-distribution, e-CRM, HR management and corporate training, DirecWay enables corporate to streamline operations, cut costs, develop new sources of revenue and create a better-trained workforce. HECL has partnered with several companies including Compaq, Commerce One, Talisma and Legato to provide these application platforms to their corporate customers.Top


Naidu launches Andhra section of travel portal

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu, launched the Andhra section of Indiaoverland.com 

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu launched the Andhra section of Indiaoverland.com recently. Indiaoverland.com is a unique portal dedicated to travel in India by road. This portal contains all possible information that is required by a road traveller. With a comprehensive coverage of destinations, detailed road and schematic maps, a huge (enlargeable) photo gallery, comprehensive hotel directory, and other pertinent information such as travel time, best time to visit and also a personalised editor's experience, the traveller is given a virtual feel of the intended motoring holiday even before embarking on his journey.

With a route finder that was demonstrated at the presentation and all above information available for free, Indiaoverland.com is destined to be the motoring guide of India. Mr Naidu appreciated the efforts, quality and the usefulness of the information to the motorist. He pledged, "all support from the Andhra Pradesh government" to make this Website a complete one stop touring guide and even went to the extent of committing "all AP Tourism Development Corporation transactions through Indiaoverland.com."