Friday, March 22, 2002, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


PGI becomes costlier
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
Treatment in PGI will now cost more. The patients visiting the PGI will have to pay more for the various laboratory tests, CT scans, X rays. The private room rents have also been increased. The agenda items relating to this proposal were passed in the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) that met at New Delhi here today and are likely to be implemented with immediate effect.

Sources state that the PGI had formed a special committee of senior faculty members which was to list the areas where the PGI should be charging more than what it was doing in order to generate resources and also to rationalise the wide variation in the rates being charged by various departments for provision of similar facilities. The committee’s recommendations came up for discussion today at the SFC meeting.

According to sources, the private room rent has been increased from Rs 700 a day to Rs 900 per day and laboratory tests for a patient in the private ward will cost three times more than the patient in the general ward. The operation fee, too, has been increased by 10 per cent.

Among the other items which were passed, the PGI’s computerisation project worth Rs 24.7 crore was passed by the SFC. Last week the PGI had signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Informatics Centre Services Inc. New Delhi, which will be helping the PGI in the implementation of this unique project.

Sources state that some items relating to the provision of patient care allowance to senior residents working at PGI was, however, rejected and not passed. The PGI’s technologists association has also been demanding a similar allowance but since they fall in the category of Group B employees, they cannot be considered for the said allowance.

The demand of the junior Residents for medical benefits to their family members has also been rejected.



Nine-day holiday bonanza in offing
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
Starting Saturday March 23, the government offices will go on a virtual holiday spree for nine days at a stretch. So the salaried class, the businessmen and traders need to rush with their Income Tax formalities. And the same is true for people who need to file in Sales Tax returns. Thus all work pertaining to government offices can be put on hold till April 1, when the full strength of babus saunters back to offices.

March 26, 27 and 28 are the only three working days after tomorrow, a Friday. March 23 and 24 being Saturday and Sunday, respectively, March 25 (Monday), is Moharram while March 29 is a holiday on account of Holi and Good Friday. March 30 and 31 are again Saturday and Sunday, respectively. With confusion over the exact date of Holi it would mean one more closed day if the Administration succumbs to pressure.

All the employees need to do is to take three days’ “chhutti” and make it into mega weekend extending for nine days only to come back to office on April 1. A few years ago the Chandigarh Administration when faced with a similar situation of having so many holidays right at the time of the end of the financial year had converted Saturday into a working day to tide over the rush.

However, this will not be done this time. At least it has not been decided till now and nor is there a move in this regard, well placed sources said.

Today the scene in government offices was charged as officials could be seen cajoling the staff to push through files.

Since both holidays on March 25 and 29 are also Central Government holidays public dealing places like Telecom offices, Central Excise and Income Tax will be also closed.

Treasury, IT deptt to open

The UT Treasury will remain open on Saturday and Sunday (March 30 and 31) to enable closing of accounts of various government departments, UT Home Secretary, Mr Raminder Singh Gujral, said today. This will also enable deposits of sales tax by traders. The Income Tax Department will keep its offices open on Saturday, March 30, to accept returns filed by residents, but it is yet to be decided if March 31 (Sunday) will also be a working day or not, said Commissioner, Income Tax, Chandigarh, Mr Ashwani Luthra. Importantly for people wanting to file Income Tax returns for year 2000-2001, the working days in the Income Tax Department will be March 26, 27, 28 and 30. Even March 28 is a restricted holiday.



On a high with maestros’ melody
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
Rare are the occasions when melody reigns supreme, when rhythm stands tall in midst of everything that is mortal and spreads its wings wide... so wide that neither the soul nor the senses remain significant any longer. What remains significant is a sense of immortality, which only music can create and nurture.

The occasion was rare without doubt. At the 32nd Bhaskar Rao Nritya and Sangeet Sammelan, being organised by Pracheen Kala Kendra at Tagore Theatre, in focus was the human voice. In the Gandharva Veda, human voice stands first as the measure of all music because of its perfection. And perfection is even more pleasurable when it come from masters like pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra, regarded the foremost exponents of the Banaras style of Khayal (a form of North Indian classical music) singing.

In the scheme of today's schedule, the legendary vocalists performed after child prodigy Payal Ramchandani, the able disciple of Padma Bhushan Raja and Radha Reddy, who brought a whiff of fresh air to the suffocating hall with her kuchipudi recital. Performing right under the guru's nose (Raja Reddy was the sutradhar for Payal's recital) was challenging, but the girl met the challenge with grace and clarity of movement. Energy flowed from her tender feet, underlining her recital with precision.

Payal's indulgence in her form was complete, so much so that she did not appear like a dancer on the performance space. She came across as a devotee in service of Lord Brahma and Mahesh. Beginning her one and a half hour long presentation with Vinayak stuti (raga Gaula, adital), Payal went on to present jatti swaram in raga athana. She used her skills to blend rhythm and melody, paying a tribute to the creator of nritya — Lord Shiva. The Dashavataram in raga Mohana almost caused the audience to rise upto a standing ovation. Tarangam, which traditionally marks the climax in kuchipudi, had Payal dance with verve and precision. Her footwork was flawless, so was here abhinaya, which brought Krishna leela to life. Displaying total control, Payal cast the final spell by dancing on a parat.

Accompanying the young dancer was vocalist Sai Bhawani, whose mellifluous voice added mirth to the evening, B. Bhaskar Rao on the mridamgam and VSK Annadurai on the violin. On the natvangam was guru Raja Reddy himself, occasionally reproducing the magic of kuchipudi by explaining its tradition. Raja Reddy, who also inaugurated today's sammelan, has lent a new dimension to the age old art of kuchipudi dance without sacrificing its traditional poetry or dramatic sensibility.

Continuing the musical spell were Pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra, who spellbound the audience with their range and imagination as they dealt with the ancient raga chhaya nat. A rarely heard of but a much popular raga, chhaya nat had the maestros in brilliant form today. They sung three compositions in the same raga — the first one in vilambit ek tal read navar ki jhanak sun sabhi log jaag pade; the second composition in teen taal read bhari gagari mori ludkai chalat...Melody came more to life with each presentation.

Masters in rendering the light classical forms such as tappa, tarana and bhajan, both the brothers began their recital by congratulating the city audiences for their discipline. In the amazing rendition, they reflected their celebrated tutelage under the able guidance of their father, Pandit Hanuman Mishra, a well known vocalist himself. They also received training from Pandit from their uncle, one of the most celebrated sarangi players of India, Pt. Gopal Prasad Mishra as well as from Gayanacharya, late Pt. Bade Ramdasji of Banaras.

As far as the recital goes, it revelled in the magic of their jugalbandi. The accompanists also rose upto the level of masters. Mehmood Dholpuri on harmonium and Akram Khan on tabla were more than enchanting. Taking off with raga chhaya nat, pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra created magic with their duet singing. As both of them had earlier admitted, "Jugalbandhi requires immaculate coordination. Its aim is to bring home the subtleties and refinements of music as naturally and as spontaneously, as in the solo performance."

With their immense skills, imagination, and energy they once again raised the status of jugalbandi music to the heights rarely heard before. Marked with flexibility and rhythm, their recital proved the richness of Hindustani classical tradition, especially khayal which originated in the courts of Mughal emperors as a less rigid alternative to Dhrupad style.

Tomorrow's programme will feature kuchipudi recital by Kaushalya Reddy and vocal recital by Sanjeev Abhyankar.

Today's function was attended by Mayor Ms Lalit Joshi, Mr M.L. Koser of Pracheen Kala Kendra and Mr Kamleshwar Sinha, among others.



MC seeks barricades from traffic police
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
The Municipal Corporation, after yesterday’s bitter experience of having remained busy with complaints of the people (sometimes on unjustified grounds), today asked the traffic police to provide it with 25 barricades to replace ropes for checking those who refused to pay parking fee on the exit.

The Municipal Corporation also made Bank Square as a parking zone which the parking contractor was asked not to do.

A visit to the paid parking lots revealed that lot of visitors refused to pay on the exit point on the ground that they did not find a place to park their vehicles, raising a fear that a thief without a parking slip may also take the same plea while taking away a vehicle.

But free entry in the parking area also left scope for disputes as a person in a parking zone may collect two parking slips from two of those distributing slips and may get out with only one receipt to later claim showing the slip that his vehicle was stolen.

Certain people were coming to the exit without taking receipts in the parking lots and getting it at the exit point, again leaving a scope for theft as a mischief maker, while doing the same, might say he could not park the vehicle inside so he or she was ready to take it on the exit.

Though the municipal staff, mostly labourers from the roads, horticulture and public health wings of the Engineering Department, were spread in the parking lot to give the people parking slips, yet were not seen guiding the people to an empty space for parking the vehicle.

The corporation sources, however, claimed that it was not incurring any losses because of allowing entry without any slip saying the first day collection was Rs 20,000, which is almost the same which was collected by the contractor while issuing parking slips on the entry point.

The BJP here today demanded withdrawal of paid parking, while the Punjab Subordinate Services Federation (INTUC) threatened to go on an agitation if they were forced to pay for parking for attending their official work.

The Anti-Paid Front, a torch-bearer in opposing the paid parking, after demanding yesterday to hand over the parking arrangement to the Traders Association, today criticised the Municipal Corporation for ‘mismanaging’ the parking lots and causing injury to the people and harm to their vehicles.

The BJP ad hoc committee convener, Mr Yashpal Mahajan, and the party leader in the Municipal Corporation, Ms Kamla Sharma, lashed out at the Congress for first imposing parking fee despite a public stand to the contrary and then failing to manage the paid parking arrangement.

A federation delegation met the Mayor, Ms Lalit Joshi, to say the Administration should provide them free parking for official purposes.



Audience sway at this ‘mast’ show
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 21
Foot-tapping music, scintillating dance performances and swinging crowds. This was the high-energy blast of Punjabi music, “Chak de Phatte”, held at cricket grounds here tonight.

The otherwise quiet township was reverberating to the sounds of music. From evening to night, young and not-so-young people of the township as well as of Chandigarh and SAS Nagar were swaying to the vibrating beats of Punjabi folk and their videshi version.

The programme had Punjabiyat at its best. From the rustic jokes by the comperes to the bhangra beats, from the aerobic dances of a troupe on the latest Bollywood numbers to a combination of Punjabi folk set to the techno beats.

The programme began with the comperes — Jagtar Jaggi and Ravinder Mand — having the teeming thousands in splits with their antics. This was followed by a performance by a newcomer — Lucky Singh, who rendered beautiful numbers — ‘Rangla Punjab Rangle Punjabi’ and ‘Dil Rakh Le Bhanwe Jaan Rakh ley’.

It was, however, Ashok Masti, who captivated the audience with his numbers — Dilwalon ki Masti hai, Yahan masti hi masti hai and Hai Oye, Sada dil Lotiya. His numbers electrified the already charged atmosphere and the crowd began jiving as he sang one song after another.

The BNP Fire Group also managed to ignite the crowd as they enthralled the audience with their dance numbers. From the latest Bollywood offerings — Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe — to Punjabi folk songs and boliyan, they captivated the audience.

The organisers had left no stone unturned in order to make the show a big success. A huge stage had been set up, with computerised lighting and electronic fog machines to create a special effect. A state-of-the-art music system was used to have a perfect sound effects.

Enclosures were also made to ensure that there was no gate crashing. One enclosure had been made to the capacity of 15,000 persons. Another VIP enclosure had been made to seat about 200 persons. Police arrangements had been made to ensure that no untoward incident took place. There were more than 500 cops on special duty, with two reserves of the police having been called in from outside. With all entry points to the venue having been sealed, the gatecrashers had a difficult time percolating in the venue.

The renditions by Pammi Bai and Shankar Sahni (who had shot to fame with his music video — Kudi Kurmuri) also went well with the audience.

But the organisers, it appeared, had reserved the best for the last. The original king of Punjabi pop — Malkit Singh, who had been specially flown in by ETC management from Norway for this show, made sure that the audience were left asking for more. His wonderful rendition of Tutak Tutak Tutian and his latest hit album — Paaro — had the crowds on their feet.



Cable viewers may have to shell out more
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
Cable network subscribers may have to pay between Rs 300 and 360 a month for the service within next couple of months.

“The cable operators, including the SITI and its business rival WIN Cable and pay channels, reached a consensus on the issue,’’ a Zee company source told The Tribune.

The issue came up at a meeting of cable operators and pay channels held here today to discuss how the industry should move forward.

The meeting was addressed by Mr Jawahar Goel, the brother of the Zee empire chief, Mr Subhash Chandra.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of pay channels like Sony and Star and cable operators, including SITI Cable and its competitors WIN Cable, sources in Zee company said.

Another major issue discussed at the meeting was the prospect of addressibility technology which is used to charge the customer on the basis of cable use time instead of a flat monthly levy.

The cable operators were explained that unless charges from the customer were increased to Rs 10 to 12 per day, the cable business would be rendered unremunerative in the wake of pay channels increasing the fee.

The sources said the present cable charge was not enough even to pay the channels.

In addition, a cable operator has to provide 24-hour service to the customer and the cost of running the business along with expenditure on electricity bill, power back up, programme software and human resources was much higher than what was being taken from the customer.

After this argument the meeting ‘’unanimously’’ decided to increase the charge from the customer, the sources said.

They said the meeting also decided to constitute a committee of representatives from Punjab to discuss the issue further.

The operators were believed to have been informed that these rates would increase in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata from May as the process in this direction had already moved forward.

The addressibility business was told to be a costly affair as for installing each apparatus for monitoring time used by a consumer at a common point alone would cost around Rs 6,00,000 and each customer would have to install an equipment spending around Rs 5000.

A source in Zee said cable operators need not feel threatened from the DTH as it had a limitation of providing one channel at a time from the bouquet of channels.

The Direct-to-Home technology could, at best, be used by five per cent customers due to the cost factor, the sources said.

They said the service tax had been imposed on the industry and Value Added Tax (VAT) was likely to be levied in the future. The cable operator industry was expecting a Bill in Parliament on the issue, they said adding if the pay channels could be restrained from levying charges, the cable operators would not have burdened the customer.


Minister gives top priority to housing for poor
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
The new Minister for Housing and Urban Development Department-cum-Chairman, Punjab Urban Planning and Development Authority (PUDA), Mr Raghunath Sahai Puri, while reviewing the working of the department here today announced that housing for the poor/downtrodden, provision of basic civic amenities for slums, planned urban development by encouraging private participation and redressal of public grievances would be amongst his priorities.

As regards the style of functioning of the organisation, Mr Puri said that the attitude of the officers should be people friendly so that public perception of the organisation was improved.

The Housing and Urban Development Minister stated that quality housing would be initiated for all sections of society, specially for the economically weaker sections. Housing for the weaker sections shall be made cheaper/affordable by cross subsidisation. In order to reduce the burden on the state exchequer, the government would encourage private participation through liberalised licensing. The Minister revealed that PUDA, since inception, had issued 107 licences to the private colonisers for the development of licenced colonies in different urban areas of the state. This exercise is expected to add 36768 houses to the housing stock in the state. The yearwise detail is as under:-

The minister said that the government would make every effort to regulate urban growth in a planned manner to ensure good quality of life in the urban areas. Due attention would be paid to improve the urban infrastructure. Feasible locations would be identified for the expansion of the existing urban estates and setting up of new urban estates. Showing his concern for the downtrodden, the minister said that basic civic amenities, wherever feasible, would be provided in the unauthorised colonies and in slum areas.

In the meeting with senior officers of PUDA, including field officers, Mr Puri directed that no new unauthorised colonies and encroachments should be allowed to come up. He warned the officers of PUDA that any unholy nexus with encroachers wherever detected would invite strict disciplinary action. While issuing a warning to the illegal colonisers to desist from illegal colonisation activities, Mr Puri appealed to the residents of illegal colonies and periphery of Chandigarh not to create any hindrance in the working of the PUDA enforcement wing.

Critically examining the working of the organisation, the minister said that professional approach in the working of the organisation is required.



Move against underage drivers
Monica Sharma

Chandigarh, March 21
Friends will not be able to travel to school on their motor bikes and scooters from the next academic session if the teachers put their proposal into force.

Conscious of the fact that a large number of accidents in the city directly or indirectly involved the students, they are planning to issue instructions to the parents asking them not to allow their children to come to school on scooters or mobikes if they are not legally authorised to drive a vehicle.

The decision to issue instructions follows a meeting between senior police officials and the school authorities. According to the sources in the police department, shortage of police personnel was preventing the department from acting against the underaged drivers

‘‘From time to time we have been challaning students by posting personnel outside the schools but we have not been able to sustain the drive due to acute shortage of staff,’’'' reveals a senior police officer.

‘‘So now we have asked the school authorities to help us out to implement the project. The decision to ban underaged drivers from entering the school premises is important as many students, in most of the cases not only over speed and jump traffic signals without wearing protective headgear, they also have less control over the vehicles as their reflexes are not so developed,’’ adds another officer.

But how are the school authorities going to ensure fool-proof implementation of the decision ? ‘‘It is not going to be very difficult. While accepting the scooter stand fee, we will check their driving licences and other documents, discouraging the underaged drivers in the process,’’ claims Tanya, a senior school teacher.

‘‘In case of doubt we can even compare the age mentioned on the driving licence with the documents available in the school.’’

She concludes,‘‘I hope the parents realise that we are doing this for the safety of their children. We expect in return the parents should co-operate with us.’’



People urged to plant saplings
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 21
The Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Mr M.K. Miglani, has stressed the need for change in the work culture of government departments, saying that instead of community participation , the emphasis should be on community action so that people themselves implement their programmes.

Mr Miglani was speaking at a workshop organised by the State Forestry Department on the occasion of the World Forestry Day here today. He said community action would infuse a sense of belonging to a project. He said people should themselves plant, nurse and protect saplings. He said 2.5 crore saplings were planted during the current financial year and a target had been fixed to plant 4.5 crore saplings during the forthcoming financial year.

Well-known environmentalist and social worker, Chandi Prasad Bhatt, who had played an active role in the Chipko movement, expressed satisfaction over the increase in tree cover in Haryana from three per cent to eight per cent. He urged people to play a vital role in the development of forests.

An expert in clonal forestry, Mr Piare Lal, said only good quality plants should be grown because these would become an asset to the coming generation. He said poplar and eucalyptus had brought revolution in forestry. He said there was ample potential for production of wood not only to meet country’s demand but also to export it.

The Commissioner and Secretary, Forests, Mr S.K. Maheshwari, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Mr. J.P.L. Srivastava, several members of village forest committees and environmentalists were present on the occasion.



More power to UT augurs no-sweat summers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
Summers will be more comfortable for city residents as the Union Ministry of Power today allocated additional power to Chandigarh out of its unallocated quota in the Central power pool. In a fax message to the Chandigarh Administration today, the ministry said 5 per cent of the unallocated power quota has been made with immediate effect.

This means another 35 to 40 Mega Watt of power will be available to Chandigarh taking its allocation for peak period usage up to 170 MW. Quite interestingly, a source said the entire 170 MW daily would not be utilised till end of April. As of today the utilisation was about 119 MW when compared with the 130 MW allocation. The announcement of enhancement came as the UT Administrator Lieut Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd) was pursuing the matter the Union Power Minister, Mr Suresh P. Prabhu.

The Minister had visited the city last week and said Chandigarh would be centre of excellence in power sector.



Training camp for sarpanches
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 21
A training camp for panches and sarpanches of villages in the district was organised by the State Community Development and Training Centre, Neelokheri, here today. They were imparted training on the Jawahar Gram Samriddhi Yojana.

Inaugurating the training camp, the Additional Deputy Commissioner, Mr S.K. Goyal, said under the scheme, villagers would be paid for the development works that they would carry out in their villages. This would not only provide gainful employment to the villagers, but also help in infrastructure building in the villages.

Under the scheme, ponds, roads, dispensaries, pavements school rooms , panchayat ghars and chaupals will be constructed by the unemployed youth of the village. They will be paid wages and foodgrains by the government.

More than 100 panches and sarpanches of Barwala, Raipur Rani, Morni and Pinjore blocks participated in the training camp.



Jail inmates get reading material
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, March 21
The Jan Shikshan Sansthan distributed reading material on spiritualism and human values among inmates of Burail Jail. The material was provided in association with Sant Assa Ram Ashram, Sector 20.

The Director in charge, Mr Arjun Khamboj, presented some audio cassettes on spiritualism and human values. The sansthan is also running two vocational courses of six months duration on scooter repairing, refrigeration and air condition repairing for Burail Jail inmates in association with Adult Education Department, UT.

The sansthan also proposes to organise some short-duration vocational programmes for female inmates of the jail. The courses will include food preservation course, mehndi application, surf and phenyle making, candle making and chair caning.



Lottery agents hold protest
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, March 21
Lottery agents selling tickets for Punjab State Holi Bumper staged a protest in front of the Municipal Council office in Phase-VII here today. Protesters alleged that civic body employees harassed the stall owners and even removed banners and posters put up by them. Even tables of many agents were seized by the council staff. They further alleged that the staff of duty was adopting a pick-and-choose policy. Agents who refused to oblige the civic body staff were being compelled to pay tehbazari fee.

They said stalls were put up by them only on a temporary basis and that too for a few days. This had been going on for the past four to five years and the agents were earning revenue for the Punjab Government. They demanded action against the erring employees.

Mr Kulwant Singh, president of the Municipal Council, said none of the agents selling lottery tickets had taken permission from the civic body to put up stalls. Neither had they deposited tehbazari fee. That was why he had instructed his staff yesterday to seize their goods. The protest today resulted from that action.

The president said the allegation against his staff of adopting a pick—and-choose policy was baseless. In fact, he said, lottery agents had never paid tehbazari fee nor had they asked for the civic body’s permission to put up stalls. Now when the council was taking a tough stand, the agents had no choice except to level allegations.



General body meeting of society
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, March 21
A general body meeting of the Shivalik Environ Coop House Building Society, Saketri, will be held in Red Bishop, Panchkula, at 10 am on March 24.

Agenda points for the meeting include explanation of technical points and procedure of society elections by the ARCS-cum-returning officer and to discuss and approve the investment of the balance amount lying in the society’s saving bank account with HARCO Bank, Sector 17-B, Chandigarh.



F & CC meeting on March 26
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
The Finance and Contract Committee meeting of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh (MCC) will be held on March 26 to discuss the issue of paid parking. Agenda for the committee was likely to be decided tomorrow, sources said.

However, unconfirmed sources say the present parking rates are likely to be increased from Rs 2 to 5. The matter is likely to come up before the committee.



Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
A seminar on “BSNL’s role in national development” will be held here tomorrow to discuss financial viability of BSNL and other issues.



Week of love and war

A Tips Films and Allu Arvind presentation ‘Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai’ is an eye-opener for members of generation next, who never think anything beyond love. The ‘Mast’ and ‘Kasoor’ boy Aftab Shivdasani comes of age in this film and impresses cinegoers with his vulnerable yet convincing presence. After ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ and ‘Gadar’, Ameesha Patel springs a surprise in this role. This movie releases today at K.C. Chandigarh and K.C. Panchkula.

‘Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai’ is a must-see for every person who has ever been in love or dreams of it. The film also features Jackie Shroff, Ashish Vidyarthi and Neena Kulkarni. Anupama Varma is in an unusual role of a tough girl with a heart of gold. This engrossing film is directed by K. Murli Mohan Rao and Mukesh Udeshi is its executive producer. The music of this film is by Sajid-Wajid and lyrics by Jalees Rashid and Ajay Jhingran. This film has ten numbers sung by Alka Yagnik, Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan, K.K., Babul Supriyo, Iqbal-Afzal and Sabri Brothers.

After producing ‘Monsoon Wedding’ and ‘Mitr — My Friend’ the Eye Dream banner has returned with a patriotism-packed action thriller ‘16 December’ that releases today at Piccadily, Chandigarh and Soraj Panchkula. It was on 16 December, 1971, that the Pakistan army surrendered to the Indian Army. Thirty years later, the enemy agents want to avenge the defeat on the same day by detonating a nuclear weapon. How the hero spoils the Pakistani plan forms the crux of the story. Model-turned-actor Milind Soman, newcomer Dipanita Sharma, Aditi Govitrikar, Gulshan Grover, Danny Denzongpa, Sushant Singh and Paresh Rawal have given power-packed performances. The film has been produced by Arunima Roy and the story, screenplay, editing, direction and special effects are by debutant Mani Shankar. DP



City police gets custody of murder accused
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
The Mumbai police has reportedly handed over the custody of a local resident, Ashish Arora, accused in a murder case here, to the Chandigarh police.

According to sources, Ashish had been arrested by the Mumbai police and the Chandigarh police had sent a special team to Mumbai earlier this month to take custody of the accused. A five-member team headed by a Sub-Inspector left on March 9 after production warrants were issued by a local magistrate. The local police had received a letter from the Oshi Bara police station in Mumbai, informing it of Ashish’s arrest. The team is expected to reach here in a day or two.

According to sources, the Chandigarh police team faced some problems as the Mumbai police had shown unwillingness to hand over the accused as he was also wanted in their own investigations, including in a case reportedly pertaining to the Arms Act.

The accused is wanted by the local police for allegedly murdering his brother-in-law, Joginder Singh, in Sector 23 on September 28, 2001. His brother, Sanjay, has already been arrested by the police here. According to the police, the accused is also wanted by the local police in several cases, while he is wanted by the Panchkula police in 14 other cases.

Charas seized: The police on Thursday seized 20 grams of charas from a scooter parked in a Sector 17 parking lot, which was stated to be kept in the vehicle to implicate a Sector 37 resident.

According to the police, the charas, along with a small weighing scale and 1 gm stone, was found in the scooter belonging to Rajesh Sethi. The police said a family dispute could be the reason for trying to implicate him. It is also not ruling out the possibility of a Sub-Inspector of the local police, who was also present there despite being posted elsewhere, in the matter.

While Rajesh has not been arrested, the police has impounded the scooter (PB-10-JA-5403) and are investigating into the matter. The Sub-Divisional Police Officer (Central), Mr S.S. Randhawa, also visited the spot.

Liquor seized: The police has arrested a resident of Mauli Jagran, Harchand, from the same colony and seized 52 pouches of liquor from his possession. A case under the Excise Act has been registered against him.

Rickshaw-puller held: A rickshaw-puller, Ram Singh, a resident of Sector 21, was arrested from the same sector for plying the rickshaw on the wrong side. He has been booked for causing danger and obstructing public path.

Forgery case: The local police has booked a resident of Samalkha, near Panipat, for forgery after Mr Rohtas Singh, Superintendent, Regional Passport Office, lodged a complaint that the accused had prepared a fake no objection certificate after forging the signatures of the Director, Sports and Youth Welfare, Haryana. A case under Sections 420, 467, 468 and 471 of the IPC has been registered.

Cable theft: The Secretary of the Officers’ Mess, 3 BRD, K.P. Gupta, has reported that 35 metres of cable has been stolen from the mess premises. The police has registered a case.

Scooter stolen: Sector 23 resident Kultar Singh has reported that his Bajaj Chetak scooter (CH-01-H-3698) has been stolen from Sector 22. A case has been registered.

Cash stolen: Sector 14 resident Ramesh Kumar has reported that cash amounting to Rs 1,000 has been stolen from his STD shop located on the Panjab University campus. A case has been registered.


Purse snatched: A purse of a woman passenger was snatched at the Ambala Cantonment railway station. The incident took place when Ms Manju Kaushal, who is working in Chandigarh, was boarding the Paschim Express. A woman snatched her purse and managed to escape. Ms Kaushal disembarked following the incident.

A family member said after the incident, she contacted the Railway Protection Force personnel who began to look for the purse-snatcher. He said despite their best efforts, the purse-snatcher could not be traced.


One killed: One person was killed and three were injured in two accidents during the past 24 hours.

Saunarayan was killed near the Dandraula bus stop in Raipur Rani, when he was hit by a Maruti van. He died on the spot, while the accused fled away. A case under Sections 279 and 304-A of the IPC has been registered.

In another incident, three pedestrians namely Deepak Negi, Jatinder Kaur and Surajpal were injured when they were hit by an Army vehicle on road separating Sectors 14 and 15. A case under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC has been registered.

One arrested: Sushil Kumar was arrested on charges of playing satta and seized Rs 360 from his possession.

Students arrested: The local police has arrested four college students namely Anil Kumar, Bhupesh, Akbar and Dinesh on charges of assaulting a bus driver and a conductor of a Haryana Roadways bus on March 14. They had boarded the bus from the Majri chowk without ticket and when asked by the conductor for a ticket they roughed him up and the driver, Vidhi Singh.

Burglary case: The police has arrested Surinder Kumar on charges of committing a burglary in a house in Majri.



One dies in road mishap
Our Correspondent

Kharar, March 21
Sat Pal was killed and Ghan Shyam injured when their vehicle (HR-01-GA-0149) was hit by a tanker (HP-20-5891) near Daon Majra village on the Kharar-Kurali road this morning.

According to the police, the vehicle overturned and Sat Pal died on the spot.

The vehicle was carrying newspapers published from Chandigarh. The police has registered a case under Sections 279 and 304-A of the IPC against the driver of the tanker.



Saving cash on transactions
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 21
Using the age-old concept of barter system, Net 4 Barter Company is today helping large corporates save cash on transactions. With more than 750 corporate members, the transaction volume by the company, in it's one-and-a-half-year of inception, has been as high as Rs 18 crore.

“Not only is this system helping reduce costs for the companies, we are helping them to liquidate their excess capacities and slow moving stocks and providing them an altogether new market”, said Mr Akhilesh Sharma, head, Business Operations, while talking to TNS.

Explaining the concept on which Net 4Barter, part of UK-based Net 4 India group works, he said the members get an opportunity to buy a product available with other members with the exchange of their own products. It does not essentially mean that if one supplies goods to the other, he gets in return goods or services from the same company — which means the member has a large variety of products to choose from and no struggling to find trading partners whose needs have to be exactly matched by their own, he said .

Five to seven per cent of the total sales transactions are being done this way by our members, said Mr Sharma.

To become a member one can visit the company's website and get registered or contact the branch office of the company. “Against the normal practice where companies are charging commission both at the time of buying or selling, we charge only when he buys”, he said.

The company is shortly planning to get into retail segment as well where individuals will also be able to get registered and conduct transactions.


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