Saturday, March 23, 2002
R H Y M E  T I M E


Parents are a gift of god,

We should respect them says the lord.

They make sure we do not worry,

And make our life merry.

Their love should be our priced possession,

Full of emotion and affection.

They make our life successful,

By giving us plentiful, of what we need

To reach our destinies and to succeed.

Their intense adoration keeps us safe,

From the world’s wicked ways.

Their presence bring colours in our life,

And gives us powers,

Not only to live but also fight.

— Prachi Minglani, Class-X, Bhavan Vidyalaya, Panchkula


My grandmother

My grandmother is simple and kind,

She is experienced and very wise,

To all of us she is very polite.

Even if she scolds me

I never mind.

As it is only for my good.

She loves me dearly and takes care

but her sorrows she never shares.

Being religious she often prays to God

She goes to temple in the evening and after dawn.

She always gives me nice advice

She often tells me to never tell a lie,

I always pray for her long life

As I think her love is big,

Even bigger than the huge Nile.

— Tanuj Kalia, St. Mary’s High School, Mandi

The beautiful world

The beautiful blue sky,

Where small birds fly.

The sun, a diamond bright,

Accompanied by clouds white.

The gliding full moon,

Gleaming like a silver spoon.

The purple-headed hills,

Where God all his gold spills.

The lovely dancing rain,

Making its way down the lane.

The fresh colourful roses,

Striking many exquisite poses.

Their tiny leaves green,

How beautiful to be seen.

Pritish Sharma, Class X, Dayanand Public School, Shimla