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Monday, April 1, 2002

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Web gives newsletters a new identity

Raman Mohan
re you passionate about a topic or a subject? It could be a hobby, a point of view, or even your own business. The easiest way to get to know more about it is to subscribe to some of the millions of newsletters available on the Internet. Almost all of them are free and are downloadable to the e-mailbox daily, weekly or monthly depending upon the periodicity. That is one aspect of the newsletter business. What if you thought you had information or views you would like to share with others who care about your interest as much as you do? Then you can even launch own newsletter. Electronically distributed newsletters and e-zines are the biggest gift the Net has given us in addition to e-mail.

With computers omnipresent, IT invades all sectors of life
Gunmala Suri
ODERN organisations are today facing four basic challenges that force them towards acquiring and managing larger and larger bodies of knowledge. These four are — globalisation, decentralisation, customisation and acceleration. Organisations today are multi-locational, highly diversified and are dependent on technology.

Disconnections & wrong modem drivers
Vipul Verma
he most common application of computer these days is the Internet. Despite it being the most common as well as the most important application, an average user does not feel satisfied with the performance of the Internet and often complains of various problems ranging from slower speed to frequent disconnections.

Secret agents keep an eye on Cuban cyber cafés
Sara Madden
logged on from my laptop. I wanted to connect to Yahoo! en Espanol and introduce a Cuban friend to the Internet. The Internet has been illegal in Cuba since its inception (after Fidel Castro told Cubans everyone would have the right to an Internet connection, he changed his mind).


Tracking criminals with PCs
Sumesh Raizada
HILE watching a detective film or reading a crime related story, one might wonder how detectives or crime investigators are able to solve the cases simply on the basis of some raw evidences like hair, teeth, nails, drop of blood, saliva or decomposed bodies.

Mobiles under young generation's thumb
Amelia Hill
SE of hand-held technologies, such as mobile phones, GameBoys and computers, has caused a physical mutation in the under-25s, according to new research.

Cellular service in Nepal by August
Sumali Moitra
joint venture between Indian business group ModiCorp and a Nepali trading house, the Khetans, will launch the Himalayan kingdom's first private mobile phone service by August, an official said.

Mona Lisa online
Rebecca Harrison
ARIS'S Louvre is revamping its Website so art lovers can view its entire collection, including thousands of drawings unseen by museum visitors, without ever setting foot in France.

The computer generation is here
Mohinder Singh
cross the world there is a passionate love affair between children and computers. Whether it is children in developed countries or the developing, in cities or farms, rich or poor, children of bookish parents or children of illiterate parents; these differences don't seem to matter.


Evading Jaws
N Australian firm unveiled an electronic shark repellant unit that attaches to a swimmer's ankle and emits an electronic field to ward-off sharks. The electronic shark repellent unit is a miniature version of cumbersome anti-shark pods used to protect triathletes in Sydney Harbour during the 2000 Olympics and worn by abalone divers.

Cyber Kids
Found Peanuts on Web

Kids Chat
Waiting eagerly to enter new class

Compuquiz — 77

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