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Monday, April 8, 2002

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Robotic warfare

Human soldiers are costly and training them is more
costly. So now we have robots participating actively in battles and wars, writes Doug Alexander

IN 1941 science fiction writer Isaac Asimov set the ground rules for robots when he penned the commandment: "A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm."

Personal robots for $ 2,800
Burhan Wazir
OING the housework could soon be a relaxing experience, thanks to the world's first robotic vacuum cleaner. Developed by the Japanese electronics giant Matsushita, the robot is slightly bigger than a football and has the intelligence to avoid falling downstairs or crashing into walls.


Rugged computers needed for the working class
S.S. Verma
eyond doubt computers have been the miracle machines of the 20th century and in a short span of time, their development has come a long way. Computers have contributed immensely towards the productivity and economy of the country.

Avoid refilled cartridges for high-resolution printers
Vipul Verma
n this section, this week, we will primarily, take up issues related to the printers. It is the printer that brings project, text, documents or any other work from virtual to real world. Therefore, issues related to the printer should not be taken lightly and rather should be dealt with carefully.

Manage network with SNMP
Satinder Ahuja
uring designing of either Local or Wide Area Network (LAN/WAN), one of the main issues that arise is to provide stable network system while keeping a tab on costs. Is it possible?

New drugs, computers and cheminformatics
Sumesh Raizada
rugs and pharmaceutical industry are among those progressive industries that have always adapted themselves according to new technologies and changing times. As a result, development techniques of new chemical compounds and products have improved drastically with the application of computers and related tools.

Ritu Punj Ritu adds Oracle feather in Punjab's cap
Naveen S. Garewal
ITU Punj of Ludhiana believes in the maxim, "opportunity does not fall in your lap, it has to be hunted out." No wonder then she has become the first person in Punjab to achieve the distinction of becoming an Oracle Certified Associate - Database Administrator for Oracle 9i.

American Express call centre facility
MERICAN Express, a global travel, financial and network services provider with 80-year presence in India, announced it will expand its global operations infrastructure in India, by setting up a 1,37,000 sq. ft. service centre at Gurgaon, Haryana.

Nasscom welcomes Exim policy
HE National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom), the apex association for the software and service companies in India, has welcomed the 2002-2007 Exim policy as it will serve as a boost to IT exports growth and increase India's competitiveness in the international market.

Nerdís married life
ow does the conversation go between a computer professional and his wife? Jasmeet Singh Gulati, one of our readers from Karnal, has sent us the following piece of conservation he perhaps overheard. He has even attached an interesting conclusion:


The unending IT evolution
Ian Pearson
EOPLE don't really care about technology itself; the important thing is whether or not it makes their lives easier. Personal digital assistants were launched in a blaze of hype, but they flopped at first because they were heavy and didn't do the job well. Then the palm pilot came out in the late '90s and it was desirable because it made it easier to get at your diary.

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