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C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Fire Dept to approach insurance firms
To insist on periodical checks of buildings
Sanjay Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
With only 5 per cent of the city’s buildings safe from fire, the Fire Department is considering to approach insurance companies and Electricity Department to ensure periodical fire safety checks.

‘’With the people being ignorant about fire safety norms we will talk to insurance companies to find out whether they can give insurance cover to a property only when fire safety measures have been taken,’’ the Chief Fire Officer, Mr G.S. Bajwa, told Chandigarh Tribune.

Mr Bajwa said the department would be writing to insurance companies, to begin with, for discussions as to whether they already have any provisions for fire safety for providing insurance cover.

In 1999 28,400 lives were lost in around 28,000 fires inflicting a loss of thousands of crores of rupees to the country.

If insurance companies could find out whether fire safety measures in a house or office building were proper before the deposit of premium every six month or a year, people would be forced to take measures preventing loss of countrymen’s lives and property, Mr Bajwa said.

It was required as there are a number of people who take measures but do not periodically check whether their fire safety system was working or not and also forget to operate the equipment in times of crisis.

The department’s effort in this direction comes in the wake of the city last week witnessing three major fires in Hotel Mountview, Kabari Market, Hallo Majra and Madanpura Furniture Market.

Another major Department which could help in fire safety is Electricity Department as 65 per cent of fires in the country are caused by short-circuits against a negligible per cent in Germany.

If the employees of the Electricity Department who go to each house for metre reading every month could also check electricity points which could be potential fire hazards, the people could be persuaded to take fire safety measures regularly, department officials said.

The Fire Department is likely to take up these issues with departments concerned after the fire safety week between April 14 and April 20.

The department officials said that the parking arrangements in sector 17 had to be tuned to the need of the fire safety norms and for the purpose the fire brigade will for many days take out its tenders to the parking lots.

Mr Bajwa said the most dangerous place as per fire norms was sector 17 where only 5 per cent high rise buildings were safe.

Mr Bajwa said enforcement of fire safety norms in Sector 17 was most difficulty as there were only 5 per cent owners traceable in the sector and the department could not take the extreme step of sealing such buildings.

He said fire safety norms are accommodated to only 35 per cent in the building byelaws.

Even these 35 per cent measures are nullified because passages created for evacuation are generally crowded by dumped junk.

The department has chalked out a programme to approach schools and major offices to gather the people and make them aware about fire safety and measures to counter a fire and ensure evacuation.

The officials’ measures to train rehri phari wallahs have yielded results as they had shown great interest in learning about fire safety measures.

The department is also contacting the Punjab and Haryana High Court and other major organisations to keep a constant link with the Department to ensure that the night watchmen keep a vigil against the fire apart from theft and robbery.

Mr Bajwa said if every citizen of the county could be turned a fire fighter the country could save thousands of crores of rupees going down the drain through losses of property and lives.

He said unless the people themselves become aware about fire safety, fire fighters, alone could not ensure safety.



Robbers injure seven; loot cash, jewellery
Our Correspondent

Kharar, April 12
A gang of around 10 unidentified robbers suspected to be belonging to the 'kale kachhewala' gang attacked two houses in Kurali during the early hours of the day today, injuring all seven members seriously and looting cash and jewellery. The injured have been admitted to the PGI, Chandigarh, where the condition of two was stated to be serious.

According to information received from the police, the incident occurred between 1 a.m. to 2.30 a.m. at the two houses situated on the Morinda Road in Ward No 11. The robbers entered the two houses and injured all members, including two minor children and two women. They escaped after looting cash, jewellery and valuables.

The looters, who` allegedly spoke Hindi, were cleanshaven and were wearing black shorts and vests. They struck at the residence of Mr Sunil Kumar and injured him, his wife, Ms Nirmal and two minor sons, Sonu and Monu. They also attacked the residence of Mr Bodhey Ram and injured him, his wife, Ms Shanti and another member of his family, Mr Sadhu Ram. This family used to sell ice-sticks. They were armed with rods and attacked the family members on their heads.

Mr Rupinder Singh, DSP, Kharar, on receiving information reached the spot at about 4 a.m. The Kurali police has registered a case under Sections 458, 380, 148, 149 of the IPC and started a search for the culprits. The police has rounded up about 50 migrant labourers and has informed the police of neighbouring states. The police has also lifted fingerprints and hoped to arrest the culprits soon. The police has deployed ‘nakas’ at all entry points and a massive manhunt has been launched.



High Court’s Baisakhi gift to commuters
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
After a delay of about three months, the Dera Bassi bridge on the busy Chandigarh-Ambala national highway will be thrown open to the public tomorrow at about 11.30 am following orders by a Division Bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Delivering the verdict, the Bench, comprising Mr Justice G.S. Singhvi and Mr Justice M.M. Kumar, directed that the flyover should be thrown open for the convenience of the commuters "on the auspicious day of Baisakhi". The Judges also directed that the Chief Engineer concerned should be present at the opening and ensure the completion of the deficiencies.

During the proceedings earlier, Punjab's Deputy Advocate General, after receiving instructions from a Subdivisional Officer and on the basis of a letter issued by a Chief Engineer, stated that the bridge could be used for the movement of vehicular traffic.

Standing counsel for the Union of India stated that the Central Government had no objection to the opening of the bridge, but the authorities should ensure the carrying out of minor corrections.

It may be recalled that the Judges had asked the standing counsel for the Union of India on Friday to inform them about the reason behind not inaugurating the bridge. The decision to seek an explanation for the delay had assumed significant as, according to newspaper reports, the bridge over the railway line was completed three months ago but had been awaiting inauguration by a VIP. The reports had claimed that the inauguration of the bridge had been postponed thrice.

Taking cognisance of the fact that the flyover had not been inaugurated, the Bench had observed that the commuters were being forced to wait for over half-an-hour due to "severe traffic congestion".

The Bench had added that at times patients in dire need of medical attention rushing to Chandigarh from all over the region, were unable to reach the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in time due to the traffic jams. Speaking for the Bench, Mr Justice G.S. Singhvi had added that the failure to throw open the overbridge was also resulting in wastage of precious fuel. "Every vehicle was burning substantial amount of petrol, which could have been saved had the bridge been thrown open," Mr Justice Singhvi had concluded."



Fashion redefined; comfort meets style
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
It is nice to see fashion feeding on change “lest one good trend corrupts the world”. The Wills Spring Summer Collection 2002 draws inspiration from the element of change. The collection, unveiled at an audio-visual show on the sprawling lawns of the Chandigarh Golf Range here today, symbolised attitude in plenty.

The spirit of the evening remained high, with the stylish showcasing of the latest fashion trends. Donning the collection that was introduced in three segments — work, party and leisure — were top models of the world of glamour like Dipanita Sharma, Jessie Kaur, Joey Matthews, Poonam Nath, Aparna Kumar, Reshma Bombaywalla, Jas Arora, Tarun Raghavan (of ‘Hubahu’ fame), Tarun Arora, Rajat Raina and Bhanujeet Sudan.

Sequences of the show had been beautifully interconnected, which made it more than just another ramp show. The fashion sequences were created by Anurag Gupta on Indian locations and Bharat Sikka on foreign locations.

To add it were live performance by singer Manasi Scott, who rose to fame after she doing a Hemant Trivedi show. Presenting one hit Western number after another, the zesty girl carried the crowd through the presentation.

The element of work collection for the season was shown to be stretch. With its unusual blends, two-tone colours and new fabric washes, the collection was a rage with the audience. Men’s shirts have been redefined with unique wrinkle-free Nisshinbo cotton, soft-cotton filafi shirts. Trousers are made of cotton nylon spandex for extra stretch.

Urban safari was the theme of the leisure collection. Combining the rugged with the urbane sophisticated look, the collection laid stress on comfort, style and fun. The party collection was revealed in a whole new range of denims and fully fashioned tees. The traditional denim gets a fresh look in the new collection, as it comes in the form of crosshatch and lenim, a rare blend of Irish linen and denim. Fully fashioned tees have come in cool summer blends, beautiful crystals, and unusual ribbed patterns. With an exquisite drape and lavish feel, these make the T-shirt a fashion statement.

Men have a whole range to choose from — superbly fitted blended shirts with rayon-cotton-lycra or stretch part shirts, that can be combined with elegant wrinkle-free linen club pants or stretch evening pants.

The show was about the product image and superb accessorising that made a complete fashion statement.



Grim power situation ahead
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
People of Chandigarh will face the real summer when power supply falls short. With summer at its peak, power cuts for 30 minutes to an hour will be enforced in selected areas every day, in spite of fresh allocation of power from the Centre.

To overcome the shortage, the weekly off for industry will be staggered and the Industrial Area will not have to remain closed on Sundays. Peak-load-hours restrictions between 6 pm and 10 pm will also apply to industrial users.

In the past few years, power-cut schedules have become a norm to keep the power-supply system going. These scheduled power cuts may even be enforced for about a month-and-a-half in late June and July, according to sources in the power sector.

At peak time, the city can draw power upto 180 MW. Last year, the peak-time demand had touched 183 MW, in spite of the cuts being in force. “Based on past experience, planners know that the demand will touch about 200 MW this time,” said a senior engineer. Power cuts will have to be imposed to keep balance between demand and supply. If the city overdraws, it will have to pay a heavy penalty to the Northern Region Electricity Board (NREB). In case of overdrawing, there will be a rise in the cost of power supply and a loss of revenue as well, as the Administration will end up paying more for buying power than it will earn by selling power.

With no power generation of its own, the city has to buy power from various sources. Due to a good management, the Union Government, in the past, has met the demand, as the power sector here is not making losses.

Regarding the rise in demand for power, engineers said the number of air-conditioners here was rising each year. People are spending more and more on such luxuries; besides, swanky eating joints and shops are also coming up here and these are centrally air-conditioned, which adds to the load.

ACs step up heat

In Chandigarh, the demand for power peaks in July, August and September, when the ACs run almost throughout the day. The maximum demand has been in September. The demand starts rising in the second week of June. In April and May, people use room coolers, that do not draw as much power as the ACs.



Ex- servicemen want constitutional review
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
In the backdrop of the forthcoming elections in Jammu and Kashmir, ex-servicemen have sought a constitutional review of the existing provisions of voting rights for armed forces personnel. They have also sought requisite steps by the Army to ensure the directives of the Election Commission of India, stating that service personnel were eligible to enroll as voters at their places of posting, were implemented.

Speaking to TNS here today, the President of the All-India Veterans Core Group, Brig H.S. Ghuman (Retd), said that the group had written to the Union Law Minister this week, pointing out that no proper system had been involved to register service personnel at their places of posting.

The letter stated that Article 326 of the Constitution as well as provisions of the Representations of The People Act did not include armed forces personnel among categories of such persons, even though every individual had the right to vote.

The Election Commission of India had, in its directive dated May 22, 1995, “desired” that the Defence Ministry issue a Special Army Order (SAO) so that armed forces personnel and their family members could be registered in the electoral rolls at their places of posting as “ordinary citizens” to enable them to exercise their franchise. The letter, a copy of which had also been sent to the Punjab Chief Minister and the Election Commission of India for eliciting their support, urged that armed forces personnel and veterans may also be included in Article 326 of the Constitution so that their fundamental rights were not denied.



Hearty reader response cures heart patient at PGI
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
This is a success story which could not have been possible without you. The PGI has been able to successfully treat a poor patient, Lal Hussain, suffering from a severe cardiac problem with the help of Chandigarh Tribune readers.

A daily wager from Punj district of Jammu, Lal Hussain had been diagnosed with a severe rheumatic heart disease. Having sold a large part of his little tract of land pack home for purchasing medicines, he was left with no money to continue medication. He hitched his way to the city where he was told at the PGI that he would require an operation soon.

Declared a ‘poor free’ patient by the PGI, Lal Hussain waited for monetary help to be able to pay for the operation which would save his life. Accompanied by his 10-year-old son, Farooque, who has an impirted eye, Hussain lived off charity from residents of Khumbra village where he and his son had put up at a temple.

A story describing the problem of the patient was carried out in the Chandigarh Tribune on January 17, 2002. After its publication many readers contacted the PGI Public Relations Department, offering monetary help for the operation. The PGI’s cardio-vascular department evaluated that Rs 1.25 lakh would be needed for the operation and some post-operative treatment, but the PGI collected Rs 1.6 lakh, thanks to our generous readers.

The Public Relations department organised for the money to be diverted towards Lal Hussain’s treatment from the Poor Patient Fund, where it had been collected. Lal Hussain, however, had another hurdle to overcome before his wait for an operation was finally over. His rare blood group did not match with the groups available in the blood bank at the PGI. An appeal for blood was also made. At a blood donation camp organised by the blood bank, the group was, luckily found.

Lal Hussain was successfully operated upon by Prof R.S. Dhaliwal and his team of the cardio-thoracic department a few weeks back. Lal Hussain is recuperating fast and is looking forward to going back home in Punj where his wife has been waiting for him for over six months now. All praise for the PGI’s PR department and the doctors who operated upon him, Lal Hussain says that his undying faith in God provided for him. For those at the PGI who helped Lal Hussain through each hurdle, it is a victory of goodwill over all odds.



Defence, diplomacy should complement each other
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
“There is very poor interaction between the defence and the diplomatic wings in India, which has often led to embarrassing moments after independence,” said Air Marshal R.S. Bedi, during a lecture at Panjab University here today.

The lecture on diplomacy and defence had been organised by the Indian Institute of Public Administration in collaboration with the department of public administration.

“We are working in water-tight compartments and defence is always kept on the periphery of national matters”, he said.

There had been classic cases of appeasing diplomacy and ill-prepared defence components leading to embarrassing moments in different wars.

The country has had four major wars and several stand-offs, which was not a nice comment on the Indian diplomacy, he opined.

Air Marshal Bedi said diplomacy was in its infancy in 1947 and the British twisted facts to keep the two wings apart to suit their interests.

Even Indian leaders did little to clearly identify the role of each wing. India fared weakly on the diplomatic lines when China attacked India in 1962.

The government did not believe the Chinese build-up before war and Indians performed pathetically. Pakistan also received a message of weak Indian forces and attacked India.

In the war with Pakistan 93,000 prisoners were returned by India without any demands in return, which was overlooking the possible gains, the Air Marshal said.

Indian diplomacy did not live upto the good work shown during the Kargil war by not aptly following it up later. India also needs to have a clear line of action on the Kashmir problem that has been hanging fire for the past more than 13 years.

Air Marshal Bedi said diplomacy could not succeed, unless backed by adequate military power. Relationships between nations were largely based on interests.

Authority of the Army helps in protecting interests and also gives them an air of security. As in Afghanistan recently, the awe of the US Army turned Pakistan against Afghanistan.

One must also understand that defence was important for national security. A country had no option but to resort to defence when diplomacy failed, as it often did.

Diplomacy must clearly reflect the armed capability of a country in today’s world, he added.

Prof R.K. Sapru, chairman of the department, welcomed the guests.

Mr D.V.Bhatia, honorary secretary of the IIPA, introduced the speaker, while Mr B.S. Ojha, chairman of the regional branch of the IIPA presided over the session.



Pinjore’s symbols of unity
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service

Pinjore, April 12
For centuries, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims of the local Dhara Mandal locality have seen incidents like the Godhara massacre and the Gujarat riots come and go, but nothing has shaken the communal harmony between them. Here, a temple, a mosque and a gurdwara have stood within a km of each other for several centuries, symbolising peaceful coexistence.

On the eve of Baisakhi, which is celebrated with fervour in this hill town, local people have iterated their resolve to maintain peace and harmony. Mr Bashir Ahmed, a local businessman, says: “On this Baisakhi, the local Hindus and Muslims will resolve not to let politicians divide the two communities.”

Mr Madho Ram, a watchman and one of the oldest persons of Dhara Mandal, says: “We pray that the symbols of unity — Pracheen Shiv Mandir, Gurdwara Manji Sahib and Shahi Jama Masjid — continue to guide us not to be influenced by petty politics of division in the name of religion.”

The effects of the Godhara massacre had also spilled over to parts of Haryana. Activists of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh had organised protest rallies in Panchkula and a bandh was observed in neighbouring Kalka. Even here, a bandh call was given by the RSS.

Ms Gurdevi, a housewife who lives in the area, says: “Though the bandh was partial, it did raise interest among the youth. The 1984 anti-Sikh riots and the Babri Masjid demolition had failed to divide the three communities here. Now, everyone here is using Baisakhi to bring the communities closer together.”

It is believed that the local Pracheen Shiv Mandir was built by the Pandavas in their last year of exile. In 1474, a gurdwara was built here after Guru Nanak Dev stayed here for more than three months and cured Raja Tunda, a local ruler with a paralysis-hit forelimb.

The mosque, which has been here for the past 455 years, was built by Mughal Emperor Jehangir, who had stopped here for a while after winning a battle. Old timers say that when the three religious structures came up, there was no human settlement here. “When our forefathers settled here, they vowed to live together peacefully and respect the religious sentiments of the other communities. Ever since, Id is celebrated by all in Dhara Mandal and so is Diwali and Gurpurb,” says Mr Jagat Singh, a retired BDO who has settled here.



Arrangements for Navaratra Mela
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, April 12
The local police has made adequate arrangements to maintain law and order during the Navaratra fair that begins tomorrow. Around 800 cops have been put on special duty for the mela.

It is learnt that a transit police post and a police control room have been set up at the temple. As many as nine patrolling parties have been made to keep watch on the Mansa Devi area. Two PCT vehicles have also been deployed here.

An official press release said that police men in plain clothes have also been put on special duty. Nakas have been erected at various places right from Swastik Vihar to the temple.

The Town and Country Planning and Urban Estate Minister, Mr Dhirpal Singh, will perform pooja in the ancient temple and seek the blessings of Goddess Mansa Devi tomorrow.

It is also learnt that Mr M.S. Yadav, Subdivisional Magistrate, has been made overall in charge for maintaining law and order and eight Duty Magistrates have been appointed, along with two reserve Magistrates.



Vikrami Samvat pooja
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
Employees of the Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, celebrated Vikrami Samvat, 2059, in a traditional manner here today.

The pooja of Bharat Mata was performed as per the Indian culture which was largely attended by the employees.

The pooja concluded with the chanting of slogans “Bharat mata ki jai” and distribution of sweets. The GMCH employees pledged that they would work hard for the progress of the hospital and the nation.



City to have school of acting

HEY, can you hear something? There is a whisper in the air! It is about a new school of acting coming up in the city. No doubt, there are several other academies too but ‘Entertainment Campus’ is definitely going to be one of its kind.

To lend substance to its claim, it has got a renowned actress of yesteryears coming down for the inauguration on Sunday, “Yes it is true, Madhumati, a well known name of the bygone era is coming down from Mumbai to Chandigarh to cut the tape,” says Vineet Puri, Director and the force behind Entertainment Campus.

On being asked what gave him the idea of opening a school of acting, Vineet says, “I was always interested in acting and have always wanted to do something in this field. Being in the software industry, I realised that the growth was slowing down and now was the time to do something new. The entertainment industry is one which is growing steadily so I thought of Entertainment Campus.” He further states, “Besides this I also felt that it will give better avenues to the youngsters of Chandigarh who have to look to Delhi or Mumbai for training in acting or even modelling.”

Does Vineet himself have any experience in acting as he hails from computer background? “Yes I do,” he remarks smilingly, “I was a shy person initially but started acting at the age of 12, took part in stage plays in school and college. In fact, Anupam Kher and I share the same dramatics club, ADC Shimla. Then I have also compered for and choreographed beauty contests like Miss Punjab, Miss Shimla, Miss Chandigarh, He and She”.

This personal experience in theatre has helped Vineet to chalk out a structured courseware. “Our course will train students in acting, dancing, movements and body language, speech with stress on voice modulation, pauses, screenplay, dress designing, physical grooming, laying emphasis on physical fitness.”

To begin with, the academy will have a six-month course leading to a diploma in acting. The students will be assessed after three months by Vineet and Madhumati and the top five students would be sent to Mumbai to train at Madhumati’s Academy. Entertainment Campus will sponsor the training expenses.

Puri had roped in the President of Spicmacay and theatre group Abhinet, Harish Bhatia, to be on its faculty, plus he is tying up with producers and directors in Mumbai.

As for the future plans, Vineet says wistfully, “I have done a lot of research and surveys for this school and have put in gruelling hours. By God’s grace we should soon be starting an Advanced Diploma in Film Making, which would comprise aspects like film processing, technical aspects, editing......”

Pretty Verma



Police houses develop cracks
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
The Sector 20 Police Colony houses have developed cracks and residents are facing a shortage of water supply, lack of streetlights and parks.

This was brought to the notice of the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Bhimsen Bassi, by the area councillor, Mr Gian Chand Gupta, and the former BJP president, Mr Dharampal Gupta, at a meeting.

These problems of residents were explained to the area councillor during his visit to the colony.

The BJP leaders were assured that the problems of the people would be looked into.



Service is his motto

After having cleared his test of chartered accountancy at an age less than even the eligibility age for the same, Sunil Gupta has been maintaining the tradition of surpassing himself. The young chartered accountant with about 15 years of experience in the field already had earned the distinction of securing the maximum marks in auditing all over India in 1986.

Eversince he got into a profession of his choice and made a place for himself, he has been engaged in many a social work through some trusts. A member trustee of the Panchkula Welfare Trust, which runs a charitable diagnostic centre at Mani Majra, Sunil believes in passing on whatever has been earned. “Whatever I am engaged is not big enough. It is important to give what you get. That is the only way to return the grace of God.”

Presently also the vice-president of the Haryana Roller Skating Association, Sunil has also served as chairman, Chartered Accountants Association of India. During his tenure as chairman, the Chandigarh branch was declared the best branch all over North India. Also a rank holder of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Sunil is very active in social work at his own level also. TNS



A clarification

Apropos of the news item, “Worker falls from crane, dies”, published in these columns of this newspaper on April 11, it has been erroneously mentioned that the incident took place in Hansa Tubes Factory, Dera Bassi. The error is regretted as the accident took place at Atma Tubes.



Colony resident hurt in attack
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, April 12
A resident of Bapu Dham Colony, Ram Pher, was injured after he was reportedly attacked with sharp edged weapons by several persons near the Sector 17-18 crossing late last evening. He has been admitted to the Sector 16 General Hospital.

The complainant identified one of the assailants, a resident of Uttar Pradesh. The police has registered a case under Section 324 of the IPC.

Suicide bid: A resident of Burail, Paramjit Kaur, was admitted to Sector 32 government hospital after she reportedly consumed some poisonous substance last night. Doctors describe her condition as stable but out of danger.

Two arrested: In different incidents, police arrested two persons for bootlegging. Maloya resident Kishan Lal was arrested from the same colony with 12 pouches of whisky in his possession, while Dadu Majra resident Ram Mehar was arrested near his residence with 20 pouches in his possession. Separate cases under the Excise Act have been registered against them.

Cable stolen: An Assistant Executive Engineer with the Electricity Department, M.P. Singh, has reported that 35 metres of PVC cable valued at Rs 5,000 was stolen from a tubewell in the forest area near Colony No 4. A case has been registered.

Dowry case: The police has booked a resident of Sector 27 along with his family members after a resident of Khuda Ali Sher, Naresh Kumar, reported that his sister was being harassed by her husband and in-laws for bringing more dowry. A case has been registered.

Theft cases: A resident of Sector 38, Kanshi Ram, has reported that Rs 23,000 has been stolen from his briefcase from his house while white washing was going on. The police has registered a case.

Sector 22 resident Anil Vohra has reported that his Maruti van (CH-01-P-6768) has been stolen from the sector market. The police has registered a case.

Mohali resident N.K. Kalsi has reported that his Maruti car (CH-01-R-8748) has been stolen from Sector 22. A case has been registered.

An Assistant District Attorney at the local District Courts, Sandeep Kaur, has reported that her scooter (PB-08-L-3290) has been stolen. The police has registered a case.

Mani Majra resident Hari Singh has reported that his scooter (CHR-418) has been stolen from his residence. A case has been registered.

Car thieves arrested: The operations cell of the Chandigarh police today claimed to have solved a case of car theft with the arrest of two persons near Sector 29 today. The accused have been identified as Balwinder Singh and Avtar Singh, both residents of Yamunanagar.

According to the police, the accused had stolen a car (CH-01-Z-4437) from Sector 45 in August last year. They were trying to sell it in various parts of the region and also tried using a fake registration number (DL-2-CD-9123) in the process. Based on specific information about their movements, the police today set up a naka and managed to nab the accused along with the car after they arrived here this afternoon.


Arrested: The police has arrested Rajinder Singh of SAS Nagar who ran away after refuelling his Maruti car without making payment of Rs 700 at a petrol station in Lakhnaur village last night.

The police has registered a case under Sections 420 and 472, IPC, against him. According to the police, Rajinder Singh came in his car without a number plate at about 8.15 p.m. and ran away without making payment. However, the car stopped at a short distance. The accused was caught by employees of the petrol station.

The accused has been remanded in judicial custody till April 24.


Stolen: Two stereos and a drill machine were stolen from a factory in the Industrial Area, Phase I, here on March 21. The police was informed yesterday by an employee, Rajbir. A case has been registered

One arrested: The local police has arrested Gyan Chand, a resident of Sukho Majri village and seized 50 pouches of liquor from him.

Assault: The local police has arrested Varinder Singh and Harwinder Singh, accused of assaulting Devinder Singh in Tipra village.



Cash, gold stolen from Bartana house
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, April 12
A sum of Rs 1. 43 lakh, 22 tola of gold, a cordless telephone and other valuables worth Rs 60,000 were stolen from the Har Milap Nagar residence of Mr Rajinder Kumar in Bartana today. The house was burgled during the day when all the family members were out of station. It is learnt that Mr Kumar is getting married on April 22 and, thus, the gold and cash had been kept at the residence. Mr Kumar informed that they left for Meerut at 4 a.m. to invite their guru for the wedding.

When they came back at 5 p.m., they found that though the main gate was locked, the lock on the entrance had been broken and the entire house had been ransacked. Mr Kumar said that the miscreant(s) probably scaled the boundary wall in order to gain an entrance into the house and went out the same way.


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