Saturday, April 13, 2002  

Bloodbath on Baisakhi
Jaswant Singh recounts the massacre that rocked an empire.

TWO armoured cars rumbling through the streets of Amritsar halted in front of a narrow lane. The soldiers marching alongside also stopped. The lane was too narrow to let the armoured cars in. Brigadier-General Reginald Edward Harry Dyer alighted from his car and cast a disappointing look at the narrow opening and ordered his men — 25 Gorkhas and 25 Baluchis armed with rifles and 40 Gorkhas armed only with khukris — to follow him. 

Where is my Ahmed chacha?
by B. Grover
N 1947, I was a small boy of five who lived with his parents at Faridkot. The street I lived in was dominated by Jain families but had some Muslim families also. Two such families I still remember. One was of an old widow named Niamat (whom we called Niamo dadi).

Fragrant memories of Norah Richard’s Chameli Niwas
by Charu Dogra
T was last year that I had a chance to visit Palampur, a small town situated in the Kangra valley. The visit left me totally smitten and awestruck by the serene beauty of the place and its surroundings. I had been to the mountains earlier but never before had I witnessed such an amazing interplay of nature and tranquillity.

The ‘miracle healer’ of the hills
by S.S. Chib
NE wouldn’t have believed that ‘miracles’ do happen if one had not been a witness to one of them. It was sheer coincidence that the efficacy of the ‘miracle man’ was tried when a relative was given up by best medical institutions as a terminal case of cancer. A visit to the tiny hamlet turned the situation on its head and the man is now living a full and a healthy life.

Ushering in the New Year
by Vinita Kalra
HILE travelling through India, Mark Twain had a wonderful way of describing the average Indian’s propensity to celebrate every joyous occasion. He said: "Although the week has only seven days, Indians tend to celebrate eight festivals every week"!

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