Saturday, April 13, 2002
M A I L  B O X

Will Lagaan win the ultimate Test?

Apropos of V. Gangadhar’s write-up "Lagaan’s ultimate Test" (February 23), it is interesting to note that Aamir Khan has been lobbying hard in the USA to help his film Lagaan win an Oscar. It is an open secret that it is not just the merit of a film that takes it to the victory post in the Oscar race. Persuasion and pressure play a major role in the jury deciding upon the winners. Obviously, Aamir does not mind resorting to such tactics.

It is strange that Aamir is dead against Indian film awards, contending that they are "rigged". This year, too, he has boycotted all award functions held so far in this country though he won in one or more categories at all these functions.

It appears that for Aamir, manipulation of awards is an undesirable practice only in India.



Marshal of the Air Force

Marshal of the Air Force Arjan Singh, a former Chief of Air Staff, fully deserves the felicitations that he has received from the media on his getting the highest rank of the Indian Air Force.

Correct nomenclature of the rank is ‘Marshal of the Air Force’ and not ‘Marshal of the Indian Air Force’, as is being reported in the media. The equivalent ranks in the Army and the Navy are ‘Field Marshal’ and ‘Admiral of the Fleet’ respectively. Ranks do not carry the name of the country.

C.L. SEHGAL, Jalandhar.

Dietary habits

The article "Eat and let die" (March 2) by Amar Chandel was very interesting. We are stubbornly following the ‘live to eat’ policy while ignoring the golden rule of ‘eat to live’. Unfortunately we’ve adopted unhealthy dietary habits.

Food gives sustenance to life, but excessive consumption of unhygienic and junk food is injurious to health. Simple and sumptuous meals at regular intervals and vigorous physical activities are fundamentals of good health.

KARNAIL SINGH, Ranjit Sagar Dam



Oh! Great saint I welcome thee,

Bring peace for every being and me.

Thy art is beneficient,

In joy and sorrow or plunged in vicissitude.

Ye come and console in throng and solitude,

You are benevolent.

Comfort mute king, peasant and crazy,

Assuage their burden of anguish.

Lull with shower divine,

Once I saw thou pearls in my beloved eyes.

Symbols of her prodigious love I could surmise,

Cloyed as drunk wine.

D.C. SHARMA, Jalandhar Cantt.

A correction

In the March 9 edition of Windows, the poem The Ramayana story had inadvertently been attributed to Avinash Mehra. The correct name is Avnish Mehra. The error is regretted.

.................................... This feature was published on March 23, 2002