Saturday, April 20, 2002
W O R D  P O W E R

(waily): clever at getting what one wants

Synonym — artful, crafty, cunning

Antonym — artless, candid

— She’s a wily politician.

Unison (yoo-ni s’n): saying or doing something at the same time as somebody else

Synonym — unity, harmony, concord

Antonym — discord, disharmony, dissonance

— All students shouted "yes" in unison, to express their approval

Stentorian (sten-tawriun): loud and powerful voice

Synonym — blaring, resounding, thundering

Antonym — gentle, low-pitched, soft

— I had never ever before heard him give such a stentorian speech.


Obtuse —
(ob-tewss): slow to understand

Synonym — dull, unintelligent, stolid

Antonym — astute, bright, clever

— He’s just pretending to be obtuse.

Sketchy (skechy): not complete

Synonym — inadequate, vague

Antonym — complete, detailed, thorough

— He gave a very sketchy description of the incident.

Delirious (de-lirri-us): in an excited state and unable to think or speak clearly usually because of illness.

Synonym — incoherent

Antonym — clear-headed, coherent

— He has been feverish and delirious since the last one week.



Fill in the blanks to discover the inhabitants of the following places:-

1. Belgium B _ _G _ _ _

2. Cork C O _ _O _ _ _ N

3. Fiji F _ _ I _ _

4. Kuwait K _ _ _ _ T _

5. Taiwan T _ _ W _ _ E _ _

6. Zaire Z _ _ _ E _ _


Looking back

Bellona is the Roman Goddess of War and is described by poets as being related to Mars, as sister, wife or daughter. She was represented as armed with a bloody scourge in one hand and a torch in another. Hence, figuratively the name came to be used as a word for a woman of great spirit and vigour.



I have always been a quarter of an hour before my time, and it has made a man of me. — Lord Nelson


Score card

Belgian, Corkonian, Fijian, Kuwaiti, Taiwanese, Zairean.

— Illa Vij