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Monday, April 22, 2002
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Good schools on Net. Get admitted to one

IT'S admission time and parents are running after school managements to get their wards admitted. Just a few sites that might give parent some idea about when to start and which school to seek admission in.


This Website helps to look out for boarding schools in India They are listed alphabetically, state wise. Each school provides details such as mission statement and information on the campus, teaching staff, board affiliation, background, extra-curricular activities, fees, admission, scholarships and management. One can fill up admission form online and submit it. The site claims to forward them to the respective schools. What makes a school good? This section offers points that you must consider while evaluating an institute. Among them are the teacher-student ratio, qualifications and experience of teachers, facilities available to them, curriculum design, academic options available, extra-curricular activities, discipline, admission policy, past results, affiliations of the school, infrastructure, etc



This site offers Web space for schools to put up information. Its database has more than 600 academic institutes and can be searched according to city, state or school name. The site provides the list of schools in your vicinity and links to their Websites. The hyperlinks link on to information like history, facilities, admission policy, syllabus, extra-curricular activities and uniform. Although most of the links to Websites of various institutes are often out of order yet the site can help in providing information that is required. The site only lists those that register with them. This means that there may be good schools in your area that aren’t featured.


This site claims to have a database of over 1,000 schools in India and abroad, but offers relatively fewer details on each. Against each entry, the board to which it is affiliated is mentioned. The site also provides links to career counselling, guidance, news interviews tips information about scholarships and entrances dates etc. The Website has a layout using nice bright colours.


This Website has been hosted by the Department of Education, Government of India. The site keeps a track of all scholarships available for the students. This site is well designed and offers links to various schemes, scholarships, and information about elementary, secondary, higher and adult education. It also gives detail information about who’s-who in the department.

— Gaurav Sood