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Monday, April 22, 2002

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Cram up various types of RAM
Raman Mohan

Cram up various types of RAM

AFTER the CPU, the other most critical component of your computer is the Random Access Memory of RAM in short. The PCs never seem to have enough of it. As new applications are released, PCs hunger for RAM increases proportionately. There were times in mid-’90s when in India at least eight to 16 MB of RAM was the industry standard.

World record holder wants to be a scribe
Firoz Bakht Ahmed
ODAY, at 14, certified by Bill Gates as the youngest ever systems engineer professional, she is a perfect 10! Whether you call her a child prodigy or a great wonder, Gursimran Arora, who just appeared for Class 10 board from Delhi’s historic and upmarket Modern School (Barakhamba Road), had made the dent felt on the portal world as she became the youngest MCSE+I (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet) at 12 when she was a Class VIII student.


Hacking is legal in Argentina
OMPUTER hackers may be the scourge of the digital age, hunted down by police across borders, but in Argentina they have found an unlikely ally - the very justice system they scorned.

Deadly 10 you should be aware of
Vipul Verma
HE virus threat on the Internet is unlimited and during the recent past some deadly viruses devastated millions of computers the world over. Most of these viruses entered the computer through e-mail attachments and have caused losses ranging from data deletion to even bringing down the computer systems and servers.

Sybase for managing data
Sumesh Raizada
S more organisations are joining the concept of paperless operations, the task of those responsible for managing the electronic records has become rather more difficult. Large amount of data and information is generated and exchanged between different functional departments, units or organisations and therefore has to be properly managed.

Reaching out to students down under
Peeyush Agnihotri
HOUGH creating a Website no longer makes for splashy headlines, the philanthropy behind it definitely deserves some applause. Here we have a young man from Ambala using the Web to help out those trying to immigrate like him so that their task becomes hassle free.

Mobile phones that will link laptops
TT DoCoMo Inc, Japan's top mobile firm and pioneer of third-generation services, unveiled last week a new type of 3G mobile phone with built-in ports to hook laptops and PCs to high-speed Internet networks.

Web version of agony aunt
Hannah Cowdy
AN'T decide whether to dump your boyfriend, move house or sell your car? The answer may be just a click away. Two British men and three women will let the Internet play God for 15 days from Wednesday by handing over their daily, sometimes life-changing decisions, to a potential jury of 12.7 million persons, Internet news portal MSN said in a statement.

NIC's artefacts digitisation plan approved
V.P. Prabhakar
proposal for digitisation and documentation of art objects and artefacts preserved in various central and state museums, submitted by the National Information Centre has been approved by the Department of Culture, Government of India. The IT plan for the National Museum (New Delhi) has been submitted for approval.

Biopsy by robots
AN a robot perform biopsy? Well, yes, if a new study is to be believed. In fact, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions claim they have designed a robot that has successfully performed lung, liver and kidney biopsies, reports Ivanhoe.


Music beat
Oops! She did it again

Package tour to Golden Triangle

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