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Monday, April 22, 2002
Kids chat

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HEY Friends! So the summer vacations are finally on and there is fun all around. It time to get going and make your vacations most memorable. So what's up at your end?

Cliparti: Oh! I am so happy that the vacations are on now. At least I would not have to get up all that early in the morning and get ready for the school. I would rather opt for taking rest initially and then I would plan a holiday somewhere in the hill stations. Hey Fluppy! You are looking quite cheerful, what's the matter?

Fluppy: Hmm! Yeah I am cheerful and happy too. I am leaving for my vacation pretty soon.

Windy: Where are you leaving for Fluppy.

Fluppy: Well! I am leaving for an educational tour with my friends.

Cliparti: Educational tour! That sounds interesting, Fluppy? But how did you get to know of this tour?


Fluppy: I along with my friends planned this educational tour on the Internet. We found this site http://travel.indiamart.com/indian-tour-operators/educational-tours.html. This is an excellent site and has a lot of tours and packages for everyone. The educational tours are quite exciting and are very good. Some of the featured educational tours are archaeology tours, bird watching, forts & palaces tours, heritage tours, and student tours.

Windy: So, is this site is all about educational tours only?

Fluppy: No, Windy! This site is not just all about educational tours as there are many more travel and tour options like information on tourist cities, booking a hotel, booking a tour, other tourist information, tourism opportunities in Indian states, hill stations, trekking destinations, wildlife destinations, and tourist spots for adventures destinations, places of worship, pilgrimage, heritage destinations, monuments, beaches and forts. An excellent site with lots of options. And Yes! This month the choicest destination for tours is our own Himachal Pradesh.

Cliparti: Thatís wonderful, it would help our other friends also with good travel and tour options for their vacations.

Windy: Thatís really great. However, I also know of one site, which is excellent for planning your holidays and vacations. You can find this site at www.travelbound.co.uk/india and can explore various tours and travels related information, which include destinations, tours, accommodations, tourist info etc. You can also select any destination on this site and can explore it further and know all details of it. Moreover, this site also offers educational tours.

Cliparti: Thatís also a good site Windy. But what all ideas you persons have for our friends like me, who are not planning to go for holidays right now?

Fluppy: Hmmm! I think the best is Eat, Sleep and be Merry.

Cliparti: Well! Thatís not something, which one can do for long and we should not aim at wasting our holidays. Rather an effort should be made to make the best use of the holidays. Hey you guys have been suggesting good ideas in the previous weeks! What else you have for us now?

Windy: Well! I have some new ideas for you. Do you know Cliparti, you can join some good short term courses on the Internet. You can explore www.futurekids.com for more information on kids learning on the Internet. One other good site is www.compufield.net/kids_courses.html. On this site you can join the computer courses like paintbrush, Microsoft office, Windows graphics, animation etc. and can enrich your computer knowledge. Overall these are good sites. You can find many more such sites on the Internet and can really make your holidays more productive.

Lets all begin our holidays with a bang now and set the ball rolling. So, enjoy yourself and have a nice time. See you next week, same time same place. Bye till then.

ó Ira Verma

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