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Monday, April 22, 2002
Lens on IT

Undated collect picture of action man-style dolls of US President George Bush, left, and Osama bin Laden. It was reported in British national newspapers that a Tony Blair doll was being dramatically outsold by the Osama Bin Laden doll. The plastic Prime Minister, complete with fixed grin, ruffled hair and dressed in an army uniform, has not sold a single model in its first six weeks on offer. By contrast, sales of the bin Laden doll on US-based Internet site herobuilders.com are already approaching 5,000.


Infosys CEO, president and managing director Nandan Nilakeni (left) and Infosys chief mentor and Chairman, N.R. Narayanamurthy discussing a point at a press conference.


Asahi Optical Co Ltd announced last week the launch of a digital binoculars, Pentax DIGIBINO DB100, which it says is the world's first binoculars equipped with a digital camera. Asahi Optical Co Ltd, one of Japan's major camera makers known for its Pentax brand, said the binoculars zooms up to seven times and store images up to 1024 x 768 pixels. The binoculars will go on sale from May 21 for 50,000 yen. ($658)


A Chinese man talks on his mobile phone as his girlfriend holds a lily at a park in Shanghai. Foreign and Chinese mobile phone makers are competing fiercely in China which is expected to have more than 240 million mobile phone users by 2005, making it the biggest mobile phone market in the world.


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gestures while speaking at the Microsoft Government Leaders' Conference in Seattle, Washington. More than 400 government officials from 70 countries gathered in Seattle for the annual conference that is designed for government officials to share their experiences in using technology to empower world citizens by modernising services and to stimulate economic development.


Daizy Bonkan (L) sells online Big Game Lottery tickets at Commercial Grocery and Liquor in Chicago, April 16, 2002 as people line up at two lotto machines in the store. Millions of people have bought tickets in the seven states where tickets are available; Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia. The estimated jackpot of $325 million is the second largest purse in US lottery history. Reuters photos


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