Saturday, May 4, 2002  

Punjab’s hour of reckoning
Scam after scam after scam!!!
Prabhjot Singh

THESE screaming headlines in newspapers during the past few weeks have a common message — no recruitment in Punjab has been without a consideration. To get a job in any department at any level "one has to be either a moneyed man or an influential person." Scam after scam after scam!!!

A tribute to the legendary composer of National Anthem
by Rajendra Rajan
HE master composer of the National Anthem is no more but his tune continues to infuse a spirit of patriotism among millions of our countrymen. This is the story of Capt Ram Singh who hailed from Khaniara, a small village near Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh.

Kumhaar art down the ages
by Rajbala Phaugat
HERE was a time when in each village of Haryana, there were a couple of families of potters. Whenever the villagers needed pots, they usually fetched them from these potters. In a village community, depending upon the size of the settlement, there could be one or two or more than a dozen potter families.

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