Tuesday, May 7, 2002, Chandigarh, India


L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


LDA releases nominees’ list, manifesto
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
The Ludhiana Democratic Alliance (LDA), a conglomerate of various non-Congress and non-Akali-BJP political parties, today promised to provide free drinking water and sewerage to the people of the city. It also promised to provide house tax exemption up to 250 square yards.

Releasing its manifesto and the first list of 22 candidates, its convener, Mr Hira Singh Gabria, and the senior vice-president of the SHSAD, Mr Surjan Singh Thekedar, said the alliance would set up dispensaries in each ward, where free medicare and medicines would be provided to the poor and the needy.

To provide relief to the people from harassment by the officials of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, it will make arrangements for providing readymade maps for the construction of buildings. There would be a fixed set of guidelines for all people and nobody would be above the law.

Mr Gabria said the residents who have encroached upon the corporation land and have been doing business from it would be asked to pay the money and the allotments legalised. The allotments would be made for a minimum price which should not be difficult for anybody to pay.

The LDA said it would create a special fund for the development of slum areas. It said these areas were always ignored by different political parties and special care would be taken to provide all basic amenities to the people living in these areas.

The manifesto said in order to solve the problem of traffic congestion in the city a number of over bridges and under bridges would be constructed in different parts on a priority basis. The traffic in the city would also be regulated in a proper manner. Besides, the Horticulture Department will be strengthened to beautify the city.

The alliance also said for avoiding harassment to the general public during various rallies by the political parties, special places would be earmarked for the purpose in different parts of the city. The alliance also declared that all vacancies in the corporation would be filled by appointing local candidates only.

The main parties in the alliance include the SHSAD, the Samajwadi Party and the Hindu Maha Sabha. Mr Gabria said another list of candidates would be released tomorrow.



Cong finalises list of candidates
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
The Congress has reportedly finalised its list of candidates to be fielded in the forthcoming elections to the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation. The list was finalised after the Chairman of the selection committee, Mr Gurcharan Singh Ghalib, met the Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, in New Delhi today.

According to sources it was after much wrangling that Mr Ghalib managed to motivate the selection committee members to formulate a consensus list which was submitted to the Chief Minister for his approval. Mr Ghalib met the Chief Minister in the Parliament house, where the latter approved the list submitted by Mr Ghalib. Later, Mr Ghalib straightway left for Ludhiana.

Mr Ghalib was desperately being awaited by the aspiring candidates and their supporters here. He reportedly left Delhi at around 2 p.m. and is likely to release the list later in the evening after arriving here.



IHRO flays Fernandes’ comments
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
The women’s wing of the International Human Rights Organisation (IHRO) has condemned the comments made by Union Defence Minister George Fernandes regarding the molestation and rape of women in Gujarat.

The organisation has also constituted a five-member committee to investigate the sexual harassment cases in Punjab Technical University (PTU) and the Government Polytechnic for Women, Jalandhar.

The fortnightly meeting of the women’s wing of the IHRO, presided over by Ms Manjit Sodhia, here yesterday expressed concern over the unbridled and full-length sexual harassment of women in educational institutions, especially universities of Punjab.

Appreciating Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh for taking notice of the pestering of working women and students in the PTU and the polytechnic, the meet constituted a five-member committee comprising retired Principal Kuldip Kaur, Ms Harmanjot Kaur advocate, Dr (Mrs) Bal, Dr (Mrs) Devinder Kaur Deep and Ms Inderjeet Kaur, to investigate the matter and to suggest methods and means to check the menace, added a press release here today.

The IHRO chairperson D.S. Gill has, in the meantime, asked the Chief Minister to immediately transfer and suspend the principal of the Govt Polytechnic for Women, Jalandhar, Naresh Nagpal, on an SOS message sent to him by students, alleging harassment and victimisation by the Principal, who is pressuring them to give written statements, especially after the minister Mohinder Singh Kaypee had announced an inquiry against him.

It is shameful, resolved the organisation, that George Fernandes had tried to justify in Parliament the tragic events in Gujarat saying that there was “nothing new” in all that had happened in Gujarat, asking, “are killings, murders and rapes taking place for the first time in the country? Nothing different is happening in Gujarat than whatever happened in the country during the past 54 years.”

In another resolution, the IHRO WW assembly also censured the Central Home Ministry for appointing K.P.S. Gill, the “known fascist” and “nasty” Punjab police cop, who had dared to molest an IAS officer, as security advisor to Gujarat CM.



Kidney donor cheated by friends
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Pamian (Ludhiana), May 6
The alleged Pammian kidney removal case is proving to be more than a case of cheating a donor's family. It is infact an indicator of a kidney racket as was being suspected earlier. The case, however, at the same time puts under scrutiny the claims of the DMC Hospital and district police authorities that everything was fair and fine with their kidney transplantation system. Jagsir Singh, victim in the Pammian kidney-removal case, lies shattered in his small house in this village near Sahnewal. He has paid a heavy price for dreaming a happy future for his family. Two years ago, he had agreed to donating his kidney to two persons who had promised a lucrative job for her wife in Hong Kong but allegedly stabbed him in the back after the operation.

In their first interview to a newspaper, the reluctant victim family agreed to narrate their tale of woe only after some persuasion. "Our closest friends ditched us. We have lost faith in humanity", they said. While Jagsir Singh seemed depressed over being cheated by friends, his wife who is more aggressive revealed the sufferings they had to undergo.

"I will teach a lesson to the culprits who exploited my husband's simplicity and desire for a better future for his family" is how she begins. She revealed that her husband had secretly donated his kidney as he did not want to upset her. She said she knew it only in last week, two weeks after the operation, when she returned from Hong Kong as she was not provided the promised job there.

The two persons — Sukhdev Singh and Navtej Singh — were Jagsir Singh's friends and were financially better of than him. Navtej Singh's business was based in Hong Kong. He dealt in export-import of goods from Hong Kong to China and India.

Sukhdev Singh has suffered kidney failure about two-and-a-half-years ago and doctors had recommended transplantation. The two shared their problem with Jagsir Singh, who agreed to donate his kidney as he wanted to help his friends. The two accused promised him that his wife would be given a job in Hong Kong and he along with his children would also be able to go and settle there.

In order to conceal the operation, the accused, who regularly frequented the house of the victim, told his wife that they had employed Jagsir Singh as a car-driver and he would be visiting other states. Taking benefit of this they got various tests conducted at the DMCH.  

January, 2000, the kidney transplant operation was performed at the DMCH. Both the donor and the recipient were discharged from the hospital on February 10. When they reached home, Jagsir’s wife Baljinder Kaur was told that some robbers had attacked them in Uttar Pradesh and Jagsir was stabbed in the stomach. She believed everything as she trusted the two. Her husband later told her that the two had got a job for her in Hong Kong and as her husband was not able to do much labour, she should go ahead.

However, it was only in March this year that she was sent abroad. When she reached there, the accused Navtej Singh started treating her badly. She was given a small job in a business house at a meagre salarly of few dollars which were not more than Rs 500 per month. She returned dejected on April 10. On learning that he had been cheated, Jagsir contacted the two over phone but they snubbed him. Navtej Singh allegedly told him he should be happy with whatever was being offered to his ‘illiterate wife’.

Casting aspersions on the claims of the DMC hospital that a committee of eminent personalities, including doctors, civil officers and representatives of the state health department scrutinise the donors, to avoid any case of illegal or forcible transplantation of kidney. The victim, however, said he had not been interviewed by anyone.



Forum penalises cinema hall owners
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 6
The District Consumer Disputes Forum has directed a local cinema hall, Preet Palace, Model Town Road to pay Rs 5,000 for deficiency in services to Ms Ravinder Kaur Dara, a resident of Model Town. The forum further directed to pay Rs 500 as cost of litigation to the consumer.

According to the petition, the complainant alongwith her daughter and friends went to Preet Palace cinema to watch the matinee show of ‘Gadar’ movie on June 21, 2001. She stated before the forum that she had purchased six tickets each costing Rs 25, on which seat numbers were mentioned as C24 to C29. But she and her companions were not provided seats as per the numbers allocated on the tickets rather they had to find seats on their own, she added.

The consumer disclosed that the air conditioner was not functioning and adequate number of fans were not there to provide relief in the sweltering heat. She further disclosed that the movie was a blockbuster and in order to maximise the profit, some extra chairs had been put to accommodate more viewers, which blocked their view.

The consumer said when she and her companions complained to an usher, he rudely replied that management had to earn more profit and it was not supposed to look after their comfort and convenience. She alleged that the canteen contractor was selling eatables on higher rates as compared to market rates. She further alleged that this act of the respondent amounted to deficiency in services.

The Preet Palace management, however, pleaded that the complaint was not maintainable since it was the misuse of the process and it had been filed only to grab money. The respondent stated, “the reputed cinema is owned by Mr Paramjit Singh a renowned citizen and the complaint has been filed to degrade him and the cinema in the eyes of public at large.”

It had been denied by the respondent that the complainant alongwith her daughter and friends had purchased tickets costing Rs 25 each and the said seat numbers were given. The respondent further denied the allegations that the AC was not working and the fans were not there and the complainant alongwith her companions suffered hardship. It was also denied that extra chairs had been put.

The forum observed that according to documents produced, there was nothing unbelievable in the statement of complainant and her companions that they had gone to see the movie and the tickets had been purchased by them. The forum further observed, “the complainant is a respectable woman and it does not appear probable that without any reason, she will file a complaint and there was no evidence to support the allegation levelled by the respondent that of he and his theatre’s name had been falsely implicated in the case.”

The forum said, “it appears that the respondent is trying to avoid the liability by levelling false allegations against the complainant. Moreover, respondent has not stated about the actual working of the air cooling system and it is simply mentioned about the working fans.”

The forum stated, “from the circumstances of the case, it appears that the air cooling system was not working and extra seats were provided by the respondents which caused inconvenience to the consumer and her companions.”

The forum held, “In month of June, non-provision of the air cooling and putting extra seats, are bound to cause inconvenience and it amounts to deficiency in services.” It further stated that since the consumer had not impleaded the contractor of cinema who provided eatables as a party, the said fact cannot be decided and as such no compensation could be granted for the same.



Another crash victim dies
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
After battling between life and death for three days, Mr Prem Singh died from severe burn injuries at the Christian Medical College, here today, taking the death toll in the MIG-21 air crash at Jalandhar to eight. Mr Prem Singh, branch manager of the bank, had suffered 85 per cent burn injuries.

He was admitted to the CMC on May 3 along with five others after the Civil Hospital, Jalandhar, referred them here. A doctor on duty, confirming the death of the branch manager, said “despite all efforts he could not be saved and he succumbed to his injuries in the afternoon”.

He added that another patient, Mr Sham Lal, who has suffered 75 per cent burns, was also in a critical state. “We are trying our best to do what ever we can, but his condition continues to be precarious.”

None of the others admitted to the CMC have so far been discharged, though apart from Mr Sham Lal there is another person with 55 per cent burns, while the others have under 50 per cent burns.



Begging menace goes on unabated
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 6
Begging menace goes on unabated in the city. Be some religious place or a market, trafficlight points, outside a cinema hall, office or even outside nursing homes and hospitals, beggars can be seen everywhere. “Majority of these beggars are drug addicts and they spend their daily ‘earnings’ on liquor and alcohol,” said Pandit Mahanand of Dandi Swami Tapowan.

Most of them have pushed their wives and small children into this ‘lucrative business’. “They are encouraged by the people who give them alms generously. They get money, food and clothes without any effort so why should they work?”, said Mr Ashish Bhatia, a local resident who visits Dandi Swami Temple daily.

“Most religious places in the city are swarming with beggars. Though some of them may be in genuine need of money due to their ailments and being physically handicapped, others are able-bodied and can earn their livelihood by working,” he said.

“Tuesdays and Saturdays are brisk business days for these beggars. Children below two years of age can also be spotted begging near religious places. Sometimes they are so irritating that they will not let you go unless you give them money or something to eat”, said Mr Rakesh Kapoor, another devotee, who visits the temple daily.

Many trustees of the various temple trusts have demanded cooperation from the administration and the police for curbing this social evil, but to no avail. Mr Sohan Lal Dhanda, chairman of the Dandi Swami Tapowan Trust, said, “beggars create nuisance. Sometimes, they use abusive language and shout at devotees. If we try to deal with them strictly, they get together and threaten us with dire consequences”, said Mr Dhanda.

There is no denying the fact that the population of able-bodied beggars is increasing day by day, but no steps have been taken by the authorities concerned to curb the problem. Many religious places offer one time meal to beggars. Some of these beggars refuse to accept eatables from devotees and demand cash.

Ms Pallavi, another resident, complained that beggars refuse to go away at trafficlight points. “One has to stop the car when the light’s red. A group of beggars come and start knocking at your car doors. They demand money in a docile manner but at times they use abusive and filthy language”, said Pallavi.

The beggars no longer make demands humbly. “Recently, some beggar women tore the clothes of a devotee who had refused to give them money. But there was no one to control them”, said Pandit Mahanand.

When contacted the Ludhiana Deputy Commissioner, Mr Anurag Aggarwal, said it was for the Municipal Corporation to deal with this problem.



Adolescents getting hooked on smack
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 6
There is a sharp rise in the number of smack addicts in the city. Popularly known as brown sugar, the drug has spread its tentacles among adolescents and school kids.

Investigations reveal that the smack suppliers in the city are operating from Jalandhar, Patiala, Ganganagar, Raikot and Ambala and because of lack of vigil the addicts have no problem in procuring the drug.

The rise in number of addicts is giving sleepless nights to hundreds of parents whose children have fallen prey to this drug. Mr Swaranjit Singh, maternal uncle of smack addict Manpreet Singh (names changed), said he was shocked to know that his nephew had addicted to the drug. “His father had died nine years ago. My sister (the boy’s mother) is a teacher. She had great expectations from her only son, but she is now shattered. She does not even talk to him,” he said.

Manpreet has recently passed his Class XII examination from a renowned school. Mr Swaranjit said Manpreet got hooked on smack due to cajoling by two of his friends.

Manpreet, while talking to Ludhiana Tribune, disclosed that once he saw one of his friends taking the drug, who offered it to him too. “I hesitated but then he insisted that I should try once. After that it became the routine. Now, he wanted me to get smack for him also. He also introduced me to one of the middlemen. I used to go to Jalandhar to get the drug. It is an expensive drug but then I used to spend my tuition fees on it,” admitted Manpreet.

The boy was brought to a psychiatrist because of his sudden behaviour changes.

Amit (not his real name), another 16-year-old addict, who is getting treatment from one of the de-addiction centres here, said: “Inhaled smoke immediately gives a kick and a deep sense of well-being is felt.”

Dr Rajeev Gupta, a city-based psychiatrist, said there was definitely an alarming increase in the number of young smack users. “Smack availability is hardly a problem for the addicts,” he said.

He said: “Regular users look weak, malnourished and a fixed stony look with sunken eyes. Their faces get completely emotionless and their food intake becomes drastically low. I get two patients in a week. Most of them are in their teens. They stop taking interest in studies and work.”

He admitted that because of the problem of growing addiction, various city schools had started organising many awareness lectures and seminars for the students.

“Regular use of smack leads to severe physical and psychological dependence and as time passes the user feels the need to increase the dose. Once the addict stops taking the drug, he experiences withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, sleep disturbances, agitation, muscle cramps, bodyaches, loose motions and craving for smack,” the doctor said.



Green crusader from Germany
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, May 6
“India beckons me again and again. It is such a great place. The first time I was travelling through India, I noticed India did not have much forest cover though,” says Stefan Lampe from Germany. His first visit was in 1995, when he was just 21 years old. He has returned many times since then to Parvati Valley in the Himalayas, his favourite outdoors. He loves being in the hills of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pardesh.

Talking to Ludhiana Tribune he said, “On my first visit I felt Indians should do something to have more trees or else India would be quite a desert in the future. Why don’t we start a ‘World Sapling Plantation Day’? Let people plant a sapling on that day. Besides the extensive tree plantation drive, let no one use any motorised vehicle that day. Let people be quiet and ponder over the disharmony that has been created between man and the environment. Let children be encouraged to know the importance of trees.”

Stefan has brought a tree, one of the biggest forest species, from his native town near Hamburg and has planted it at Rishikesh in his Guru’s ashram. He says, “My tree is a symbol of the global family and the growing consciousness and wisdom within us regarding nature. Trees offer shelter to so many species of birds. Why are we cutting them ruthlessly? Trees teach us how to live harmoniously, provide clean air and provide shade to the wanderers. Buddha got enlightment under the banyan tree.

From his guru he has learnt different yogic kriyas and the art of meditation. He says, “For me, material things do not have much importance. My mission in life is to draw the attention of as many people as I can toward the degradation of the environment. I want to involve the media, children and adults in the preservation of trees. I would like that no one cut trees as they give us much and not want much in return”.

Stefan had thought of setting up an ‘Ashram’ in India to educate people about the qualities of trees. “But India already has too many of them. So I plan to open one in Hungary. People are more open-minded there and accept new ideas, ” says the young crusader. 



His life is a mission
Asha Ahuja

Ludhiana, May 6
Gyani Mohan Singh, a small petite man with a flowing beard, has been a crusader since his childhood days. His zest has not dimmed with age. Now, in his eighties, there is hardly any day when he is not on duty as a pharmacist at a laboratory run by the Amardas Sewa Society, Model Gram. Come rain or, sunshine, Mohan Singh never misses his duty. His services are voluntary as he firmly believes in the dictum ‘service to mankind is service to humanity’.

Back in Lahore, he lived close to the house of Bhagat Puran Singh, founder of Pingalwara. Mohan Singh got inspired by Puran Singh’s zest for helping the downtrodden and the destitute. He completed his degree in Punjabi in 1939 and applied for a the post of a teacher in a government school. Being underage, he was not appointed. He joined a doctor as his assistant. He says, “Those two years with the doctor helped me a lot to know about medicine. I realised my true vocation was in helping the sick get better.”

Later he joined the Army as havaldar and was posted as a storekeeper. There, too, his first-aid box came in handy. During Partition days, his family could not trace him and he was taken for dead. But later, his nephew traced him almost dead from a canal. After a month’s stay in a make-shift hospital, he was discharged. He knew that God had saved him for a purpose and he vowed to help the sick and the needy to the best his ability.

Since his retirement from the post of a teacher in Ferozepore, he has dedicated his life to the service of the sick. His pension takes care of his needs. He collects charity for Pingalwara. The youth can take a leaf from his life. 



CBI probe into violence sought
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 6
The Akhil Bharatiya Jansangh has urged the Prime Minister to get the Gujarat violence probed by the CBI so that the people of the country come to know about the truth behind it.

In a press note here today, its general secretary, Mr Poonam Rajpurohit, admitted that Mr Narendra Modi had failed to unmask the real facts and reasons behind the violence, but denied that he had been lethargic in dealing with the situation.



PFA organises exhibition
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
The local chapter of the People for Animals organised ‘Ahimsa’, an exhibition, at a function organised at Kitchlu Nagar, here today.

In the exhibition pictures related to cruelty to animals were displayed apart from literature of the PFA.

Mr Radhe Sham Gupta, its chief adviser, spoke about the PFA and its activities and appealed to the people to help the organisation through money, material and effort. Dr Sandeep K. Jain, its president, asked the audience not to throw the kitchen waste or other eatables in polythene or in aluminum foil as stray animals consume the eatables along with polythene and aluminum foil.



Five assault cases reported
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, May 6
The police has registered a number of cases regarding alleged incidents of beating here.

The Haibowal police yesterday arrested Surinder, Dheeraj and his father, Ashok Kumar, under sections 323,379,283 and 34 of the IPC on the statement of a truck driver, Mr Parveen Kumar, who had alleged that the accused beat him up when he asked them to move aside a parked motor cycle, which hindered him from moving his vehicle into a street while on way from the Humbran road to Haibowal.

While the accused were beating him, a sum of Rs 15,000 lying in his truck, also went missing, added the driver.

On the complaint of Mr Ravnit Singh, a resident of Green Field, the Civil Lines police has registered a case under sections 341,323,148 and 149 of the IPC against Amandip Singh, Jaswinder Singh, Sodhi, Parveen and Pintu, all residents of the PAU. The complainant had alleged that the accused intercepted him on the road and beat him up.

Another case of alleged beating was registered at the same police station on the complaint of Ms Surinder Kaur, a resident of College Road, against Kulwant Singh, his wife, Pritam Kaur, son Navdip Singh and daughter , Jagdip Kaur and Jaswant Singh under sections 323,506,341 and 34 of the IPC. The complainant had alleged that the accused forced their way into her house on Saturday , beat her up and later confined her to her house by closing the doors from outside.

The division number 8 police has registered a case on the statement of Ms Asha Rani, a resident of New Kundan Puri, against residents of the same area namely Chander Mohan, Monu and others. The woman had alleged that the accused beat her up on Saturday in front of her house and fled.

The Sarabha Nagar police has registered a case under Sections 341,506,323 and 427 of the IPC on the statement of Ms Raj Rani, a resident of Sant Park, against S.Ghai, Happy Ghai and Anup of the same locality. The woman had alleged that the accused barged into her residence on Saturday, beat her up and also damaged household items. The accused also allegedly threatened her before making good their escape, added the woman.

Frauds alleged: The Civil Lines police has registered a case of alleged fraud under Sections 419,420,467,468 and 120-B of the IPC on the statement of Mr Nirmal Singh , a resident of Friends Colony on the Jassian Road, against Paramjit Singh, a Jalandhar resident, Gurbacahan Singh, Lambardar of Kohara village near Ludhiana, Raj Kumar, a resident of Salem Tabri, and Dalip Singh, a resident of Bhattian village who works as a lawyer in the local mini-secretariat. The complainant had alleged that the accused hatched a conspiracy and got his land transferred in their names with the help of forged documents.

The division number 4 police has registered a case under Sections 420,120 and 34 of the IPC and Section 63 of the Copyright Act against Rakesh Jain ,a resident of Wait Ganj, on the statement of a Mumbai-based firm which had alleged that the accused had been selling shirts by using its trademark. The accused has been arrested.

Dowry cases: The Shimla Puri police has registered two cases of alleged harassment for more dowry under Sections 406 and 498-A of the IPC.

Ms Amandeep Kaur, a resident of Janta Nagar, had alleged that her husband Harchand Singh, father-in-law Surinder Singh, mother-in-law Jinder Kaur and brother-in-law Gurinder Singh, residents of the same locality, had been harassing her and demanding more dowry.

The other case was registered on the statement of Ms Neetu, a resident of Dashmesh Nagar, against her husband Harjit Singh, father-in-law Balwinder Singh, mother-in-law Parminder Kaur, brother-in-law Amarjit Singh and sister-in-law Tejinder Kaur, residents of Muradpura.

Cop held:
The Dakha police has arrested constable Pawan Kumar on charge of attempt to murder. A criminal case was registered under Sections 307, 458, 506 and 34 of the IPC against him.

According to a press note released by Mr Balkar Singh, SSP, constable Pawan Kumar was posted at Dakha in March when he along with his friend went to the house of Poonam on the pretext of using her telephone. They were made to sit in a room, where Poonam’s son, Sukhchain, wanted to take Pawan’s gun, and when Pawan Kumar tried to take out cartridges and hand these over to Sukhchain, the gun went off accidently.

A bullet hit Poonam in the leg and a case was registered. Injured Poonam was admitted to a hospital in Ludhiana, where she made additional statement that her earlier version was wrong as she was threatened by the accused that he would eliminate her and her son. The police later added Sections 307, 458, 506 and 34 of the IPC.

Two arrested: The Dakha police has arrested Sardara Singh of Sewewall village and Kuljit Singh of Hissowal village on charges of stealing a scooter. A case under Section 380 of the IPC has been registered.



Driver dies under mysterious circumstances
Our Correspondent

Khanna, May 6
A local driver, Ram Sarup, 45, resident of Prem Nagar died under mysterious circumstances on Saturday night. A brother of the deceased has however, alleged that it was a case of murder.

Manjit Kaur, an employee of Municipal Lady Hospital and wife of the deceased, lodged a report at the City Police Station that on Saturday night, her husband reached home in an injured condition. She was shocked and offered him a glass of water, but he could not drink it and collapsed. She informed the police.

On the other hand Mr Kuldip Singh, brother of the deceased has demanded an impartial probe into the incident.

Dr V.K. Aggarwal and Dr N.P.S. Virk who conducted the postmortem confirmed that there were injury marks on the body of the deceased. The police has registered a case under Section 289 and 304-A of IPC.



Youths take away Rs 40,000 from man
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, May 6
Three unidentified motor cycle-borne youths snatched Rs 40,000 from a commission agent in Dharampura Colony here today.

The police immediately sounded a red alert in the city, but no breakthrough could be made. Checking of vehicles, especially two-wheelers, was being carried on in the city.

According to the police, the victim was bringing some payment from a dairy situated in the Tejpur road area, when three youths, one clean-shaven and others supporting beard, stopped him and snatched the bag containing money. The accused had threatened the victim with a sharp-edged weapon.

Senior police officials rushed to the spot. The identity of the victim could not be ascertained as the police officials concerned were not divulging any details.



Liquor seized
Our Correspondent

Khanna, May 6
The police claims to have seized 240 bottles of liquor near Samrala here on Sunday. According to SSP, when a police party signalled a car (H15-1089) to stop at a naka, two youths travelling in the car fled away. After search, the police seized 240 bottles of liquor and the car was impounded. 


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