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Monday, May 13, 2002

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Failure is a badge of success
for ‘Hotmail man’
Roopinder Singh

SABEER Bhatia is the man who shot into fame when he sold the Web-based free e-mail company Hotmail to Microsoft for $ 400 million. He was 29 then. He is 32 now— rich, famous and still a bachelor. His one success has made stand tall among the Silicon Valley's charmed lot of cyber millionaires. In fact, his youthful charm would make him stand out in any crowd.

A bootable disk can save you if your HDD crashes
Vipul Verma
O PC in the world is crash proof. All PCs are at the risk of crashing despite all possible care and precautions. This could be due to many external factors that are beyond the control of computer users like virus attack, spikes and unpredictable electrical disorders, system failure, hardware failure etc. can cause crashing of the system at any point of time.


States cancel Windows demo
INE states seeking strong antitrust sanctions against Microsoft Corp. last week abruptly canceled plans to demonstrate the feasibility of one of their key demands — a version of the Windows operating system with removable features. The states said they had made the decision to avoid prolonging the case after Microsoft said it needed an indefinite period of time to prepare.

Have computer, will gaze at stars
Sumesh Raizada
OES life exit anywhere else in the solar system or beyond it? What is the exact chemical and material composition of Sun? Shall men ever be able to reach Mars or any other planet? Is settlement possible on moon? These are some of the questions that are boggling scientists and geographers for centuries all over the world. This science of understanding solar system and various other constituents of galaxy is called astronomy. Since the beginning of the human civilisation, scientists all over the world have been curious to understand the mysteries surrounding our earth.
Illustration by SANDEEP JOSHI

Everything is ‘e’ nowadays
Kanwal Singh Bindusar
HE global IT market is reviving after facing a slowdown for a couple of months, as per the latest reports of NASSCOMand CII. Needless to mention that India is witnessing an IT era with an ambition to emerge as Information Technology (IT) superpower. IT has been coined, as India’s Today, India’s Tomorrow, India’s Treasure and what not. 

Singaporean executives most ‘naughty’
SIAN Internet users flocked to pornographic Websites in March, with Singaporean executives and South Korean students topping the list, a four-country report by NetValue shows.

Magnetic tape on cards for added security. Very smart!
Deepak Kaushik
HE smart card is one of the most recent chapters in the history of the computer revolution, bringing its presence into the hands and wallets of nearly everyone. The smart card is the size of a standard plastic credit card with an embedded computer chip. The chip holds various types of information in electronic form with sophisticated security mechanisms.


Intel to assemble Pentium 4 in Shanghai
S semiconductor giant Intel Corp said last week it was setting up facilities to assemble and test Pentium 4 chips at its Shanghai plant, but has no immediate plans to set up a wafer fab in China.

Cyber Kids
Scramble your message

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Aeromodelling as a hobby

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