Saturday, May 18, 2002
W O R D  P O W E R

Squalid (sk walid): Very dirty and unpleasant

Synonyms — unclean, foul, filthy.

Antonyms — hygienic, clean.

— These beggars are living in squalid conditions.

Disseminate (di-semmi-nayt) spread ideas, beliefs, etc.

Synonyms — broadcast, circulate, propagate.

Antonyms — withhold, suppress.

—The media is the best way to disseminate any information.

Prosaic (pro-zay-ik): ordinary and not showing any imagination.

Synonyms — banal, mundane, trite, dull.

Antonyms — inspiring, imaginative, unusual.

— His book did not draw much attention because of his prosaic style of writing.


(bee’ seech): to ask in an urgent begging manner.

Synonyms — implore, appeal, entreat.

Antonyms — command, demand.

— I beseech you to help me out.

Eulogise (yoo-lo-jaiz): to highly praise somebody or something.

Synonyms — extol, laud, acclaim.

Antonyms — belittle, condemn, discredit.

— My neighbour is always eulogising her children’s achievements.

Random (ran’ dum): done or chosen without method or specific directions.

Synonyms — accidental, haphazard.

Antonyms — planned, deliberate.

— About twenty women were randomly interviewed for the survey.


Match column A with Column B:


1. The meat of a deer

2. The flesh of sheep

3. The inside of a nut

4. Rock from which metal is extracted

5. A thick underground stem

6. A cluster of flowers on a branch


a. Mutton

b. Kernel

c. Venison

d. Rhizome

e. Inflorescence

f. Ore

Looking back

Ironsides was the name given to the troopers of Cromwell’s army, because they were sober, solid, brave, god-fearing men who could be relied on to stand firm in the severest shock of battle.


Talebearers are just as bad as tale makers.

— Sheridan

Score card

1c, 2a, 3b, 4f, 5d, 6e.

— Illa Vij