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Monday, May 20, 2002

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Intelligent agents behind autonomous machines

Intelligent machines would require the capability of the nervous system i.e. to operate many simultaneous foreground and background processes and bring background processes into the foreground immediately when necessary, says Sonal Chawla

Making networking a hassle-free affair
Vipul Verma
HE present day world is computer-networked. All computers, including the standalone machine connecting to the Internet, are a part of the huge network.

E-voting a hit in United Kingdom
Michelle Green
HE architects of Britain's first foray into the hi-tech world of electronic voting were like nervous brides in the days leading up to this month's local government elections.


Analyse business and help financial institutes
Sumesh Raizada
OWADAYS almost every commercial and financial activity is regulated and controlled by computer-based solutions, whether in banks, financial institutions, trading or manufacturing organisations. Earlier, huge ledgers and lengthy accounting procedures were used to maintain records in business activities. They not only consumed time but also had chances of error.

Subversive activities through cyber space
Satyabrata Rai Chowdhuri
HERE is a new buzzword called cyber-terrorism that is catching the attention of governments, intelligence agencies, militaries and national security analysts. There have been a number of cases of cyber attacks, cracking of passwords, social engineering of important websites and the use of information technology (IT) by terrorists to supplement their physical operations.

User photo ID to ward off cellphone thieves
Hannington Osodo
OUTH African Edward Modisakgosi claims to have invented a security feature that can help mobile phone users combat rampant theft worldwide. He is now in talks to licence it in a variety of countries.

DNA-marked paintings
Matthew Brace
USTRALIAN painter Pro Hart has become the first artist to mark his work with his DNA. Other artists are expected to follow his lead, to authenticate their works beyond doubt. Hart, a 73-year-old former silver miner who lives and paints in the outback town of Broken Hill, is determined to stem the flood of fakes on the market.


Microscopic image on monitor
LYMPUS Optical Co., Ltd. has launched MIC-D, an innovative new digital inverted optical zoom microscope. Rather than observing objects through an optical lens as with conventional microscopes, the MIC-D facilitates observation by enabling users to see images on the monitor of a personal computer connected with a USB cable.

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