EDUCATION TRIBUNE Tuesday, May 28, 2002, Chandigarh, India






Pervin Malhotra

Q I would like to know about the Indian Information Service and the nature of work.

Madhuri Chadha

A The Indian Information Service (IIS) is a Group A service of the Indian Civil Services that oversees the functioning of nationalised media and advertising agencies (AIR, DD, DAVP). Operating under the M/o Information & Broadcasting, the IIS is also responsible for handling press/public relations nationally as well as internationally for the Government and its various ministries, PSUs, defence forces etc. It plays a vital role in promoting India’s image internationally.

As an IIS officer in the junior grade, you could be posted anywhere in India in various media organisations of the M/o Information and Broadcasting/Defence (D/o public relations requiring journalistic or PR related work.

The scales in this service are exactly the same as in the other Civil Services till the Sr Administrative Grade which has a fixed salary, equivalent to that of most senior Additional Secretaries.

Incidentally the I & B Ministry has decided to abolish 1,334 posts, of which half will be done away with this year.


Q After school I would like to go to the USA for my studies. What is the Early Decision Plan. Will it guarantee admission? Please advice.

Abhishek Suri

A Perhaps the best and most crucial advice you will ever receive about the college application process is to start early — a good 18 months in advance.

Besides securing an excellent SAT score, you will probably find that the most difficult part of the college selection process is trying to predict the outcome of your decision. Will I be accepted? Will I be happy at the college of my choice?

Unfortunately even good decisions cannot guarantee successful results.

By its very nature, decision-making involves risk. You will be in a better position, however, if you do a thorough job of collecting and evaluating information.

For this, browse the Net extensively and prepare a shortlist based on what you are looking for in a university. Applying "Early Decision" (for admission and financial aid, if appropriate) is an excellent option.

Colleges that subscribe to this plan, agree to follow a common schedule for Early Decision applicants. If you apply under the first-choice plan (EDP-F) you will have to withdraw your applications from all other colleges as soon as your first choice college sends you an acceptance notice. Under the single-choice plan (EDP-S), you need not apply to any college other than your first choice unless you are rejected by it. If you are accepted, well and good. If you are deferred to the January pool, you still have a second chance and you have one application out of the way. If you are rejected, that too is okay, because at least you know what your options are, and completing one application makes the others much easier.

Besides, Early Decision gives you a better idea of where you stand before going into the much scarier admissions process in December and Jan. While everyone else is anxiously biting nails until May (and frantically writing applications all of December), you will know where you stand and concentrate your energies on your academics (besides having to work on only one essay question).

The only thing about EDP is that you have to be fairly certain which college you want attend. You don’t want to discover after you’ve been accepted that you’d rather be somewhere else. However, if you are flexible and have a fairly good idea of what you are looking for, Early Decision can certainly make your life a great deal simpler.

However, it is not unusual for colleges to reject students they consider overqualified, consigning to the waiting list those applicants whom they suspect will snub them for a better offer.



Q I wish to take up a course in computers but I have heard that there’s a market slump and companies around the world are shedding people.

Sunita Joshi

A One should make a clear distinction between a dotcom bust and uses of the Internet. Yes, the dotcom era is over and many of the pure play dotcoms have closed down. But this does not mean that the Internet has lost its relevance. The Net is a means of doing business. And the number of transactions over the net is expanding rapidly.

While many of the leading companies have deferred their investment programme, that has nothing to do with the technology or its relevance. Since the global economy witnessed a downturn, some of the companies had to evaluate their business proposition. But once the economy revives, many of the global giants will increase their IT investments. And the Net is going to be one of the most critical tools to leverage business. Even during the downturn, the Indian software industry notched an enviable 39% growth rate. What’s more, lower cost location like India will benefit immensely in the new economic order. By 2003 an additional 1,00,000 offshore centric jobs will be created.

Another emerging area is remote management. Many leading corporates are looking at using remote management to reduce costs. Though it is difficult to put a timeframe to it, the revival of the economy will eventually lead to an increase in demand for IT services.

In fact, no matter what career you choose, you must learn how to use the web, and also a programme like Word, to write basic documents.


Q I am interested in doing LLB from Delhi University, Could you please tell me about the entrance exam conducted by the university.

Hemant Khosla

A The University of Delhi conducts an entrance test for admission to LLB which is offered at three centres:

Campus Law Centre (North Campus) holds classes between 8 am-2 pm.

Law Centre-I (North Campus) holds classes from 3 - 9 pm.

Law Centre-II (ARSD College, Dhaula Kuan), holds evening classes from 6 - 9 pm. Although evening courses have been banned by the BCI, the case is still pending in the Supreme Court as some colleges have taken a stay, so its not clear whether this course will continue beyond this year.

Eligibility is graduation/postgraduation with minimum 50% aggregate (pass marks for SC/ST).

The test comprises objective-type questions on analytical reasoning, general awareness and legal aptitude, besides general knowledge in law, current events of national and international importance with special reference to law, general sciences, history of India, geography, Indian polity and economy.

For further information, contact the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007.

The application deadline for LLB for 2002 session is 1 June. Written test will be held on 30 June. Send Rs 125/- by DD favouring "Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi" payable at Delhi to the Convener, Admission Committee, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007at the above add by 1 Jun.



Q I had taken MBA entrance exams for the 2002 session but could not succeed. So I am thinking of enrolling for an MBA through distance learning. Could you please tell me about the scope of doing an MBA through distance learning?

Amit Gipta

A As a thumb-rule, a regular full-time MBA from a reputed B-school offers better job prospects by way of over-all exposure and on-campus recruitment.

MBA courses offered through distance learning are usually preferred by working professionals to upgrade their qualifications for better growth prospects, particularly in the government.

Naturally since no placement facilities are offered for students of these courses, you will have to look for a job on your own. If you can leverage your work experience adequately, well and good. Otherwise, you will find it tough to compete with your full-time MBA counterparts.

All said and done, you will certainly gain in professional knowledge but miss out on classroom interaction and dissection of case studies, which form an essential core of the MBA programme.

After all, management is essentially a practical hands-on discipline rather than a mere academic field of study. If possible, try and enroll for a part-time course instead so that you can continue to work alongside.

In the West, online MBAs are gaining popularity amongst working people. These are being offered by some of the top B-schools and have a great deal of interactivity built in to make them more meaningful. But they are quite expensive and very demanding in terms of time and application. Hopefully we will see similar but more reasonably priced Indian courses.



Q I am a nurse with 2 years experience in a children’s hospital. Could you please tell me something about the CGFNS exam?

Vandita Dhamija

A The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) is an independent non-profit organisation sponsored by the two principal nursing bodies in the US - the American Nurses Association and the National League for Nursing.

Passing the CGFNS qualifying exam is the first step to be taken by a foreign nurse graduate who wants to practice nursing in U.S.A. The exam which has been prepared by nurses, leading U.S. educators and practitioners, tests a nurse’s knowledge in the areas of Medical, Surgical, Obstetric, Paediatric and Psychiatric Nursing. It also covers the five areas of the nursing process: assessing, analysing, planning, implementing and evaluating which first level registered nurses are taught in the U S. The examination is designed to measure an applicant’s qualification and background in the practice of nursing and proficiency in the English Language, which is imperative in this context.

The exam is conducted thrice a year, i.e. in March, July and November, simultaneously from 50 centers throughout the world. The low passing rate exemplifies the importance of intense and serious preparation for this exam.

Exam Structure

The exam takes one full day and is broken down in the following manner:

1. 2 1/2 hours for Part-I of the nursing section of the exam, 1 hour for lunch 1 hour for TOEFL and 1 hour and 40 minutes for the second part of the nursing section.

2. The nursing section of the exam consists of multiple-choice questions in English, covering the major areas of nursing and the nursing process.

3. TOEFL consists of multiple choice questions in three parts: Listening Comprehension, Vocabulary & Sentence structure. You need a minimum score of 540.

Educational Qualifications

Applicants must have the following qualifications before taking the CGFNS Exam.

1. Have successfully graduated from Higher Secondary School Education.

2. Have graduated from a Government approved nursing school whose two or more general nursing programs included both theory and clinical practice in each of the five areas of nursing — Medical Surgical, Obstetric, Paediatric, and Psychiatric.

3. Hold a valid license/registration to practice as a general nurse in the country, province or state where they obtained their general nursing education.

For details, log on to:



Q I have completed my class X examinations. I am very interested in learning mountaineering. Could you please tell me where I can learn it in a professional way.

Saurabh Singh

A The Indian Mountaineering Foundation, headquartered in New Delhi oversees the following institutes that offer scientific training in mountain climbing:

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, Darjeeling

Directorate of Mountaineering & Allied Sports (Western Institute of Mountaineering), Manali

Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi,

Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering, Tringla, Batote (J&K).

Amongst the several courses offered by these institutes following would be useful for you:

  • Basic Mountaineering Course. Eligibility: 17-35 years.

  • Adventure Course (School boys & girls). Eligibility: 13-17 years.

It goes without saying that you must be medically fit to undertake any of the above-mentioned courses. Also essential are a good physique, sharp vision, clarity of thought, and love for adventure.

Besides these and the NDA, IBP and National Academy of Administration, the Air Force Training & Mountaineering Association, New Delhi, Mountaineering Committee, Mumbai, Army Mountaineering Assoc., New Delhi, Himachal Winter Sports Club, Shimla, Himalayan Mountaineering Club, Allahabad, Himalayan Assoc., Kolakata, Mountaineering & Hiking club, Roorkee, Gujarat University, University Mountaineering Club, Jabalpur are actively involved in promoting mountaineering among the youth.

Please send in your query preferably on a postcard along with your name, complete address and academic qualifications to:

Editor, Career Hotline,
The Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh.





Jun 29: Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani 333031 (Raj)


Off-Campus Distance Learning & Collab Progs (1st Sem):

  • Integrated Ist Degree Progs
    — BS
    (6-Sem): 1) Engg Tech; 2) Info Sys

  • Hr Degree Progs
    — MS
    (4-Sem): 3) Software Sys; 4) Mfg Mgt

  • Collaborative Programmes with:
    A) Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai: 5) BS Optometry; 6) BS Ophlthalmic Assistant; 7) MS Medical Laboratory Technology (MZZ) 8) M.Phil Optometry. B) Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Chennai: 9) BS Physician Assistant; 10) M.Phil Physician Assistant . C) L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad: 11) BS Optometry.

Elig: See Website.

Appln F: Send Rs 500/- (for Regd parcel post)/Rs 600/- (for Regd letter/Speed Post) by crossed DD favouring "Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani" payable at State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, Pilani (Code: 1398)/UCO Bank, Vidya Vihar, Pilani (Code: 0150), to the Admissions Officer. Mention name & code of prog, your name & add with Pin Code, desired despatch mode & details of DD.

Jun 30: Tolani Maritime Institute, Sangruli Rd, PO Induri, Maval, Pune 410507. Ph: (02114) 41960/41865


BS (Marine Engg, 4-yr)

(In assoc with BITS, Pilani).

Elig: Unmarried candidates born after 1st Jan 1982, pass in class 12 (60% agg in PCM, 50% in English in class X or XII).

Selectn: Merit in qualifying exam, interview, and GD

Appln F: Send Rs 500/- by DD favouring "Tolani Maritime Institute." payable at Pune/Induri or download from website. Superscribe envelope "Application for Marine Engineering — 2002".

Vel’s Academy of Maritime Studies, Velan Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai 600117 (TN). Ph: 2362712/716, 2403481


BSc (Nautical Sc)

Elig: Class 12 (PCM, 60% and 50% in Eng).

Appln F: Send Rs 170/- by DD favouring "Vel’s Academy of Maritime Studies" payable at Chennai.

University of Mumbai, Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai 400019


Jun 10: A) UG Courses: 1) BTech; 2) B Chem Engg (admission to 41 & 22 seats respectively on All India Merit basis).

Jun 8: B) PG Courses: 1) M Chem Engg; 2) ME (Plastic Engg); 3) M Pharm Sc; 4) MTech (Fermentation Tech/Fibre and Textile Processing Tech/Food Tech & Engg/Intermediates and Dyestuff Tech/Oils, Oleochem and Surfactants Tech/Paints Tech/Pharm and Fine Chem Tech/Polymer Tech & Engg); 5) Inter-disciplinary Courses (MTech in Perfumery and Flavour Tech/Bioprocess Tech)

C) PhD (Tech)/PhD (Sc)

Elig: For A: Class 12 or equiv. For B: Relevant Bachelor’s degree and GATE Score. For C: Relevant Master’s degree.

Appln F: Send Rs 430/- (for A) & Rs 530/- (for B, c) by DD favouring "Director, UICT" payable at Mumbai with self add envelope (30 cm x 20 cm).

Details: See prospectus or website.

May 31: CET — 2002

(For admission to Engg diploma in Polytechnics in Haryana)

Elig: Class 10 (Eng, Maths & Sc).

Exam: 9 Jun.

Appln F: Download from the following website: At designated Institutions/Polytechnics (incldg D/o Technical Educn, Haryana, Ch’grh): Rs 500/- (cash).

Jun 29: Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Palam 333031.


1. Integrated First Degree Programmes:

Gr A: BE (Hons): Chem/Civil/ Comp Sc/Elect & Electron/Electron & Instru/Mech/BPharm (Hons)/ MMS Gr B: MSc (Hons): General Studies/Engg Tech/Finance/Info Sys.

2. Higher Degree Programmes:

ME: Biotech/Chem/Civil/Commn Engg/Comp Sc/Design Engg/Mfg Sys Engg/Mech/Microelectron/ Software Sys; MPharm.

3. Doctoral Programs

(All areas of Engg & Sc disciplines).

Elig: See Website.

Appln F: Send request stating naming & code of programmes applied for, your name, add, despatch mode and details of DD with Rs 500/- (Registered Parcel Post)/Rs 600/- (Registered Letter) Speed Post) by DD favouring "Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani" payable at State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, Pilani (Code:1398)/UCO Bank, Vidya Vihar, Pilani (Code: 0150) to the Admissions Officer at the above add.


Jun 20: Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra 136119 (Har)

MSc Computer Sc (Software)

(at Ch. Devi Lal PG Regional Centre, Sirsa and affiliated colleges)

Elig: Bachelor’s degree (55%) with Comp. Sc./Comp Appln as on of the subjects or BSc (Hons) (Comp Sc, 55%) or Post BSc Dip in Comp Sc. & Appl (DCA)/BCA/PGDCA (55%).

Appln F: Send Rs 650/- by DD favouring "Registrar, KU, Kurukshetra" payable at Kurukshetra/Thanesar to the Manager (P&P) with 2 self-add Slips to the above add, or download from website. Mention Prospectus Code No: MCS-02 in the request.

Jun 20: Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Surathkul, PO Srinivasnagar 574157 (Kar).

Ph: (0824) 475984


Elig: Bachelor’s degree (50%) with Maths as one of the optionals/electives at Bachelor’s/as subject at Pre-University level.

Appln F: Send Rs 500/- by DD favouring "Principal, Karnataka Regional College, Surathkal, PO Srinivasnagar 574157" payable at SBI/Canara Bank, Surathkal by 1 Jun or download from website.



Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra 136119 (Har)

Jun 20: LLB (Professional, 3-yr, Day Time/Evening, at Law Dept, KUK

LLB (Professional, 3-yr, Day Time, at Ch Devi Lal PG Regional Centre

Jul 11: LLM (2-yr, at Law Dept, KUK)

Elig: For LLB: Bachelor’s/Master’s degree (45%).

For LLM: LLB (Professional, 55%).

Appln F: Send Rs 350/- by DD favouring "Registrar, KU" payable at Kurukshetra/Thanesar with 2 self-add slips to the Manager, Printing & Publication at the above add. Mention prospectus Code: Law-2 in request



Jun 20: University of Delhi, Delhi 110007


(15% seats for outside Delhi)

Elig: Class 12 (PCB, 50% for BAMS/BUMS and 60% for BHMS). Age: 17 yrs (on 31 Oct).

Selectn: Based on Merit.

Appln F: Send Rs 125/- by DD favouring "Registrar, University of Delhi" payable at SBI (Code 7687) to the Faculty of Medical Sciences, 6th Fl, V P Chest Institute Building at the above add.


Reserved Category

Jun 30: Kendriya Sainik Board, West Block-IV, Wing-V, RK Puram, New Delhi 110066.

Defence Seats in Medical/Dental/ Engg College

(Medical Colleges, 28 seats; Dental Colleges, 1 seat; Engg College, 2 seats

Elig: For Medical/Dental Seat: Class 12 (PCB & Eng, 50%). For Engineering Seat: Class 12 (PCM & Eng, 75%).

Appln F: Send a self-add envelope to the above add/respective Rajya Sainik Board/Zila Sainik Board.



Jul 30: Central Statistical Organisation, (GOI, M/o Stats & Prog. Implementation) Room No 414, Sardar Patel Bhavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110001.


Doctoral & Post-Doctoral Fellowships in Applied/Official Stats (2-yr)

Elig: Indian Nationals with 5 yrs relevant wk ex in Govt.

For Doctoral Fellowship: Master’s degree. For Post-Doctoral Fellowship: PhD. Age: 26-54 yrs.

Details: See website.

Appln F: Send application in prescribed format to the above add.

United States Educational Foundation in India (USEFI), 12, Hailey Road, New Delhi 110001

Fullbright Fellowships in the US in Various Subjects

Appln F: Send requests (stating qualifications, date of birth & current position) with self-add, stamped (Rs 15/-) envelope (10"x7") to the above addo/respective regional office or check website.

Jun 14: D/o Culture (M/O HRD, GoI), S & F Section, Room No 333, C-Wing, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi 110001.

Scholarships to Young Artistes in:

1) Indian Classical Music

2) Indian Classical Dance

3) Theatre

4) Visual Arts and

5) Folk Traditional and Indigenous Art

Age: 18-25 yrs (on 1.4.2002).

Appln F: Employment News (18-24 May).

Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, India.

Website: scholar/award.htm

HSBC Scholarship

(for undergraduates & graduates offered places in Oxford/ Cambridge & London Univs).

Details: See website.


Jun 20: National Open School, B-31B, Kailash Colony, New Delhi 110048.


Registration of Direct Candidates for Oct/Nov ‘02 for

1) Secondary Exam

2) Senior Secondary Exam

Elig: For 1: Class VIII; For 2: Secondary exam. Age: No limit.

Appln F : Send in prescribed format along with Registration fee (Rs 400/-) & Exam fee (Rs. 75/- per subj + Rs 25/- per subj for subjs with practicals) and supporting documents to the respective Regional Centres.

Details: See website.

CARING (Career Information & Guidance), New Delhi



1.Which country was recently proclaimed the world’s 192nd independent state?

2.Name the Pakistani High Commissioner who was recently expelled by India following a militant attack at Kaluchak.

3. How many software technology parks have been set up by the government in the country?

4. Which planet has become the one with the maximum number of satellites after the recent discovery of 11 new moons around it?

5. Name the second country in the world after the Netherlands to have legalised euthanasia (mercy killing).

6. What is the full form of EIL?

7. Name the Japanese who recently became the oldest person in the world to have climbed the Mount Everest.

8. Who recently became the oldest woman in the world to have climbed the Mount Everest?

9. Name the couple that recently set the record of climbing the highest peaks on each of the world’s seven continents.

10. From which continent did an iceberg, twice as large as Luxembourg, broke away recently?

11. What is the capital of Bulgaria?

12. How many batsmen have scored more than 8000 runs in Test cricket?

13. Which four Asian countries are participating in the football World Cup this year?

14. What has been the biggest margin of victory in a football World Cup match?

15. Which player has scored the maximum number of goals in a football World Cup match?


School address..............................

Winners of quiz 157. The first prize by draw of lots goes to Archit Sood, X-B, DAV Public School, Slashi, Hamirpur-177001.

Second: Vipin Randhawa, XII, Sainik School, Sujanpur Tihra( HP).

Third: Mansi, VIII, St Xaviers Sen Sec School,44-C, Chandigarh.

Answers to quiz 157: V.K.Nambiar; Manohar Joshi; Hong Kong International Airport; Rai Bahadur Mohan Singh Oberoi; Brazil; Erik Lindberg;Narayana Murthy;Spider-Man; Amorphophallus titanum; Oil India Limited; Russia; Chilka; Nagpur-Jabalpur;16; Just Fontaine.

Cash awards of Rs 400, 300 and 200 are given to the first, second and third prize winners, respectively. These are sent at the school address.

Tarun Sharma