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Monday, June 3, 2002
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If smitten by soccer mania, log on to Net

An Indian rickshawpuller looks at a painting of Brazil soccer star Ronaldo in Kolkata. The soccer World Cup finals, being co-hosted by Japan and South Korea, has sparked wild interest in this soccer-crazy city with the sales of colour televisions booming. Reuters

SOCCER is the most popular sports in the world. It is a game wherein the whole mankind comes alive with one goal. The Soccer World Cup that is this planet's most important sporting event was born on May 26, 1928. History was made when five European countries plus a chosen host of Uruguay planned to hold the first tournament on May 18, 1929. The event could not take place until a year later when on July 13, 1930, the first game of the first World Cup kicked off in Pocitos Stadium, and France beat Mexico 4 to 1. This marked the beginning of a long and wonderful World Cup history. We are giving you a list of Websites, which will provide you information about countries that have maintained the best record over the course of the last seven decades.



On this site, you will get information on how the World Cup was founded. Here detailed information about every match in every tournament from 1930 until 1998 has been given. Player profiles of most of the influential players in history are also available. You will find big collection of various statistics and records on this site. Here you can read A to Z collection of strange and different stories of World Cup history. You can even test your knowledge about the World Cup by taking part in quiz on this site.


This is the official site of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Here the schedule of the World Cup 2002 matches is given. You can even download the World Cup schedule from this site. Beside this site provides ample information about previous World Cups right from Uruguay (1930) where first World Cup was held to France (1998). Here you will get detailed information about greatest players in the history of football World Cup. On this site videos of classic game of all times are also given. Football lovers have the chance to pick their team of the century by participate in dream team contest through this site.


On this site you will come to know about the past, present and future of this great event of soccer. On this site you can choose a particular team to get complete information about there performances in the World Cups. Here you will get complete list of the World Cup 2002 qualifiers from different continents. You can also take part in online soccer trivia game on this site. Here you can also get latest news from Premier League season.


Dailysoccer.com is another site, which provides important information about all World Cups. Facts like overall leading scorers, tournament leading scorer, and most goals in a single match from 1930-98 World Cups are given on this site. On this site complete schedule of World Cup 2002 is given. Here you will get information about each and every referee who will officiate the matches of World Cup. Here the names of all venues of World Cup are given. On this site ample information is available about other football events like Champions League, UEFA cup, Copa America etc.


This Website is designed by Wojciech. This is another site where you will get abundant information about World Cup. Here the name of all stadiums where World Cup matches were played is given. Complete information about World Cup design official logos, balls, posters and mascots is available on this site.

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