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Monday, June 3, 2002
Dr Tribune

Q In one of your issues you suggested to have a shortcut to shutdown the PC. I tried it but was unsuccessful. As per your instructions I entered the path C:\ windows\ rundll.exe. A shortcut does appear on the desktop but in vain. On clicking it has no effect. Secondly, I want to know the shortcuts to stand by and restart. I also want to use the key combination to maximise and restore Windows. I have Windows ME operating system.

Jatinder Misra

A The shortcut for shutdown is C:\ WINDOWS\ RUNDLL32. EXE user.exe,ExitWindows, without any space in between. For restarting the PC, the shortcut is C:\ WINDOWS\ RUNDLL.EXE user.exe,exitwindowsexec. The command you are using for shutdown is thus incomplete. The key combination to maximise and restore the Windows is Shift+ Windows Logo+ M.

Q I have a computer with following configuration - Compaq Presario P III, 866 MHz, 810 E Motherboard, 128 MB RAM etc. Whenever, after sometime of starting my computer, I tried to open My computer, My documents, Recycle Bin, Outlook Express etc, the following message appears: Explorer has caused an error in <unknown>. Explorer will now close. If you continue experiencing problems, try restarting your computer. Please solve my problem.

Arpan Gupta

A Try running scandisk in the thorough mode. This will solve problems, if they are in your hard disk. Secondly, if there were any bad sectors, then the same would be reported in the result summary. If under the first step, scandisk detects some problems, it will correct the same, which might be causing the problems in your system. However, if the result shows some bad sectors, then you may need to consult your hardware vendor.


Q I have P II, 350 MHz, 128 MB RAM and 40 GB HDD with four partitions of 10 GB each. I have installed Win '98 (SE) and Win 2000 on C & D partitions, respectively. Due to some reasons, I formatted the C: partition and reinstalled Win '98. Now, I don't get the optional menu which is being displayed after boot up that is whether we want to run Win '98 or Win 2000. I wish to recover this menu as I have installed some crucial software and drivers in Win 2000. I cannot reinstall Win 2000 as it would further result in reinstallation of those software and drivers.

Malkiat. S. Benipal, Madhpur (Samrala)

A From the description of your problem, all I can say is that you will have to reinstall all operating systems on your system again. Because while formatting only one of partitions is being set active and Windows recognises only one partition at a time as active, irrespective of how many disks or partitions you have. This active partition will be in the C:\ drive in your system. When you install an operating system, the files needed to boot that system will always be placed on this active partition, even if the operating system itself is installed in a different partition. Even if you are using more than one operating system, you may have installations in D:\ and E:\ drives for example, but the boot files for both these installations would still be placed on the C:\ drive. Therefore, formatting C: will also cause the other operating systems to become corrupt and non functional. Therefore, in this case you will have to install all operating systems again.

Q I have Windows ME as operating system. I want to know:

1) Can a PowerPoint presentation be used as screensaver? If yes, then what is the method?

2) I had Internet connection. I had subscribed to a mailing list through my personal e -mail ID (The one provided by ISP). Now I want to unsubscribe from this mailing list because I get about 100 mails daily that are nothing more than a heap of garbage for me. But the problem is that no address has been provided to which I can send a blank mail and thus unsubscribe from the mailing list. The address to which I sent a blank e-mail and subscribed was SachinTendulkarFans-Subscribe@Yahoo Groups.Com. Please tell me the solution.

Vinay Jain, Patiala.

A. Regarding your first query, you can surely make your PowerPoint presentation as a screen saver. The best way to do so is to download the software 1st Screensaver Studio, from www.1stss.com/feature.htm. Using this software you can easily create the screen saver with PowerPoint files. You can also explore this software for many more types of files, which you can use for creating your own screensavers. Regarding your second query, it is difficult to find out a way for this real big problem. All you can do is use filters for killing the bogus mails or create a new mail box and set the parameters to filter the receivers.

Q I have IE 6.0 on AMD *50 MHz With Windows 98 SE. My problem is whenever I am connected to my ISP, IE Display's An Error - Internet Explorer Could Not Open Search Page. I found that one file wsock32n.dll is missing by using windows help. Could this be the problem? I also tried reinstalling IE 6.0 & also tried my old IE 5.0 but in vain. Should I reinstall my dialup adapter? If yes, then how can I do it? Please help me to get rid of this annoying problem.

Maninder Singh

A This problem is due to the file wsock32n.dll only and to correct this problem, restart your computer, press and hold the Ctrl key until Windows '98 Startup menu appears, and then choose Safe Mode Command Prompt Only. Rename the Wsock32.dll, Wsock32n.dll, Rnaui.dll, Msvcrt.dll, Msvcrt20.dll, and Rasapi32.dll files in the Windows\ System folder (if the files exist). To do so, type the following commands at the command prompt, pressing ENTER after each line:

cd \

cd windows\ system

ren wsock32.dll wsock32.xxx

ren wsock32n.dll wsock32n.xxx

ren rnaui.dll rnaui.xxx

ren msvcrt20.dll msvcrt20.xxx

ren rasapi32.dll rasapi32.xxx

ren rnaapp.exe rnaapp.xxx

Now restart Windows normally. Windows will extract a new copy of the Wsock32.dll, Wsock32n.dll, Rnaui.dll, Msvcrt.dll, Msvcrt20.dll, Rasapi32.dll, and Rnaapp.exe files from your original Windows disks or CD-ROM and will solve this problem.

Q I downloaded certain material from a particular site on the Net. When I opened the same I found that it was not in textual (Can't be read) form. Is there any option available to convert the same into text? I have heard of Adobe package. What purpose can it serve in this regard?


A You need to be specific for the solution of your problem. First from the face of it I am not able to comprehend your problem. Second, you need to specifically mention the type of file you have received along with its extension, so that it could be ascertained with which program, this file would be opened. Adobe packages are not common in general and they cannot open all types of files.


Q I have a branded PC Compaq and my configuration is Pentium III, 1 GHZ, 192 MB RAM, 16xDVD/CD ROM, 20 GB hard disk and my OS is Windows XP professional. My problem is whenever I start my computer it gives me a message 'deskcp16.dll or one of it's components could not be open'. How can I solve the problem?



A From the description of your problem, it appears that you are using Microsoft Powertoys QuickRes tool. This could be a default Compaq utility also, which might have got corrupt and giving you the problem. Now there are two ways to solve this problem. First, registry editing, since this method is difficult so it is better to go for the second way and as per which you should uninstall and then reinstall this utility again. I hope this will solve your problem.

Q. I have a Hewlett Packard branded computer. My System configuration is Pentium III, 833 MHz, 64 MB RAM,15 GB HDD, internal Fax modem. I have a two partition of HDD C: and d: drives. My first problem is: when I defrag system, it gives the message "reading drives information" and after 10 per cent completion of the defragmentation, it starts defragmenting again from starting. It does not defrag the hard disk 100 per cent. This is the problem only in C: drive. My D: drive defrags properly. My second problem is that when I run the floppy in the floppy disk drive. The floppy disk drive noises more than normal. Please give me the solution of my problem. I will be thankful to you.

Sumit Malik, Karnal (Haryana)

A Regarding your first problem, you must disable the screensaver and other such program, which could be running in background like some utilities listed in your system tray. You may also need to disable the anti-virus software as this could also cause the restarting of the defragmentation from the beginning. Once you disable all such program, then run defrag to successfully complete it. However, better would be if you run scan disk before running defrag. Regarding your second problem, you must clean your floppy disk with the hard disk cleaning kit to reduce the unusual sound from your floppy drive.

Q I have a server which configuration: P III, 850 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 10 GB SCSI hard disk 52x CD Rom Drive, SCSI motherboard, dual processor. My question is wherever I tried to install WINNT server in my system then after partition, formatting and copying files system says to remove CD and reboot the system. I reboot it but then it shows error every time whenever I tried that is NTOSKRNL.exe missing or corrupt and sometimes it shows HAL.dll missing or corrupt. Then I think my NT Server CD have some problem. I changed my CD but the same problem again crops up. Then I tried to install Windows 2000 server in my system. I also scan my SCSI hard disk but did not get any result. Please give me a perfect solution.

Robin Goel,


A There could be two possible reasons for this kind of problem. First, you had a previously installed operating system, on which you are trying to load the operating system again. The best solution is fresh installation and if possible after formatting the hard disk. The second reason could be that the NTFS partition has a corrupt boot sector, which may give you this error message at the boot loader screen. You would need to either restore the NTFS boot sector, or reformat the hard disk to eliminate this problem. The Windows NT version 3.xx file system keeps a duplicate copy of the NTFS boot sector at the logical center of the volume, whereas Windows NT version 4.0 keeps a duplicate copy at the end of the partition. The Norton Utilities DiskEdit program can help find the duplicate boot sector and restore it over the original boot sector.

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