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Monday, June 3, 2002

It rings and sings

TIME really changes fast. It was not long ago when we thought that the world has shrunk to the desktop. Now the world has shrunk further to the mobile phone. Mobile phone is a gadget to communicate with other people and now with SMS becoming the new mantra of communication there is lot more fun you can have on your mobile. Mobile is not just calling someone or receiving the call. It could mean much more if you combine the power of Internet with it. There are many sites on the Internet where you find a lot of interesting stuff for your mobile.

You can check out this site http://in.mobile.yahoo.com for adding fun to the mobile communication. On this site you can find a lot of interesting stuff like logos for SMS, wall papers for your mobile screens, ring tones based on your favorite tunes etc. You can find some channels like ring tones, operator logos, picture messages, jokes, bible, astrology, cricket, thoughts, world times, flash SMS, blink SMS, mail for SMS messenger on this site. Click on any of these channels to explore more about it. The most popular channel is, however, picture messaging and ring tones. If you click on ringtone, you will be guided to a huge treasure of interesting musical chimes, which your mobile phone can play when you get a call. You can simply download them on your mobile by sending a SMS to a specific number. After sometime you will get a SMS with the tune selected by you. You can save this tune as your ring tone and can enjoy yourself. Some of the popular categories of ringtones include African, Animals, Arabic, Bengali, Bhajan, Bollywood, Children, Chinese, Christmas, Dutch, English, Hebrew, Hollywood, Indipop, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Malayalam, Malaysian, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish etc. If you are not sure whether your mobile supports these features you can also conduct an online test and feasibility of this services on your mobile on this site. A great fun for all mobile users.