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Monday, June 3, 2002

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Openness and sharing make Linux attractive
Illustration by Gaurav  Sood
As the ease-of-use of Linux increases, the open source movement is making its presence felt in developing countries. Frederick Noronha gives a regional snapshot of this new, cheap, practically free operating system that now has adequate application support.

Overclocking is a specialist's job
Vipul Verma
hange is a part of life and when it comes to technology then change means a phenomenon, under which the older things get obsolete. The change in technology of computers makes the older ones a thing of past and virtually obsolete. However, despite becoming obsolete the older technology does not become redundant.


This laptop will sing lullabies
Ben Berkowitz
MAGINE having your laptop fetch a beer from the refrigerator and then roll over to the baby's room to sing a lullaby while e-mailing snapshots to grandma a thousand miles away.

Creativity in mind & computer on hand
Sumesh Raizada
HILE moving around in a marketplace or sitting at home in front of television, one usually comes across attractive large hoardings, illuminated signboards or colourful advertisements. In recent times, noticeable technological improvement in the field of advertising, movie making, print as well as electronic media has taken place, which can mainly be attributed to rapid advancement in the field of visual communication.

Ayurveda for all, courtesy Net
Ajoy Sen
NDIA is said to grow over 2,000 medicinal plants. Just a few other countries, like China, equal India's wealth of herbs and medicinal plants. The world's annual herbal trade is estimated to be around $60 billion. Of this, China's share is $7.5 billion. India's share, as things stand, is a paltry $0.4 billion.

Casting Web on untamed Africa
Wambui Chege
IRED of Africa's isolation from world markets, one African entrepreneur has launched a Web-based electronic trading system for investors with an appetite for the world's poorest continent.


Year of the Hammer for AMD
Peeyush Agnihotri
HE underdog is getting more aggressive in the integrated circuit and processor segment. AMD (Advanced Micro Devices), one of the suppliers of integrated circuits that plays second fiddle to the global giant, Intel, has upped its ante to meet competitive and marketing challenges, both globally and in India.

Music Beat
Dandiya queen's O Piya gets popular

It rings and sings

Kids Chat
Enhance learning skills through epals.com

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