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Monday, June 3, 2002
Kids chat

Enhance learning skills through epals.com

HEY kids! It's Monday again and we are back with new information and lots of fun. So how was the last week? I hope that your friends, brothers, sisters and neighbours did well in their board exams. How about you? Has your result been declared?

Cliparti: Oh Yeah! My result was also declared last week and guess what?

Fluppy: You scored good marks.

Cliparti: Hey not just good marks buddy, I topped in my class.

Fluppy: Congrats Cliparti! You have done a good job. We all are proud of you.

Cliparti: Thanks Fluppy! But why are you sounding so low? What's the matter?

Windy: Hmmm! No points for guessing. He must have flunked again this time too.

Fluppy: You must be talking about yourself, Windy. My result is not out yet.

Windy: Oh so sad! So your result must have been held. Hmmm! I understand, it normally happens in case of extra bright students like you.

Cliparti: Hey Windy! Stop teasing Fluppy. Let him just come up with what he has in his mind.


OK then, what's keeping you so low Fluppy, if at all it is not your result.

Fluppy: I am shifting to another school and sad because I will miss my friends there.

Windy: Hmmm! Why does it make you sad? We have so many friends in the form of our readers. And if your still want more then I can suggest you something.

Fluppy: I am in no mood to joke Windy. Tell me seriously if you have something.

Windy: Hey I do not joke normally. But at this point of it's not only you who is leaving the school, there must be many of our friends, who might be shifting to another school. So I have an idea for all you folks. Why not make e pals and be in touch with them permanently, without any fears of shifting of school etc.

Cliparti: Oh That's a great idea Windy. After all it will be fun making new friends, during our summer holidays. But how will our friends make e-pals?

Windy: Simple! Just logon to www.epals.com and you will find a great resource to make new e-pals. On this site more than 4.4 million students and teachers are building skills and enhancing learning. The site, e-pals, has over 64,306 classroom profiles, which spreads to over 191 countries. It's a great site to visit and a wonderful idea to be a part of it. This is basically an online classroom community for students across the globe. You will find more information about this site, once you visit.

Cliparti: Oh That's wonderful! I am really in a hurry to visit this site and be a part of this community.

Fluppy: That's really cool. It's like getting admitted to a school where you need not to leave unless you grow old.

Windy: Oh Yeah! There is another aspect of it also, which would be more useful for you Fluppy.

Fluppy: What's that?

Windy: You will never have to give any exams and bother yourself so much for results.

Fluppy: Oh Really! That's interesting.

Cliparti: I have got another site for you guys. It is www.worldkids.net/clubs/kci. This is not an educational site and here you can make new friends from across the globe. This site is better known as Keypals Club International. On this site you can chat with friends and can also make new friends. You can read the bulletin board about the new members and kids wishing to make new e-pals and can also chat with them.

Windy: That's cool, Cliparti. So, Let us log on to these sites, explore them and log off for now with a promise to be back next week with more fun and information.

ó Ira Verma

Hey, kids! Letís be friends. You can send your suggestions and queries to us at Kids Chat. Our e-mail address is login@tribuneindia.com. Cliparti Sweet, Fluppy Little, along with me, of course, are all here to answer them. ó Windy