Saturday, June 8, 2002
W O R D  P O W E R

Disservice (dis’ service): A harmful action.

Synonyms: harm, disfavour, wrong.

Antonyms: service, help, benefit.

She has done a disservice to the victim’s family by misleading the police with incorrect details of the accident.

Implicate (impli-kayt): to show that somebody is involved.

Synonym: associate, involve, embroil.

Antonym: free, vindicate, acquit.

— It has been proved that she was implicated in the murder.

Intemperate (intemper’it, in-temper’ate): showing lack of self-control.

Synonyms: unrestrained, immoderate

Antonyms: moderate, temperate.

Her intemperate desire for wealth is disgusting.


(mo’mentus): very important, serious.

Synonyms: crucial, decisive, pivotal.

Antonyms: insignificant, trivial, unimportant.

— The proprietors have taken a momentous decision regarding their hotel.

Peevish (peevish): easily annoyed, bad tempered.

Synonyms: irritable, crabby, cranky.

Antonyms: affable, pleasant, cheerful.

The peevish nature of her boss is making it difficult for her to work for him.

Rectitude (rekti-tewd): morally correct behaviour and attitude.

Synonyms: integrity, righteousness

Antonyms: depravity, immorality.

Her rectitude shows her good grooming.



Fill in the blanks to find more synonyms of rectitude:

1. E Q - - TY

2. H - - O-R

3. H - - E - - Y

4. P -O - - TY

5. S - -U P-L - - SN - - -

6. U P - -G- - N-S S


Looking back

Tawdry originally referred to the laces, the neckpieces and a showy variety of toys sold at St. Andrews Fair, on October 17, in England. Now the word refers to gaudy tasteless clothes.



The secret of success is constancy of purpose. — Disraeli


Score card

Equity, honour, honesty, probity, scrupulousness, uprightness.

— Illa Vij