Sunday, June 9, 2002, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


Robbers strike at Mundi Kharar
Our Correspondent

Kharar, June 8
A gang of about 10 looters struck in the LIC Colony of Mundi Kharar village early today and injured a man called Vikram Singh, his wife and son. They took away some cash and gold ornaments.

Vikram Singh and his son Yadwinder Singh, who received serious injuries, have been admitted to Civil Hospital at Kharar, while Vikram’s wife Baljeet Kaur has been admitted to the PGI in Chandigarh.

In the hospital here, Vikram Singh, hit on the head by the looters, said the robbers had entered his house at about 1.45 am by taking stairs from the top. They were in shorts, clean shaven, speaking in Punjabi and armed with iron-rods and sticks.

They first attacked Yadwinder Singh while he was sleeping.

Vikram showed courage and caught hold of one of the attackers, but the others pounced on him. No one heard his cries and the robbers hurt his wife as well and took away the cash and ornaments.

The robbers, who appeared to be aged between 20 and 30, left his house at about 2.30 am. Vikram informed the police after they had left. Mr Rupinder Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Kharar, and several other police officials reached the spot at about 3 am and cordoned off the area.

Mr Rupinder Singh said the police had called in dog squad and forensic experts and the sketches of the robbers would soon be prepared on computer.

He also said he would recommend the name of Vikram Singh for some bravery award for the courage he had shown in the scuffle with the robbers.

Meanwhile, Mr G. S. Bhullar, Senior Superintendent of Police, Ropar, and Mr Surinder Pal Singh Parmar, SP (D), visited the spot and Civil Hospital at Kharar.

Some persons of that colony where the gang had struck demanded that police patrolling should be increased here and the municipal committee should provide proper streetlighting in the area.

Mr Bhullar, at a press conference here today, said the police had identified the gang involved in this incident that was probably the same gang that had struck in Nayagaon earlier. The police suspects the robbers to be members of the Bangala gang based in Himachal Pradesh. A case under Sections 458, 380 and 511 of the IPC has been registered and some persons have been held for interrogation.

The SSP said the police had prepared a peripheral security scheme for Kharar, keeping in view the mushrooming of colonies here. This plan would be implemented in three days. He urged everyone to instal burglar alarm in house and a grill as well. Stranger should not be allowed in at any time.

He also said the police patrolling in the area would be increased and a police assistance booth would be set up in this colony. 


Six thefts reported
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, June 8
During the past 48 hours, Sector 17 police station has received at least six complaints of theft. An SAS Nagar resident reported to the police that Rs 14,000 were stolen from his scooter dickey in Sector 22 this afternoon. A woman resident complained that she lost her purse in Sector 22 market. An alleged pickpocket was apprehended in Sector 17 last afternoon. The police received three complaints of vehicle thefts yesterday.

Mr Surinder Bhatia lost the amount of fixed deposit he had encashed from a private bank in Sector 35 today. According to police sources, Mr Bhatia kept Rs 14,105, which he had got from the bank, in his scooter dickey and went to Sector 22 Bijwara market along with his wife.

His wife went inside the market and Mr Bhatia kept standing near the scooter. After sometime he, too, went inside the market to look for his wife. When he returned after few minutes, he found the dickey open and the money missing. He reported the matter to the police.

Ms Kanta Khanna, a resident of Sector 23, reported to the police that her purse containing Rs 2,500, a wrist watch and other things was stolen from Sector 22 market this afternoon.

The police arrested an alleged pickpocket, Sanjiv Kumar, a resident of Maloya Colony, on Friday. He has been accused of picking the pocket of Mr Mohinder Singh, a resident of Sector 37. He has been booked under Sections 379 and 411 of the IPC.

A jeep and two motrocycles were stolen in separate incidents. Mr Gireesh Ahuja of Sector 23 has reported that his Bolero Jeep No CH03-E-7403 was stolen from his residence during the night intervening June 5 and June 6. Hero Honda motor cycle (CH-03-5087) owned by Mr Vivek Saini of Phase VI, SAS Nagar, was stolen on Friday.

It was parked in front of SCO No 1004-05, Sector 22. Mr Gurdev Singh of Sector 23, has reported that his motor cycle No CH-01-W-2360 was stolen from a parking lot in Sector 17.


Police beat system effective; theft cases decrease
Our Correspondent

SAS Nagar, June 8
The police beat system has been put into effective operation over the past about one month, leading to a decrease in the number of cases of theft and eve-teasing in the town.

The town, including the Industrial Area, has been divided into 15 beats, with nine of these beats coming under the police station in Phase VIII and six beats under the police station located in Phase I.

The beats have been put under the charge of NGOs with each having four jawans under them. Two of the jawans are on day duty and two on night duty. Job cards have been provided to the personnel, with duties mentioned on these cards, like covering markets, schools, banks, parks and residential areas. The personnel are also required to meet residents to solve their problems on the spot and, where necessary, refer these to the police station concerned. Traffic problems of the areas under their charge are also to be looked into by them.

The personnel under the beat system have facilities like motor cycles for regular patrolling and walkie-talkies. They are required to submit daily reports to the police station concerned regarding their activities. They have been directed to establish rapport with VIPs in their areas of operation basides coordinating with chowkidars.

Giving this information here today, Mr H.S. Bhullar, DSP, said he had held meeting with representatives of each phase to get to know their problems. The job cards had been made keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the residents.

Duties would be added in the job cards from time to time. The reaction time of the beat personnel was sometimes checked by giving messages through the police control room.

Mr Bhullar said representatives of residents’ welfare bodies had also been made members of the Police Advisory Committee. A women’s cell had also been set up to tackle crimes relating to women. It was headed by Ms Baldev Kaur, DSP, who visited the town on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Mr Bhullar regretted that residents were not cooperating in providing the required details to the police of their servants, including those working in shops and factories, and tenants. He warned that it had now been made compulsory under Section 144, CrPC, to give such information and offenders could face action under Section 188, IPC.


Power supply failure makes people perspire
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
Power supply to many parts of the city in the southern sectors remained disrupted for about three hours this morning following a snag in the high-tension circuit carrying power from SAS Nagar to Chandigarh.

According to sources, the snag had occurred in the main power line supplying to the city. Around 8.35 a.m. circuits from SAS Nagar developed a fault. One of the circuits was restored within 40 minutes. However, the second circuit could not be restored about three hours.

Power supply to sectors 31, 37, 32, 46, 47, 48, 49, 33 and 34 was the worst hit. Meanwhile, residents of Sector 22 complained that power failed at least five times during the last night. Complete restoration did not take place till about 1 a.m.

About two weeks ago, the same power lines from SAS Nagar had developed a fault. And in the past few days a fault in the high-tension 33 KV line originating from the substation in Sector 34 had caused discomfort to the residents.


Could be beginning of his end if no help comes
Chitleen K. Sethi
Tribune News Service

All those who want to offer financial assistance to Suresh should either send cheques in favour of the Medical Superintendent, General Hospital, Sector 16, with a covering letter specifying the patient’s name or meet the patient in the hospital itself.

Chandigarh, June 8
For 30-year-old Suresh, it is the beginning of the end. A slow, painful end that will seal with him the fate of his wife and four children. And all this, within a week of now, if no help comes his way.

Suresh is a daily wager from Mauli Jagran and is suffering from total renal failure. Admitted to General Hospital Sector 16 now, Suresh fell ill almost an year back. Now, bedridden and fighting death, Suresh needs regular dialysis to survive. The hospital has already paid for two of his dialysis but need funds from some source to continue to do more.

The hospital asked for help from the Chandigarh Administration but according to doctors in charge of the patient, not much help was forthcoming from the Administration.

‘‘This patient needs all the help he can get. His dialysis is likely to continue for a long time. He has not been able to get someone among his brothers or sisters to donate a kidney and it might take a long time before his transplant actually takes place.’’ says Dr G.S. Sandhu, incharge of the General Hospital’s dialysis unit.

The wait for a kidney for transplant may be an endless one. With his brothers refusing to come forward for any help, Suresh is all alone. ‘‘Sab apne liye jee rahe hain. Mein ab akela hoon.’’ says Suresh fighting tears.

His wife Sunita is not so brave. Giving in to tears, she is not sure she should cry for her husband or her four little children who are now on their own at their place in Mauli Jagran. ‘‘A relative of mine tries to take care of her. But she has three children of her own. Also she works as a cleaning maid in kothis. The children eat if some neighbour gives them food otherwise they go hungry.’’ 

Sunita also worked in kothis as a cleaning maid but is not able to resume her work as she has to stay in the hospital to take care of Suresh. ‘‘We are penniless and my husband is ill and I cannot go to work. Please help us’’, she pleads.

The plight of the children is probably the worst. The eldest daughter Sonia was in Class IV studying in a school in Mauli Jagran. Ever since her father fell ill and all the savings started being used up in medicines, she was taken out of the school to help take care of the younger children. Crying bitterly, Sonia at 11 years knows that her father is seriously ill and that there is no money for his treatment. The younger one, 7-year-old Sonu does not realise the gravity of the situation but at this tender age knows what it is like to go hungary for one whole day waiting for someone in the neighbourhood to give food. the other two are blissfully ignorant.

With no money to provide for even his children’s basic needs, there is no way Suresh can pay for his bi-weekly dialysis at the General Hospital, Sector 16, and if no dialysis is done, according to the doctors in charge Suresh cannot survive.



PU out of time and out of step
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
Mired in controversy, the much sought-after bio-technology course being run at the engineering institute of Panjab University seems the only choice of irked parents and students.

Though they have successfully passed the CET conducted by the university, those who appeared in the medical stream are being denied admission, much to their discontent.

Even though traditional zeniths bolstering the crumbling edifice of conventional education argue that an engineering degree cannot be conferred on medical student, the parents are against the very content of it. Bogged down by a hackneyed mindset and prescriptive parameters of orthodox education, the university authorities are out of step with the new concept prevailing in the universities all over the world, parents claim.

“Unfortunately, the policy makers in our universities are fossilised in antiquity and out of time and out of step. With the giant strides the world is making in the fields of science and technology, especially in the futuristic course of biotechnology. the horizons of these subjects are receding beyond the range of vision day by day,'' an expert in biotechnology claims.

He also says that in universities abroad, biotechnology is an option available to all students, irrespective of their streams, since, besides biochemical engineering, students are taught medical biotechnology simultaneously or separately, depending on the choice of the student.

Another expert points out that institutes and departments in our country tend to compartmentalise biology and technology in two different chambers. He adds, "The international scenario in science and technology is changing with kaleidoscopic variation and mind-boggling permutation, but the hide-bound intelligence of our educational pundits is baffled by the mere innovative nomenclature of subjects. They are swamped with doubts and reservation as to who should and should not be allowed to take up certain subjects.''

A parent of a medical student, debarred from seeking admission to the course, says: “Objects are out of accord in the present modern world. If the child has set his heart on learning this subject and has confidence that he or she will cope up, why should the authorities be at war with the young aspirant. It is because of our strait-laced educational policies that we are lagging behind the world, though we are in no way less intelligent than the Americans or the English.''

An educationist says: “No wonder we lose sight of the wood for the trees — we start quibbling about little unrelated issues. We can't look beyond our little noses. I am not surprised by controversy.''

Keen on taking up biotechnology, a student who has cleared his entrance in the medical stream, holds, “If the university authorities want to demarcate boundaries, the most they should be allowed to do so is between the humanities and science streams.” This idea is also not palatable to many students who have a futuristic outlook.

Knowledgeable persons, asked pointedly, said: “How can the university deny admission to students of biology, very much a science subject, merely on technical grounds. The stand taken by the Panjab University Vice-Chancellor does not pass the test of common sense.”

The boundaries between countries are being obliterated, but not among subjects. Strange!


Workers protest to save their union
‘Management pressurising them to leave union’
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
While the trade unions of different boards and corporations of Punjab have launched an agitation against the expected retrenchment of workers and winding up of their units, about 500 workers of a private company despite good salary, are on agitational path just to protect their right to be part of their union.

Workers of the Groz Beckert Asia Pvt. Limited, Chandigarh, an industrial needle making unit, are not demanding any increase in wages but have launched an agitation against the alleged adamant attitude of their General Manager, M.S. Dhaliwal who, they allege, has entered into an agreement with the managing director of the company, Mr Walter Kissinger, to “free the factory from union.” Though Mr Dhaliwal denies the allegation, but workers say that they have been issued warning letters and charge sheets for frivolous charges including spending more time in toilets or dropping a needle on the floor.

One of the active members of the union, sitting on relay fast says, “Mr Dhaliwal has created such a terror that we are unable to work peacefully. In fact, the union members are being specifically targeted and others workers are enticed to leave the union by offering bribes. Though thanks to the leadership of the union, the management has entered into productivity based wage structure, resulting in increase in company profits.’’

Another worker claims that there had been no labour problem in factory during the past 15 years, but the present management is pressurising workers to leave the union as a new wage agreement is due in October. The management is trying to put pressure on the union leadership to accept lower wages.

In a memorandum submitted to the Home Secretary, Chandigarh, on June 6, the union had alleged that the management had transferred, denied incentives, reverted to workers to lower scales or even dismissed them without any substantial charges. The union alleged, ‘‘The management has arbitrarily issued charge sheets to workers and their inquiries are still pending. The mounting pressure on the workers had created unrest among workers. Consequently, the union tried to sort out the matter, but without any result. Rather Mr Shyam Bihari, general secretary of the union, was issued charge sheet on December 14, 2001, levelling frivolous and concocted charges.’’

The workers allege that when the inquiry committee failed to prove any charges, the management suspended their leader on the charge of ‘‘instigating workers to go slow for entire March, 2002.’’ It is despite the fact, say agitating workers, the management had already issued pay slips to all the workers indicating their performance at par or even above the previous months. Six more workers including 4 leaders of the union have been recently issued chargesheets. The conciliatory proceedings are still pending with the Labour Department.

The management has now declared the strike illegal and has put a copy of the letter from the Chandigarh Administration, Home Department, stating that ‘‘an industrial dispute exists between the workers and management and is referred to the labour crust for adjudication and the strike is prohibited.’’ The management has warned the workers that if they do not report for the duty immediately, they shall be exposing themselves to action and penalties as provided in law.

Mr M.S. Dhaliwal, GM, when contacted in this regard, said, ‘‘All the allegations of the workers are baseless and the chargesheets have been issued for creating indiscipline. They would have to report for the duty as the strike has been declared as illegal.’’

Interestingly, most of the workers contacted, have raised serious doubts about the authenticity of this letter as it has been signed by a superintendent, and not by any senior official. The union has called a general body meeting on Monday to decide the next course of action. But a worker sitting on dharna, declared, ‘‘It is fight for our right to remain part of the union, and not for anything else. There is no question of backtrack at this stage.’’


City girl to attend peace conference
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
When you hear an 18-year-old talking about an issue as outstanding as the Indo-Pakistan conflict over Kashmir, you cannot help weighing the intensity of talk. Especially when it centres around what it may take to build bridges of faith between people on two sides of a blood-laced border.

But as the conversation with Deepti Mahajan progresses, the reasoning behind her talk becomes clear. And it becomes further clear when Deepti talks about her agenda for the forthcoming peace conference at Singapore, which she is slated to attend along with 19 other youngsters from India. Making a distinct mark much before she had expected to, this city girl, currently a student of mass communication at the Lady Sriram College, Delhi, made it out of 300 entries. These entries were invited by the Initiative for Peace — a group of teachers and students of the United World College of South East Asia, Singapore, the brain behind the conference.

In town today to make preparations for her week-long schedule which will test her for the ability to put the Kashmir issue in the right perspective, Deepti talked to Chandigarh Tribune about how she got selected. In fact, it was a 500-word essay on the Kashmir issue and the possible remedies to the imbroglio which fetched the honour for Deepti, who will fly to Singapore shortly along with another city girl, Alia Malhotra.

As for the conference, it will be attended by 40 youngsters — 20 from India and another 20 from Pakistan. Aware of the fact that plain dialogue may not help, Deepti reasons, “What is important is to take some steps forward instead of apprehending the results of steps already taken. It is important for the youth to talk things out; to know each other and have an opportunity to celebrate the cultural consonance they share between themselves.”

Deepti has been receiving letters from Pakistani youths, who vote for peace at any cost. She says, “Unless bridges of trust are built we will never be able to understand each others’ needs which may well be quite similar, as is clear from the communication I have had with many Pakistani youths.”

The conference will be dotted with lectures, seminars and cultural presentations that will highlight the cultural nuances of respective regions. It will culminate with a joint statement, which the participants will be required to put into action as and when they get back home. She says “I only wish I can make some difference. I will live by the spirit of the statement and will take steps that I can in order to make my contribution towards peace.”Back


Apni Mandis no longer safe

APNI Mandis in Chandigarh have become unsafe these days. The one in Sector 46 seems to be most unsafe. Recently, a gentleman was robbed off Rs 5,000 and some important documents. In a similar incident, an attempt was made to steal a mobile phone from a woman.

Three persons believed to be involved in the latter incident were handed over to the police, but no follow-up action has been taken. The police had the audacity to tell the woman that even if she registered a case against the three persons, nothing would happen to them and that the judge will set them free, maintaining that they were juvenile.

The gentleman who lost Rs 5,000 was very conveniently told by the police to lodge a DDR case for the missing documents. But what about the lost cash? The police emphatically told him that while they would not be able to recover the cash, the lost documents such as identity card, driving licence and so on may be dropped at his residence by someone or sent by post.

Does this mean that one has to carry one’s valuables at his/her own risk? Is the police advice to victims justified? Are these culprits so privileged to roam in Apni Mandi streets freely, agonising many others?


KM Scheme buses

I am a student and I daily commute from Patiala to Mandi Gobindgarh and back. Recently, when I was about to board the PRTC Bus (KM Scheme), I was shocked to know that all KM Scheme buses have abolished passes (of all categories). This has caused a lot of inconvenience and hardship, especially to students like me whose examinations are fast approaching. I appeal to the authorities concerned to restore status quo ante immediately in the larger interest of the students.


Helmets for women

The Chandigarh Traffic Police claims itself to be very strict and disciplined in the country. I do not know why they are lenient towards women riders. Most of them do not use helmets. It is surprising how even parents and husbands of riders allow them to go without the helmets. It looks so foolish when you see a woman riding a scooter without a helmet.

Another thing which should be banned immediately is the use of alloy wheels which protrude out of the car’s body as they pose a serious threat not only to other car drivers but also to pedestrians. The authorities concerned should look into this with the attention it deserves and take remedial measures.


Stop this practice

The Haryana Chief Secretary has recently issued instructions to the effect that field employees should not be charged any money for the preparation of the monthly bills on the computer. However, the BEO, Panchkula, has been flagrantly violating these instructions. She is charging Rs 5 from every teacher for the purpose. High School teachers are charged Rs 15 per head.

Moreover, the BEO’s clerk has collected Rs 100 per head from teachers whose pay has again been fixed on January 1, 1996 because they got one more increment with arrears to be drawn.

I would also like to point out that the BEO’s office had collected Rs 10 from every teacher for making identity cards even though other Haryana Government employees get such cards free of cost.

Furthermore, of the three clerks in the BEO’s office, two are teachers. They not only do the regular clerical work in this office but also teach students!

The authorities concerned should order a thorough probe into the affairs of the BEO’s office and stop this bad practice.


Hefty phone bills

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has recently issued telephone bills with a warning to city subscribers that the prime rate service (PRS) in the city will offer services like quiz contest, psychology consultation and future forecast. This is very costly because one has to pay Rs 1.20 for two seconds. Its numbers start with 0900. No excess metering will be entertained for these services. I have to bring to your attention that over 100 people in the city have received hefty bills for using these services.

About two years ago, the Mahanagar Telephones Nigam Limited (MTNL), Mumbai and Delhi, had disconnected 21 prime rate services (PRS) offering sex chat under the guise of friendship lines. These sex chat lines had also started providing value-added services wherein they help customers to meet girls, having charged a hefty sum for the purpose. During her last stint as the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, Mrs Sushma Swaraj had cracked down on these party line services who were misguiding public. Students too have been trapped by these services.

I would request the BSNL authorities to disconnect these services immediately. Most of the bill amount goes to the company providing the PRS. Local television cable services should also not give advertisements on the city cable.

M.L.GARG, Chandigarh


Ex-Army chief recalls old memories
Our Correspondent

Panchkula, June 8
It was a great day for 33 members of the Course Association 14/23 Course, who were commissioned 43 years ago in different wings of the Indian defence forces as they met near Panchkula on Friday evening.

To mark the day, a get-together and a dinner party of the 23 Course was organised by the Chandigarh Chapter of the Association at a resort located on the Panchkula-Ramgarh road last evening. The course is proud to have produced two chiefs of defence forces, including Gen (retd) V.P. Malik, a former Chief of the Army Staff. The members, with their wives, were in a playful mood.

Moreover, the course also feels proud to have given, four out of five Army Commanders — Ravi Eipe, Kevin Desuza, Suresh Sharma and V. P Malik — to the Nation ever since the Indo-Pak Partition.

While talking to The Tribune, General Malik, accompanied by his wife Mrs Ranjna Malik, said, “We recall the old memories when all of us were commissioned together on June 1959 and have lived as family members since then. We still are all family members and stand by their side through thick and thin”.

Brig Surinder Mohan, secretary of the Chandigarh chapter, said that to make the bonds of love more strong, the Association organised a dinner party annually and shared post moments. “Our’s was the notorious and most bold course, said Brig. Jiti Phoolka, man behind the show.


F&CC defers important discussion
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
The Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC) of the Municipal Corporation yesterday deferred an important discussion which was to be held to take stock of the implementation of all decisions taken by the House.

The committee which met under the chairpersonship of the Mayor, Ms Lalit Joshi, was to consider the implementation of decisions taken in the past five months. Several Congress councillors had alleged that implementation was slow and an action taken report on all decisions had been prepared.

However, the committee approved the recarpeting of certain roads in Sector 26. Revised cost estimate for construction of road and parking site on the rear of showroom numbers 1 to 31, widening and creation of additional parking lot on the same road, at a cost of Rs 19.91 lakh, was also approved by the committee.

The committee also decided to purchase 100 new dustbins, each having a capacity of 4.5 cubic meters. It also approved the terms and conditions for firms providing security at the MC building in Sector 17. A team of the committee would visit Ghaziabad to check the functioning of mobile road sweepers.


Rare birds to be bred in zoo
Our Correspondent

Chhat Bir, June 8
Now, exotic feathered birds are to be bred in Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park, after its successful breeding programme for carnivores. The breeding programme came good with a pair of Mangolian ring pheasants, that reared half a dozen chicks. The species has bred in captivity for the first time in the zoo.

Sources in the zoo said, out of the 15 rare species of birds for the programme, eight had bred successfully in captivity. The birds include white-necked storks, black-necked storks and cranes.

A pair of golden pheasants has laid eggs for the first time in captivity in the zoo, while cranes and white peacocks have done it for the fourth time.

Dr Vinod Sharma, Chief Warden (Zoos), of Punjab, said the breeding programme for golden pheasant, white peacock and crane would, hopefully, yield fruitful results.


Basic amenities sought
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
The condition of basic amenities in Industrial Area, Phase IX, has turned from bad to worse, lament entrepreneurs in the industrial estate. In the past 10 days, the complaints of muddy water supply have become a routine thing.

Irked over the indifferent attitude of the local civic body in maintaining the area, the entrepreneurs have threatened to take legal recourse. Numerous representation have been made to the officials of the civic body after the area was transferred to it by the Punjab State Industrial and Export Corporation (PSIEC), said Mr A.S. Walia, president of the Industrial Welfare Association.

With two tubewells, one working to half its capacity, feeding over 400 units, complaints of low water pressure were also trickling in. Two tubewells, one at the focal point and another at the extension area, had failed and street lights had stopped not functioning, he said.

The association has decided to issue a final notice to the civic body before initiating legal recourse.Back


4 houses auctioned
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, June 8
Four houses in the Housing Board Complex, Sector 14, were finally auctioned off on Thursday. It was during a seventh successive auction that these houses were finally sold off. It is learnt that the reserve price of Rs 5 lakh had been reduced to Rs 3 lakh in order to ensure that the houses find buyers. The auction of these houses fetched between Rs 3.61 lakh to Rs 3.77 lakhs each.


Chain-snatcher caught red-handed
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, June 8
A resident of Sector 28, Yash Pal, was caught red-handed while snatching a chain from neck of Ms Shushila Rani last evening. According to police sources, the accused was apprehended by people who were present at the spot. A case under Sections 356, 379 and 411 of the IPC has been registered.

1 booked
A woman, resident of Colony No. 4 has alleged that a fellow resident, Chattar Singh, tried to outrage her modesty here yesterday. A case has been registered under Section 354 of the IPC.

Mr Triveni Parshad, a resident of Colony No. 4, reported to the police that a colour television and Rs 3,000 were stolen from his jhuggi on Thursday night. A case has been registered.

Rickshaw-puller booked
A rickshaw-puller, Bagesh Chaudhary, was booked by the police for causing danger and obstruction in the public way in Sector 8 here yesterday. He was arrested and later released on bail.

Liquor seized
The police has arrested Amit Kumar and Davinder Singh, both residents of Badheri village, under various Sections of the Excise Act yesterday and claimed to have seized 60 pouches and two bottles of liquor from their possession.

Body found
An unidentified man in his mid twenties was found dead in Sector 45 this afternoon. According to the police sources, initial investigations show that he died of some ailment. The police is investigating. 


Donate fruits and get Real juice
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
Dabur Foods Ltd has launched national promotion campaign for its Real Fruit Juice brand in Chandigarh. The company invited consumers to contribute fresh fruit and receive a pack of Real Fruit Juice free. Fruits were collected at selected centres in the city on June 7 and 8, and will be donated to an NGO working for underprivileged children — ‘Kushth Ashram.’

The company is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Dabur India Ltd and is a market leader in the Indian packaged fruit juice market.

The company is offering seven flavours including orange, mango, pineapple, grape, guava, mixed fruit and tomato. Real Activ, which is targeted at health conscious young adults, is available in orange and apple flavours.


Repair business still thriving in Sec 21
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 8
Certain shops in Sector 21 are being misused by some mechanics to carry on with their business despite the auto market having been shifted as part of a rehabilitation scheme.

Mr P.C. Sanghi, a councillor, in a letter to the Deputy Commissioner, Mr M. Ramsekhar, has pointed out that shops numbering 1 to 45 in Sector 21-C were using the rear sides, facing residential areas, for sale of spare parts and repairs by the mechanics. Some of the owners of shop-cum-flats have made additional shutters converting the backyard into shops in utter violation of building bylaws.

Besides this, another six shops in front of house Nos 2016 to 2019 of Sector 21-C are being illegally used by dividing these into different segments. Front side of these bay shops is used for different mechanical works and on the rear side, three to six mechanics in each bay shop are doing different scooter repair jobs.

The councillor has requested that immediate attention must be paid by the Administration to get these irregularities and violations removed, thus providing relief to the residents.Back

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