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Monday, June 10, 2002

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Convergence of intelligent options

It means various things to different people the world over, but even in India, especially in the metros, computer users are getting new services and making innovative use of those opportunities, while bandwidth is becoming more available at inexpensive rates, says Roopinder Singh

young girl threw away her school bag and had a quick bite before she was allowed to go to the computer and surf. "I just don't know how to deal with it, she is at the computer all the time," said Jyoti, her mother. "But mom, I am doing my homework, look at this moving display of the human body," said the child, who is a student of class five in New Delhi.


More women get entangled in the World Wide Web
Mirra Savara
ccording to NetValue, a Hong Kong-based research agency, the number of women using Web mail in the country registered a 100 per cent increase between October and December 2001. Korea, Singapore and Taiwan also saw a considerable increase in the number of women using the Internet for various purposes during this period.

Get your partitions in place
Vipul Verma
he task of setting up a new computer for use begins with formatting and partitioning its hard disk. The hard disk is the basic medium of storage and comes unformatted from the factory as standard setting, which means you have to make it usable for yourself by formatting it and only after that can you install the operating system on it.


Mice get into architect's kit
Sumesh Raizada
he architecture of any place, city or country is major reflection of its culture and society. History or civilization of nations can be studied to a great extent through its structures like temples, forts or monuments. The Great Pyramids, Tower of Pisa or Taj Mahal are among the marvelous pieces of architecture that are indicative of social, economic and cultural conditions prevailing in the respective periods.

Lots of glitz, few clues at Taiwan's Computex
Tony Munroe and Michael Kramer
HERE were the usual gadgets, noise, giveaways and models in short skirts at this year's huge Computex trade show in Taipei. Less obvious was a clear sign that the tech sector's laboured recovery will get a significant boost in 2002 beyond its typical second-half uptick.


For outsourcing, companies’ destination is India
OR once, tech gurus may be guilty of underplaying how much the Internet will change your life. Especially, if you live in a moderate to high-income country, are of modest to moderate intelligence and work at a service industry job that can be done more cheaply - and possibly better - by some bright eager beaver in Bangalore.

Replacement cellphone market likely to grow
HE future success of mobile phone makers will depend on their ability to sell "replacement phones" because 77 per cent of total global unit sales by 2005 will come from consumers intent on replacing older phones, said a study released last week.


Passwords may soon not be words
OR those Net surfers who find it a headache to remember their passwords, what with some of them being obscure, help could soon be on its way. An image-based password system being developed by the US-based Microsoft uses a library of faces, instead of words, to log on to a network.

IT Bookshelf
Managers, adapt to digital economy
Review by Rupali Verma
LECTRONIC commerce, or E-commerce, is the buzzword today-found in magazines, business dailies and everywhere else in the media. It means adopting the electronic process for carrying out transactions. Many organisations have got e-enabled by providing information and services online using the Internet as a medium of communication.

Cyber Kids
BBC's CBeebies

Kids Chat
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