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College admissions from July 1
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
While it is too early for colleges to be buzzing with activities, the number of students trickling in at city colleges is gradually picking up in view of the on-going sale of admission forms.

Though most private colleges are yet to finalise their admission dates to various courses being offered, the admissions will be held between July 1 and 13 at the respective colleges. However, centralised admissions to the courses of M Sc (IT), M.Com, BBA, BCA and B.Com (I) have been scheduled for the first week of July.

Taking the lead in finalising their admission schedules are MCM DAV College for Women, Sector 36, and GGDSD College, Sector 32. Admissions in both the colleges will be completed by July 7.

In SGGS College, Sector 26, Principal P.S. Sangha, says, “Our sale of prospectus will continue till June 25 after which we will prepare a merit list and put it up after going through all applications received.'' A similar pattern will be followed by the adjoining women's college.

The only institution to be offering Plus one and two classes at college level, DAV College, Sector 10, has already registered 140 to 150 students who have scored above 80 per cent marks. However, the final admissions will be conducted on June 26 and 27. For the undergraduate level, the admissions will take place between July 1 and 10.

In Dev Samaj College, Sector 45, interviews for admission to vocational courses of fashion designing as well as regular BA, B Sc and B Com I will be held on July 1. However, classes to BA, B Sc II and III are slated to begin on July 1 as per schedule of the college.



Students taught basics of public speaking
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, June 10
Besides the usual fun and frolic that summer workshops offer to school children, this particular summer camp “Neev — back to the roots”, organised by a few former students of Thapar Engineering College, Patiala, taught participants about the basics of public speaking and concepts of Vedic mathematics. The ten-day-long workshop concluded at St Peter’s School in Sector 37 here today.

The organisation arranged a concluding dance and distributed prizes among the winners. However, the objective of the workshop was to prepare the students for competitions in the future.

“Public speaking is helpful if one opts for careers like MBA or faces any interview and this is the reason we included topics like speaking on stage, generating ideas about current issues, right manners and body language,” said Rahul Mahajan, president of the group.

Even theatre was introduced for the same reason. “Public speaking is not just reading a topic from a paper, it needs right kind of expressions to go with it. Hence, we decided to include theatre among our activities,” said Rahul. To sharpen the speed and accuracy of calculating figures, Bhupindra Mahajan, general secretary of the group taught the tricks of Vedic mathematics to the participants. The lighter side of the workshop included singing, dancing and art and craft.

“Neev” is an association of a few former engineering students of Thapar Engineering College, Patiala. Since its inception in March this year, the organisation has conducted eight such workshops in the city. As many as 125 students from various schools took part in this workshop.

Varsha and Aditi were declared the outstanding performers and Viren bagged the award for the most committed student. In dance section, Kanika, Varanjeet, Varsha and Ananta were declared winners and in art and craft Nivedita and Aayushi won the first and second prizes. Sandeep, Purnesh, Gundeep and Ranjot were declared the best public speakers while Amit and Bhaskar were adjudged the best theatre persons. In singing section, Ramneek and Ambika bagged prizes.


‘Graduation plus’ in colleges soon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
The Centre for Higher Education Studies and Training Society for Education and Economic Development, New Delhi will introduce a special programme “Graduation ++” in at least two city colleges to develop subject application, IT and management skills among chosen students doing graduation in these colleges.

The programme is being simultaneously introduced throughout the country in 50 colleges for the coming session by the centre, admission to which will be through a written entrance test, Dr G.D. Sharma, Director of the centre, said addressing mediapersons in Panjab University here today. Stating that the programme is limited to arts and science colleges throughout the country, Dr Sharma said some law and education colleges might also be given the opportunity to start this programme.

This self-financing programme was likely to cost the student anything between Rs 7000 and Rs 10000 more than the normal college fee. ‘‘The programme will have a complete three-year schedule after which degree/diploma certificates are to be issued”.

Subjects like basic information technology skills, foundation course in science and technology, humanities and social science, effective study skills elementary mathematics, logical reasoning, overview of management concepts, introduction to values, life coping skills, would form part of the first year modules.

The number of students who could opt for ‘Graduation ++ was however, limited 150 students per college says Dr Sharma.


DGP asked to examine plea of computer firm
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Disposing of a petition filed by a computer firm claiming that attempts were being made to sabotage Haryana state’s ambitious Kisan Sahara Scheme, a Division Bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court today directed the Director-General of Police (Vigilance) to treat the petition as a representation to him and pass appropriate orders after hearing the petitioner within a month.

Seeking directions to the state of Haryana and other respondents for prohibiting the Director-General of Police (Vigilance) from registering a false case against the company, the firm — ING Infotek International Private Limited — had earlier stated that they wanted to “protect their legal rights to show to the High Court the illegal, unlawful and intentional defaults, besides malafides, of the state of Haryana and the Chief Secretary, who along with the DGP (Vigilance), were in the process of implicating them”.

Going into the background of the case, the firm had claimed that a contract was entered into with the Haryana Warehousing Corporation for computerisation and implementation of the scheme. The scheme, they had added, was important as “it practically meant the transfer of at least 1000 crore every year to the farmers from the pocket of the middlemen”.

Arguing on behalf of the petitioner, counsel had added that people with “powerful interests got together and through their influence with the respondents, and through various acts of omission and commission, got an inquiry initiated against the pioneering officer and succeeded in temporarily sabotaging the scheme”.

He had further added that the respondents were now trying through illegal means to implicate the petitioners in false cases by indulging in file tampering. “The criminal entrapment of the petitioner was being done essentially to bury the scheme by setting such a destructive example so that no one else may dare to retrieve it,” he had concluded.

After going through the arguments, the Bench, comprising Mr Justice Swatanter Kumar and Mr Justice Ashutosh Mohunta, observed: “We do not wish to comment on the merits or otherwise of the allegations made in this writ petition at this stage. To our mind, this petition is premature in its contents and prayer. However, we dispose of this petition with direction to the DGP (Vigilance)....”

Direction to college Principal

Taking up a petition filed by an engineering student, a Division Bench of the High Court on Monday directed the principal and chairman of an engineering college at Mullana in Ambala district to be present in the court on the next date of hearing.

Issuing the directions, the Bench, comprising Mr Justice Swatanter Kumar and Mr Justice Ashutosh Mohunta, also asked them to “bring the complete record of the petitioner in relation to his appearance in the sessional examinations and submission of the project report”. The Judges further directed the respondents to permit the petitioner to take the eighth semester examinations at Regional Engineering College centre. In their detailed order, the Judges clarified: “The appearance of the petitioner will be subject to further orders which may be passed in the writ petition including the question whether the petitioner was eligible or not”.

Amit Garg, in his petition, had earlier sought directions to the Vice-Chancellor to change his examination centre. He had claimed that on June 13 last year, his answer sheet was snatched away on the ground that he had been detained by the college authorities. The chairman, he had alleged, had demanded Rs 1 lakh from his mother. He was allowed to appear after he moved the High Court, but was not permitted to attend the classes in the next session again forcing him to file a petition. Later, the petitioner was shocked to know that he was awarded poor marks in the earlier examination following which another petition was filed, counsel had added.

After receiving the notice, the authorities became furious and started harassing the petitioner. He was marked absent and not allowed to take the examinations. However, a Division Bench, while taking up yet another petition, allowed him to sit in the examination. Meanwhile, the petitioner was declared unsuccessful in the sessional examination though he had “overall distinction in the theory papers”, counsel had concluded.

Notice of motion

Issuing notice of motion to the state of Haryana and other respondents to show cause why a petition filed by a Fatehabad district resident be not admitted, Mr Justice Swatanter Kumar and Mr Justice Ashutosh Mohunta of the High Court on Monday directed that the petitioner shall not be dispossessed from a shop “subject to the condition that he paid up-to-date rent, if not already deposited, within two months from today”.

In his petition, Lal Singh of Ratia tehsil had earlier sough directions to the respondents for quashing the orders whereby proceedings were initiated for taking possession of his shop situated on Budhlada road.


District Courts in state of neglect
Kiran Deep

Chandigarh, June 10
The District Courts, visited by hundreds of litigants everyday, has been in as state of neglect due to government apathy. Poor public utility services with toilets emanating stench, dirty coolers and little parking space and insanitary condition on its premises are some of the problems being faced by the visitors. With two buildings, comprising 19 cramped courts, modern facilities like computers are still a distant dream.

There is no room for litigants where they can wait or take rest. The absence of elevator has caused inconvenience to the litigants and advocates. Many old litigants and advocates attending their cases in the new building have to cover around 100 stairs to reach their courts.

Moreover, the construction work currently under way at the courts has resulted in accumulation of debris all around the premises.

At the time when most of the government offices have adopted computerisation to facilitate consumers and increase efficiency of service, most of the courts and its branches lack computers and data is still maintained manually.

Eighty-year-old Allaha Singh, a litigant, said during summers it was impossible for elderly people to climb a flight of stairs to reach their courts. An advocate, Mr N.S Minhas, said there was a need for cleanness drive as disposable cups and other waste material of canteens had been littered on the courts premises.

Terminder Singh, an advocate, complained that unhygienic conditions prevailing in and around the courts had generated resentment among the litigants and advocates.

The president of the District Bar Association, Mr N.K. Nanda, said the bar had made number of representations to officials concerned regarding the poor conditions prevailing in the courts but they failed to take note of the problem. The secretary of the association, Mr N.K. Kapil, said they had been facing parking problems and it could only be solved by constructing underground parking space.


Mita looks back on her career
Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
As you get closer to the person in Mita Vasisht, you know exactly why she is a favourite with film directors known for the sting in their scripts. Right from late 80s, this dusky dame has embodied many a soulful character created by directors Kumar Shahani, Mani Kaul, Govind Nihalani and many others. She was Mani Kaul’s Sidheshwari at one point of time, a Rani Roopmati at the other and a scientist failing before her emotions at yet another.

But today she was Mita — plain and simple, just as she was some 20 years ago when as a student of MCM DAV College in the city, she used to add meaning to theatrical productions. Having lived and grown with theatre ever since, Mita is back home to give herself some break from the routine of glamour. Strangely, however, she hates to be like that. As she puts forth a confession, “The only time I am sane is the time when I am acting.”

From the word acting stemmed a host of memories that stopped at the name of Mohan Maharishi, who gave the gift of theatre to Mita, who was ever confused about where she wanted to cease. “I always had a wander lust. I could never imagine myself within the parameters of a constant professional set up. This confusion kept shrouding my decisions until one day something beautiful happened. I enrolled as a participant in one of the theatre workshops by Mohan Maharishi. After that day I knew I wanted to act for the rest of my life.” Some of the very first characters Mita played were Hashmat in Mohan Maharishi’s “Biccho” and Laura in “Kaanch Ghar”.

Mita went to the National School of Drama for training under Mohan Maharishi as the director. “The academics of any profession are very important for a world view. Academics is also quite critical to the practising theatre professionals. Unless you empathise with the sense of aesthetics which only the text of any subject can teach you, you will never be able to determine the boundaries of your own talent,” she said.

The NSD surely helped Mita, who was flooded with TV serial (from “Sigma” to “Swabhimaan”) offers as soon as she graduated. After serials came some big offers from directors Kumar Shahani, Mani Kaul and Nihalani. The important part was that most of Mita’s roles came to her by the virtue of her imposing presence. With her dusky looks, she could make a statement, or so felt her directors, who cast her in lead roles even when stalwarts like Dimple Kapadia and Shabana Azmi wanted to enact a particular character.

Admitted Mita, “This goes to the credit of directors who always knew what spirit they wanted their character to possess. Then I had movies like “Kasba” with Kumar, “Sidheshwari” with Mani Kaul, “Drishti” and “Drohkaal” with Nihalani.” Towards the year end, Mita will be seen in a Bengali production “Pataal Ghar”, which has a venerable Bengali cast, Mita being the only outsider.

Mita’s commercial break happened with “Chandni”, wherein she was cast as Sridevi’s friend. “That was not a very conscious decision. I can never imagine myself in that mould. I would rather have a film running on my own shoulders than offering a shoulder to someone else.” Mita, however, respects her characters in “Ghulam”, “Taal” and “Dil Se”. But she is better satisfied with “Man ke manjire,” the music video she did for vocalist Shubha Mudgal. She bagged the video even when Tabu was being considered for the cast.

As of now, Mita is busy with at least four mainstream ventures. Not that parallel cinema is not happening any more. But she is still waiting for some script which can make a sensitive statement. “Most of these so called art films being made these days are low budget films which send across no message. It is important for a script to carry weight. There is no point enacting an empty character.”


Getting a taste of theatre
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, June 10
At a time when the charismatic leader of Indian freedom movement — Bhagat Singh, is setting the silver screen ablaze, the tiny tots participating the month-long theatre workshop organised by the Pracheen Kala Kendra in Sector 35, are also having a first hand experience of enacting the role of this great freedom fighter under the able guidance of renowned theatre artiste Gursharan Singh.

The play “Aaj Ka Bhagat Singh” is based on Bhagat Singh’s life in the present day context. “The main motive of this workshop is to imbibe a sense of patriotism among the children,” said Gursharan Singh and to achieve this the male characters in his play will be portrayed as Bhagat Singh.

The workshop has also incorporated a ballet on the basis of Rabindra Nath Tagore’s poem “Deepak” in which the participants with a “diya” on their hand pledge to sacrifice their lives in order to bring peace. It also includes a Punjabi dance “Mera Rangla Punjab” and a Haryanvi folk dance.

Besides the main production which will be staged at the Tagore Theatre on June 29, the participants are also being taught about yoga, music, painting and over all personality development. About 80 children are taking part in the workshop.

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