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Lesson in English
W.L. Gordon






Q Like many young men his age, my son is keen on becoming a commercial pilot. What are the prospects? Are there sufficient jobs? We are middle class people who cannot afford to spend extravagantly.

Pawanjeet Singh Mudher

A With the rising cost of fuel, training to be a pilot has become a pretty expensive affair. Although commercial pilots are paid very handsomely, you must be prepared for the exorbitant cost of training -Rs 2 lakh for a PPL and anywhere between Rs. 8-15 lakh for a CPL, depending on whether you train in India or abroad.

Also, you have to be hundred percent fit at every stage. Not only will you have to clear an exacting medical examination not only at the time of entry, but also every 6-12 months throughout your flying career.

Moreover, presently there is a glut of pilots world-wide, so jobs are not very easy to come by. As a consequence, there must be anywhere between 1500-1750 CPL holders who have not been able to take off due to the sharp slump in the aviation industry. While some of our own private airlines like Modiluft, East-West and NEPC closed down earlier, some international airlines like United Airlines and Cathay Pacific have withdrawn from the India sector altogether due to insufficient traffic in the wake of September 11.

The bottom line is that many CPL holders have had to contend with ground jobs in sales or operations in airline offices in the hope that they will get to fly in the future, while yet others are contemplating a career change.

Q I am a 19-year old BCom student studying at one of the cityís leading colleges. I am in a dilemma right now regarding the importance of work experience in oneís resume. I donít know what kind of job I should take up to help my portfolio to look better. As per my knowledge, most of the part-time jobs which undergraduates get are those that involve direct selling or roadside product promotion. According to some people, such jobs donít constitute job experience. Is that true?

Charu Grover

A I would imagine that the key thing here is not just any work experience but experience thatís relevant to your career plan. Thus, for instance, if you plan on becoming a CA, part-time sales experience is of little value for your resume.

So, start at the right place: work out a career plan for, say, the next 5 years and then decide whether - and what kind of - part-time work might help you achieve your goals. In fact, suppose your goal is to go to a top B-School, focusing on academics may be a better bet at this point. The only work-ex they are interested in is full-time work after graduation.

In a nutshell, work out your goals first, action will then automatically become evident.

However a brief stint at a call centre or any other job for that matter will give you valuable exposure, boost your confidence, besides fetching you some pocket money. But make sure, it doesnít interfere with your studies.

Q I am in Class X and I am interested in pursuing a career in computers. Will it be possible if I settle for arts or commerce stream?

Tarun Bhatija

A Yes, you can pursue a career in computers even if you opt for the arts or commerce stream at the + 2 level as the eligibility for most BCA or BISc courses is a pass in Class XII with maths.

Likewise, the qualification for MCA courses is a Bachelorís degree in any discipline as long as you had maths in class 12. However, some institutions stipulate Mathematics/Statistics as a subject at the undergraduate level and premier ones like Delhi University require 2 papers in maths/stats).

More than the actual knowledge of maths, itís your mathematical aptitude that matters.

All said and done, a good background in mathematics at the +2 level will definitely help you in the long run. So donít drop it unless you find it absolutely impossible to cope with.

Of course if you are analytical and creative and can generate new ideas, you may look at multimedia, web designing with sufficient grounding in C#, Java, e-commerce or DTP - none of which require hardcore mathematics as a prerequisite.

Q I have just finished my BE this year. Now I would like to go in for some management-related course in my field. Could you please suggest an appropriate course for me?

Srijan Monga

A Engineering followed by a good MBA is a very desirable combination to opt for. Besides, you are doubly fortunate. The entrance exam too is somewhat weighted in favour of engineering students. The reason why they score well is simple. They are relatively more disciplined in their approach, better grounded and acquainted with systems and processes and the practical application of theory. Of course this is not to say that non-engineering students wonít fare well. Many do.

Besides looking at MBAs offered by the leading B-schools, you could opt for courses specially designed for engineering graduates offered by sectoral business schools. The major objective of the schools listed below is to groom graduate engineers as competent managers for technology intensive global business operations that can respond to the changing requirements of Indian industry.

NITIE, Mumbai:

Courses: Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Mgt (2-yr); Post Graduate Diploma in Safety & Environmental Mgt (1Ĺ-yr).


Courses: MBA with focus on Management Systems/Telecom Systems Mgt (2-yr FT,); MBA for Working Execs with focus on Technology Mgt (3-yr PT). Eligibility: For MBA (FT): 60% agg or a score of 6.75 CGPA in Bachelorís in Engg/Tech/Archi/Pharma/Agri Engg or Masterís in Phy/Chem/Maths/Stats/Comp Sc/Info Sc/Electron Sc/Environ Sc/OREco/Comm (with Math/Stat). For (MBA) PT: Above plus 2 yrs relevant work ex.


Course: Master of Management (2-yr FT/3-yr PT). Eligibility: For MOM (FT): BE/BTech/MSc (1stdiv);For MOM (PT): Above plus 3yrs relevant work ex.


MBA (2-yr FT). Eligibility: BE/BTech or equiv( 1st div) or Masterís in any discipline (1st div).


Courses: Master of Business Management (2-yr FT). Eligibility: BE/B Tech (1st div) or MSc/MCom/MA Eco (with Math/Stat at Bachelorís level) (1st div).


Course: Master of Business Administration. (2-yr FT). Eligibility: BE/B Tech or equiv with First degree in Sc (1st div).


Course: Master of Business Administration. Eligibility: BE/BTech (2nd div).

Note: An all-India Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET) is held in various cities for admission to the IITs and IISc. GD & Interviews are conducted by the respective institutes.

Besides the above, here are some others:

IIITM, Gwalior. Course: 2-year Postgraduate Diploma in Management & Information Technology. Eligibility: BE/BTech/MCA with (60% agg). Selection: Written test, GD and interview. The objective-type test assesses your quantitative aptitude, analytical reasoning, creative and verbal ability and numeracy and computer literacy.

(IIITM also offers two other courses: a) PG Diploma in Information Technology after BE/BTech/ MCA. b) 5-year Integrated Postgraduate Programme in Information Technology/Management & Information Technology. Eligibility: 10+2 (PCM). Selection: entrance test).

Malaviya Regional Engineering College, Centre for Mgt Studies & Industrial Colaboration, Jaipur 302017 ( offers a 2-year Masters in Mgt Studies (MMS). Eligibility: BE/BTech/AMIE (Sectn A&B) with 55%. Selection: Entrance Test, GD & Interview.

Another course that sounds interesting is the autonomous PG Diploma in Telecom Management (2-yr) offered at Symbiosis Institute of Telecom Management, Pune.

Please send in your query preferably on a postcard along with your name, complete address and academic qualifications to: 
Editor, Career Hotline, The Tribune, Sector 29, Chandigarh.





Centre for Electronics Design & Technology of India, PO Box No. 10, A-34, Phase VIII, Industrial Area, Mohali 160059

Ph: (0172) 257052/53/54/55


Adv Course on Graphics & Multimedia (12 weeks)

Elig: BA/BFA/BCom/BSc/BE & 10+2.

Appln F: Send appln (with copies of certs & fee) by DD favouring "The Director, CEDTI" payable at Ch Ďgrh to the Training Counsellor at the above add.


Jul 19 Technical Teacherís Training Institute, Sector-26, Chandigarh 160019

1) Master of Engg Edn (2-yr)

2) ME (Mfg Tech/Constr Tech & Mgt/Comp Sc & Engg/Electron & Comm Engg/Instru & Control, 2-yr)

Appln F: Send Rs 275/- by DD favouring "Principal, TTTI, Chandigarh", payable at Chígrh with self-add envelope (23 cm x 18 cm).

Jun 28 Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, H.R. Mahajani Marg, Matunga 400 019 (Mah)

1. ME [Civil (Environ/Constrn Mgt/Structural Engg)/Prodn /Mech (Machine Design / Automobile / CADCAM & Robotics) /Elect (Power Sys/Control System)/Electron/Comp Engg /Text Tech, (2-yr, FT)]

2. Dip in Indl Engg (2-yr, PT)

Elig: For 1: Bachelorís degree/AMIE/IETE with GATE in relev discipline. For 2: BE/BTech with 1-2 yrs wk ex.

Appln F: Send Rs 500/- by DD favouring "Principal & Secretary, VJTI" payable at Mumbai with stamped (Rs 30/-), self-add envelope (8.5" x 11.5") marked "M.E. Admissions" at the above add by 14 Jun. Superscribe envelope as "Application form for ME in Ö Engg/M.Tech (Text)/DIE".

Jul 27 Regional Engineering College, Durgapur 713209

1. Degree Course Chem Engg (Prodn of Fertilizer)/Civil (Structural)/Elect (Indsl Elect Sys)/Mech (Design & Prodn) /Met (Mech Shaping)/Chem (Corrosion Sc. & Tech)/IT (REG) [Day-time; 2-yr, FT/3-yr, PT]

2. Degree Course: OR in Industry & Busi Mgt [3-yr, Evening, PT]

Selectn: Entrance Test & Viva-voce.

Appln F: Send Rs 200/- by crossed DD favouring the "Principal, R.E. College, Durgapur" payable at Durgapur with stamped (Rs 25/-), self-add envelope (30 cm x 15 cm) to the above add by 8 Jul.

Jun 24 National Fire Service College, Civil Lines, Nagpur 440001 (Mah)

All-India Entrance Exam for BE Fire Engg (3 Ĺ-yr)

Elig: BSc (PCM). Age: 19-23 yrs (on 1 Jul).

Test: 28 Jul at 5 centres incldg Delhi.

Selectn: Written exam & viva-voce.

Appln F: Send in prescribed format Rs 150/- by IPO favouring "Director, National Fire Service College, Nagpur" with self-add envelope (10 cm x 23 cm) & Specified enclosures to the Director at the above add. Superscribe envelope as "Application for Entrance Examination of B.E. (Fire) Course 2002".


All India Institute of Local Self Government, Bharatratra Sardar V. Patel Bhavan, 22-23 Institutional Area, D-Block, Pankha Rd, Janakpuri, New Delhi 110058.

Ph: 5592465/5611783

Sanitary Inspector Dip Course (1-yr)

Elig: Class 10 (with Eng).

Appln F: Send Rs 150/- by DD favouring "AIILSG" payable at the place where appln is submitted. Mention choice of Centre (13, incldg New Delhi).


Jul 31 Maharshi Dayanand University, Directorate of Distance Education, Rohtak (Har)


1. MSc (Comp Sc, 2-yr)

2. MSc (Comp Sc, 3rd Sem, Lateral Entry)

3. BCA (3-yr)

4. APGDCA (1-yr)

5. APGDIT (1-yr)


Elig: For 1, 4, 5 & 6: Bachelorís degree.


For 3: 10+2.

Appln F: Send Rs 150/- by DD favouring "Finance Officer, MD University" payable at Rohtak to the Deputy Registrar, Publication Cell, MDU, Rohtak or download from website.

Jun 29 Faculty of Management Studies, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur (Raj)


Rajasthan MCA Admission Test (RMCAAT) - 2002

Elig: Bachelorís degree (50%).

Test: 14 Jul (at 17 centres, incld Chígrh).

Appln F: Send Rs 700/- by DD favouring "Coordinator RMCAAT" payable at Udaipur to the Coordinator RMCAAT at the above add by 22 Jun or download from website.


Jun 25 Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Senapati Bapat Rd, Pune 411004

Ph: (020) 5654626, 5676875


MBA (2-yr, FT)

Elig: Bachelorís degree (50%).

Selectn: Entrance test (30 Jun) at 4 centres, GD, Interview (11, 12, 13 Jul).

Appln F: Send Rs 900/- by DD favouring "Director, SIBM" payable at SBI to the above add.



Lesson in English
W.L. Gordon

Words often misused:

To correspond TO means to be like or to be in harmony with. "Your idea corresponds TO mine".

To correspond WITH means to exchange letters with. "They corresponded WITH each other during their long separation."

Often mispronounced:

Helicopter. Preferred pronunciation of first syllable is "hell", not "heel".

Often misspelled:

Laudable ó praiseworthy; commendable. Ends with "-able."

Audible ó capable of being heard. Ends with "-ible."


Ostensible (adj) ó professed, pretended, apparent, avowed, evident, presumable, seeming, alleged.

Word study:

"Use a word three times and it is yours." Let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each day.

Todayís word: ABUT (verb) ó to touch or border on. Pronounce as a-boot with accent on the second syllable.

E.g. "The two farms abut each other."Top



1.Who is the world heavyweight boxing champion?

2. Name the Japanese auto major that recently took over the management reins of Indiaís largest automaker Maruti Udyog Limited.

3. In which year was the Indus Water Treaty signed by India and Pakistan?

4. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

5. Who was recently sworn in as the Chief Minister of Goa?

6. Who recently won the Miss Universe 2002 crown?

7. Which magazine, known for lampooning the British establishment for more than 150 years, recently announced its closure?

8. Name the Chairman of the All-India Anti-Terrorist Front.

9. Where is the ĎSindhu Darshan Festivalí held?

10. What is the full form of BPCL?

11. In which state is the Yehlanka Air Force base situated?

12. Who was recently re-elected FIFA chief?

13. How many countries are taking part in Football World Cup 2002?

14. Name the two siblings who clashed for this yearís French Open womenís tennis title.

15. Who won this yearís menís French Open tennis title?


School address..............................

Winners of quiz 158. The first prize by draw of lots goes to Kashif Hassan, IX-A, Sahibzada Fateh Singh Public School, Malerkotla-148203.

Second: Amisha, class 8, Govt Model High School, Sector 39, Chandigarh.

Third: Jatinderpal Singh, IX-D, Little Flower Convent School, Civil Lines, Gurdaspur-143521.

Answers to quiz 158: East Timor; Ashraf Jehangir Qazi; 35; Jupiter; Belgium; Engineers India Limited;Tomiyashu Ishikawa;Tamae Watanabe; Phil and Sue Ershier; Antarctica; Sofia; 10; Japan, South Korea, China& Saudi Arabia; 9, Hungary b El Salvador(10-1); Oleg Salenko(Russia).

Cash awards of Rs 400, 300 and 200 are given to the first, second and third prize winners, respectively. These are sent at the school address.

ó Tarun SharmaTop