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Cong sweeps Zila Parishad poll
Tribune Reporters

Chandigarh, June 10
After having routed the Akali-BJP alliance in the Municipal Corporation polls last month, the ruling Congress seems all set to repeat the performance in rural Punjab also if the counting trend of Zila Parishads and Panchayat Samitis elections held yesterday is any indication.

BATHINDA: The Congress has won 11 out of 13 Zila Parishad seats in the district polling which was held on Sunday.

Mr Malwinder Singh of the Congress has won unopposed from the Kilii Nihalsinghwali seat. The winners from other seats are — Mr Naranjan Singh (Cong) from Phoos Mandi, Mr Bikramjeet Singh (Cong) from Nathana, Ms Kartar Kaur (SAD) from Burj Thrott, Mr Nirmal Singh (SAD) from Bhairupa, Ms Sukhdev Kaur (Cong) from Bhuchu Kalan, Mr Jagsir Singh (Cong) from Balianwali, Ms Paramjeet Kaur (Cong) from Gill Kalan, Ms Kori Kaur (Cong) from Kuttiwal, Mr Tej Singh (Cong) from Bandi, Mr Surinder Singh (Cong) from Balarbinjhu, Mr Paramjeet Singh (Cong) from Talwandi Sabo, Ms Baljeet Kaur (Cong) from Pakka Kalan and Mr Palwinder Singh (Cong) from Seengho.

ABOHAR: The Congress has won 21 out of the 23 zones in Panchayat Samiti Khuyiansarwer, besides Zila Parishad seats in this subdivision.

According to results declared this afternoon, Mr Mohinder Kumar Kajla (Cong) has won from Panjkosi and Mr Vijay Kumar (Cong) from Sayeedwala zones for the Zila Parishad.

Congress winners in Panchayat Samiti, Khuyiansarwer zones are: Mr Sanjay Kumar (Bakainwala), Mr Jagdish Chander (Jandwala Meerasangla), Mr Pritam Singh (Bareka), Mr Nathu Ram (Sabuana), Ms Amarjit Kaur (Patrewala), Ms Sukhpreet Kaur (Azamwal), Mr Chiman Lal (Ghallu), Ms Maya Devi (Choohriwala Dhanna), Mrs Saroj Rani (Dangarhera), Mr Surender Kumar (Bhambhu Bodiwala Pitha), Mr Luxminarayan Sinhmar (Dharampura), Mr Maam Chand (Dalmirkhera), Ms Pooja Rani (Daulatpura), Ms Nandi Dev (Kilianwali), Mr Jagdish Kumar (Panjkosi), Mr Kingpal Singh (Haripura) Ms Raj Rani (Diwankhera), Mr Dharam Pal (Maujgarh), Mr Sajjan Kumar (Jandwala Hanwanta), Mr Ram Kishan (Panniwala Mahla) and Mr Baldev Singh (Gumjal.)

The only winner on the BJP ticket is Mr Imi Lal at the Katehra zone Ms Paramjit Kaur, an Independent, emerged winner from the Alamgarh zone in Balluana Assembly segment.

Fatehgarh Sahib: All 10 Zila Paishad seats have been won by the Congress in the district. It has also won in 62 zones out of 75 zones, of Block Samitis in the district, whereas the SAD (B) has won in seven and the (SHSAD) of Jathedar Tohra in five zones. Only one candidates backed by the (SAD) (A) of Simranjit Singh Mann has won the seat.

In Amloh block, out of 15 zones for Block Samitis the Congress has won 13, the SAD (B) 2 and both Zila Parishad seats have been won by the Congress. The Congress has won 13 Block Samiti zones in Sirhind block, as well as both Zila Parishad seats, 2 seats have been won by Tohra supporters. In Khamano block, the Congress has won 14 out of 15 zones of Block Samiti and both Zila Parishad seats, the SAD (B) has won only one seat. In Bassi Pathana block, the Congress has won 11 out of 15 zones for Block Samiti and also won both Zila Parishad seats, the SAD (B) has won 2 seats and Tohra faction and SAD (A) have won one seat each. In Khera block, the Congress has won 11 seats for Block Samiti and both Zila Parishad seats, the SAD (B) has won 2 seats and the Tohra faction has won 2 seats.

PATIALA: The Congress has won 135 seats out of 169 seats declared for the block samiti elections in the district. The Shiromani Akali Dal is far behind winning just 24 seats while 10 seats have been won by Independent candidates. The total number of seats in the district are 172. In the local block samiti, out of 18 seats the Congress has won 17 while the other seat has been won by a SAD candidate. In Bhunerheri, the Congress has emerged victorious at 15 seats out of a total of 16 seats, while SAD candidate has won the remaining seats. In Sanaur block samiti, the Congress has won all 16 seats while in Rajpura, out of the 23 results declared so far, the Congress has won 10 seats, while Independents and SAD candidates have won seven and six seats, respectively.

The Congress candidates have secured 16 seats out of a total of 19 seats in Ghanaur, while the SAD has won three seats. In Dera Bassi, out of the 19 results declared so far, the Congress has won 15 seats while the remaining four have been won by SAD candidates.

In Samana, out of the 15 results declared so far, 11 seats have been won by the Congress while the SAD and Independent candidates have won one and three seats, respectively.

The Congress has won 14 out of the 18 seats in Patran block samiti while the remaining four seats have been won by the SAD candidates. In Nabha, the Congress has won 21 out of the 25 seats, while the SAD has managed to secure 4 seats.

Meanwhile, in the Zila Parishad elections, out of the 21 seats, 7 results were available so far, out of which 5 Congress candidates have been elected unopposed, while Chunni Lal and Ms Gursharan Kaur, both of the Congress, have won their seats from Mallewal and Daftriwala zones, respectively.

GURDASPUR: The Congress has emerged victorious in all 18 zones of Panchayat Samiti. In three zones of the Zila Parishad, Congress candidates have won by large margins. Mr Gurbachan Singh Babehali, former President, Zila Parishad, has been declared elected.

In Dina Nagar block, the Congress has won in 5 zones whereas in one zone identified as Naushera Bahadur, the BJP candidate has been declared elected. Out of eight zones in Dhariwal blocks four Independents have been declared elected. Two Congress nominees and an SAD (B) nominee have been elected.

HOSHIARPUR: Out of 185 zones of 10 Block Samitis of the district, results of 121 zones of Panchayat Samitis have been declared till the filing of this story. The Congress has secured 71 zones the SAD (B) 25, Independent 20, the BJP 2 and the CPI 2. Ten candidates of the Congress and one of the SAD (B) have already been elected unopposed in the district.

In Zila Parishad election, results of four seats have been declared so far. The Congress and the SAD (B) have bagged two seats each. Out of 21 zones of Zila Parishad, election at 18 were held. Two candidates of the Congress and an Independent have been declared elected unopposed.

DORAHA: Nine candidates of the Congress and six of the SAD have won the block samiti elections of Doraha out of a total of 15 zones. According to Mr Sucha Singh Mast, SDM, Payal, the zonewise results are as under:

zone-1, Rampur, Mr Harbans Singh (Congress); zone-2, Begowal, Ms Raj Kaur (Congress); zone-3, Kaddon, Mr Major Singh (SAD); zone-4, Barmalipur, Mr Gurdial Singh (Congress); zone-5, Maksoodra, Mr Gurmit Singh (Congress); zone-6, Buani, Mr Salminder Singh (CPI-Congress); zone-7, Rajgarh, Mr Harnek Singh (SAD); zone-8, Bilaspur, Ms Paramjit Kaur (SAD); zone-9, Katari, Ms Parkash Kaur (Congress); zone-10, Ghaloti, Mr Amrik Singh (SAD); zone-11, Ghudani Kalan, Ms Mandeep Kaur (SAD); zone-12, Dhamot, Mr Baljit Singh (Congress); zone-13, Jargari, Mr Amarjit Singh (SAD); zone-14, Sihora, Mr Tejpal Singh (Congress); zone-15, Jandiala,Ms Amar Kaur (Congress).

FEROZEPORE: Out of 10 blocks, results of 4 have been declared in favour of the Congress. In rest of the six blocks, it is going ahead of the SAD-BJP looking forward for a clean sweep in all blocks.

While in the Zila Parishad elections, out of the 22 zones, results of nine have been declared. All nine of have been won by the Congress. Further, in rest of the 13 seats, it is going ahead in 11 zones.

According to Mr D.K. Tiwari, Deputy Commissioner, the results of Ferozepore, Khuian Sarvar, Guru Har Sahai and Mamdot block samitis have been declared. In Ferozepore block, out of 15 seats, the Congress has bagged 15 while the BJP managed to secure only two leaving the rest five in the hands of Independents.

In Mandot, the Congress has won all 15 seats while in Guru Har Sahai it secured 17 out of the 18 seats. One seat has been won by the CPI. In Khuian Sarvar block, the Congress has won 21 out of 23 seats. One each has been won by BJP and an Independent candidate.

In Zila Parishad elections, the Congress has won all 9 declared out of 22 seats and is going ahead in another 11 zones. Mr Viajy Kumar from Sayyidwala zone, Mahinder from Panjkosi, Simar Singh from Kandhwala Amarkot and Baljit Singh from Balluana zones have been declared victorious. Sukhdev Singh from Bhagwanpura, Gurwant Kaur from Mamdot Uttarh, Jagdish Kaur from Karma, Sant Singh Brar from Guru Har Sahai and Harpreet Kaur from Panjeke Uttarh, all Congress candidates, have already been declared election to the Zila Parishad unopposed.

In Wazidpur Bhoma, repolling has been ordered in Kala Tiba village and in Sajrana zone repolling has been ordered in Sureshwala village. Reports received here revealed that ballot papers went missing in both villages.

ROPAR: The Congress has registed a landslide victory in the block Panchayat Samiti elections by capturing six Panchyat Samitis, out of seven namely Morinda, Nurpur Bedi, Majri, Anandpur Sahib, Kharar and Ropar, while the SAD succeded in winning only one Block Panchayat Samiti of Chamkaur Sahib in the district.

One candidate for the Zila Parishad’s Bharatgarh zone was elected unopposed earlier.

According to an official information, the Congress has won in 11 zones, out of 15 zones, in the Morinda Panchayat Samiti, while the SAD captured only three zones. An Independent candidate also emerged victorious.

Out of 15 zones of Nurpur Bedi block Panchayat Samiti, the Congress has made a clean sweep by winning 13 zones while the SAD and Independent candidates have won in one zone each. In the Majri Panchayat Samiti, the Congress has captured 10 zones (out of 15 zones while the SAD and Independent candidates have won two zones each. In the Majri Panchayat Samiti, one zone has been captured by the SAD (A). In Anandpur Sahib Panchayat Samiti (out of 20 zones) the Congress has emerged victorious in 16 zones, Independents in three zones and the SAD in one zone. In the Ropar Panchayat Samiti’s 17 zones, the Congress and the SAD have won nine and eight zones, respectively. In 25 zones of the Kharar Samiti, the Congress, Independents and SAD won 14, 10 and one zone, respectively.

However, the SAD captured the Chamkaur Sahib block Panchayat Samiti by winning 10 zones (out of 15 zones) while the Congress won in only four zones. An independent candidate has won in the Chamkaur Sahib Panchayat Samiti.

AMRITSAR: The Congress is leading with at least 120 seats, out of 180 results declared for the Panchayat Samiti elections. According to the PRO Department, 48 seats have been won by the SAD while Independents have been able to garner 12 seats. The total number of seats in Panchayat Samiti are 283, while results of 38 were declared elected unopposed. Out of 25 dozens of zila parishad, results of seven have been declared so far. Four seats have been won by the Congress while the SAD has won three seats.

NAWANSHAHR: So far, results of nine seats of Zila Parishad and 69 seats of Panchayat Samiti have been declared. The Congress and the BSP have won seven and two Zila Parishad seats, respectively. While out of 69 Panchayat Samiti results the Congress has won 11 seats, the SAD 15, the BSP five and Independents eight seats. Except Saroya block, in which the Congress has only won two seats, out of the 12 results declared so far, the Congress has almost swept the elections in other blocks, which included Nawanshahr, Aur, Banga and Balachaur.

LUDHIANA: The Congress maintained its lead in the Zila Parishad and Panchayat Samiti elections by bagging 73 samitis as compared to 41 won by the SAD. The Congress also won five of the 12 Zila Parishad seats. In Khanna, the SAD failed to win a single seat. Of the 16 seats, 14 were begged by the Congress while two were bagged by Independents. In Samrala, the Congress won 11 and the SAD bagged three seats while one was won by an Independent. In Pakhowal, the Congress won eight seats while the SAD and Independents won four each.

In Sudhar, the Congress won in 11blocks while four were won by the SAD. In Ludhiana-1, the Congress won seven seats while the SAD won 11. In Ludhiana-2, the ruling party and the Opposition won five seats each. In Jagraon, the Congress and the SAD won three seats each. In Raikot, Congress won six and SAD one seat while three Independents were successful.

In Zila Parishad results, the Congress bagged the Binjal, Lalheri, Sarabha, Sudhar and Narangwal parishads. The SAD won the Baddowal parishad.


Repoll ordered in 18 booths
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, June 10
Taking cognisance of reports of booth capturing and technical mistakes, the State Election Commissioner, Mr C.L. Bains, has ordered the repoll pertaining to Zila Parishad and Block Samiti elections in 18 polling booths. This has been done in the case of Jalandhar, Muktsar, Patiala and Ferozepore districts.

The Commission has stopped the counting of the votes in the zones where repoll is to be held.

In rural Punjab, polling was held yesterday to elect 2,483 members of Block Samitis and 281 of Zila Parishads. Following reports of booth capturing and use of force, the Akalis had boycotted the elections at a number of places.

In Jalandhar district, repoll has been ordered in 15 booths while in the remaining three districts repoll would be conducted in one booth each. Mr Bains told TNS that the Deputy Commissioners concerned had been told to conduct the re-poll by June 12.

In Jalandhar district , wrong distribution of voter lists and wrong printing of election symbols of two Left parties created a problem in holding the polling yesterday and hence the repoll. Mr Bains said that he had asked the Deputy Commissioner to find out at what level the mistake regarding wrong printing of party symbols was committed and the responsibility of the officer concerned should be fixed.

Likewise, the responsibility should also be fixed regarding the wrong distribution of the electoral rolls in certain polling stations to the polling staff, Mr Bains said.

However, in Ferozepore, Muktsar, and Faridkot, the repoll has been ordered following reports of booth capturing and other mischiefs submitted by the Deputy Commissioners concerned. Mr Bains said that he had acted upon the complaints he had received.

When asked about the deletion of names of a large number of voters at various places, Mr Bains said that he had ordered inquiry into the Chhatt village case of Patiala district. The Deputy Commissioner had been asked to submit his report after fixing the responsibility. He said that he had received the report that a number of pages were detached from the voter list of Chhatt village.

It may be mentioned that the former Finance Minister, Capt Kanwaljit Singh, alleged yesterday that the names of over 20,000 voters were missing from the electoral rolls in his Banur constituency alone.

In fact, Mr Bains said that he had asked all the Deputy Commissioners to supply him the voter lists of 1998,1999 and the latest ones which were revised before May 30. This had been done to check the difference of names in these lists. He said it would help to find out whether the names from the latest revised electoral rolls were deliberately omitted.

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