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Monday, June 17, 2002

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Initiating children into digital world
Jayant Murty


IN today's modern world, everything is going digital - from phones and cameras to camcorders and music. Information Technology literacy is becoming essential for every child as digital music, video and multimedia are becoming essential tools for education and online communication with family and friends.

E-meditation, cyber hypnosis and online yoga
Kavita Devgan
OU are invited to take a break...relax and de-stress!' invites the homepage of www.relax-online.com. And this is not the only Website offering option for rest and relaxation. In its new avatar, the Internet is overflowing with sites offering relief from stress.

There is hope after crash
Vipul Verma
OR computer users certain five-letter words could spell nightmare. Consider these five-letter words for example, "crash" and "virus". Are these not horrifying words? They could give tremors to any computer user as they mean serious danger to your computer and especially to the precious data stored on it.

Scott Carson, senior vice president of Boeing, displays a laptop with wireless broadband capability
Scott Carson, senior vice president of Boeing, displays a laptop with wireless broadband capability while aboard a Boeing 737 jetliner in Seattle, Washington. Boeing and British Airways announced they will offer inflight e-mail and Internet access to passengers for a three month trial period in early 2003 by using tehnology called Connexion by Boeing. Passengers will have wireless and plug-in ethernet access and DC power via an accessory seat box such as the one seen at the bottom centre of Carson's seat on Boeing's test airplanes. Reuters

Writing right could be your flight
Sumesh Raizada
N past few years there has been a sudden boom in the telecommunications and electronics market with products like mobile phones, pagers, PDAs, personal computers and related hardware like printers, modems, scanners flooding them.

Police to have access to e-mails
Kamal Ahmed
ILLIONS of personal e-mails, other Internet information and telephone records are to be made accessible to the police and intelligence services in a move that has been denounced by critics as one of the most wide-ranging extensions of state power over private information.

IBM's millipede conceived over beer
ESEARCHERS at IBM Corp. announced last week the development of an ultra-dense storage technology that resembles the old computer punch cards - except that the latest version shrinks the perforations to a molecular scale.

TSMC's tiny transistor
AIWAN Semiconductor Manufacturing Co said last week it had made a working microchip using a transistor one-tenth the size of those made with the most advanced production technology available.

Domain key hidden to prevent govt meddling
Brendan Boyle
HE administrator of South Africa's Web addresses said he had hidden the key to the country's ".ZA" domain network abroad to prevent any government interference in access to the Internet.


HMT manager, Oracle professional
FTER the crown of being the first Oracle Certified Associate - Data Base Administrator for Oracle 9i (OCA) in the region was wrested by a Ludhiana boy, Chandigarh-lad Sandeep Mahajan has added another feather to the region's cap.

Click and follow geese
IRD lovers with a bent for tracking the progress of migrating geese can monitor a flock's every flap from Ireland to the Canadian Arctic by logging onto the Internet from the comfort of their own homes.

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