Saturday, June 22, 2002  

Help-less no longer!
Chetna Banerjee


THE proverbial Man Friday, nay the domestic odd-job man, is being edged out of urban households like never before. In an almost imperceptible yet significant development, the indispensable errand boy, considered the ' jack of all chores ', has almost been rendered redundant in those very households where he once reigned supreme. Instead, his role is being taken over by more and more private organisations.

Help-less no longer!

Magnificent havelis of Nangal-Sirohi
Ranbir Singh
ANGAL-SIROHI is nine km from Mahendragarh towards Narnaul. This is in the south of Haryana, which is still full of wild shrubs, vast expanses of sand and dust storms as also hospitable and lovable people.

Can science uphold the belief in rebirth?
Jupinderjit Singh
S rebirth possible? Are there any scientific bases for believing in rebirth? Since time immemorial, man has been struggling to find a solution to this mystery but conclusive evidence has thus far eluded him.

From film stars to politicians, they have all eaten his pans!
Sanjay Austa
ASTE my pan once, and you cannot resist coming for more", claims 82-year-old Shiv Narayan Pandey, Delhiís popular panwallah. And true to this boast, his tiny shop in Connaught Place has been the favourite stop for celebrities and the pan connoisseurs down the years.

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