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Monday, June 24, 2002

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You’ve got Virus! Have You?

You’ve got Virus! Have You?

We panic whenever we get an e-mail warning about a virus. However, more often than not it could be a hoax. Roopinder Singh details ways of detecting such hoaxes.

A FEW days ago, I got a message in my e-mail box—a warning regarding a virus, sent by a well-meaning friend. It read: "There is a virus out now being sent to people via email...it is called the A.I.D.S. VIRUS. It will destroy your memory, sound card and speakers, hard drive and it will infect your mouse or pointing device…as well as your keyboards making what you type not able to register on the screen.

Brazil's answer to Silicon Valley
Marion Kaplan
HIS small and pretty town of 31,000 on the Sapucai River in southern Brazil was once dependent on that great but unreliable Brazilian staple - coffee - for its precarious prosperity.

Get ready for RoboCup
Masayuki Kitano
EAMS from Africa and Asia may have been the surprise of this year's World Cup but by the middle of the century robots could be calling the shots. That, at least, is the dream of the soccer-loving boffins who gathered in Fukuoka in southern Japan from June 19 to 23 - bang in the middle of the real thing - to watch their android creations battle it out for the RoboCup, an annual "soccer" event.


Reverse brain drain
Fredrick Noronha
KHTAR Badshah (47) is executive director and co-founder of the Digital Partners Global. Located at the World Trade Centre, Seattle, this is one of the development organisations being currently led by expat Indians, even as the country's brain drain shows some signs of reversing.

Use chassis fan to cool down your PC
Vipul Verma
IME is money. With changing times, some additions need to be made to this old saying. Now time and information is money. For the management of information we have the best resources in the form of computer. Since information also means money, so it is important to manage the computer well to get the best performance.

Design career with computers
Sumesh Raizada
HILE moving around in a market place, one might be awed to see readymade garments, toys or electronic goods with varied designs, colours, materials and costs flooding the market. As technology of design and manufacturing is getting advanced, different variations of product are offered to attract customers from different age and income groups.

Cyber cafes shut down in China
John Ruwitch
EIJING shut down Internet cafes around the city after a fire killed 24 persons at an unlicensed cyber cafe and state media branded Web games played at them a drug preying on China's youth. As college students hunted fruitlessly for a place to log on, some wondered whether Chinese authorities were covering up for their heavy-handedness in dealing with the popular Internet.

Tooth mobile
RITISH engineers say they have invented a revolutionary tooth implant that works like a mobile phone and would not be out of place in a James Bond spy movie.

Letters to Editor
Congratulations on century
ELCOME to the 100th edition of Log…in Tribune on June 24, 2002. Thanks to Log…in Tribune for conducting IT computer literacy in a more advanced manner. I am a regular reader of this supplement having collected 100 per cent of all editions.


Cyber kids
How a nuclear bomb works

Kids Chat
Rainwater harvesting! A billion dollar idea, literally

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