Saturday, June 29, 2002
W O R D  P O W E R

Brazen (bray’zn) — bold and defiant

Synonyms — audacious, immodest, blatant

Antonyms — cautious, prudent, tactful

— I cannot tolerate his brazen insolence.

Capricious (kap’preeshus) — showing sudden changes in attitude or behaviour.

Synonyms — fickle, inconstant, unpredictable

Antonyms — consistent, constant, expected

— Her capricious nature makes her difficult to work with.

Depleted (de-pleeted) — reduced the quantity, size, power or value of something.

Synonyms — consumed, exhausted, lessened

Antonyms — augmented, increased, enhanced

— The drought has depleted the stock of food.


(dor’mant) — not active or growing, although capable of it

Synonyms — inactive, inoperative, latent

Antonyms — active, lively, vigorous

— Certain plants lie dormant in a cold climate.

Emancipation (e-man-si-paysh’n) — to set somebody free from political legal or social restriction.

Synonyms — liberate, unfetter, discharge

Antonyms — bind, enslave, restrain

— Many women’s organisations are fighting for the emancipation of women.

Fastidious (fastiddi’us) — hard to please

Synonyms — fussy, finicky, demanding

Antonyms — relaxed, tolerant, lenient

— Our teacher is fastidious and refuses to accept any irregularity in the submission of work.


Match the first names of the novelists with their last names.


1. Jane a Dumas

2. Alexander b Bronte

3. Charlotte c Hardy

4. George d Austen

5. Agatha e Eliot

6. Thomas f Christie

Looking back

Ephemeral — means lasting for a very short time. A creature which has a very short life is the dayfly, which in Greek was called ephemera. This word gave rise to the word ephemeral.


Mind unemployed is a mind unenjoyed — Boyee

Score card

1d, 2a, 3b, 4e, 5f, 6c

— Illa Vij