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PU imposes total ban on ragging
Tribune News Service

Those found indulging in ragging can be punished with:

* Cancellation of admission.
* Suspension from attending classes.
* Suspension or expulsion from hostel.
* Expulsion from the institution for a period varying from one to four semesters.
* Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.
* Fine up to Rs 25,000.
* Rigorous imprisonment up to three years.

Chandigarh, July 12
Students found indulging in ragging at Panjab University can find themselves behind the bars up to a period of three years. The punishment is among 10 others on a list of possible penalties of the university in case anyone is detected indulging in ragging.

The formalities regarding the imprisonment will be worked out by a court of law only. Rest of the penalties can be sanctioned by the university independently. Prominent among other punishments are : fine upto R 25,000; expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution; rustication from the institution for periods varying one to four semesters; suspension or a possible expulsion from the hostel; and cancellation of admission.

A poster saying ‘Ragging in any form inside or outside the campus is banned’ is pasted on notice boards of various departments. The university has quoted the order on basis of a judgement of ‘the Supreme Court reported as Vishwa Jagriti Mission versus Central Government (2001)’.

Mr Harveer Singh, president of the Students Organisation of Panjab University, said ragging was of two kinds. One was where there was only a formal introduction of the juniors with their seniors. The juniors were asked to do a small pranks. There was no malice intended. It was only for fun and in a way installed more confidence among juniors.

Harveer Singh said the university in the recent past had also witnessed certain incidents of ragging where violence was involved. Such acts were unpardonable and the university should take strict action against the defaulters to set examples for others to follow.

A fellow of the university senate said the departments on its own should organise informal interaction among the students right at the beginning of an academic session. This would give them an opportunity to shed their inhibitions and get closer. This would reduce ragging. There was no harm in playful interaction where juniors were asked to do small pranks.

He said that, however, the seniors should be very clear that in case a junior was not willing to participate in their demanded activity, he should be let off without any pressure. If dealt with honour, a sizeable number of juniors would be more than willing to participate in the introductory sessions. The university, meanwhile, is serious in assuring implementation of the orders. In case of a teaching department the case should be brought to the notice of the chairman, while in a hostel the case needs to be reported to the warden.


PU admission schedule
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, July 12
Panjab University has declared the schedule for admission and interviews to M.Sc botany (honours school) and MA part I (English) for the academic session 2002-2003.

The Department of Botany has scheduled interviews and admission to M.Sc (honours school), first year, for July 17 at 9.30 a.m. while admission to M.Sc (honours school) first year, for foreign, NRI, NRI sponsored, industry-sponsored students will be held on the same day at 3 p.m.

Interviews to MA-I (English), general category, will be held in the department at 9 a.m. on July 15, and for the reserved category on July 16.

Meanwhile, Panjab University has declared the results of the following examinations held during April-May 2002: Bachelor of Law-Ist semester, Diploma in Chinese, M.Sc (Maths) part I, Advanced Diploma in Chinese, B.Sc (honours school), Microbiology Ist year, M.Sc (honours school) microbiology first year (annual).

The copies of the gazette are available at the main inquiry counter of the university on all working days during office hours for personal consultation by the candidates only. Telephonic enquiries will not be attended to.



B.Sc introduced at Mohali college
Kulwinder Sangha

SAS Nagar, July 12
In response to a long-standing demand, B.Sc classes have been introduced for the first time in 17 years at Government College here.

The college was started in 1984 at Dara Studios and shifted to its present campus, opposite the Civil Hospital, in Phase VI in 1986.

The college authorities had been making efforts in the past to get BSc classes started but to no avail. In May this year again the college authorities approached the government to allow the institution to begin the classes. A five-member team headed by Mr S.P.S. Virdi, Dean, College Development Council, Punjabi University, Patiala, visited the college on July 8. It gave verbal approval for the introduction of the classes and a written order to this effect is expected soon.

Advertisements are being given to fill 60 seats at the B.Sc (medical and non-medical) level. However, 15 seats have already been filled, Mr J.P. Garg, college principal said today.

Mr Garg said that some of the paraphernalia for starting B.Sc classes had existed in the college. The teaching faculty was already there. Science labs for classes at the plus one and plus two level were also there. Now some new equipment had been added to the laboratories. More books were also being purchased for the college library in this regard.

In the commerce category at the plus one level 20 out of a total of 60 seats have been filled. In the case of arts group 50 out of 100 seats and in the science category 60 out of 80 seats had been filled at the plus one level. A list of selected candidates for the 90 seats of B.Com part I had been displayed. As many as 13 of the 20 seats for B.Sc (home science) had also been filled. A greater rush for admissions is witnessed at the college after all the colleges at Chandigarh close their admissions.

Seats for science classes at the plus one and plus two level were likely to be increased this year.


PUDA gives 43 plots as alternative sites
Likely to incur loss of Rs 4 crore
Chitleen K Sethi
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, July 12
What might lead to a whopping loss of Rs 4 crore to the Punjab Urban Development Authority (PUDA), as many as 43 residential plots were given away as alternative sites to plot holders of 1997, pending possession due to the non-feasibility of these plots.

In 1997, the allotees had bought plots at rates much lower than what the rates are now, and for those who got new sites from PUDA today it is a neat profit of at least Rs 2000 per square yard.

These 500 square yard residential plots had been the cause of a large number of litigations against PUDA. Sources state that the decision to grant alternative sites to these allotees was the result of a long-drawn battle among various officials in PUDA, probably keeping in mind the high loss involved. However, the decision was ultimately taken considering that the loss would be more in case these allotees continue to involve PUDA in litigations which could also lead to penalisations of serious nature.

Twenty five of these 43 plots originally allotted by PUDA were part of a housing society which had, according to sources, given permission to PUDA to acquire their land and cut plots out of it and selling them, later approached the courts for help and stayed the whole process. PUDA had by then already sold these plots but as the society refused to accept the acquisition money from PUDA, they did not allow the allotees to take possession of these plots.

According to sources, the rest of the plots were where the allotees had not taken possession, claiming that construction could not take place on their plots. Agreeing that some of these plots were not in a condition where construction could take place, at least not without extra effort and costs borne by the allottee to make it good enough for construction, the PUDA authorities state that as per rules, PUDA is obliged to sell plots which are in a condition on which construction can take place. Sources also state that some of these plots were on land with trenches, shushes even village ponds.

When contacted, the Additional Chief Administrator, PUDA, Yashvir Mahajan said ‘‘If I am charging for a developed piece of land, I am obliged to give a habitable plot, ready for construction.’’

Sources also state that these 43 plots have been given away from the 60 plots recently advertised for sale, the draw of lots for which was scheduled for May 15 but was postponed.


Panchkula attracts top offices of the state
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service


* Four state departments — Department of Education, Technical Education, Directorate of Lotteries and Agro Industries Corporation — have been allotted sites in Panchkula.
* About four other departments have made advanced deposits for getting a site here.
* Sinchai Bhavan building complete; Irrigation Department shifts here.
* More than 35 government departments, including boards and corporations, now have offices in Panchkula.

Panchkula, July 12
The Haryana Government is adding onto its infrastructure in Panchkula by making it almost like a second capital. A number of departments are planning to shift offices here.

The Department of Town and Country Planning has allocated at least four sites to different departments here, while several other departments have deposited advance payments to the department or Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) for allocating suitable sites in the township. More than 35 state departments, including boards and corporations, already have their offices in the township.

Official sources informed that sites have been recently allotted to the Department of Education, Directorate of Technical Education, Haryana Agro Industries Corporation and Directorate of Lotteries. Construction work on these buildings is likely to begin soon and these departments are expected to shift their offices here within the next two years.

It is also learnt that a number of departments, including the state police and Haryana Public Service Commission(HPSC), have made deposits with HUDA. Process is under way to allot land to these two departments soon. While Haryana Police Headquarters already has its building in Sector 6 here, it plans to set up another office in Sector 25 here.

Officials in the Estate Office here informed that the HPSC had earlier been allotted a site but had later decided to go in for a bay site as it would not require the institutional site identified by HUDA. Rumours are the commission is trying to get some space in the Sinchai Bhavan itself so as to shift its offices here.

The Irrigation Department is also shifting its offices to Sinchai Bhavan here. This newly-constructed building will be inaugurated later by the Chief Minister. This building has been constructed under a World Bank project. 


Panel refuses to discuss water tariff hike
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 12
The Water Supply and Sewage Committee here today refused to consider the doubling of water charges and tripling of the sewerage cess, indicating an ‘’open mind’’ if the administration honoured its promises.

The committee, which met here today under the chairmanship of Mr Kuldeep Singh, refused to discuss the matter with the Congress leader in the House, Mr Subhash Chawla, saying: ‘’We were promised matching grants before agreeing to the property tax and paid parking but nothing was done.’’

A nominated member favoured the official proposal and another sought to find fault with the slab system but Mr Chawla torpedoed the official proposal.

The committee, however, later passed all other 12 agendas approving Rs 13 lakh for buying equipment to test 100 water samples at a time, Rs 5 lakh for a booster in Sector 21, Rs 14 lakh for a tube-well in Ram Darbar and Rs 21 lakh for road gullies in Sectors 27, 22 and 21.

The official lobbying, however, continued after the committee refused to consider the hike.

The Municipal Commissioner, Mr M.P. Singh, and the Chief Engineer, Mr V.K. Bharadwaj, met the Mayor, Ms Lalit Joshi, to consider the proposal as the water supply alone was causing a loss of Rs 16 crore to the corporation.

Briefing about the two meetings, Mr Chawla told Chandigarh Tribune that the losses had not accumulated ever since the Congress assumed power.

Mr Chawla said: ‘’We were open to consider proposals for collecting revenues to directly improve the services to the people but the administration by going back on its word of giving a matching grant and even effecting a Rs 13-crore cut in the budget has robbed the party of its dream of developing the city.’’

He said the administration could not expect the party to make up for the losses caused by its decisions and paying the salaries of employees.

The Congress leader said the ball was now in the administration’s court and if the cuts and denials of matching grant continued, the party would not consider a single proposal of hike.


HC issues notice of motion
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 12
A Division Bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court today issued notice of motion on a petition filed by a Naya Gaon resident, Dr B. Singh, seeking 50 per cent reimbursement of costs incurred while fixing high security number plates whenever available to the general public.

The petition, taken up by the Bench, comprising Mr Justice S.S. Nijjar and Ms Justice Kiran Anand Lall, assumes significance as the vehicle owners, forced to pull out precious money for getting the background changed from black to white, will again have to pay for getting the high security plates fixed whenever they are available.

In his petition, Dr B. Singh, meanwhile, stated that the UT Home Secretary, in compliance with the high court orders, passed a speaking order claiming that he was following the instructions on number plates issued by the Union of India.

It may be recalled that the high court, while disposing of his petition filed by the Naya Gaon resident on the issue, had directed the Union of India, the UT Home Secretary and other respondents to “pass appropriate speaking order” within four weeks on the petitioner’s letter requesting them to make an announcement regarding non-challaning of vehicles till “high security number plates were available”.

In his petition, Dr B. Singh had earlier contended that the Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways had earlier made a statement that the date for computer fitting of “high security number plates” on existing vehicles had been postponed to March 1, 2005. However, the date for changing the colour scheme was still June 30 forcing the vehicle owners to change the background of the registration plates from black to white, which was not in conformity with law.


Narcotics bureau warning to travellers
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 12
The Zonal Narcotics Control Bureau based here has alerted people travelling to Saudi Arabia that they should not carry any bag, gifts and pieces of luggage to Saudi Arabia without being satisfied with the contents.

Mr Rakesh Goyal Zonal Director, NCB, said the Saudi Arabian embassy in New Delhi had informed the NCB headquarters in Delhi that some people had been caught while unknowingly and inadvertently carried drugs. In the past few years Indian nationals apprehended with drugs in Saudi Arabia have been executed by the Saudi Arabian authorities.

Carrying drugs is a capital offence in that country thus the executions. Investigations into these cases have revealed that some of those executed may have been innocent job seekers who had unknowingly carried drugs with them. In some instances suitcases, bags, shoes or other such articles were handed over to the arrested persons by recruitment agencies or travel agents who had arranged their visas.

Mr Goyal cautioned passengers not to accept gifts from travel agents or anybody else. If carrying something they should be sure about the contents.


Biomedical waste disposal project opened
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 12
The Punjab Governor and Administrator, UT, Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd), inaugurated the Biomedical Waste Management and Vermiculture Project at Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), here today.

The project has been completed within a record period of one month, at a very low cost. The GMCH on an average produces 1.5 kg of waste from each admitted patient, making the daily waste output of about 600 kgs of biomedical waste. With the implementation of this project, the GMCH will be able to dispose of all waste, including biomedical waste like dressing material, body parts, syringes, needles and surgical blades, plastic waste and garbage, in a safe manner.

The Medical Superintendent, Dr Raj Bahadur, during the presentation stated that this practice was significant in view of this era of AIDS and spread of other contagious diseases like hepatitis by recycling of infected needles and syringes.

Under this project, the hospital has procured different coloured bags as per international practice. While yellow bins will be used for biomedical waste, blue colored bins for plastic waste, red bins for sharps and black bins for garbage. The waste will be segregated and then transported separately to avoid mixing.

Among others who present on the occasion were Ms Neeru Nanda, Adviser to the Administrator, Prof S.B.S. Mann, Director Principal, GMCH, and Mr Puranjit Singh, Chief Engineer, UT.


Association flays DPI’s decisions
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, July 12
Members of the UT Employees Welfare Association today held a meeting in protesting against the transfer policy adopted by the DPI (Colleges), Chandigarh, for transferring ministerial cadre employees in schools and colleges. Nearly 34 leaders of various organisations attended the meeting.

Alleging that the DPI (Colleges) is not following any criteria or transfer policy while transferring the employees, Mrs Harjinder Jawandha strongly criticised this move. She said the transfers were made at the whim of a few higher officials of the DPI (Colleges) office and also alleged that the absence of a regular DPI is one of the main reasons for ill functioning of the department.

They urged the Adviser, Chandigarh to cancel the transfers and direct the DPI to formulate specific policy on this matter.


Tribune scribe killed in road accident
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh/Kurukshetra, July 12
Mr Rajendra Sharma, Principal Correspondent, The Tribune, died in a road accident near Pipli on the Chandigarh-Delhi highway this morning. His wife, Sulakshna Sharma, who was accompanying Mr Sharma, was injured seriously. She has been admitted to Government Medical College and Hospital, Sector 32, Chandigarh.

Mr Sharma was returning from Delhi with his family in a car when the accident occurred. Mr Sharma probably died on the spot. He was rushed to Nagpal Nursing Home, at Kurukshetra, where he was declared brought dead. Travelling with Mr Sharma were his wife, Mrs Sulakshna Sharma, his son Mr Nitish Sharma and his brother-in-law, Mr Satish.

According to the police a vehicle scraped against Mr Sharma’s car on the right side and sped away.

The police in Kurukshetra said sensing some noise from within the car, driver of the car applied the brakes. A Tata Sumo crashed against Mr Sharma’s car causing the car to skid. At the same time, a truck following the Tata Sumo struck dragging the two vehicles onto the road divider.

The body of Mr Sharma was handed over to his relatives after a post-mortem at Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Narayan Hospital, Kurukshetra.

The police has registered a case against the drivers of the Tata Sumo as well as the truck involved in the accident under Sections 279, 337, 304A and 427 of the IPC. However, both have absconded.

Mr Sharma had joined The Tribune in 1964 at Ambala. He was cremated in Chandigarh this evening. The cremation was attended by members of the editorial and administrative staff of The Tribune Trust, and friends. The Editor, The Tribune, Mr Hari Jaisingh, laid a wreath on body. Wreaths were also placed by the Additional General Manager, The Tribune Trust, Mr O.P. Arora, the Deputy Editor, Mr L.H. Naqvi and the Chief News Editor, Mr Donald Banerjee. A wreath was placed by Mr Balbir Singh Jandu, President of The Tribune Employees Union. The union will hold a condolence meeting in the office on Saturday at 3.30 p.m.

The Punjab Governor Lieut-Gen J.F.R. Jacob (retd) expressed shock and grief at the untimely death of Mr Sharma. The Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh expressed profound grief and sorrow over the demise of Mr Sharma. Minister of Information and Broadcasting Sushma Swaraj also condoled the death, according to a report from Delhi.

At the cremation ground wreaths were placed on behalf of the Haryana Government and the Haryana Governor. A wreath was also placed on behalf of the Chandigarh Press Club. The club was closed as a mark of respect to the departed soul. A condolence meeting will be held on the club premises on July 14 at 10 a.m to pay tributes to the former member.

The Tribune Journalists’ Guild, Chandigarh, mourned the untimely death of Mr Sharma. The guild conveyed its heartfelt sympathies to the family members and prayed for the early recovery of Mrs Sharma.

Meanwhile, the Haryana Accredited Press Reporters Union, expressed shock over the sudden and untimely demise of Mr Sharma.

Three persons, who were travelling in the Tata Sumo also sustained injuries. The three — Mr Harbhajan Singh, his wife, Mrs Kaushal Kumari and Mr Rajender Kumar — were given first aid in a Kurukshetra hospital and discharged.


O -ve blood needed
Tribune News Service

Chandimandir, July 12
The Command Hospital here is in urgent need of O negative blood group. Volunteers can contact the blood bank of Command Hospital, (Western Command) in , Chandi Mandir. The phone numbers are 867573, 867577, 867573 and 867577.


Youth arrested for raping minor
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 12
The Chandigarh Police has arrested a 26-year-old youth of Palsora colony for allegedly kidnapping and raping a 14-year-old girl of the same colony. According to the information available, the youth, Bakahar Kahn and eloped with the girl on June 16.

A police official said the minor girl had been recovered. After getting her medical examination, a case under Sections 363, 366 and 376 of the IPC has been registered at the Sector 39 Police Station.

Dowry cases: Four separate cases of dowry have been registered by the Chandigarh Police. According to the information available, Ms Punam, a resident of Sector 22, complained to the police that she was being harassed by her husband and in-laws. A case has been registered.

In another case, Ms Renu Sharma, a resident of Sector 26, complained to the police that her husband, Sukhjivan and her in-laws had harassed her for bringing insufficient dowry. In yet another case, Rachpal Kaur, a resident of Jalandhar, complained that she was harassed by her husband, Inderjit Singh of Maloya village and was pressurised to bring more dowry. In the fourth case, the police has booked Ashwani Sharma for harassing his wife, Anupama for bringing insufficient dowry.

Two vehicles stolen: Mr SM Sehgal, a resident of Sector 37, reported that someone had stolen his car from Sector 35. In another case, Krishan Singh, a resident of Sector 7, complained that his Hero Honda motorcycle was stolen from Sector 9 market.


Car thieves held: The police has arrested two car thieves — Pawan Kumar and Raj Kumar last night. It is learnt that they were members of a gang of thieves led by Bijendra and Pradeep — who were arrested by the police last month. A car ( HR-20G- 4306) and a Tata Sumo ( HR-55- 3183) were recovered from Rohtak and Bhiwani respectively. They were presented before a local court today and were sent to judicial remand till July 20.


Gardener held for carrying firearm
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 12
A gardner in the Chandigarh Forest Department was today arrested by the CIA branch of Chandigarh Police while carrying a .12 bore country-made rifle and three live cartridges near Sukhna Lake end, adjoining Saketri village here.

The suspect, Nobat Singh, a resident of Madanpura in Saketri, was walking towards the lake when the CIA team led by Inspector Satbir apprehended him. A case under the Arms Act has been registered against him. The possibility of the weapon having been used for hunting wild animals in the forest area around Saketri has not been ruled out. But the police officials say that a clear picture would emerge only after the interrogation of the suspect.

Though the suspect claimed that the weapon was given to him by his late friend, Dharmender, ten years ago, the police suspected that he was trying to mislead them. From the condition of the gun it appeared that it was being serviced regularly. He would be produced before the Duty Magistrate tomorrow for seeking police remand, said a police official. 


Separate cases registered in death of 2 youths
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 12
The Chandigarh Police today registered two separate cases in connection with the death of a 20-year-old auto-mechanic of Mauli Jagroan and a 32-year-old worker at a sweet shop in Industrial Area.

According to information available, the auto-mechanic, Phool Chand, had died due to excessive beating by his employer, Shiv Shankar. A case of culpable homicide not amounting to murder has been registered against Shiva Shankar, who is said to be absconding.

Investigations by TNS in the case had revealed that the victim had died at the PGI, Chandigarh. However, the police had claimed that it was informed about the death of the victim after the body had been taken to Radouli village, falling in Ambedkar Nagar of Uttar Pradesh. A case of murder is already registered at the Mali police station in Uttar Pradesh.

Phool Chand — a resident of Charan Singh Colony — had died on the night of July 4. The body was brought to the house of the victim’s employer at H. No 955 in Charan Singh Colony in Mauli Jagroan, Mani Majra. A friend of the victim, Ram Vant, said he had gone to the Mauli Jagroan police post to inform about the death at about 3 am. But the employer who had allegedly beaten Phool Chand hired a Tata Sumo at around 4.30 am to take the body to his native village.

An ASI along with Ram Maran Gupta went to the native place on July 7. The local police asked the Uttar Pradesh police not to dispose of the body without post-mortem. The body, buried along Majavi river, was exhumed and post-mortem was done. A case was registered by the Uttar Pradesh police on the statement given by victim’s father, Harpal, who said that his son had been poisoned to death. A case under Sections 304 and 120-B of the IPC has been registered at the Mani Majra police station.

In the second case, a case under Sections 304-A and 342 of the IPC has been registered against Mr Mukesh Kumar, the owner of Jai Bharat Sweets, Industrial Area, Phase 1, for causing death of his servant, Vinod Kumar (32), due to negligence and wrongful confinement.

The victim, who was working at the sweet shop for the past 10 years, had died due to delayed medical help. The fellow workers of the victim had alleged that the owner of the shop had locked it from outside and came after six hours to open the lock. The residents of Colony No. 4 had protested against the owner of the shop in hushing up the matter. The owners of the shop had claimed that the workers had the key of a back door.

A case under Sections 304-A and 342 of the IPC has been registered.


5 held for immoral trafficking
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, July 12
The police arrested five persons, including four women, on charges of immoral trafficking late last night. It is learnt that the police had received secret information regarding the operations of this gang on which it raided the premises where three young girls aged between 19 and 25 had been brought by two pimps.

The two pimps, Anurag also called ‘aunty’ and Rakesh Kumar, had been involved in trafficking girls to houses in Chandigarh and Panchkula since past two years. While two of the girls caught are unmarried, one is married with two children. Two of them belong to Ludhiana, while the third hails from a village near Kolktta.

During their interrogations, the police learnt that one of the Ludhiana girls, whose father had died, was coaxed into this profession by her neighbours who also informed her about ‘aunty’, and had been in this profession since past six months. The other girl from Ludhiana, who is married and has been left by her husband, confessed to have been in this profession since past two years. The third girl from a village near Kolktta had been brought from there by a Jalandhar-based pimp, Bittu, who introduced her to Anurag alias aunty. According to the police, the leader of the gang was Anurag, who was once married and was having a live-in relationship with Rakesh Kumar. She had a Maruti car and kept in touch with her customers through a mobile phone. Among her customers included some of the rich young men of Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Delhi. Rakesh Kumar had come in contact with one of the three girls caught. After his introduction with Anurag, he too started working for the gang.

The SAS Nagar police has registered a case against the five under Sections 4, 5 and 8 of the Prevention of Immoral Traffic Act, 1956.


Inquiry marked
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 12
The Superintendent of Police has marked an inquiry into the death of a 40-year-old Executive Engineer of the Punjab Irrigation Department, who was found dead in his Sector 22 house on June 26. Earlier the police had initiated inquest proceedings under Section 174 of the Cr PC as no circumstantial evidence was found from the spot.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Central, has been asked to inquire into the matter. Sources in the police said the mother of the victim, Mrs Satyawati in a written complaint to the police authorities had alleged that her son had been killed by his wife and brother-in-law.

The 85-year-old mother of the victim in her statement given to the police said she had found a hand written note in her native house in Monakalan in Hoshiarpur district. A copy of the note in possession of the TNS reads that the victim had been threatened by his two brothers-in-law. The note was found on a page of diary of year 1985.

The victim in his note has mentioned the name of some other persons.

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