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Monday, July 15, 2002
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Green singer, evergreen songs
Amit Puri

Daler Singh Mehndi
Daler Singh Mehndi
Sun Sign:
August 18
Place :
Patna, Bihar
Top hits:
Bolo Ta Ra Ra, Ho Jaayegi Balle Balle, Tunak Tunak, Ek Dana, Tera Jalwa, Paisa

PUNJAB has produced many popular singers. Generally they donít get much popularity beyond Punjab. Daler Mehndi is the first Punjabi singer who got complete popularity in India and abroad. Daler is popular on all TV channel and his albums are available on all music stores around India and songs are heard around the world. No north Indian marriage is complete without his songs. He became popular with the release of his first album due to his different style of singing, dancing and his outfits. Daler was interested in music right since childhood. He ran away from home to take formal training in music from Ustaad Rahat Ali Khan Sahib of Gorakhpur. Dalerís favourite music stars are Mehdi Hassan, Begam Akhtar, Jagjit Singh and Ustad Rahat Ali Khan. Daler formed his own group in 1991. In 1995 he got his first major success with the release of Bolo ta ra ra ra that was based on a folk tune given by his mother.

Daler has won many awards. He secured Screen Videocon Award for Best Male Pop Singer 1997 (Ho jaygee balle balle), Channel Vís Best Male Pop Singer award 1996 (Bolo ta ra ra ra), Channel Vís Best Male Pop Singer award 1997 (Dardi rub rub), and ĎPride of Performanceí by British Royal Arts Academy, London 1998, he is the only Asian to receive this award in this century. The biggest achievement of Daler is that he has already sold than 40 lakh albums.

To spread awareness of music, environment, social issues and promotion of Daler Mehndi he created DM Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. Under this banner he produced and launched many albums. Apart from concentrating on his own career he is also doing some social reform activities now a days he is actively working to promote Green Drive. More than 3,00,000 trees have been planted till date and the number is growing. Other causes he has supported include rehabilitating the victims of the cyclone in Orissa, donation to the Kargil Fund and assisting in rehabilitating street children in Kenya.

Daler has also performed in movies also; he was first seen on the Big-screen with Big B in Mrityudaata (1997). The song, Sadde naal rahoge turned out to be a bigger hit than the film. The official site of Daler Mehndi is www.daler.com. DM Entertainment.Pvt.Ltd owns this site and it is made by Bros Communications. The site is available in Flash and HTML versions. Profile, Fanclub and Green drive are the sections of the site.


All famous songs of Daler Mehndi can be downloaded from this site. More than 30 songs are available in MP3 format. Nabi Buba Nabi, Bole Ni Bole, Bolo Ta Ra Ra, Boom Boom, Dardi Rab Rab Kardi, Dum Dum De, Har Taraf Tera Jalwa, Ho Jayegi Balle Balle, Hum Tere Hi, Ishq Da Charkha, Kis Ki Tamanna, Saade Dil Te Chhuriyan Chaliyan, Tera Mera Pyar, Tunak Tunak Tun, are some of his hit songs available on this page. This site is updated weekly and maximum of the links of the site are working. This site is developed, maintained and marketed by ZeenNet.com from United Kingdom.


This is a site made by a fan of Daler. Five songs in Real Media format are available for download. Apart from songs the fan has written a message for the visitors in which he had written how the singer impressed him and how he decided to make a page dedicated to Daler. Tunak tunak tun, Ho jayegi balle balle, Dardi rab rab, Wajah muskurane ki and Jalwaa are the songs available for the download, size of the files is also mentioned in front of the songs.

www.indiahits.com/nonmovie/e/ekdana.htm  and www.indiahits.com/remix/d/dalerremixx.html

Songs of Ek dana are available for listening online, songs cannot be downloaded. All songs are available in Real Media format. Donít forget to listen remix versions of few of Dalerís songs, which are available on the second link. Ho jayegi balle balle, Bole ni bole, Dardi rab rab, Sade dil te, Tere mere pyaar nu and Ukhli vich daana are the songs available in the remix.