Thursday, July 18, 2002, Chandigarh, India


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Kids get their ‘fundas’ right
Protest against ‘forcible’ occupation by seniors
Tribune News Service


 * The tiff between the two schools dates back to 1991 when the management of Dev Samaj decided to break up the schools into two institutions managed by two separate heads. Ms Urmil Sharma was entrusted with the junior wing while another person given the charge of the senior secondary wing. Ms Summati Kanwar took over as Principal almost four years back.

 * The junior wing has a student strength of 400 and 30 teachers while the senior secondary school has 900 students and 40 teachers.

 * In April 2000, the then DPI (Schools), Mr DS Saroya, carried out an inspection of the schools and pointed out violations in the junior wing. In his letter to the Estate Office, he had said that the management opened a model school at the premises without permission of the UT Education Department or the Estate Office. He added in his letter that a technical college had been started at the premises in violation of bylaws and temporary sheds erected.

 * It was also pointed out that the principal’s residence had been converted into a guest house and demanded that the Estate Office take immediate action against the violations.

 * The Assistant Estate Officer, Mr Ashwini Kumar, said that the Estate Office had been pursuing the case and had given one month’s time to the school to remove violation after which the plot would be resumed.

Chandigarh, July 17
Ugly scenes, clashes, allegations, counter-allegations and an agitation marked the morning at Dev Samaj School in Sector 21, here today. Later, the police was called in to keep soaring tempers of principals, staff and students in check and work out an amicable solution.

While students and staff of the ordinary school operating from the premises alleged they were stoned and abused, their counterparts in the model school claimed they were locked out and their classrooms occupied by deceit.

The drama began this morning when students of the model school found three of their classrooms occupied by those of the senior secondary school. Boycotting classes, these students held an agitation to lodge their protest and allegedly stoned students of the senior secondary school sitting in their rooms, breaking window panes in the process.

The manager of the two schools, Ms Satyawati, said that these students went to the extent of abusing her and the principal of the other school at the behest of their principal and staff.

‘‘When they began stoning the students of the ordinary school, we had no choice but to summon the police and bring the situation under control since anybody getting hurt would have been our responsibility,’’ she added.

Explaining her position, the Principal of the senior secondary school, Ms Summati Kanwar, said that the Estate Office had asked them to do away with constructions violating building bylaws at the school premises.

‘‘We have already started to comply with the orders of the Estate Office to ensure our plot is not resumed since they have given us one month’s time. Besides, according our building plan these rooms belong to us. We have not infringed upon anybody’s property,’’ she explained.

Meanwhile, the Principal, Ms Urmil Sharma, said that the manager of the school had asked them for keys of the classroom last evening on the pretext of checking rooms.‘‘Not suspecting any foul play, we gave them the keys only to discover that our furniture had been thrown out and their students were sitting in our classrooms,’’ she said.

She alleged that the senior secondary school had earlier ‘‘manipulated’’ a similar event to close down the polytechnic operating from the premises.‘‘Now, they want us out and are employing all sorts of tactics. In the garb of orders of the Estate Office, they are trying to push us out,’’ she said.

Trying to pacify the two parties, Deputy Superintendent of Police Surjit Singh, intervened to find an amicable solution but to no avail. While Ms Kanwar suggested that she was open to a merger of the two schools under which students and teachers would be absorbed unconditionally, Ms Sharma turned it down on grounds that an English model school could not be merged with an ordinary senior secondary school.


PU to streamline practical examination system
Common question paper mooted
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service


* PU plans a common centralised question paper for conduct of practical examination in all affiliated colleges of Panjab University

 * Regular periodical inspection of colleges to ensure a smooth conduct of classroom practical. This was important in the context that practical was a very ignored aspect at the moment.

 * The university is yet to decide on whether to appoint an external examiner for conduct of practical examination.

Chandigarh, July 17
In a significant step to give more credibility to the annual practical examination of courses at the undergraduate level, Panjab University is considering to have a common question paper for all affiliated colleges. A committee has already made a recommendation to this regard and the courses largely pertain to streams of medical and non-medical courses.

The university will give a ‘centralised’ question paper. This step will be a check on the colleges that conduct only a limited number of practicals during the conduct of the course. Besides ensuring maximum practicals during classes, the university will also give a very limited choice in the question paper to ensure greater care and concentration during the conduct of practical classes.

Generally lacking facilities in laboratories and a poor teaching-learning attitude with reference to the practical examination was a well-known fact in the colleges of the university. A senior teacher said a central question paper might not be a direct compulsion for the students to come to the classes. However, if the teachers became more serious in conduct of classes and examination, the exercise would assume a meaningful proportion.

Rajiv Dhanoa, plus two student, said he was not sure of what could happen to classroom attendance due to a changed format. He said students were less concerned about practical and even classroom teaching because they had to spend time outside the college campus for attending coaching classes for entry into engineering or medical colleges. Unless colleges started organising coaching classes, it was very difficult to hold the students back in classes.

Jai Pal Singh, another student, however, said the university proposal to have a common question paper was also a pressure on teachers to conduct all practical. However, greater effort was needed to encourage students to attend practical classes.

The committee has recommended continuous inspection of the colleges by university teams to ensure a smoother conduct of practical classes. These inspections are planned, besides the annual inspections. Regular inspections will not only point out the academic flaws but also upgrade the existing facilities.

The special committee, which has made the recommendations to strengthen the practical aspect of the academic curricula, included the Dean, University Instructions, Controller of Examination, Principal Tarsem Bahia, Principal Janmeet Singh, Mr Mukesh Arora and Mr Rabinder Nath Sharma.

The committee also took up the issue of appointing external examiners for conduct of the practical examination. However, no final decision could be taken and the matter was postponed for another meeting. It is pertinent to mention that the university had one time started appointing external examiners to give more credibility to the conduct of examination. It was pointed out that getting external examiners was not an easy task.

A senior teacher pointed out that science, in particular, without practical knowledge was meaningless and colleges heads should put their heads together to chalk out a workable action plan.


Landlord, tenant robbed; jewellery worth Rs 1.5 lakh stolen
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, July 17
In a daylight burglary, thieves decamped with jewellery worth Rs 1.5 lakh from two residential units of a house in Phase IX today morning here.

While the burglars took away Rs 5,80,000 worth of jewellery and Rs 8,000 cash from the house of the landlord, Mr Sarvdeep Singh, a doctor, the thieves took away jewellery worth Rs 90,000 from house of his tenant, Mr Palvinder Singh, who is living in a single room annexe on the first floor of this house with his wife. None of the occupants of the house were in the house when the burglary took place.

Mr Sarvdeep Singh has his practice in Gurdaspur and stays there for the most part of the month. He has a house here which is taken care of by his mother’s sister. He and his wife Navleen had come to SAS Nagar just a few days back to apply for a job for his wife.

‘‘I and my wife had gone to Sector 18 to submit some forms for my wife, We left at 10.30 am. When we got back at 11.45am we found that the main door of the house was latched from inside along with the lock that I had put from outside. We also noticed that the door leading to our tenant’s room was open. I immediately informed the police apprehending that someone might still be there inside. Then I went to inform the tenant’s wife who runs a beauty parlour nearby. She came and with the police we all entered the house’’ relates Mr Sarvdeep.

On entering they found that the house had been broken into and all goods were lying scattered in the houses. ‘‘The thieves had taken the jewellery and the money out of the suitcases which were in the almiras,’’says Dr Sarvdeep.

The tenant couple, Mr Palvinder and his wife Amandeep, had just moved into the house about a month back. Mr Palvinder works in Chandigarh. He reported to the police that the burglars took away gold worth Rs 90,000 from their room.

Dr Sarvdeep has also informed that ‘‘We had gone off to Ropar yesterday and probably someone was keeping a close watch on our activities and finding an opportunity today they struck. Maybe they thought that we will not come be back before the evening today also.’’

It has been found that the thieves got into the house from the back door of the main house and after having entered the house, used the only door to the tenant’s house from the main house to get there and broke their locks. The police is investigating the matter and has registered a case.


Youth’s death mystifies police
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
The city police seems perplexed over the death of 35-year-old Rajinder Singh, who died in the PGI at about 9.30 p.m. today. Even while the Industrial Area police personnel were still investigating the complaint lodged this morning by Rajinder Singh’s sister who alleged that his brother had been beaten up by some of his neighbours in Sector 29 a few days ago, the man died at PGI tonight.

According to police sources, Rajinder Singh, accompanied by his sister, came to the Industrial Area police station this morning to complain against some of his neighbours. The sources said while Rajinder Singh’s sister lodged a complaint, alleging that his neighbours had manhandled him on July 14 causing a serious injury in his right arm. He himself could not utter a word. He was, reportedly, heavily drugged and drunk.

The source added that Rajinder Singh’s elbow was injured and some massage cream had been applied on it. They further stated that the complainants did not mention the name of any particular neighbour who might have allegedly assaulted Rajinder Singh. Also, the wound on his elbow appeared to be old, as no fresh clots were visible.

Further, it was revealed that the police took Rajinder Singh to the Sector 16 General Hospital for an X-ray at about 11 a.m., from where he was referred to the PGI where he died at about 9.30 p.m. While the cause of death will be ascertained only after a post-mortem and viscera test is conducted, the man is presumed to have died due to poisoning.


Company offer to improve city roads
Sanjay Sharma
Tribune News Service


 * Cost can be reduced between 20 and 30 per cent and time for repair by 30 to 40 per cent.

 * Wraptech technology from Iran will be used.

 * Payment by the municipal corporation could be made in installments stretching to four years.

 * Company provides guarantee of five years on roads built by it.

Chandigarh, July 17
The city residents’ dream of silky roads, which was dashed with a low-budget allocation of Rs 3.8 crore against a need of Rs 15 crore, may be realised at no extra cost immediately through a financial package and a superior technology offered by a giant public sector construction company.

The construction giant, Engineering Projects (India) Limited, has revived the hopes of the people by offering to bring wraptech technology from Iran to reduce time of making roads by 30 to 40 per cent. The company has used this technology in Iran. The company has forwarded its proposal to the Municipal Commissioner, Mr M. P. Singh, through the Congress councillor, Mr Chander Mukhi Sharma.

The company is ready to build all roads immediately and payment could be made in installments stretching to four years, he said. The payment time schedule gives the corporation ample scope to make budget according to the payment schedule.

The technology can also bring down the cost of construction of roads by 20 to 30 per cent. The company is also ready to guarantee five-year life to the roads.

The offer seems to have been forwarded to the Finance Secretary, Mr Karan A. Singh, by the Municipal Commissioner. The major hitch in the acceptance of the offer will be that if such an offer was accepted, at least a 1,000-strong labour force of the Engineering Wing of the municipal corporation would be rendered workless for years.

The technology has solutions to the problem of roads where heavy traffic wears them out. The technology can also reduce the crest thickness and strengthen any type of soil to make roads sustainable for a long period.


Water eludes watery eyes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh today disconnected the water supply line to the Mani Majra cremation ground terming it ‘unauthorised’. The move was causing inconvenience to the residents who brought the bodies of their dead relatives for cremation here.

The caretaker of the cremation ground and vice-president of the Sanatan Dharam Kendriya Parishad, Mr Shabhunath Gupta, told Chandigarh Tribune that no water bill had ever been raised by the authorities for the past 10 years. He said the cremation grounds in Sector 25 and Panchkula were also getting free water supply.

The Municipal Corporation Chief Engineer, Mr V.K. Bharadwaj, said it was an ‘unauthorised’ connection and the body running the ground had been served a notice in this regard.

According to sources, the Mayor, Ms Lalit Joshi, has asked the Chief Engineer to find a solution to the problem.

However, Mr Bharadwaj maintained that the relaxation to continue the supply could be given for a week, if caretakers agreed to apply for a regular connection.


No troop pullout from border
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
There has been no lowering of guard or withdrawal of forces along the western frontier with Pakistan, says Lieut-General S.S. Mehta, Army commander of the crucial Western Army Command, based in Chandimandir, near here.

Whatever is appearing in a section of the media is not based on facts. There may have been a rotation of few units here and there; that’s all, stated General Mehta who took over as General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, in April. He was talking to mediapersons after presenting a Territorial Army banner to 105 Infantry Battalion of the Rajputana Rifles here this morning.

Shifting of units or interchanging their locations from along the border does not mean withdrawal of forces as these units are required to be shifted as per operational requirements. A unit may have been based in a tough location and needs to be rotated. This is being misconstrued in certain sections of the press, the General explained.

The Army has been deployed on the border with Pakistan since the attack on Parliament on December 13 last year as part of Operation Parakaram.

When asked if the 10-day war exercises being conducted by Pakistan along the border could have any impact on the region, the General said all this went on and did not mean that the entire Pakistan army would be in the field for this exercise.


TA deployed at Indo-Pak border
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
Close to 30,000 strong Territorial Army (TA), a body of voluntary part-time citizens serving in the Indian Army, has been deployed on active duty as part of the Operation Parakaram along the Indo-Pakistan border.

In the next seven to 10 years, the strength of the TA will be increased to make it a one lakh strong force. This was recommended by the TA Rules Committee in 1995 and later accepted by the Parliamentary Committee on Defence, informed Brig Rakesh Mehta, TA Group Commander, Western Command.

This morning, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Command, Lieut-Gen S.S. Mehta, presented the Western Command Territorial Army Banner to 105 Infantry Battalion (TA) Rajputana Rifles at TA Group Headquarters in Sector 8 here today. The banner was received by Major Vikram Singh in the presence of the unit Commanding Officer, Col KS Rathore, and TA Group Commander, Brig Rakesh Mehta, and Loeit-Col Vinod Joshi.

The 105 Inf BN (TA) Raj Rif has been the recipient of Western Command TA banner 10 times and the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) silver trophy four times since its raising. It has been awarded the Army Commander’s Banner for 2001-2002. 102 Inf Bn (TA) Punjab was the runner-up. These two units will now compete for the COAS trophy for best TA unit.

Chief of Army Staff silver trophy and Command TA banner have been instituted to sustain enthusiasm and promote efficiency among TA units. Based on the units performance in the fields of administration, training and sports during the year, the banner is awarded to the unit adjudged first in the Command Zone.

The 105 Inf Bn (TA) Raj Rif was raised on August 22, 1949, as part of the first block of TA units raised on formation of the Territorial Army in India. The unit has distinguished record of participating in all Indo-Pak wars and in counter insurgency grid in Northern Sector. It has the distinction of winning 17 awards for gallantry and distinguished service. Two of its officers, Brig K.P. Singh Deo and Brig P.S. Rathore, have been ADCs to the president of India. Brig K.P. Singh Deo, one of the distinguished persons to serve TA has also been the Minister of State for Defence and Information and Broadcasting.

The TA does not have persons who are professional soldiers but civilians eager to do their bit towards the country’s defence. Although, it does not offer a regular career, the TA provides an ideal opportunity to the youth of the country to receive military training in their spare time so that in the event of a national emergency they may be called up to meet the needs of the national defence and internal security.


MC helpless to take action against distillery unit
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
Officials of the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, are feeling helpless to take a concrete action against Queen Distillery Private Limited, which has encroached upon a large park in the green belt and surrounding roads in Industrial Area Phase II. The unit is using the space as a bottling yard causing inconvenience to the neighbours and visitors. In fact, it is exploiting, they say, the limitations in the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act 1966, extended to Chandigarh-1994.

Officials claimed that though they had often removed a part of the encroachment number of times, but they reappeared the very next day. They claimed that,‘‘Under the Chandigarh MC Act the maximum penalty for the encroachment is just Rs 500, quite insufficient to deter this distillery unit as well other big culprits. Whenever, we remove the material with our trucks, the unit’s owner simply pays Rs 500 as penalty and takes away the material to dump it again on the same place.’’

Some industrialists claimed that the distillery unit was saving on storage rent and transport costs worth lakhs of rupees by encroaching upon the public park. Mr Manmohan Singh, an industrialist, claimed,‘‘In case one has to take that land on rent, one will have to pay at least Rs 25,000 monthly. Since space will have to be taken outside the industrial area to use as bottling yard, the unit will also have to pay transport, loading, unloading costs, besides suffering at least 5 per cent breakage of bottles. He is simply saving that amount due to the laziness of MC officials and the limitations in the Act.’’

Mr M.P. Singh, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, admitted,‘‘It is very difficult to remove such encroachments permanently due to limitations in the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Act. In fact, the Act should be amended on the pattern of amended Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, which makes encroachments as a cognizable offence. In that case, a FIR can be registered against the accused under Section 246-A, and he will be embroiled in a lengthy court battle.’’

He said an Anti-Encroachment Enforcement Committee had been recently constituted by the MC to look into the matter. The committee would suggest amendments in the Act to make it more deterrent. Regarding removal of that encroachment, he said,‘‘We would soon remove the encroachments in this particular case.’’


Residents to get receipts for changes in voters’ list
Chitleen K. Sethi
Tribune News Service

SAS Nagar, July 17
In order to reduce flaws in the final voters’ lists which are being revised for the Kharar constituency, each resident who reports any change in the list will be given a receipt giving details of all the changes that are to be incorporated.

The facility has been added by the Mohali Senior District Magistrate with a view to give residents a proof of the fact that they have reported the changes that were needed and also as a document which can be produced by them in case these changes are not incorporated in the final list.

The receipts will be prepared by the persons who visit houses to record changes. Both the resident and the recorder will sign the receipt which will be retained by the resident.

These recorders have been given an integrated preliminary voters’ list based on which the various changes will be recorded. The changes have also been categorised. First the list is checked for any errors which include wrong names, wrong address, wrong spellings, age or any other information.

After the information is checked for various errors, additions and deletions, names of all those who have attained the age of 18 years by January 1, 2003, are included in the list. The names of those who have died since the last revision of the list are deleted.

When contacted, the SDM, Mr Darshan S. Sandhu, said “The names of daughters of a family who have been married off and are not living with the family anymore are to be deleted, while the names of daughters in-law who have arrived from other places to live in the household will be registered as voters”. “Names of those who have come here in connection with employment only and are not permanent residents of the area, will not be included in the list. However, the names of those who are permanent residents of Mohali, but have gone outside for short-term employment will remain in the lists”, added Mr Sandhu.

“The second part of recording information pertains to the voters’ I-cards. Lists are being made afresh of those who have the card and those who do not. For those who have the cards, the card will be examined by the recorder. And finally the issue of a receipt for additions and deletions recorded on a given format will be given to the resident”, he said.

The process of revision of voters’ list started on July 15 with 200 people involved in updating the information available on the lists. While most of these persons are school teachers, some MC Employees have also been roped in.


Hydraulic ladders, mobile phones for powermen
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
The Chandigarh Administration’s electricity wing will be buying hydraulic ladders fitted onto trucks to improve efficiency of its linesmen and also employ drivers on contract to have a driver to operate these trucks on a round-the-clock basis.

Besides, the officials will be issued local mobile phones to improve communication. At present the operation staff has walkie- talkies. The staff and complaint centres will be linked through walkie-talkie sets. So far the linesmen who go to attend complaints have no mode of communication to talk with the complaint centre.

On Sunday, Chandigarh Tribune had highlighted that how none of the 12 electricity subdivisions in the city had round-the-clock drivers despite having lorries to transport the staff. The drivers come on eight-hour shift and there is no one at night. Also, it was highlighted that the staff on night shift use cycles for transportation which takes a lot of time. Besides, there was no mode of communication.

Sources said directions had been issued that each of the sub division will have a truck fitted with bucket-type hydraulic seat ladder. This means the linesmen will also enjoy more safety as there will be no need to come in contact with the pole.

The steps are aimed at reducing the time it takes to attend routine complaints. Since fresh recruitment is banned, the Administration will now devise a system which will enable contractual jobs. A source says three round the clock drivers are required on an eight-hour shift. It is a known fact that the Government of India will not sanction any new posts even as the number of connections is rising everyday. 


A trace of rain revives monsoon hopes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
Hope of the monsoon getting re-activated in the city was revived here today with a trace of rains noticed in northern sectors.

The rain was brought by a localised phenomenon indicating an increase in humidity, the Meteorology Department said.

The situation has enlivened the hope of rains in the next couple of days. The department said there was a possibility of rain in the next 24 hours.

Cloudy developments and showers were noticed in Sector 2, 12, 17, 18 and 9 and parts of Panchkula.

The cloudy developments brought down the temperature in the city by 1.6 °C at 36. 8° C but still temperature remained 3° C higher than the normal.


Marginal increase in vegetable prices
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, July 17
The prices of most of the vegetables have shown some increase during this week. However, the prices of potatoes and onions showed a substantial increase over the past one week. Traditionally the price of potato during this season is anything between Rs 6 to Rs 8. As of now, the vegetable is available at Rs 12 a kg. Even the onions have shown increase and are priced at Rs 10 a kg.

The long gourd, bitter gourd, lady’s finger, and french beans have also shown some increase during this week. The long gourd, which was available at Rs 10 a kg last week, was available at Rs 14 a kg this week. Bitter gourd, available at Rs 12 a kg last week, is now being sold at Rs 15 a kg. Lady’s finger has also shown an increase from Rs 15 a kg last week to Rs 18 a kg now.

Certain winter vegetables like cauliflower , peas and carrots were available in the market. Cabbage, which was selling at Rs 8 a kg last week, is now selling at Rs 10 a kg. The price of peas, which had increased from Rs 15 a kg to Rs 20 kg last week, was stable at Rs 20. Carrot was available at Rs 10 a kg.

Lemon, which provides the much needed succour from heat during the summers, was the only vegetable that has shown a decline in price. It has shown a decline from Rs 40 a kg last week to Rs 35 a kg now. The price of tomato varied between from Rs 12 a kg and Rs 14 a kg. In the Sector 17 Apni Mandi yesterday, lady’s finger was available at Rs 30 a kg and radish at Rs 5 a kg. Brinjal was selling at Rs 10 a kg. Another variety of brinjal was selling at Rs 12 a kg. 


Catering to your taste
Harvinder Khetal
Tribune News Service

CHANDIGARH: The success of a party is totally dependent on the quality of food served. Nobody is more acutely aware of this fact than a catering company as its existence is pivoted around the judgement of the discerning guest. Since the guest is paying for the service, he expects the best. And the caterer, in turn, provides the best possible since it means more business to him.

Traversing this path and course of logic since 1987 is Seasons Catering Service Pvt Ltd, Delhi. The fact that today it undertakes turnkey catering projects for large industrial houses, public sector undertakings, diplomatic missions, MNCs and international conferences, besides parties ranging from 50 to 2,000 guests, shows that Seasons has its finger pat on the taste pulse of the public.

The company expanded its operation to Punjab and Chandigarh recently. One can sample their cuisine at the CGA Golf Range restaurant, Palm Grove, where the company began business last month. Located in a corner of the lush green verdant lawns of the prestigious club, the cute joint comes as a refreshing retreat from the vigours of teeing with golf sticks. Beginning with a well-stocked bar with a variety of premium brands, along with a host of cocktails and mocktails, to the last bite of the dessert, they seem to have the finger pat on the taste pulse of food connoisseurs.

The secret lies in providing good, hygienic delicacies in keeping with the latest trends and food fads, says Mr G.D. Bakshi, Director. Thus, the popularity of low-on-fat barbecued foodstuff and a separate sugar-free sweet dish for the health conscious. This is evident at their buffet (Rs 175 per plate) held every Saturday on the range lawns for the club members. At their live counters, you get the Mexican enchilada, the Chinese noodles, the Continental pasta, the Punjabi dal tarkewali and paranthas, and the Mughlai kababs rustled up in a jiffy with the herbs, spices and sauces of your choice at the onsite cookery counters.

Having stakes in the other side of catering — at Delhi Maurya Sheraton’s Ghungroo discotheque, the 4-star Dubai Grand Hotel and our very Dara Studio Seasons’ complex, the group headed by Sanjay Khullar has a vast experience of both outdoor and indoor hospitality.

They offer 11 types of cuisines for Rs 400 to Rs 1,500 per plate, depending upon the menu: Punjabi, Mughlai, Tabakh, South Indian, Marwari, Chinese, Thai, French, Italian, Mexican and Arabic. So, call 224853 (Dara Studio, SAS Nagar) to place an order for a party. As Mr D.P. Azad, president of the Golf Range, says their endeavour is to provide the best to the members, be it the golfing facilities, the proshop offering American Callaway and Odyssey equipment along with the affordable range of a complete set for around Rs 13,000 or the eats. Before winding up, I must make a mention of the satirical black and white cartoons by Satwant Singh adorning Palm Grove and breaking the monotony of the green and earthy yellow decor of the eatery. Sample this: “Remember all golfers are bound to lose balls. It’s all in the game” and “Behind every golfer is a... caddie”.


Tribune News Service

Mr Justice Arun B. SaharyaChandigarh, July 17
The Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, Mr Arun B. Saharya, was admitted to the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit of the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in the evening today after he complained of discomfort.

Though doctors on duty refused to comment, sources in the PGI confirmed that his condition was stable. They added that the Chief Justice would be kept under observation for the next 24 hours. Arrangements for a wheel chair had also been made by the authorities.


Welfare society threatens stir
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
The Sector 18-C Welfare Society here has threatened to launch an agitation if rehris were allowed in the green belt and to press for the closure of meat shops in the area.

The society held a meeting here today under the chairmanship of Mr Sunil Gupta to oppose the shifting of meat shops and rehri market in the green belt. The society said meat shops were allegedly functioning without any permission.

A delegation of the society later met the Adviser to the Administrator, Ms Neeru Nanda, to apprise her of the move to shift the rehri and meat markets in the green belt. 


Sweetshop owner arrested
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, July 17
The police today arrested a owner of a Sector 15 sweets shop allegedly for using domestic LPG cylinders for commercial purposes. The police also claimed to have confiscated four domestic cylinders from the shop.

As per the police sources, Mohinder Singh, owner of Navjot Sweets and Resturants, SCF 10, Sector 15, was arrested under Section 7 of the Essential Commodities Act.

Two arrested

Two shopkeepers of Shastri Market, Sector 22, Naresh Pal and Raj Bansal, were taken into preventive custody under Sections 107 and 151 Cr.P.C. here today. As per the police sources, they had gone to Sector 22 police post to lodge a complaint and the two got entangled their.


Deepak, a resident of Colony No. 5, was injured after he was hit by a motor-cycle near the colony yesterday. A case under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC has been registered against the motorcyelist who sped away from the spot.

Booked for assault

The police has registered a case of assault, insulting modesty of a woman and criminal intimidation against Vinod Kumar, a Sector 20 resident, as he allegedly quaralled with a resident of the sector and teased his wife yesterday afternoon. The case was registered under Sections 323, 506 and 509 of the IPC.


Mr Avtar Singh, a resident of Sector 20, reported to the police that his Yamaha motor-cycle (CH 01W 7744) was stolen from Sector 8 yesterday. A case has been registered.

Mr Ranjit Singh of The City Resturant, Sector 20, reported to the police that a TV Circuit Board was stolen by Manak Singh last evening. A case under Section 380 of the IPC has been registered.

Gambler held

The police has arrested Dalip Singh, a resident of Darwa village, allegedly for gambling at a public place last afternoon. The police also arrested two persons, Ravinder Kumar (of Sector 38) and Jagdish Singh (of Burail) and claimed to have recovered 10 bottles of liquor from their possession.

PO held

The police today arrested Omia who was declared a proclaimed offender on September 26, 1996, by a local court. As per information available, Omia had allegedly stolen 285 kg of aluminium plates and a case under Sections 380 and 411, IPC, was registered against him.


Minors held

Four minors have been arrested by the Kalka police in connection with a number of theft cases in Kalka town and its surrounding areas. As per the police source, Ranjit Singh, Rajinder Singh, Sheeshpal and Surinder Singh were arrested on Monday night near the local bus stand. The sources added that they have confessed their crime.

Three hurt

Three persons including a women and a child got injured when a jeep in which they were travelling met with an accident near Surajpur bridge on the National Highway No. 22. According to the information, the jeep (HP-18-9955) which was on its way to Kalka from Chandigarh when its steering got free and the driver of the jeep lost its control and it rammed into the railing of the bridge. The driver, a women and the child who were travelling in the jeep were injured and were rushed to the Civil Hospital, Kalka.


Liquor seized

Continuing its anti-smuggling drive, the police has arrested a resident of Badona village for carrying 126 pouches of country-made liquor here today.

Sources in the police said Trilochan Singh was caught red-handed while carrying the liquor in a jute bag near the village. He was involved in the practice for the last a couple of months and used to smuggle liquor from Haryana and sell it on higher prices in Lalru and its nearby villages. A case under the Excise Act has been registered against him at the Lalru police station.

SAS Nagar

Drive against gambling

In a major drive against gambling, the SAS Nagar police led by the SP, Mr H.S.Bhullar, today raided various premises and caught redhanded people under Section 13 A of the gambling act and recovered an amount of Rs 15,100 from them.

Police sources informed that after getting secret information, ASI Gurmeet Singh, in charge special task force, SAS Nagar, with his team raided Kamla Market, Phase l, where they caught Rajinder Kumar, a resident of Sector 35, and recovered Rs 7,045 from him. Another person, Yashpal, a resident of Sector 45 was caught with Rs 8,055.


CM launches Markfed schemes
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
Capt Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister, Punjab, today launched a ‘scratch & win’ scheme of Punjab Markfed. The scheme is aimed at giving a new orientation to Markfed’s marketing and distribution network on commercial level by adopting an aggressive advertising in print media.

“All you need to do is to scratch in the square in the advertisements published in newspapers and if you find a Markfed logo, bring it to Markfed office or any retailer and you get a Sohna ready-to-eat curry can absolutely free”, stated Mr S.S. Channy, MD, Markfed. The company has expanded its portfolio of ‘ready to eat’ food items to suit Indian community. The curries invoke the nostalgia of deliciously home-cooked dishes like ‘sarson ka sag’, ‘dal makhni’, ‘alu palak’, ‘alu mathi’, ‘mutter panir’, ‘raj mah’. The preparations are closely monitored by famous chef Jiggs Kalra and the nutritional value of each product is printed on the label affixed to the can.”

Apart from this, there are other attractive schemes for the consumers which include: buy two cans of ready-to-eat curry, get one can of curry absolutely free; buy one curry can and get 50 per cent discount on the second can; buy 1 kg pack of Sohna Supreme Basmati and you get 50 per cent discount on a can of Sohna ‘ready-to-eat’ curry; or get one can of curry free with every pack of 5 kg Sohna Supreme basmati rice.


Training programme on export of perishables
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, July 17
A three-day day training programme on economics and mechanics of export of perishables started here today. Mr M.S. Sadhu, Secretary, Mandi Board, stressed the need to train farmers and traders, before starting the exports of perishable goods on a large scale from the state.

The programme is jointly organised by the National Institute of Agricultural Marketing, the Jaipur and the Punjab Mandi Board. Mr H.S. Pal, a faculty member from the Punjab and Sind Bank, said, “Before entering into any exports, farmers or traders should be first well versed with all trade laws, difficulties and the skills to solve them.’’

The speakers discussed the issues of exports procedures and necessary requirements, documentation in exports, logistic management, quality assurance aspects, cost calculations for orange and kinnow exports and system of sale and price realisation in the UK and other international markets.

Interestingly, district officials of the Punjab Mandi Board, and not the exporters from the state, are attending the programme. The organisers claimed that since exporters were not coming forward to attend the programme, they had called the district officials to attend the programme, which may help them in future.

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