Saturday, July 20, 2002

Healing hues
D.C. Sharma

The colour green, which induces a calming effect, is used by therapists to cure a number of ailments
The colour green, which induces a calming effect, is used by therapists to cure a number of ailments

COLOURS make an astounding effect upon human psyche. From the dawn of civilisation, when man first saw golden sun, to modern times, colours have been unconsciously motivating him. The healing powers of colours have always been of great interest to him.

The ancient medicine men used red cloth to stop bleeding. In Russia and Ireland, red flannel was a remedy for scarlet fever. Red wool was applied in Macedonia to prevent fever.

In olden times, red was also said to cure paralysis, melancholy, measles, eczema, burns, arthritis and fractures.

Red symbolises passion, creativity, lust, anger, surging emotions, potency, energy, vigour, dynamism and stimulation.

Russian painter Kandinsky divulges how colours give us a zest for life. Now colour therapy is becoming popular. Colours are being used to heal ailments. Jaundice is being treated with blue lamps. Headaches can be avoided by removing the colour yellow from your immediate surroundings.


The colour green brings in harmony. Seeing the colour green, the eyes relax. It also increases concentration. In colour therapy, green is used to cure high blood pressure, neurotic fever, phobias, headaches, anxiety, nervousness, and irritability.

The colour green has a calming effect. Green cloth is used to soothe an operated eye. The commonly used white colour in clinics is now being replaced by the colour green. Green is also helpful to cure headaches, disturbance of vision, and loss of concentration.

Even in factories and workshops, the colour green is gaining popularity. The army wagons are painted green not only to camouflage them but also to produce a calming effect on soldiers in the battlefield. Trains are given a combination of blue-green colours with a specific purpose. That gives the passengers a feeling of calm and safety.

Blue and green colours are applied to prevent all kinds of illness. Green being a vibrant colour represents nature and symbolises fertility, lushness, plenty, comfort, ease, freshness and growth. On the other hand, grey represents sloth, indifference, depression, and inactivity.

Yellow has been prescribed to cure impotence, anaemia, tuberculosis and stupidity. The colour orange is said to cure paralysis, haemorrhoids, low blood pressure, loss of appetite and skin diseases. Purple colour cures blood diseases, skin rashes and colds, while the colour violet sharpens memory and uplifts one spiritually.

Modern producers and designers pay special attention to colours. Colourful clothes give an impression of fitness. Why are boxing gloves red in colour? They signal aggression and fighting power. Red makes the heartbeat fast, causing the muscle tension to increase.

Colours also play an important role in marketing products. Attractive packaging attracts more clients. The colour blue conveys the impression of freshness. Yellow and orange colours stimulate the appetite.

Banking institutions very often use shades of blue for their brochures. Even the officials wear blue clothes to impress those who come in contact with them.