Saturday, July 27, 2002

When your nerves feel on edge
I. M. Soni

SUPPOSED deficiencies in our diet are not the only reasons for our edginess. In nearly every case it is the conflict between mind and emotions that drains our energy and puts our nerves on edge.

Many a resentment has its origin at home. It could be jealousies between brothers and sisters or envy about position and money. We could be suspicious about someone taking advantage of us or feel that someone is conspiring against us.

Such feelings of resentment and suspicion create conflict within us, and thus our nerves remain on edge until we take some action.

But you should act only after talking over the problem with a reliable friend so that your grievance can be viewed objectively. Then you can deal with your problem with discretion. Indeed, you may find that an experiment in warmth and understanding ó if you can carry it outó will bring you such satisfaction that your suspicions or any other doubts will melt away.


Guilt feelings are at the root of conflicts that make for frayed nerves. It is true, of course, that we all make mistakes. When faced by our mistakes, many take the easy way out and force them into forgetfulness.

The result is that though we get rid of one kind of discomfort, we go about with a prevailing sense of guilt that nothing can shift. If this is the case, it is worthwhile to ask ourselves one or two plain and pertinent questions.

Do I owe money? Have I been cruel or unjust to get the satisfaction of making people squirm? Have I played with peopleís affections to bolster up my sense of power? Have I talked behind peopleís backs? Or have I been untruthful or malicious by exaggerating events or minimising them?

It is good for us every now and then to review our attitudes and actions. It is amazing what strange anomalies are tucked away in the storeroom of our minds, and what strange guilty feelings are locked out of sight.

It is true that often we blame ourselves for matters that are not really our responsibility. Nevertheless, if we are to be strong in mind and nerve, we need to look at our motives and ourselves so that we can get rid of our guilt.

Suffering from an inferiority complex is one of the most common causes of nervous edginess and debility. We must learn to stand up for ourselves, in order not to feel defenceless.


Now itís the turn of tencel khadi

HAVING spun Khadi for ages, Gandhiís charkha is now all set to go global, with a new-age eco-friendly fibre for the fashion conscious.

The Karnataka Khadi Board has launced an ambitious project to blend khadi with tencel, the new environment-friendly fibre, and weave an all-new look tencel khadi.

"In fact, the first range of tencel khadi designer wear is already ready and would be showcased at the forthcoming International Fashion Week to be held in the capital in the first week of August," Dr Boregowda says, noting that this would make khadi amenable to design and new markets.

"The cost factor and marketing strategies of the new fibre both for the domestic and international market are being worked out and we hope it would be on the shelves next year," says Prem Sadhwani, Country Manager, Tencel Limited. (PTI)