Saturday, July 27, 2002
R H Y M E  T I M E

My individuality

My name is Avnish Mehra,

I’m a funny little man.

I like to play percussion,

In Ridgeview’s concert band.

I would like to be an actor,

When I finally finish school.

Or maybe work with computers,

Since they are a handy tool.

I am a straight "A" student,

‘coz I try my very best.


I almost always do my homework,

So I am hardly ever stressed.

People think I am nice,

And that’s a very pleasant view.

Yet people say I’m talkative,

And I’ll have to say that’s true.

You could say I’m like a puzzle,

So hard to understand,

Though I am very kind,

Always ready to lend a hand.

As this poem comes to a close,

It is very plain to see,

That the greatest thing about me,

Is my individuality.

—Avnish Mehra, Ridgeview Middle School,
Maryland, USA


Nature has created mountains,

Which stand high with pride.

Nature has created rivers,

Which gurgle like a little child.

Nature has created the sun,

Which gives us light and discriminates against none.

Nature has created the moon,

Which makes children wonder if they can climb it soon.

Nature has created stars,

Which look like bright balls.

Nature has created everything beautiful,

So, let us all be to it grateful.

— Areet Dhillon, class VI,
St Joseph’s Convent School Jalandhar.

The dream world

Whenever I think of my desires,

One of them my mind fires.

That is to be in such a world,

With no human, no animal and no bird.

Just me and only me on the land,

And everything there, in my hand.

All the time playing here and there,

Nothing about which I have to care.

Totally free from all scoldings,

I am the mayor and I, the king.

Against me nobody to pass sanction,

No more studies, no more tension.

But nobody’s voice, I ever heard,

Coz I wanted to be in my dream world.

—Akashdeep Kamra, Class X-B,
DAV Public School, Patiala