Saturday, July 27, 2002
W O R D  P O W E R

Circuitous (sir-kew-ituss): indirect

Synonyms: winding, roundabout

Antonyms: direct, straight

We took a circuitous route to avoid the heavy traffic.

Sordid (sawd i’d): dirty and unpleasant conditions

Synonyms: squalid, filthy

Antonyms: clean, fresh.

They have no choice but to live in those sordid slums.

Outlandish (out’ landish): looking or sounding strange.

Synonyms: alien, bizarre, queer

Antonyms - banal, mundane, ordinary.

I think the outlandish clothes that he likes to wear make him look quite foolish.


(re’pew-de-ate): refuse to accept something

Synonyms: reject, rebut, deny

Antonyms: accept, acknowledge, admit

He repudiated the charges against him.

Repugnant (re’pug’nant): causing a feeling of intense dislike

Synonyms: repulsive, repellent, abhorrent

Antonyms: attractive, pleasant, agreeable.

The very thought of eating beef is repugnant to me.

Surly (surli): bad-tempered

Synonyms - sullen, ungracious, churlish

Antonyms - genial, pleasant, cheerful

I cannot teach such surly children


From the jumbled words, find some types of cupboards and cabinets:

1. Desrser

2. Etcllear

3. Cohiffnier

4. Tlalybo

5. Beufft

6. Abrueu

Looking back

A new lease of life. A lease is the time for which one rents property. When the time is over, it may be renewed and, possibly, under improved conditions, Hence, figuratively the phrase began to be applied to an exhausted person who starts a fresh stage of activity.


The soul without imagination is what an observatory would be without a telescope.

— H.W. Beecher

Score card

Dresser, cellaret, chiffonier, tallboy, buffet, bureau.

— Illa Vij