Monday, August 5, 2002, Chandigarh, India


N C R   S T O R I E S


Cop gives little ‘pickpockets’ the 3rd degree
Prem Pal Singh

Meerit, August 4
Two children, not even in their teens, were brutally beaten up on the police station premises. Their crime: picking pocket. The punishment: a marathon thrashing for 24 hours. The recovery: zilch.

As the children were being thrashed by the long arm of the law, hundreds of residents circled the police station, but no one dared say anything lest they displeased the guardians of the law.

The police could not recover a single rupee or any other article from the 12-year-olds.

The media persons, too, simply gathered around the police station and took snaps of the station house officer as he gave the minors a piece of his mind. The incident occurred at Mawana town, 30 km from the district headquarters.

A person Kallan, s/o Ghica, r/o Ghatana, presently staying at Incholi, withdrew a thousand rupees from the bank and kept the money in his kurta pocket. He was coming to the Incholi village by a private bus. Near Masoori village, he found his pocket picked, or so he claimed. He reported the matter to the police. Incholi Station House Officer Lal Singh followed the bus in his official jeep. The SHO brought two boys and a little girl to the police station.

The next 24 hours witnessed naked aggression, the scars of which the two children will retain for rest of their life.

Without even bothering to ferret out the facts, the SHO Lal Singh greeted the children with his official ‘danda’. First, he took off the clothes of Ravi (12), s/o Kehri, r/o Madavpuram, and tied his hands and legs with a rope. He then threw him on the ground and started beating him. The child was beaten black and blue for an hour. He received serious injuries.

Now, it was the turn of eight-year-old Rakesh, s/o Amar Singh, r/o Mahadavpuram. A constable pinned him to the wall as the SHO beat him with a hockey stick. He also received serious injuries.

Hearing the cries of the children, scores of villagers from Pabla, Saini and Incholi gathered at the police station, but nobody dared tell the SHO to stop the beatings.

The SHO even allegedly put the fingers of both the boys under the legs of a table and crushed them.

The SHO said that his own pocket had been picked twice.

A case has been registered (No 602/603 of 3/8/02) under Section 41/109 Cr Pc by constable Girvar Singh (No 1320). The children were produced in the SDM Sadar Court and granted bail. However, they shudder to think of those 24 hours spent in the police station.



Bloated egos derail NCERT Afghan training programme
Smriti Kak

New Delhi, August 4
A specially designed training programme aimed at developing the basic communication skills of 20 Afghan diplomats, which was scheduled to be conducted by the NCERT from Monday, has run into rough weather due to the ego tussles between the bureaucrats in the Ministry of External Affairs and the NCERT officials. The NCERT officials have now refused to conduct the training programme and an alternative has been hurriedly found.

According to reports, the MEA had written to the NCERT seeking details of its budget for the programme. The NCERT asked for a budget provision for 30 people, but the MEA objected saying that only 20 diplomats were being sent for training. The NCERT, on its part, contended that it had to pay the 10 resource people engaged in preparing the curriculum for the training programme as well.

Another bone of contention was the selection of the chief guest for the inauguration of the much-hyped programme. While the NCERT had invited the Minister of State for External Affairs, Mr. Digvijay Singh, the MEA officials took umbrage at the NCERT’s choice. It claimed that the choice was the privilege of the MEA and not that of the NCERT, which was only responsible for running the programme.

In a letter to the NCERT Director the MEA officials laid down certain conditions, which the NCERT did not take kindly to. Instructions like doing away with the presidential speech, the inaugural speech and the vote of thanks were issued by the MEA. Apart from this it wanted the NCERT to hold the formal inaugural session sometime later in the week, when the FSI’s (Foreign Studies Institute) new Dean would arrive in the Capital.

Sources point out that NCERT also found MEA’s demand of scrutinising the CVs of the resource team objectionable. The NCERT had appointed a team of language experts from both within the organisation and from premier bodies like the National Open School and the IGNOU. The MEA, however, wanted to further examine the credentials of the people chosen by the NCERT.

Now, another institute has been asked to conduct the training programme for the dignitaries who arrived here today. The spokesperson of the Afghan Embassy, Mr. Noor Akbari, told the NCR Tribune: “I have not been formally informed of the changes in plans. I know the programme is scheduled to start tomorrow at the United Services Institute. But I have no information why the NCERT is not conducting the programme”.



Keeping a tab on a pilgrim’s progress
Prem Pal Singh

Meerut, August 4
The donkey has an ill-found reputation for being stubborn and stupid. That it is highly intelligent and cannot be commanded blindly was amply demonstrated recently in its close encounter with a bunch of Kanwariyas.

In fact, the Kanwariyas tried their best to shake off their long-eared associate, who assiduously followed them throughout their walkathon, somewhat like Mary’s little lamb. They tried their best to shoo and kick it away, but the draught animal would not heed their plaintive cries.

Such was the dogged devotion of their associate that one cannot but recall the last heaven-bound journey of the Pandavas, with a ‘dog’ in tow.

The six-member group from Gurgaon set out with holy water from the Ganga on July 31. The donkey joined the pilgrims somewhere in Hardwar.

After a while, when the group, led by Narendra Singh, stopped for a breather, the donkey also stopped. As the group broke bread together, the animal also had a snack. However, soon it became a cuckoo in the nest, so to say. The group tried hard to shoo it away but the beast was not to be deterred.

Fed up, the group with the help of a rope tied the four-legged animal to a tree near their camp at Om Sardhana Ganga Canal. But, apparently familiar with the great Indian rope trick, the quadruped soon secured its release and again started trailing the group.

When the kanwariyas reached Jant Ganga canal, a large number of residents from nearby villages gathered at the camp. The animal was still with the group. Noticing the donkey’s doggedness, some of the villagers with a better understanding of the Equus Asinus, suggested that the animal was merely teasing them.

The camp manager Sudhir Teotia and some other devotees tried to take the donkey by the ears but in vain. Miffed, the animal even injured three persons with his leg. Late in the evening, the donkey was still following the group, reinforcing the impression that it was also carrying the holy water of the Ganga to please Lord Shiva.

The whole day, the donkey remained the centre of attention of the residents of Meerut and those present in the camp.



Delhi duo do a Natwarlal on Rewari jeweller
Our Correspondent

Rewari, August 4
Two artful dodgers from Delhi pulled the wool over the eyes of a city jeweller here and decamped with ornaments worth Rs 50,000 on Friday evening.

It is reported that two persons, along with a Bihari youth, came to M/s Jay Jewellers at Bara-Hazari Road here.

After ‘talking turkey’ with the jeweller for a while, they asked the Bihari youth to stay at the shop along with their brief case, containing six bundles of currency notes worth ‘Rs 60,000’. The men then got the permission of the shop owner Sachin Jain, and took away selected gold ornaments worth Rs 50,000 for the approval of their lady wives who, they told the shop owner, were doing shopping at another shop just at a stone’s throw.

When the men did not come back even after a long wait, the shop owner grew suspicious.

He took the bundles of notes out of the brief case and to his chagrin, found that in each bundle, only the top and lower layers of notes were real. The rest were just sized pieces of blank paper.

Shocked sufficiently, he immediately reported the matter to the police. The police interrogated the Bihari youth and came to know that he had just been made a cat’s-paw. The naďve youth was brought by the conmen from Tilak Nagar, Delhi, to Rewari on the promise that he would be given employment. The fellow knew nothing about the cheats.

Following the disclosure, a police party, along with the Bihari youth, was on Saturday sent from Rewari to Tilak Nagar, Delhi, but returned without any clue to the case, said Mr Hanif Qureshi, SP, Rewari.

The police have registered a case of cheating under Section 420 of the IPC.



Seen the neighbourhood milkman of late?
Gaurav Choudhury
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 4
Blame it on the brand gurus. The plethora of brands and exponential growth of pouched milk has had an unlikely victim – the nondescript neighbourhood milkman.

In Delhi, one of the biggest markets of pouched milk, the difference has been most perceptible. At present, the size of the milk market in Delhi is estimated to be in the range of 40 lakh litres a day. Of this, the pouch milk accounts for 18 lakh litres a day with cooperative behemoth Mother Dairy cornering more than 40 per cent of the market and the balance being shared among brands such as Paras, DMS, Parag and Britannia.

In addition, Mother Dairy operates through thousands of designated vending outlets. Approximately 10 lakh litres of milk flows through these vending outlets.

The local milkman, thus, has to supply only 12 lakh litres of milk to the customers in various parts of the city.

“There are various factors behind the growth of pouch milk. These include increased awareness of people about cleanliness and hygiene. Moreover, the pouch is easier to carry as it does not require a utensil at the point of delivery,” Head of Marketing of the Paras Group K K Bhadra told the ‘NCR Tribune’.

Apart from the liquid milk segment, the local dairy vends have also suffered because of the increasing number of value-added products being offered by the major brands.

Almost all the established players today have value-added products such as curd, cream, ghee, butter, paneer and cheese. And some of them such as Mother Dairy has separate arms for ice-cream and vegetables as well.

Mr Bhadra said that the high degree of credibility associated with an established brand is primarily behind the growth of pouched milk and packaged value-added milk products.

“It is quite possible to find some degree of adulteration in loose food products like milk and when that happens, these products, that are considered to be health supplements, turn out to be more harmful than healthy,” he said, adding that most of the branded products follow stringent quality measures while processing the products.

In addition to the packaged value addition, the local milkman cannot match the infrastructure and marketing might of the larger brands. For instance, there are several thousand designated and integrated Mother Dairy vending outlets in the National Capital Region covering all the localities.

To match this, Paras, which enjoys 18 per cent market share in the NCR, has launched a “privileged card scheme” aimed at providing consumers free door-step delivery of milk every morning. “If newspapers can reach homes every morning, why not packaged milk,” Mr Bhadra added.



Police scour state for cop in Shivani case
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 4
The Delhi Police today continued their efforts to locate Mr R K Sharma, a senior IPS officer of Haryana Cadre who has emerged as a key conspirator in the sensational Shivani Bhatnagar murder case.

Officially Mr Sharma is on leave till August 11 and the police parties which had gone to his residence in Panchkula near Chandigarh returned empty-handed.

Senior police officers said that they were not overly worried about finding the whereabouts of Mr Sharma as it was only a matter of time that he would be arrested or he might attempt to surrender before the courts either in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh or Delhi.

The hunt for the senior IPS officer has been launched after one of the prime suspects, Pardeep, was arrested on Thursday. He was the second person to be arrested as the police had already picked up Sri Bhagwan, son of a former Haryana police inspector who had earlier served as an SHO under Mr Sharma.

Both the suspects reportedly confessed that they had been instructed by the IPS officer to eliminate Shivani who was the Principal Correspondent of ‘The Indian Express’.

The police are also on the look-out for two other suspects, including Sat Prakash, a property dealer of Jhajjar and a distant relative of Sri Bhagwan. Meanwhile, the police continued their investigation and are hoping to gather more information in order to strengthen their case.

Meanwhile, senior police officers closely monitoring the case are keeping the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Director General of Police (DGP), Haryana, in the know about the developments related to the case.



I-Day vigil around Delhi
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 4
The Delhi Police and various intelligence and security agencies have stepped up vigil at the Capital’s border check posts to prevent terrorists from sneaking into the city and attempting to strike on the Independence Day.

The authorities have also deployed spotters at the railway stations and the inter-state bus terminuses to stop some of the known suspects from entering the Capital. A 24-hour vigil is being maintained at these places.

The vigil was stepped up following intelligence reports, based on wireless intercepts, that the cadres of some of the more active terrorist organisations like the Hizbul Mujahidin, Lashker-e-Toiba and the Jaish-e- Mohammed had set up bases in the neighbouring cities of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana in order to avoid detection.

Sources said that the cadres had been advised to avoid setting up bases in the Capital, specially after the December attack on Parliament, as vigilance was at its peak and it would be difficult for strangers to escape detection. The adjoining cities in the neighbouring states, barely a couple of hours away, could provide the necessary anonymity.

These sources said that the DGPs of the two neighbouring states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana had been given instructions that the forces in the neighbouring cities be strengthened in the run up to the Independence Day. Some of the cities identified are Meerut, Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Saharanpur, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Aligarh.



Rally held to demand equitable distribution of canal water
Nawal Kishore Rastogi

Farmers  in large numbers attended the rally.
Farmers in large numbers attended the rally. 

Rewari, August 4
Mr Mohan S. Delkar, MP and working president of the Indian Federal Democratic Party, has announced his party’s support and co-operation for the struggle launched by the Haryana Kisan Yuva Sangharsh Samiti for the equitable distribution of canal water, particularly to South Haryana.

He made this announcement while addressing a huge rally of the samiti at Ateli Mandi, 36 km from here, yesterday.

Raising the pitch of his voice, he asserted that besides negligible supply of canal water and acute shortage of power supply, South Haryana had been facing several other burning problems.

He said that it was highly deplorable that MP’s from Haryana never bothered to raise these issues inside the Parliament. He wanted the people of south Haryana to completely discard all such candidates and elect only vigilant and vibrant MPs and MLAs for themselves.

He further said that taking into account the persistent failure of the elected representatives to ensure rightful share of canal water to the people of South Haryana, the Indian Federal Democratic

Party had now firmly decided to raise this issue inside as well as outside the Parliament and make its rightful share of the canal water available to the people of south Haryana within a year.

He elaborated the point saying that his party along with the Haryana Yuva Kisan Sangharsh Samiti would make all efforts to put pressure on the Union Government as well as the Haryana Government to do justice to the people of south Haryana in the matter.

Making a specific mention of the brutality at Narnaul on June 24, 2002, he gave a severe warning to the Chautala regime that if these brutalities were repeated on the people of Haryana, they would make it impossible for the Haryana Chief Minister to enter Delhi. In the above context, Mr P.C.Thomas, MP and leader of the Parliamentary group of the Indian Federal Democratic Party, asserted that to ensure speedy availability of the rightful share of canal water to the people of south Haryana, the present struggle would be intensified and it would be fought inside the Parliament as well as on the roads.

He also praised Mr Naresh Yadav, president of the samiti, for launching this struggle for the residents of south Haryana and assured him of his party’s full support in his struggle.

In the absence of Mr Pappu Yadav, MP, who could not be present at the rally, his wife Ranjita Yadav read out his message, which assured the samiti that their party would always give its unflinching support to the samiti in its struggle.

The president of the samiti, Mr Naresh Yadav, publicly announced that their struggle would continue till south Haryana got its rightful share of canal water and full justice was done in other matters. The rally was also addressed by Mr Feroz Khan, who played the role of Arjun in the Mahabharata serial, Mr Samar Singh Samar, general secretary of the Bhartiya Kisan Union, Mr Shailender Singh Yadav, general secretary of the Indian Federal Democratic Party, Mr Rajender Singh Yadav, former minister of UP, Mrs Sunita Yadav, president of the women’s wing of the party, Mr Rohit Yadav, national president of the youth wing of the party and Mr Kishan Lal, president of the Rajasthan Kisan Sangh.



Demolition drive hailed
Vipin Sharma

Rohtak, August 4
Although a majority of the people have hailed the demolition drive launched in the town, some political parties have been trying to politicise the issue.

The demolition squad of the district administration has cleared a large number of encroachments in various busy markets in the town in the last few days. As a result, the roads have widened and traffic congestion has reduced. The encroachments by shopkeepers over a nullah along the roadside have also been razed, so that the nullah can be desilted. The nullah had been clogged for a decade. Several parts of the town would get inundated even after light showers.

The Deputy Commissioner, Mr Ashok Yadav, concentrated on this problem after he assumed charge and has got the encroachments on the nullah cleared. Considering sympathetically the problems of certain petty shopkeepers, the district administration has offered to provide them sites elsewhere. The Deputy Commissioner has said that the demands of small shopkeepers for relocation would be considered sympathetically.

Mr Shadi Lal Batra, president, District Congress Committee, and the local MLA had today convened a meeting of traders to discuss the proposed protest against the demolition drive. However, the meeting did not materialise. The district unit leader of the Haryana Vikas Party has also condemned the demolition drive and alleged that it was a well-planned conspiracy to divert the attention of the people from ‘failures’ of the government on different fronts.



DPCC hold sit-in at Jantar Mantar
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 4
The Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee’s (DPCC’s) office bearers and others led by president, Subhash Chopra, on Sunday, held a sit-in at Jantar Mantar to seek a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the petrol pump scam.

Lending support to the sit-in by their presence were former Member of Parliament, Sajjan Kumar, former Union Minister, Jagdish Tytler, party spokesperson Mukesh Sharma, former minister Yoganand Shastri and legislators Tarvinder Singh Marwah, Tekchand Sharma, Veer Singh, Surendra Kumar and Amrish Gautam.

Addressing Congress office-bearers and members, Subhash Chopra said that the petrol pump scam had exposed the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) claims of being a party with a difference and one that espouses nationalism. Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Ram Naik, he said, should tender his resignation on moral grounds.

Jagdish Tytler, in turn, reiterated the party suspects foul play in the Ministry delaying the setting up of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) mother stations in the Capital. He said neither Mr Naik nor his Ministry had never appreciated the concerns of commuters and transporters alike given the acute shortage of the gas supplied.



Soldier cremated with full honours
Our Correspondent

Rohtak, August 4
Head Constable Krishan Kumar Hooda (45) of 171st batallion of Border Security Force, was cremated with full civil and military honours, at his native village, Dhamar, on Saturday.

He fell victim to the enemy bullets during an encounter with the terrorists at Malpura village in Kashmir on Friday. He is survived by his widow, Ms Rajpati, daughter, Savita (19) and son Ajay (17).

Contingents of BSF and Haryana police reversed their arms and fired in the air as a mark of respect. The Deputy Commissioner, Ashok Yadav, SSP, Alok Rai and Commandant, K. B. Thapa of BSF among others paid floral tributes to the martyr.

Commandant Thapa, who accompanied the body, said, “Krishan Kumar was recruited to the BSF in 1978 and had been posted in Srinagar for the last nearly 12 years. He said the BSF officials received an information on August 2 that 12 terrorists had been hiding in Malpura village. HC Krishan Kumar along with others left for the village under the leadership of Commandant V. K. Purohit.

As soon as the BSF team reached the village it came under ambush by the terrorists. Commandant Purohit and HC Krishan Kumar fell victim to the enemy bullets and four terrorists were also killed in the encounter.



Employees wait for their wages for six months
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, August 4
Hundreds of employees of the Forest Department, Haryana, have not been given their salaries for the past six months and the workers would soon start a dharna outside the NTPC’s power plant at Mujheri village here.

Stating this, a spokesperson of the ‘Van Vibhag Majdoor Union’, alleged that the salaries had not been paid since February this year as the NTPC management had failed to pay its dues towards the department for past six months.

He said that the NTPC had engaged these workers for plantation from forest department but had not been giving their wages due to reasons unknown. Letters had been written to Chief Minister, Forest officials and Deputy Commissioner, but no action have been initiated so far, he added.

Suicide by two

Two persons including a young girl committed suicide in the district in the past 24 hours. A labourer was also killed in Pali crusher zone here on Saturday.

A teenaged girl student, residing in Sanjay colony of the NIT area, hanged herself to death in her house. She was reported to be mentally upset.

In another incident, a youth identified as Bhudev, a resident of Nanoli village ended his life by consuming a pesticide. In the third incident, Dhruv, a youth working in Pali crusher zone as helper, was killed after a boulder hit him on his head on Saturday. He died on his way to hospital.

Two held

Two youths of Chhainsa village in the district have been booked for attempting to rape to a girl. The victim had been living at her cousin’s house in the village. According to complainant, she was caught by two youths at a secluded spot, a few days ago and tried to rape her, but was let off when her kin reached there.

In another incident, four persons including two women have been booked, at Tigaon village here in connection with alleged harassment over dowry.

The victim was allegedly forced to evict her in-laws house by the accused.

Three killed

Bharti, daughter of Shyam Sunder Aggarwal, owner of Aggarwal Boot House, Dharuhera, died while her father, Shyam Sunder Aggarwal, her mother and sister, Divya, were injured when their car was hit by a speeding truck (No. HR 36-5607) on the Dharuhera-Rewari Road near Jonawas village, about 7 km from here, on Saturday.

The accident occurred when they were going from Dharuhera to Ateli. Bharati died on her way to the Civil Hospital here while the injured were hospitalised.

Meanwhile, the Dharuhera police have registered a case of rash and negligent driving under Sections 279,337, 304 of the IPC against the truck driver.

In another incident, two persons, Mahendra Singh (22), son of Kartar Singh and Pradeep (17 son of Chhitar Mal, died when the walls of a dilapidated village well abruptly caved in, in Bidawas village, about 20 km from here, on Friday. The tragedy occurred when the two youths were taking out bricks from the broken walls deep inside the dilapidated well. The tragic deaths have cast a pall of gloom over the entire village.



Smugglers held with medieval statue
Our Correspondent

Meerut, August 4
The Meerut police busted a gang of statue smugglers and arrested three members of the gang and also seized a rare Asthadhatu (8, metals) statue of Tirthankar Mahavir of the 10th century. The statue is said to weigh 5.1 kg. Addressing a press conference in his office, the Superintendent of Police, Meerut, Mr D.K. Chaudhry, said he got a tip-off in the morning that a transaction of rare precious historical statue would take police at around 2 pm at the busy Hapur stand crossing.

A police party headed by SHO of Lisari Gate police station raided the venue, Jagan Chole Bhature, at the Hapur stand and arrested two persons, Haroon, resident of Kithena, Muzaffarnagar and

Abdul Bahab of Laliana police station, Meerut. The police also seized the Asthadhatu statue from them. The rare statue had an emblem of a lion. The probable cost of this statue could be more than Rs 50 lakh in international market. The Superintendent of Police said that a similar kind of statue was earlier seized from a goldsmith in Mathura (UP) who had bought it for Rs 50 lakh. The cost of the metal Asthadhatu might be more than 15 lakh. On further interrogation, the arrested person told the police that they were just couriers and were waiting for a mahant who was supposed to bring a customer to buy the rare statue.

The mahant (priest) was from Delhi. The police were informed that the statue was scheduled for a foreign destination. Both the culprits were booked under Sections 25(1) of Antiquate Act 1972 and Sections 411, 414 of the Indian Penal Code(IPC).

A team from Archaeological Survey of India had also arrived here to assist the local police to investigate the matter.

The police were concerned that in the recent past, theft of Jain statue have increased from Hastinapur area. The police also informed that further investigation were on to nab the people related to the case. A team of police officials have left for Delhi in search of the other accused. The members of the Jain community and religious leaders gathered at the Lisari Gate police station and expressed their anguish over the matter. They requested the police to be vigilant against the smuggling of Jain religious statues.



13 auto theft cases solved
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 4
With the arrest of one person the South district police today claimed to have solved 13 cases of auto thefts and recovered five stolen vehicles following the arrest of a car-lifter.

Acting on a tip-off, police laid a trap near Virat cinema in South Delhi and overpowered two members of a gang with a stolen Maruti car. While one of the occupants in the car, Pradeep Kumar, alias Chotti (28), was arrested by the police team, the other managed to escape. Pradep Kumar was allegedly involved in more than 24 cases of vehicle theft, the police said.

Pradeep, who was committing this crime for the last five years, was lodged in the jail for at least five times. He had good links in Noida and Meerut and easily disposed of the stolen vehicles there with the help of another accused Munna alias Mehtab Ali, in Faridabad. Pradeep also used to dispose of the vehicles in Lajpat Rai Market in Delhi.

His another associate, Parmender, alias Kake, was lodged in the Bangalore jail for committing a dacoity in Kodak’s film godown. When he was arrested, the police recovered stolen materials from him.

During sustained interrogation he disclosed that he used to steal vehicles in the posh areas of South Delhi and following his confession, the police have recovered a Tata Siera, a Tata Sumo, a Maruti Esteem and two Maruti 800 cars, besides duplicate keys and some other documents.



Body of boy found on school premises
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 4
A body of a minor boy was found today morning on the premises of the Government Senior Secondary School in the North-West district.

The deceased, Sanjeev, alias Jonny (16), resident of Kutubgarh at Bawana, and a tenth class student in the school, was found stabbed to death under mysterious circumstances, the police said.

The boy left the house on Saturday night around 9 pm with his grandmother but was found dead. During preliminary investigation, the police came to know that the deceased had some problem with his friends Sunil, Dinesh, Manjai and Ramesh last week. All his four friends are now missing from their respective houses since Saturday. Police are now trying to trace his friends to discover the mystery behind the murder of Sanjeev.



Stolen goods worth Rs 7 lakh seized
Nawal Kishore Rastogi

Rewari, August 4
Following a recent directive of the apex court as well as pursuit of the matter by representatives of the Motion Pictures Association of India, the Rewari City Police on Saturday conducted raids on the premises of M/s Shyam and Company, Delhi Electronics Company, Mahabir STD Booth etc. and seized 6110 fake CDs, cassettes, 764 video cassettes, I.C.D. Player, 4 VCR’s and 600 Inlay Cards. The market value of the seized goods is estimated at about Rs 7 lakh. This is stated to be the biggest haul during the recent raids conducted by the police at Delhi and Rewari.

It is also reported that when the police used force to nullify resistance at a certain place here, a number of shopkeepers downed their shutters in protesting against the police action.

The police have registered cases on charges of violation of the Copyright Act as well as on charges of cheating, sale of pornographic material and criminal conspiracy under Sections 5152A/63/65/68A of the Copyright Act of 1957 and under Sections 420, 292 and 120-B of the IPC. Three persons, Ravinder Kumar, son of Hari Chand, Sunil, son of Ralbir Singh and Mahabir, son of Kishan Lal. They are belongs to different places of the town, were arrested in this connection, according to Mr Tranif Qureshi, SP, Rewari.



A wedding collection from a leather house for the glamorous gals

INDIA’S leading leather house has come out with a unique collection to pamper the quintessential Indian family, always on the look for quality buys for the marriage season. This year in addition to the silk sarees and the ubiquitous white goods, Hidesign offers the discerning buyer a unique and classy gifting option leather. Wedding trousseaus will be fancier than ever before with this new collection of swanky Hidesign bags, especially the extremely trendy travel bags.

The wedding collection packs a comprehensive range of hidesign products, designed to meet the newly married couple from the handbags of the glamorous young bride to the elegant work accompaniments for the career-minded young groom.

Sports footwear

Adidas India limited has recently launched one of its premium brands, Salomon, in the market. Salomon is one of the portfolios of sports brands of adidas Salomon AG, the number two sports brand in the world. The first phase of the launch of Salomon products include sports footwear for outdoor and water- related sports such as hiking, mountaineering, rafting, kayaking. Salomon’s technical accessories include back packs, school bags, mountaineering and travel bags. Presently, the Salomon products are available in four cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chandigarh. The second phase will include Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Watch the watch

In celebration of its 40th anniversary, RADO has produced a special collector’s set. Five specially selected super models from the 40 year success story, have been grouped together as a set in a finely crafted wooden box. This exclusive collection, limited to 300 sets, are promising to appeal immensely all watch connoisseurs.

The oval RADO Diastar, the original is striking proof of the fact that RADO, with its philosophy of creating watches of enduring beauty, appeals to basic human desire. RADO will continue to satisfy that desire with scratchproof, enduringly beautiful watches, with style leading technological know-how and extraordinary designs,” said Peter Kaser, Vice President (Sales), RADO.

Door designs

Masonite, an internationally acclaimed name for its quality and innovation in moulded panel door facings and other wood fibre products, has yet again become a part of many homes across the world with its latest designs of elegant doors. Masonite is offering seven internationally popular designs of doors in the Indian market through its assemblers present in major cities of India. Each design brings alive different themes giving a variety of choice that can take into any setting in the most natural of ways. It also offers a wide range of finishes to suit both traditional and modern decors.

Mineral drinks

Dabur foods have introduced Litchi Nectar adding one more to ‘Real’ range of seven juices. ‘Real Litchi nectar’, is an excellent source of vitamin C, that boosts body immune system and the presence of sugar and carbohydrates make it a good source of energy. Litchi nectar contains essential minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium and copper that help maintain the pH balance. This is an important benefit during summers, sweating often leads to dehydration if adequate amounts of liquids and nutrition are not consumed regularly.

Rajmah masala

MDH spices have launched a new product ‘Rajmah Masala’ as a part of their speciality range. For making delicious Rajmah, one has to simply fry chopped onions and tomatoes in oil and add Rajmah and Rajmah Masala and salt to taste.

Newest TV model

Oscar has launched a new 21-inch colour television Neo-Digi stereo 21. The newest addition to the Oscar range, Neo-Digi Stereo 21, has been built on 1-C digital technology and boasts a host of advanced features. Prominent features include stereo sound with 400 watt PMPO, 500 programs, Multi System, Multi Colour OSD, Bass treble surround sound control and full-function remote control. Additional features like telephone directory, calendar for 500 years, clock, sleep timer, message pad, Video games-2 and cable TV tunner make it an attractive buy.

Latest printers

Lexmark international has announced a new range of z-series inkjet printers, which includes several new and innovative technologies to improve print quality and output. Incorporating a number of industry firsts, the new Lexmark Z-series – including the Lexmark Z25, Z35, Z45, Z55, Z65 and Z65n offers excellent speed, performance, resolution and quality for business and home users alike.

Fran Duggan, General Manager, Lexmark International said, “We’ve recognised the need for photo quality colour output by all users, which is reflected in the new functions and technologies available in our range of inkjet printers.”

Take away coffee

Café Coffee Day has introduced a large take away hot coffee called the “Take Away Large,”. This coffee is strong compared to the regular take away coffee and is topped with a thick layer of froth. The freshly brewed coffee is served in a spill proof disposable cup and is available at all café’s across the country.

Sudipta Mukherjee, Marketing Head, Café Coffee Day, said, “The ‘Take Away’ concept at our café is extremely popular with those customers, who like to grab a good cup of fresh roast and ground coffee while they are on the move. The reason to introduce the “Take Away Large” is to offer this segment of customers a real coffee experience.”

European furniture

Pace furniture, has launched a new range of imported Beds and Sofas with a wide choice of styles, designs, colours and sizes to suit individual requirements, this high-quality range has been specially made with Indian tastes in mind. The sofas come in five to six seaters, made of leatherite and available in numerous colours. They are designed for higher level of comfort as they are well-cushioned and supported by steel legs.

Jewellery range

Lalsons take pride in introducing studded jewellery range “Romance fitted with colored semi-precious stones with Zerconia, the substitute of real diamonds, in 22/24 K gold. Each piece of the jewellery crafted exclusively to magnify the beauty of women and gives added expression to the passion of a woman. This range is the extension of company’s existing collection, “The imperial Collection.”


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