Saturday, August 17, 2002
W O R D  P O W E R

Equable (ekwabl): not easily upset or annoyed

Synonym — composed, calm, steady

Antonym — jumpy, edgy, nervous

— My mother has an equable temper.

Clandestine (klandestain): something done secretly

Synonym — covert, furtive, stealthy

Antonyms — obvious, open, apparent

— Their clandestine movements helped in overpowering the enemy.

Picturesque (pik-ch’resk): forming a charming scene

Synonym — beautiful, quaint, scenic

Antonym — drab, unattractive, inartistic

— This village is picturesque at dawn.


(sackri-lij): the action of treating a sacred place or thing with disrespect.

Synonym — blasphemy, disrespect

Antonym — piety, reverence

— In the Hindu religion, the killing of a cow is sacrilege.

Slapdash (slap’dash): done in a hurry.

Synonym — careless, disorderly, hasty

Antonym — careful, conscientious, meticulous

— A slapdash worker can never work up to my expectations.

Prowess (prow-iss, prow-ess): outstanding ability or skill

Synonym — adeptness, dexterity, expertise

Antonym — ineffectiveness, incompetence

— I deeply admire her prowess as a singer.


Divination is the skill of telling what will happen in the future. Match the different ways of foretelling the future with the objects used:


1. Bibliomancy

2. Cartomancy

3. Chiromancy

4. Lampadomancy

5. Lithomancy

6. Pyromancy


a. Hands

b. Precious stones

c. Passages from books

d. Fire or flames

e. Cards

f. Oil lamps

Looking back

A walk over is an extremely easy win. The allusion is to horse racing. When there is no competition or other entrants to a race, a horse is walked over to the course as a formal procedure in order to declare the winner.


Modesty when she goes, is gone forever — Landor

Score card

1 c, 2 e, 3 a, 4 f, 5 b, 6 d

— Illa Vij