Sunday, August 18, 2002, Chandigarh, India


L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Sect leader’s murder case solved; 4 ‘killers’ held
Jupinderjit Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 17
The over three-year-old cold-blooded murder case of a Nihang leader, Bhai Malkit Singh Phoola, who was shot dead by some persons at his Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar residence here, took a sensational turn here today when the police arrested four of his alleged contract killers who were allegedly hired by the deceased’s wife.

The arrested persons have been identified as Gurjinder Singh, Daljit Singh, Harinder Singh and Laddi. Police sources said the police was now searching the deceased’s wife. Senior police officials were, interestingly, tight-lipped on the issue saying that they would reveal the entire case in a day of so.

Bhai Malkit Singh was shot dead at point-blank range by the killers at his residence on February 17, 1999. They had gone to his house to offer him sweets. Bhai Malkit Singh was the state head of the organisation. His brother Jagir Singh Phoola was also an important leader of the sect. The victim had gone to answer the door bell and was accepting the box of sweets when the assailants shot him.

One of the arrested men, Gurjinder Singh, was incidentally employed as a bodyguard of Bhai Malkit Singh, state chief of Tarna order of the Nihang sect. Police sources said the accused woman had estranged relation with the deceased and was close to Gurjinder Singh. They allegedly hatched a plan to eliminate the Nihang leader. The bodyguard and others agreed after they struck a deal for Rs 50,000 with the woman.

The sources said the alleged contract killers were paid Rs 20,000 in advance. However, later on they fell apart after the woman allegedly refused to pay the remaining amount. The arrested accused have revealed to the police that the woman allegedly hoodwinked them as well. The police sources said the police had conducted raids on several places but the woman managed to evade the police.

The police said it had registered a case against the woman and raids were being conducted to arrest her.

The case had hogged headlines because of the nature of the crime and the victim being a leader of a sect banned by the Akal Takht.

A number of suspects were rounded up but a definite clue could not be found.

The victim was quite close to several senior police officials of the state. His house was frequented by political leaders as well.

More details on the case were not available as none of the senior officials was willing to give details. Police sources told Ludhiana Tribune that the accused were arrested last night from an unknown place.



Robbery at petrol station, 1 held
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 17
A ‘demoted’ employee of a petrol station at Sarabha village has been arrested by the Jagraon police today on the charges of stage-managing a robbery of Rs 83,000 belonging to the owner of Om Filling Station, Sarabha, and allegedly looted from him by two robbers near the village yesterday morning.

The employee, an ex-serviceman, had allegedly cooked a tale of robbery and complained to the police yesterday causing a scare among the residents and sending the police in a tizzy. There has been a spurt in such robbery and snatching incidents in the area, especially the Raikot-Gurusar Sidhar-Mullanpur belt.

Police sources said the man, Paramjit Singh, has admitted before the police in his confessional statement that he was removed from the post of managing the petrol pump and told to manage accounts only. He was quite upset at this move and decided to commit the crime.

He had reported that yesterday morning at about 8.45 a.m., two youths with muffled faces snatched a bag containing the money at Sarabha-Gujjarwal after throwing red chilli powder in his eyes. He had claimed he could not see anything for some time and later reported the matter to the police.

SSP Jagraon Mukhwinder Singh Cheena said the police was astonished at the robbery as there was no evidence of red chilli powder on other parts of the face. He said the accused had a long beard and if someone would throw chilli powder at him, it was bound to be found in the beard or other parts of the face. Above all, the medical examination of the eyes also did not reveal much damage as was normally done to the eyes in such cases.

Secondly, the accused had said in his complaint that he had taken all cash to his home on August 14, keeping in mind the closure of banks the next day. On August 16, when he was coming to the petrol station the alleged robbery took place. Mr Cheena said the story seemed weak as it was highly improbable for robbers to know that he was bringing cash to the petrol station so early in the morning.

The police began suspecting that the man was lying and turned the investigation on him. It also rounded up several persons but no clue could be found from them. Success was finally achieved when the man cracked during questioning and admitted of cooking up the robbery tale.

The police recovered the entire stolen cash from the accused’s house at about 1 a.m. last night.

Om Filling Station, Sarabha, was incidentally one of the about 12 petrol station sealed yesterday. Sources in the owner’s family said they spent the past 24 hours in deep shock. On the one hand the pump was closed and on the other, the robbery and the alleged treachery of an employee surfaced.



Bank defaulter evades arrest
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 17
Kimti Lal Jain, Chairman of Arihant Industries, has reportedly been evading arrest the past few months in a case of non-payment of dues to Standard Chartered Bank. The arrest warrants have been issued by, Mr R.K. Bhoria, Recovery Officer, Debt Recovery Tribunal, New Delhi. It is for the second time that the tribunal has issued warrants and dispatched them by hand since earlier warrants were reportedly returned unacknowledged.

The sources said neither Jain nor any of his family members or employees was available and nobody was prepared to accept the summons. About a month back some representatives of the bank had approached the local police to execute the arrest warrants. However, the police also could not trace Jain. The arrest warrants had been addressed to the Station House Officer concerned at the Focal Point, Ludhiana. However, this time the warrants have been addressed to the Superintendent of Police for execution.

It was learnt that the Debt Recovery Tribunal had asked the Superintendent of Police to arrest the debtor and produce him before the tribunal “as soon as practicable in any event within 24 hours of his arrest (exclusive of the time required for the journey) unless the debtor pays you the said amount of Rs 2,53,03,266 together with the interest at the rate of 20.9 per cent with effect from April 21, 2001, till realisation and the cost of executing the warrant”.

It was learnt that the warrants dispatched to Jain at his B-35, Phase V, Focal Point, Ludhiana, address had been returned unacknowledged. Ultimately the tribunal reportedly deputed some officials to deliver the recovery warrants by hand. The latest warrant asked the executing officer to “return the warrant on or before August 22, 2002 with an endorsement certifying the day on which and the manner in which it has been executed or the reason why it has not been executed”.

The warrant also added, “In case the Certificate Debtor (Jain) is not found within your jurisdiction you are hereby authorised to move the authority concerned within whose jurisdiction the Certificate Debtor may for the time being be found for executing this warrant”. Jain is learnt to be facing the arrest warrant in another case of default in depositing the employees’ provident fund with the Regional Provident Fund Officer.



Admn overlooks court orders?
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 17
Can the status-quo orders by a civil court be overlooked to take the possession of a piece of land on the plea that as per the revenue records the land is mutated in the opposite party’s name? The answer seems to be in the affirmative if the local administration’s move to send a party to vacate a piece of land in Jainpur village is any indication.

The administration, on August 13 had sent a party comprising a Tehsildar, Kanugo, Patwari and 24 policemen to the house of Mr Gurnam Singh in Jainpur, who has been staying there for the past 10 years, to take the possession of the land despite the fact that a civil suit was pending in the court of Mr Rajesh Ahluwalia, Civil Judge (Junior Division), who had ordered a status quo regarding the possession of land on May 2, 1999. The status quo was extended by Mr Harpal Singh, Civil Judge (Junior Division), till further orders on January 8, 2001.

Mr Gurnam Singh, has complained to the Senior Superintendent of Police, Ludhiana, about the entire episode and has alleged that he was being harassed as the other party was being patronised by a Congress MLA in the city.

In his complaint to the SSP, Mr Gurnam Singh, has said a team of officials and policemen had told him to vacate the land and had even refused to see the stay orders by the court.

According to Mr Gurnam Singh, he had struck a deal with Hazara Singh, a resident of Jainpur village for buying the latter’s land at the rate of Rs 4,10,000 per acre in 1993 and that he had paid an amount of Rs 1 lakh to Hazara Singh who had given the possession of the land to him. But he failed to execute the sale deed and the complainant’s brothers filed a suit for the specific performance of the agreement against Hazara Singh.

Unfortunately Hazara Singh died in 1996 and the mutation of this piece of land (number 1697) was done in the revenue records in the name of his sons including Nirmal Singh, Mohinder Singh, Buta Singh, Bhag Singh, Pal Singh, his daughters — Gurdev Kaur and Gurmail Kaur and his widow Seeto.

However at the same time the complainant and his brothers had been having the possession of the land since November 30, 1993 and the entries were done in the khasra girdawries.

He further said he had filed a suit for specific performance of the agreement to sell and the case was pending in the court. Meanwhile, the heirs of Hazara Singh executed the sale deed of the land to Anju Sharma and the complainant filed a suit for permanent injunction against Sharma and it was granted in favour of the complainant.

He said he and his brothers had got a kothi constructed on the land and they have planted 600 poplar trees there. The details of the house and trees are duly incorporated in the revenue records in the name of Gurnam Singh. He also said a telephone number and electricity connection of the house was also in his brother’s name.



Is police not taking action under pressure?
D.B. Chopra

Ahmedgarh, August 17
Is the local police dillydallying with regard to the registration of an attempted murder case under Section 307 of the IPC on the complaint of Mr. Ashutosh Vinayak, secretary, Vidya Pracharak Sabha, and a former state president of the BJP’s youth wing?

Mr Ashutosh, who was injured in an attack with a sharp-edged weapon and lathis on the night of August 9 at Adda Raikot, had named five accused in the case along with a dozen-odd other unknown persons, who, according to his statement recorded by the police, made an attempt on his life. Mr. Ashutosh had stated to the police that one of the accused, Kishori Lal Badhan, President of the local Municipal Council, who was in an inebriated condition, asked Ravinder Puri, another accused, to put an end to his life. Mr. Ashutosh had further stated that at this, Puri took out something from under his shirt and handed it over to his nephew Sonu who used it against him. Badhan also used a stick to hit him shortly before he lost consciousness. While he was being beaten by a band of attackers, the other two accused named in the FIR, attacked Mr. Rajan Vinayak, added Mr. Ashutosh.

Mr Rajan Vinayak, a close kin of Mr Ashutosh, suffered fracture in his left upper arm as a result of lathi blows. But the police, without waiting for the full medical report , registered a case under Sections 323, 324, 148 and 149 of the IPC against the accused who were bailed out in the police station itself.

Section 325 was later added to the FIR after the receipt of the medical report confirming fracture for which Mr Rajan is now undergoing treatment at the CMC Hospital, Ludhiana.

Not satisfied with the investigation of the case and the non-application of certain other sections of the IPC such as 34, 120-B and 307, a deputation of town’s residents, including Mr Rajnish Sharma, a Congress leader close to Ms Bhattal, called upon the SSP at Sangrur.

The SSP reportedly assured the delegation that justice would be ensured. He also asked the S.P.(D) to visit the town and conduct a thorough probe into the incident.

Meanwhile, Mr Ashutosh Vinayak today told Ludhiana Tribune that if the police did not register a case of attempt to murder against the accused in the near future, he would resort to satyagrah to get justice. When asked to elaborate, he said he might start a fast unto death in front of the local police station or some other appropriate place.



PWD employees union office-bearers
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 17
A list of new office-bearers of the PWD Public Health Punjab Employees Union was announced during their general body meeting here today.

Dr Shiv Gupta, general secretary, Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), in a press statement said the meeting was presided over by Mr Balwant Rai Kapoor, president of the state unit of INTUC and Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (Labour and Employment Cell).

Mr Ranjit Singh Chouhan was elected the president, Mr Jit Lal Bhatia and Mr Baleshwar, senior vice-presidents, Mr Sukhdev Singh vice-president, Mr Mohan Singh and Mr Sarwan Das general secretaries and Mr Om Parkash and Mr Soma Ram secretaries.

Mr Kapoor, while addressing the union members, appealed to the Chief Minister to implement labour laws strictly in the private sector.



Family’s record in academics

ASK a school urchin the number of playing members of cricket, football or hockey team. Instant answer, 11. Courtesy, media. Despite a shift in values or economic constraints, some families enviably love sports/athletics. A few contribute sportspersons athletes. Weightlifting and wrestling, basket-ball and shooting easily visible. Athletics nearly O.K. Academics, good despite poor literacy rate of Punjab. Surprisingly and pleasantly, a local family creates a record of sorts in academics. Head of the family holds a doctorate. Two daughters Ph.D/DSc. Holding teaching/research jobs as professors in Australia. Elder at Adelaide University, the younger at Brisbane University. Earlier, taught at Glasgow University, U.K. One daughter and the son are medical doctors, both MBBS and M.S. The fourth daughter has a master’s degrees in science and language, besides doctorate.

Interestingly, the son, while serving as doctor at the prestigious PGI, Chandigarh, on an impulse joined P.U. Evening College and did M.A. in English. Perhaps, he is the only medical doctor with a post-graduate degree in English. There is more to the family. All the sons- in- law, besides the daughter-in-law are doctors! It is an academic team — five plus five besides the captain, Dr G S Pandohal. This elementary information was conveyed to Prof J S Bedi, Chandigarh, at a literary meeting here. Prof Bedi’s curiosity reached its height. He phoned his friend Kulwant Jagraon, poet and a colleague of Dr Gurdev Singh Pandohal. On a short notice, a literary-cum-research get-together was arranged at the Pandohals. All questions, simple to complex, critical to explanatory, sent the couple, walking down the memory-lane. Listening was delightful and insightful. Also, extremely inspiring and rewarding.

Gurdev Singh Pandohal hails from Barwali Khurd, village near Samrala, Ludhiana district. Born in 1934. While a child, his mother died. Father re-married. His grandfather, Master Ganga Singh, was a village elder. Both grand and wise. He was teacher of Urdu, Persian and Arabic. He taught at several Government High Schools from Multan to Ludhiana, during the British Raj. Historically, Ganga Singh ranks among the few natives to head a Government High School. A pioneer , indeed. Incidentally, when posted at Ludhiana, he used to go to Government College to take classes in Persian/Arabic. Imagine, a country-side Jat Sikh teaching Persian/Arabic, particularly to Muslim students. A tonga allowance was sanctioned for him by Principal Hervey. Gurdev Singh, courtesy his grandfather, studied at good schools, including at Summer Hill, Simla. He did M.A. (Persian) as a tribute to his mentor. Later, added three Master’s, did doctorate under Dr T.S. Kanwar, an exacting scholar.

Dr Gurdev Singh Pandohal has authored 27 books. Both poetry and prose. In poetry his forte is ghazal. Since, he knows the nuances of the language, structural parameters. Besides, craft of metre and art of rhyming. Madhoshi, Khamoshi, Sargoshi and Gulberg are ghazal collections. Some more are under prints. He has travelled five times abroad visiting 37 countries. He wrote a travelogue (Kali dharti gorey lok), literary criticism (Dhani Ram Chatrik) and some collections of short-stories.

He elicits envy of translators for the Punjabi rendering of such Persian classics : Zafarnama (Guru Gobind Singh), Dewan-e-Goya and Zindginama (Bhai Nandlal) besides Amar name (Nathmal Dhadi). He is busy giving final touches to Rubaiyat-e-Omar Khyyam. We hope he will qualify to be Fitzgerald of Punjabi. He elicits instant respect. Solicits no award. Though, scores have come their modest way. His love for family expands to the entire human kind. A genuine man, a gentle poet.

M.S. Cheema



No headway in robbery case
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 17
The Sadar police station has failed to make any headway in the daylight robbery incident at Kheri village on the Pakhowal road, where two unidentified youths robbed a brick-kiln owner of Rs 5,200 on Tuesday evening besides injuring one of his employees.



Labourer murdered
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 17
Three masked robbers struck at migrant labourers’ quarters in Giaspur Colony, here this morning and murdered a man and injured two with sharp-edged weapons. They decamped with cash and valuables.

The incident occurred at around 3.30 am when labourers were sleeping. The robbers demanded cash and valuables from them. While some conceded to their demands, others, including the deceased, Dilip Kumar Shah, resisted and grappled with robbers. The robbers stabbed Dilip Kumar, Surinder Shah and Ram. Surinder has been admitted to Oswal Hospital and is stated to be in a serious condition.



Man found murdered
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 17
A migrant labourer was found murdered at Bulara village under Shimla Puri police station last night. The police has rounded up four persons suspected to be involved in the crime and said their identity would not be revealed today.

Ramu, a farm hand, was found lying dead on a road near the village today morning by some villagers. The body bore several injury marks and the hands were tied behind his back with a piece of cloth.

The post-mortem examination revealed that Ramu was beaten up several times and the injuries caused his death. The police said they had recovered vital clues from the crime site and rounded up four suspects. Sources claimed the identity of the accused would be revealed tomorrow.



Man killed in accident
Our Correspondent

Doraha, August 17
A man was crushed to death by a bus near Maloud on Thursday evening.

The deceased has been identified as Tek Singh, son of Balwant Singh of Siar village. The driver of the bus (PB-10-A-9318) fled leaving the bus behind.

A case has been registered against the driver of the bus under Sections 270 and 304-A of the IPC at Payal police station.

Goods worth Rs 12,000 along with Rs 3,000 in cash were stolen from a shop on Thursday night when some miscreants broke into the shop at Maloud.



Honda Activa completes 1 yr
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 17
The Honda Activa celebrated its first anniversary here today. According to Mr Vinod K. Goel, Managing Director of Sarvpriya Honda Autos Private Limited, 1,800 scooters were sold during the past year.

He claimed that the two-wheeler had got a phenomenal response from the customers and the demand was increasing with the waiting period for the scooter going up to 75 days. He said the four-stroke auto-gear scooter had been received well across the region.

According to Mr Goel, the scooter had tuffup tube and steel body with an average of 50 kilometres per litre. The tuffup tube made it puncture resistant. Keeping in view the current demand, Mr Goel said, the sales target was likely to double in the next year.


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