Friday, August 23, 2002, Chandigarh, India


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Fire in busy Chandni Chowk
Property worth lakhs gutted
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 22
Property worth lakhs was destroyed and two upper floors of a 150-year-old building were destroyed in a fire, which engulfed a part of the congested Chandni Chowk market in the walled city today.

There were no casualties, however, as most of the occupants had managed to flee to safety before the smoke and flames enveloped the buildings. But the fire caused considerable panic in the market, which was crammed with shoppers because of Raksha Bhandan. Two Delhi Fire Service personnel received electric shocks when they entered the building to look for victims. They were taken to a hospital and discharged after first aid.

The entire Town Hall area was cordoned off to facilitate fire- fighting operations, which lasted for well over two-and-a-half hours. Hundreds of shopkeepers and curious onlookers thronged the streets to watch the firemen battle with the flames. The police had a tough time keeping the crowd at bay.

The police said that loss of property would have been much higher had the flames spread to the ground floor shops. The fire was confined to the upper stories of the building.

The fire was reported around noon from the four-storey building and within a little while the two upper floors collapsed, bringing down a mesh of electric wires. ''Four or five people, who were inside the building, managed to come out but two fire brigade personnel were injured,'' Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Beniwal, who was at the spot, said.

Around 25 fire tenders were rushed to the spot. The cause of the fire could not be immediately ascertained, but some eyewitnesses attributed it to a gas cylinder leak. The building houses at least 25 shops, mostly of clothes and electronic items, which were closed today on account of Raksha Bandhan. Some of the shop owners, who were away at their homes, rushed to the site after getting the news of the fire. They were trying to assess their losses till late in the evening.

Fire Brigade officials said that they had to press snorkels to fight the flames as the fire was confined to the upper storeys. These specialised vehicles were positioned near the building and water was showered from above to quell the flames.

Minister of State in Prime Minister's Office Vijay Goel, who represents Chandni Chowk in the Lok Sabha, rushed to the spot and called for immediate measures to decongest the walled city area. ''The problems in Chandni Chowk are due to congestion and the web of exposed live wires,'' he said. He proposed regulation of traffic and shifting of the parking space to decongest the area. But for this, the Centre, the Delhi government and the Municipal Corporation would have to contribute their mite.

Meanwhile, some residents of the area have demanded a survey of some of the old buildings, which are said to be over a century old. Weak and unsafe buildings should be evacuated to ensure that there is no loss of life in case there is an accident.


IPS officer denies charges, dubs them malicious
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 22
Mr A S Bhatotia, IPS, DG (Prisons), Haryana, today described as mischievous, malicious and absolutely devoid of truth the allegations carried against him in a Rewari datelined story ‘Saga of a doughty villager and liquor mafia’ on August 18.

In a written communication, the officer alleged that the complainant, Mr Virender Singh of Jonawas village, appeared to be suffering from “persecution phobia and is playing into the hands of adversaries, including half-baked politicians of the area.”

Mr Bhatotia said that he would like to make it very clear that neither he nor his younger brother, Mr. Birender Singh Bhatotia, ex-Zila Parishad, ever intervened or interfered in a confrontation between the complainant and his neighbours.

“This also includes FIR no. 147 dated 21.6.2000 Police Station Dharuhera mentioned in the news item. We have never spoken to anyone against Mr Virender Singh or his family members, which has been amply proved after the findings of so many inquiries conducted by various national and state agencies at their behest. No one has ever pointed an accusing finger at the Bhatotia family.”

The DG (Prisions) Haryana described as “repulsive” and “reprehensible” the allegations of his patronage to the liquor mafia which led to a series of attacks against the family of the complainant.

The communication said: “It is absolutely absurd that the complainant, Mr Virender, was given a dressing down by Mr R K Vachher, IPS, IGP, SVB, Haryana, for filing a complaint against me. On enquiry, Mr Vachher told me that the complainant while appearing before him had confessed that he had nothing against me and somehow he suspects my brother for his problems which again is incorrect.”

The IPS officer said that it was the duty of the correspondent to have verified the facts before jumping into print. The Rewari correspondent had contacted Mr. Bhatotia’s brother for his comments before filing the story but he was not forthcoming.

He also pointed out another anomaly claiming that Dr Krishan Kumar, brother of the complainant, was not a doctor and in a raid by the Health Department of Haryana Government, was found to be a “fraud RMP” and an FIR (115) was registered on 19.7.2002 under section 15(2)(3) of the Indian Medical Association Act and section 420 of the IPC in Dharuhera police station.

The Haryana cadre IPS officer alleged that the allegations had caused irreparable loss and mental agony to him and the family, which was immensely respected in the area.


Cop beaten up, unable to get FIR lodged
Syed Ali Ahmed
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 22
Jaiveer Singh, a Head Constable of the Delhi Police, posted at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station, who was beaten up mercilessly by touts at the taxi stand outside the station recently, had a taste of his own department’s medicine.

The duty conscious constable, who is languishing in his house after a week’s stay in the hospital, has still not been able to get an FIR registered against the suspects who continue to operate outside the railway station with impunity.

The touts reportedly attacked him with sticks when he did not allow them to park their vehicles in front of the station, which led to traffic jam and chaos. They were asked to park their vehicles in the parking lots. There was a confrontation between the Head Constable and the touts, which led to the attack in which the constable sustained serious injuries.

The constable was in full uniform when the touts attacked him. However, for some curious reason, no action has so far been taken against the touts. They are still at large and the constable is on medical rest, sources said.

Sources said that the touts had been parking their vehicles in front of the station for a long time and for which they allegedly pay an unspecified amount regularly to the local police. The touts were also well connected and some influential persons were protecting them.

The SHO of Police Station Hazrat Nizamuddin expressed ignorance about the case when contacted by the NCR Tribune. He said that the entire staff of the police station was shunted a month back and he was out of station in connection with a crime case at the time of the incident.

SHO Kamal Prasad said that the police was waiting for the medical report. Once the report was submitted by the hospital concerned, action would be taken against the suspects.

Despite warnings, touts continue to operate with impunity outside the three railway stations in the Capital, harassing and duping hundreds of passengers daily. Regular drives by the authorities have had little impact on their clandestine operations as most of them are highly organised and enjoy the protection of the powers that be, these sources alleged.

Senior railway and Delhi police officers admitted that there was a problem but claimed that the public was equally responsible for the menace. Even if cases were registered against some of the suspects, It was difficult for the police to take them to their logical conclusion as the complainants were reluctant to pursue the cases.


‘Operation search’ for missing files
Prem Pal Singh

Meerut, August 22
Eight highly sensitive confidential files have been missing from Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut. The files, if found, can open a Pandora’s box of ills afflicting the university. The future of several professors is directly linked to these files. These files include the reports of enquiry committees, Abdul Salam Chair file, suspension file of the HOD Physics, V K Sharma, and a file containing the show-cause notice given by the governor. Senior administrative officials of the Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, have launched an ‘operation research’ for the files.

The university officials also questioned a professor in this regard but he has stated in writing that he does not have the files. The files also have the original forms and attendance sheets of the participants of a refresher course. The future of a professor of political science, Dr Sanjive Sharma, is also locked in this file.

The files contain the controversy on the seniority of Prof N K Taneja and they also have the details about l’affaire V K Malhotra. These professors are charged with not clearing NET (UGC) examination.

The suspension of Dr Sharma, HoD Physics Dept, is listed in these files.

The ‘correspondence file’ between B L Arya, registrar, and the outgoing registrar V K Sinha, is also in the missing files. As the senior administrative officials questioned the HoD of the microbiology, Dr A P Garg, he replied that he had never given these files to anyone. Several issues are mired in controversies these days, including the Supreme Court order in which the entire answersheet record was sought by the court. In the coming week, several officials and employees might be questioned in this regard.

When the ‘NCR Tribune’ tried to contact the vice-chancellor, the officials said that the ‘NCR Tribune’ should contact the office on Friday evening for any information in this matter.


Ailing in hospital, R.S.V.P. (regrets only)
Jatinder Sharma

Rohtak, August 22
Childhood is all play, youth is a struggle, but old age is a regret, opined someone wisely (read regretfully).

With the increase in average life span, the percentage of senior citizens in society has increased. However, there is also a proportionate increase in their problems.

With the disintegration of joint family system and non-existence of social security services in the state on the pattern of Europe and the USA, those who fall into the geriatric trap in India feel helpless and humiliated.

Only a few are fortunate enough to be living with their children. Whatever may be their compulsions, a large number of elderly couples live alone most of the times.

One is also afflicted with the maximum number of illnesses in old age: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, cataract, enlarged prostrate, cancers, hearing problems etc.

Incidentally, most of these diseases need lifelong treatment.

Many senior citizens, especially those subsisting on pension, have no money to bear their medical expenses. Ironically, even those having the wherewithal have nobody to look after them at home, leave alone in hospital.

In the state-run hospitals, there is no system of providing attendants. Besides, there is a perpetual non-availability of medicines and other essential things. Thus, the elderly have to pay through the nose for specialised investigations like CT scan, MRI etc. Treatment in private hospitals is more expensive and beyond the reach of a vast majority of the elders.

Though it is heartening to see children accompanying the old patients to hospital, the former often express their inability to stay as attendants due to their ‘job compulsions’. Often they plead with the doctors to discharge the patient, even if he or she is not fully cured.

There are some unfortunate souls who are hospitalised with no one to look after them. In such cases, the doctors just request charitable organisations like ‘Manav Sewa Sadan’ or the ‘Hari Om Sewa Dal’ to provide attendants to such patients.

Everybody knows the problem. What is the solution then? Old-age pension and ‘vridh ashrama’ may be a step in the right direction, but they are not much help to the senior citizens, especially when they are sick and need the maximum help.

As a first step, all those in the evening of their life should be provided free treatment, including consultations, specialised investigations, drugs and other things needed in their medical or surgical treatment in the government-run hospitals. If certain items are not available, it should be the responsibility of the hospital administration to procure them from outside.

This may be just a small step to help ‘les miserables’ of society. Addressing the remaining issues calls for a public debate on the vital subject, concerning everybody from the cradle to….


Power thieves to be billed for 6 months, five times the tariff
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 22
It’s official. Freeloaders will foot the bill for six months at five times the stipulated tariff if charged with pilfering electricity.

The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) says the distribution company will raise bill for the past six months at five times the normal rate after conclusive evidence of direct theft of energy.

DERC Chairman VK Sood on Thursday told media persons electricity being supplied to such a consumer will remain disconnected till the payment is made. “The distribution company may also lodge an FIR against the defaulter,” he informs.

Detailing the regulations on metering and billing, Sood reassures, no case of Dishonest Abstraction of Energy (DAE) will be booked merely on account of tampering with one seal or breaking the glass window “unless such conditions were corroborated by consumption pattern of the consumer.”

The consumer will be given an opportunity for personal hearing within four working days from the date of his reply.


Saathi clamps blanket ban on funds for new projects
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 22
Fed up of the Department of Public Works’ (PWD’s) ‘chalta hai’ attitude to projects, which are getting delayed by “six months to five years or more,” Finance Minister Mahender Singh Saathi has put a blanket ban on sanction of funds for new projects. “Complete the projects first, seek funds later,” is the terse message from Mr Saathi’s office.

Putting an end to the blame game between officials from his Ministry and the Department of Urban Development headed by his Cabinet colleague AK Walia, Mr Saathi says construction of flyovers, roads and sub-ways are inexplicably getting delayed in spite of his releasing the funds on time.

“It is ironical that a cash-rich State like ours should be wasting monies on account of cost-overrun,” sources in the Department of Finance quoted the minister as having said in Thursday’s meeting called by Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

Giving a dressing down to the Secretary (PWD) who accompanied his minister to the meeting, the sources said, Mr Saathi told the official the projects were getting delayed not because of funds not being released on time but because the PWD was not forwarding the funds to the contractor or agency concerned.

A checklist of the projects currently being executed by the PWD tell a similar story. The Nelson Mandela Marg should have become six-lane on February 1, 2001. It is still under construction. The Secretary (PWD) has since been told to monitor the progress of the works on a regular basis and submit a status report every month.

The Andrewsganj flyover was sanctioned on October 8, 1998 at an estimated cost of Rs 45 crore. It was to be completed in 12 months. Rs 32.21 crore and three years later, only 84 per cent of the work has been completed.

Similarly, the flyover in Mayapuri was sanctioned on August 8, 1998, at an estimated cost of Rs 25 crore. It should have been thrown open to traffic on September 7, 1999. Till June this year though, only 63 per cent of the work had been completed.

That is not all. Twelve months’ time had been given for completing the sub-way on Ring Road near Naraina. After 18 months of delay and an investment of Rs 10.16 lakh, only six per cent of the work had been completed.

And, sanctioned on November 18, 1992, the sub-way in Munirka is still incomplete. In 10 years only “9.499 per cent” of the work has been completed. The deadline was May 18, 1994.


YMAI makes clemency plea for unwed mom
Our Correspondent

Rewari, August 22
Mr Amit Swami, President of the Young Men’s Association of India, a prominent social organisation, has made a representation to the Supreme Court of Nigeria, making a fervent plea to potently or efficaciously intervene in the matter of capital punishment awarded to an unwed mother, Amisa Laval (30).

Amisa Laval has been sentenced to be stoned to death, by a lower court of the country.

Mr Swami has appealed to the Supreme Court that either the punishment be condoned or it be mitigated.

He said such a savage punishment could not be deemed as something appropriate in a civilised and awakened society like that of Nigeria.

He said that this sort of punishment to be meted out to an unwed mother had stunned the entire world community.

Iin view of human rights there was an urgency for a directive to be issued to the penal court that its above verdict be accordingly reviewed quite expeditiously.

Mr Swami also said he would write to prominent women’s organisations of the world.

He said he would take up this grave matter in right earnest.


He prefers to light a candle than curse darkness
Nalini Ranjan

New Delhi, August 22
Three years ago as Pradeep Jain, a small-time businessman of Preet Vihar, knocked at the doors of the more fortunate in the colony and asked them to donate old school books, many looked askance at him. Many of them even thought that he was perhaps diversifying into the business of ‘kabari’. It was much later the committed young man could clear the air and convinced the reluctant residents that he was collecting the textbooks only to distribute them among the slum children. Their books would not reach a rag-picker, he made them believe.

The idea was to make an effort so that the children of these colonies could become literate and that is how the voluntary social society, “Abhinandan Jan Kalyan Society ” was born. Pradeep, along with his wife, Alka, who is equally committed to the noble cause, went around the slums, distributing textbooks to those who wanted to learn. The couple spent hours together in organising classes and teaching the poor children.

Their labour of love bore fruit as a large number of other like-minded people joined the Society as volunteers and offered to take up the cause of educating the slum children. Moved by the pitiable living conditions, particularly those of the children and the elderly, the Society also organised several free health camps and distributed blankets and woollens.

Talking to the ‘NCR Tribune’, Pradeep Jain confessed that he was inspired to make the slum children literate as he himself did not get an opportunity to go in for higher education because of family reasons. At that time, he vowed to at least make an effort to educate some of those who cannot afford to go to regular schools.

But Pradeep is disappointed by the response from the parents of these children. At least two centres he had opened in the slums had to be closed down because of the poor response. Parents wanted their children to work and bring home the bacon rather than waste their time, sitting in a classroom.

However, he continues to carry on in the hope that the government agencies would step in and provide the much-needed financial aid so that the organisation can carry on the task of making the deprived literate.


Sonia to harp on BJP scams in rally
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 22
The president of the Indian National Congress, Ms Sonia Gandhi, will address a rally at the Ferozeshah Kotla grounds on Saturday to protest the “unending scams and corruption” in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led NDA Government at the Centre

The Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC), the organisers of the rally, said meetings were being held in all the 89 blocks of Delhi to make the people aware of the misdeeds of the scam-tainted government at the Centre.

The DPCC president, Mr Subhash Chopra, on Thursday told mediapersons the rally would sound the death knell of the corrupt BJP rule. “The Congress never practised power politics but the BJP had plumbed to the depths of cheap politics for pecuniary and material gains,” he said. In spite of being deeply involved in various scams and corrupt deals, Mr Chopra said the BJP ministers were not willing to quit power.

He said this had forced the party to take the matter to the people’s court by holding rallies and demonstrations all over the country.

The BJP, he added, had mad a mockery of democratic traditions by not taking any action against those caught taking bribes or found involved in the Tehelka scandal even though the probe ordered against them by the government was still incomplete.


Now, greeting cards for grandparents
Tribune news Service

New Delhi, August 22
There are cards for mothers, for fathers, for friends, and for all occasions, but none for grandparents. That, however, is set to change. Voluntary organisation HelpAge India, in association with Archies Greetings & Gifts Ltd (AG & G), has for the first time launched greeting cards for grandparents in the Indian market.

The “Grandparents Series”, the highlight of this year’s range of cards co-produced by the two organisations, was aptly unveiled by the grand old lady of Hindi cinema, Zohra Segal, at a function here on Wednesday. International shooter Jaspal Rana was the guest of honour.

“Each card of this series aims to make older people feel wanted and is a small tribute to all they have done for us,” said Mr D. R. Kohli , President of HelpAge. “We could all make a big difference by giving even one old person each a reason to live.

“It has always been our endeavour to highlight the role of the older generation and make other generations realise their contribution to the family. This is an effort to reach out to the youth through a platform they identify with.”

Elaborating on the association with HelpAge, Mr Anil Moolchandani, CMD, Archies Greetings & Gifts Ltd, said, “Elderly people have traditionally been accorded a place of respect, honour and importance in our society. The range of cards is for a noble cause and we produce these cards as a tribute to the less privileged elderly people”.

The “Grandparents Series” has eight new designs to begin with. A limited number of e-cards are also being released and will soon be available on the HelpAge and Archies websites.

The year 2002-2003 range comprises 60 designs for the festive season of Divali, Christmas and the New Year 2003.

The product range includes desk calendars, wall calendars, diaries and telephone indexes. The motifs are striking in both colour and content — capturing women of rural India, the beauty of flowers and nature in its most vivid hues.


Garbage management project for Jhajjar
Our correspondent

Jhajjar, August 22
The Haryana Slum Clearance Board would initiate a municipal solid waste management project for Jhajjar Municipality for which a sum of Rs 89.25 lakh would be provided as loan. This was disclosed by Mr S. S. Dhir, Superintending Engineer, Urban Development Department, while addressing a conference here on Wednesday at Panchayat Bhavan. Mr Dhir stated that Rs 30 lakh would be managed by the local municipality out of its own resources for the programme. In addition, a sum of Rs 69 lakh would be spent on the repair of 11.89l-km road of the city, he added. Mr Dhir also presented a technical demonstration through video vision over the subject.

In order to give a facelift to the city, the municipality would introduce a new system of garbage management with the cooperation of local citizens, Mr Dhir further said. He also revealed that a fleet of solid waste management carrying six three-wheelers, 56 handcarts, a dumper placer and two three-wheeler auto cargo van would be the functional part of the sanitation drive. A full-fledged modern fire fighting system is also being introduced for Jhajjar city at a cost of Rs 64 lakh. A project report on solid waste management was also presented on the occasion.

Officers of the local administration, municipal commissioners and the technical wing of the Slum Clearance Board participated in the conference.


RBI to distribute coins through commercial banks
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 22
With increasing demand for small change and serpentine queues at the Reserve Bank of India office in the Capital, the central bank has decided to decentralise the coin distribution in Delhi and will make coins available in commercial banks located in big market places in different parts of the city on specified days.

The RBI spokesperson said today, “ We witness long queues at the coin distribution counter at RBI so as a service to the customers we have decided to provide this facility at commercial banks in their areas.’’

As part of the drive bank branches in big market areas will act as coin distribution counters of the RBI for a day beginning August 26. There will be no limit to the value of coins an individual or a trader can exchange.

On Monday the State Bank of India branch at GT Road, Shahdara, will issue coins in lieu of currency notes. On August 27 the coins will be distributed at the Shradha Nand Marg branch of the State Bank of Patiala, on August 29 at the Tilak Nagar branch of the Punjab and Sind Bank, on September 2 at the State Bank of India branch at Azadpur Sabzi Mandi, September 3 at the Gurdwara Road Karol Bagh branch of Punjab National Bank and on September 4 at the Bank of India branch in Chandni Chowk.

Though this move would come handy for the traders, who are always short of change, it would, however, hit the small-time agents who had found lucrative business opportunity in exchanging currency notes for coins by charging a premium.


All set for auction of 21 mines
Tribune News Service

Faridabad, August 22
The state Mining Department is all set to auction about 21 mines of Faridabad and Gurgaon zones here tomorrow. The department has already allotted 77 plots in Dhauj crusher zone for the purpose.

It is reported that an auction held earlier had not been a success and the department decided to hold it again after certain modifications.

While one mine is located in Faridabad, 20 are in Gurgaon area. The mine in Faridabad is a major one with an area of 90 hectares and tags a reserve price of about one crore.

The auction is to be held at the office of the Mines Department under the supervision of senior officials.

Power disrupted

Residents of Sector 16A and Daulatabad village have been without power supply for the last three days on the excuse that transformers were out of order. Shailender, a resident of Daulatabad village said that despite complaints t o the power officials, no one had turned up to remove the snag. Pramod Gupta of Sector 16A said that they have been facing numerous hardship as power officials have not taken their complaint seriously.

Moreover, due to the power disruption, the supply of water has also been affected, said Giriraj, another resident.

He alleged that due to the corruption and inefficiency, there was no one to listen to their grievances.Back


131 found playing hooky from office
Our Correspondent

Jhajjar, August 22
Following directives of the state government to make surprise visits in various departments in order to check absenteeism, rampant among the government employees, the district administration found 131 employees absent from their offices in the past two months. The absentees have been served with show-cause notices, official sources said.

Official sources informed that the Deputy Commissioner had constituted three teams led by the DDPO, the SDM and the CTM in Jhajjar and the SDM in Bahadurgarh to make surprise visits in government offices. A circular issued by the Chief Secretary to all heads of department on August 18 stated, “Surprise checking should be carried out by senior officers and strict action be taken against those coming late to offices and not observing the office timing.” It further added, “Punctuality in attendance of office is by and large slack amongst the employees, which is subversive to the office decorum and discipline, and thus it has been decided to crack down on the absentees.


Colonel’s body cremated with full military honours
Our Correspondent

Meerut, August 22
The body of Col H.K. Sherawat, Commanding Officer of the Eighth Rashtriya Rifles, killed in an IED blast triggered by militants in Doda on Tuesday, was cremated with full military honours in his native village near Meerut. The body was first brought to the Command Headquarters at Udhampur. It was later flown here by a special Indian Air Force Dornier aircraft and then taken to Meerut by a helicopter.

The mortal remains were received at Meerut by Station Commander Brig Nambiar and cremated with full military honours in his Jangdhi village, eight km from Meerut. Thousands of people from the nearby villages gathered at the cremation site and raised slogans against Pakistan and General Pervez Musharraf. Women and children were seen weeping. The km-long funeral procession started from his residence at 3.15 pm and reached the cremation ground two hours later after covering 20-km stretch. Hundreds of people paid floral tributes to the martyr while his body was being taken for the last rites. Among those present were the Commissioner, District Magistrate, Senior Superintendent of Police and other senior district officers. His 12-year-old son lit the pyre.


Domestic maid raped by youth in Noida
Our Correspondent

Noida, August 22
A young maid, who had gone to a house to work in place of her mother who had fallen ill, was raped by a youth in Kala Enclave of Khoda Colony under the Sector-58 police station. The householder had gone to the sick maid’s house and asked her to send her daughter to work in her place. It is alleged that when the girl was leaving for her house after completing the work in the evening a youth stopped her.

He is alleged to have fed her some poisonous substance and raped her. When in the morning her mother came looking for her, the daughter narrated the incident to her.

The mother and daughter then reported the matter to the police who have got the girl medically examined. The accused, a resident of Riwadi village in
Ghaziabad, is reportedly absconding.

Students held

The Greater Noida police have arrested 13 students who had clashed with them. In view of tension in Roza Yakubpur Inter College, the premises have been locked up since August 20. A controversy had developed between college employees and the students in the morning. The interference by cops, who were called in by the college authorities, had provoked the students. Many cops, including the police station in-charge, were injured in stone pelting by students.

The police had to resort to a lathi charge and firing in the air to disperse the students. The police arrested 10 students for rioting and three others for some more serious offences. The arrested students include Sanjay, Zomar, Sanjeev, Kapil, Rahul Joginder, Anuj, Sunil, Neeraj, Bhupender, Om Pal, Sanjay and Chander Bhan. There is a lot of resentment among students on this account.


Raksha bandhan

Mr Amit Swami, President, along with otherFunctionaries, Mr Vijay Sharma, Mr Ajit Yadav, Mr Ram Chander Yadav and Mr Ravinder Sharma, celebrated the sacred festival of Raksha bandhan with the girl inmates of Aastha Kunj (home for destitute children) here on Thursday. The girls tied rakhis around their wrists whereas they distributed fruits and sweets among them.

Simultaneously, Mr Swami and his young colleagues also took a vow that they would be providing every possible support and cooperation to them in times of need.


Mother attacked

An aged womanm, Mrs Ram Pyari, sustained serious knife injuries when she was allegedly attacked with knives by her son Krishan and his wife Sonu in her house at Khewra village, 13 km from here, last night.

According to a report, the injured woman was rushed to the local Civil Hospital where she is stated to be out of danger. The injured woman stated that her son had forcibly taken Rs 5,000 from her some days ago and put in a demand for another Rs 20,000. But when she declined he attacked her.

Minor raped

A 15-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a tailor and his associate in his shop on the GT Road, near Bahalgarh Chowk, about 10 km from here, on Wednesday.

According to a report, she had gone to the shop for getting a suit stitched when she was raped.

The accused have been identified as Raju and Susheel and they are still at large. The police have registered a case and launched a hunt to apprehend them.

Ragini contest

The Shiv Mandir Committee is organising a one-day Ragini competition on August 24 at Nahra village, about 25 km from here.

According to a report, several noted folk singers will take part in this competition.

Workers’ meet

A one-day convention of workers of the National Congress Party will be held here on Friday in Brahman Bhawan. A former Bihar Chief Minister, Dr Jagan Nath, will address it.

Holy dip

Thousands of people took a dip in the nearby Yamuna on the occasion of Shravan Purnima on Thursday. According to a report, an endless stream of devotees started pouring in around 3 am and continued for several hours. The Rakhi festival was also celebrated with great enthusiasm in this city and other parts of the district. The bazaars presented a festive look. There was a great rush at the mithai and fruit shops.

BKU rally

The Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) will organise a state-level rally on September 30 at Ganaur in this district to press its demands. According to a report, the main demand of the union includes compensation for the kharif crop ruined by severe drought.

Ras Lila

The Shree Sanatan Dharam Sabha Gita Bhavan is organising a week-long Shri Krishan Ras Lila commencing from August 25 next between 8 pm and 11 pm, according to Mr Manohar Kumar and Mr Chander Bhan Cabra, office-bearers of the sabha.


Gang employing minors busted
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 22
With the arrest of three persons, including two juveniles, the West district police today claimed to have nabbed the members of ‘Ganga Billoo gang,’ along with its leader Ganga Ram.

The police have recovered one button-actuated knife, one stolen Maruti van, two kilograms of silver ornaments, 12 wrist watches, three tolla of gold, cameras, bundles of copper wires, generator, inverter, VCR, steel water tapes and vessels from their possession. The police also claimed to have solved 22 cases of burglary and house theft with their arrest.

Ganga Ram later told the police that he had engaged 7-8 minors operating mainly in the West district. Most of the crimes committed by them were in Rajouri Garden, Tilak Nagar, Hari Nagar, Janak Puri and Vikas Puri. The minors were from jhuggis of Raghubir Nagar transit camp and Shyam Nagar, Khyala and Tilak Nagar. They sold stolen materials to junk dealers in Raghubir Nagar, Mayapuri and Nangloi.

In another case, the Rajouri Garden police have nabbed two criminals who were operating in the area.

The accused, identified as Vijay alias Dhobi, resident of Raghubir Nagar and Rajinder alias Sanwara, resident of Nangloi, were nabbed while attempting a robbery. A Chinese pistol was recovered from them.

Interrogation of the accused revealed that Vijay was involved in the supply of drugs and pick pocketing.

Software Co Raided

The Delhi Police raided Caba Innovative Multimedia and found them guilty of storage and usage of 26 copies of Adobe software.

After raiding the multimedia educational institute, the police seized illegal software. Nine computers containing software worth Rs 8.50 lakh were seized.

Several systems containing pirated Adobe software, Photoshop 6.0, Illustrator 9.0, Photoshop 5.5, Premiere 5.1 and After Effects 4.0 were also seized by the police.

The managing director of the institute was arrested and booked for violation of the Copyright Act.

Murder solved

The Special Cell of the Delhi Police has solved a blind murder case of a criminal Rajbir Singh alias Kallu, who was found murdered on August 14 in Dwarka in South-West district. The deceased was found dead, with slit marks in neck, wrist and ankles.

During preliminary investigation, it was found that local criminals, Satish alias Rakesh alias Titu and his associate Shyam Sunder, were involved in the murder.

Later, the duo told the police that the deceased used to harass them and take free food from their stall. On the fateful night, the deceased and the accused consumed liquor together and when Rakesh was drunk, the duo murdered him and dumped his body in a trunk box.



Jurisdiction row stalls murder probe
Our Correspondent

Ghaziabad, August 22
The body thrown in Lodi forests 48 days ago was that of Rajpal Sharma of Baghpat, who had been done to death by his relatives due to some land dispute in the family, it has been learnt now. As a consequence of a dispute relating to the jurisdiction between the police of two districts, no action has been initiated in the case yet. A body was recovered from the forests of Pabhi Sadarpur on July 2 with R. P. Sharma tattooed on one hand of the person.

During investigations, the police identified the body as that of R. P. Sharma, a resident of Pawla Begumabad.

Rajpal Sharma’s family had complained in writing to the police that he was engaged in a dispute with his relatives regarding the ownership of a piece of land. A case pertaining to it was under consideration in a Meerut court and the next hearing was scheduled for July 3. Rajpal, who was invited on telephone for working out a settlement about this dispute, was murdered and his body thrown in the forest.

But strangely, since the police officials of Ghaziabad and Baghpat districts are having a jurisdiction dispute in connection with this case, no further action is being taken by the police in the matter.


Maruti ties up with Appu Ghar to woo customers
Tribune News Service

New Delhi, August 22
The slump in the economy showing no signs of receding, the corporate sector is coming up with attractive packages to woo the customers. Clearly, for the customers, it is the best time to make the killing.

The corporate sector has come up with unimaginable tie up to woo the customers. Leading passenger manufacturer Maruti has tied up with the Capital’s amusement park, Appu Ghar and water sports complex Oyster.

In a move to woo the kids, the car manufacturer has come up with a special offer for Maruti owners visiting Appu Ghar. “If your parents own a Maruti car, drive in at Appu Ghar, get discounted tickets to Oyster and Appu Ghar and win exciting prizes too,” the company said.

Families driving in their Maruti car can walk up to exclusive ticket counter and get Oyster water games ticket at Rs 60 per person against the normal rate of Rs 250 and Appu Ghar ticket at Rs 60 per person against the normal rate of Rs 150, the company said, adding that a complimentary coke with each ticket is an added bonus.

The offer is valid till August 31. During the period, the company would organise contest for visitors. One can participate in the contest by simply guessing the number of footballs packed in Maruti’s latest offering “WaganR Pride”, put on display at Appu Ghar. Ten participants with the most likely correct answer will be awarded Maruti genuine accessories worth Rs 10,000 each.

A market analyst said by adopting such a strategy, the company is trying to woo the children to the brand and create a loyalty to it, which could reap profits in the long run. 


Cycle company embarks on water harvesting

Sonepat, August 22
The Atlas Cycle Industries Limited, the largest bicycle manufacturing concern in the country, has embarked on an ambitious project for water harvesting with a view to augment ground water in its factory and housing complexes.

According to an official press release, to harness such water, recharge structures consisting of trenches with bore wells and artificial pits having filter beds have been constructed in 10 hectares with an investment of Rs 4.5 lakh.

The first phase of the project was commissioned by Mr Gautam Kapur, senior vice-president of the company. Later, talking to mediapersons, Mr Kapur said that the major benefit from this project was the proper utilisation of the available surplus water, including rain water which otherwise would go waste.

It would help, Mr Kapur pointed out, in increasing the soil moisture, sustaining green areas, arresting the decline of ground water in the company complex.

He said such projects would create awareness in the society for the proper management of ground water resources, which was the need of the hour.

Disclosing that the project was the first of its kind in the district, he said when the project was completed, it would replenish ground water to the tune of ten lakh litres under normal monsoon conditions. 

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