Monday, September 2, 2002, Chandigarh, India


C H A N D I G A R H   S T O R I E S


60-yr-old widow done to death
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 1
A 60 year-old widow was brutally murdered at her first floor flat in Sector 47 flat here late this evening. The victim, Sheila Khanna, was living alone in the flat and the victim was last seen by her two daughters and a nephew at about 5 pm.

The victim’s family members had lunch with her and had left the house about half-an-hour before the suspected time of the murder. The victim, who found seen lying in a pool of blood by her neighbours, was taken to the Sector 32 GMCH where she was declared brought dead.

An official with the police control room vehicle which moved the body to the hospital, said there were signs of struggle in the front room of the flat where the body was found. An impression of a blood smeared hand suspected to be that of an assailant was found on a wall of the room. A broken flower pot and a scissor were lying along the body.

A neighbour had noticed two strangers near the house at about 5.30 pm. A police official said a neighbour had also heard a shriek from the house. However, no such sound was heard by the immediate neighbours of the victim.

An investigating official said it appeared that first the victim had been hit in the face and head with the flower pot and then her throat was pierced repeatedly with scissors. Profuse bleeding from the throat of the victim apparently led to her death. A portion of the carpet below the body was covered with blood.

From three empty cups of tea found at the spot it appeared that there were two assailants. A box of sweets was lying open in the kitchen. The police has taken finger prints from the flower pot, scissors and two glasses of water, in which the assailants apparently drank water.

From the circumstantial evidence, it looked that the victim had allowed entry to the assailant(s) and had offered them tea. Before leaving the assailants had washed their hands in washbasin in the bathroom and had ransacked the entire house. There were blood spots on a black bag containing documents of three properties, owned by the victim.

Though police officials did not rule out the property angle behind the murder, the family members said all property documents were intact. The loss of cash and jewellery was yet to be ascertained by the family members .

Enquires reveal that victim was very particular about not opening the door to strangers. A daughter of the victim, Ms Nisha Saggar, a resident of Sector 55, who was with the deceased at about 4.30 pm, said her father, Late A.L. Khanna, who had retired from an Ordinance Factory, had died four years ago. Since then her mother was living alone and her grandchildren used to come to visit her for few days during their holidays. The flat in which the victim was living had been brought from its owner few months ago.

The victim is survived by four daughters, Renu Chopra, Nisha Saggar, Meeni and Neepi. While, Renu lives in Panchkula, Nishi lives in Sector 55. The other two daughters live in Delhi and Ganga Nagar, respectively. The Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr Parag Jain, said the police was working on different theories. The angle of robbery was also not ruled by the SSP.

Different teams had been constituted to work on different theories. Initial investigations by the police revealed that construction work was going on in some nearby houses. A team of CFSL had been called to carry out forensic examination of the site. 



PU to study fee disparity in colleges
Sanjeev Singh Bariana
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 1
Taking note of “huge” disparity in the fee and fund structure of affiliated colleges, Panjab University has decided to look into the matter in detail “to avoid exploitation and harassment of students and teachers”.

The university has constituted a committee following a letter of Mr M.L.Anand, a former fellow and a syndic. The university has received the letter through the Punjab Government regarding “general control over the colleges by the university and the government to avoid exploitation and harassment of students in matters of prospectus (regarding exorbitant prices with a view to earning profit), fees and funds structure (which varies from college to college)”.

The university has also taken notice of “ colleges advertising for ad hoc posts against substantive vacancies and not using University Grants Commission (UGC) grants properly given to them for starting new courses”.

The committee members under the chairmanship of Prof R.J.Hans-Gill, the Dean University Instructions, include Prof Ramesh Kapoor, Dean of the College Development Council, Dr Satish Kapoor, Dr R.P.S.Josh, Principal A.C.Vaid and Principal S.C.Marriya.

Mr Anand in his letter pointed out that admissions to various classes were still underway so there was need to be vigilant to avoid exploitation and harassment of students and teachers. Colleges sold prospectuses at exorbitant prices with a view to earning profit. This was relevant in the context that there was a time when the DPI and the university had given instructions to sell the prospectuses on a “no-profit-no-loss” basis.

It was also pointed out that the fee and fund structures varied from college to college (as mentioned in the prospectus). Certain funds not prescribed by the government and the university were being charged. Colleges should be asked to send copies of their prospectuses to the offices of the university and the government for a review of the situation.

It was also pointed out that certain colleges advertised ad hoc posts against substantive vacancies and this had been going on for the past many years. Colleges got affiliation for starting new courses but there were no permanent teachers.

The letter added, “There is a growing tendency to commercialise education. An ordinary student or a lecturer suffers in the process.” The matter needs immediate attention.

A senior fellow of the university said colleges were helpless in the current scenario of “lop-sided” government funding for colleges. The grants were being deleted with each passing year. While old-timers were retiring, there were few new posts being approved by the government. The most hit were private colleges.

A majority of these were covered under the scheme of 95 per cent funding by the state. However, there was a big difference between the money requirement and the amounts they actually received. The worst hit were the non-aided colleges. The matter needed to be critically discussed, he added.



New twist to cable war
Ruchika M. Khanna
Tribune News Service


  • "Cable syndicate" decides to fight competition by introducing prices lesser than the ones introduced by the new operator.
  • The new offer is to air 36 free-to-air channels at rate of Re 1 a day (Rs 30 per month).
  • For all channels ( 52 channels) the new rate is Rs 289 per month ( Rs 275 per month as subscription plus Rs 14 as service tax. )
  • Residents sore over Sony package not being aired for the past 10 days. 

Panchkula, September 1
Cable war in the township has reached a boiling point again, with ‘‘cable syndicate" all set to fight it out with another operator who has offered to provide connections at a price six times lower than that offered by them.

With a number of residents here threatening to support the new cable operator, Krishna Cable TV, over increase in tariff imposed by a ‘‘syndicate’’ of operators ( under the aegis of Panchkula Cable TV Network and Panchkula Cable TV Systems) last month, the latter have come up with a proposal to win its subscribers back.

It was only when the threat of losing their business to Krishna Cable TV became a possibility with the latter laying its cable in Sector 9 here, that the Panchkula CableTV Network offered to air 36 free-to-air channels at the rate of Re 1 per day ( Rs 30 per month). Pamphlets were distributed in the area advertising the new offer as well as the offer of airing all 52 channels at the rate of Rs 275 per month and five per cent service tax.

Meanwhile, residents are angry over Sony package being off the air for the past 10 days. Sources in the industry say that Sony TV had demanded an increase in connectivity, especially after it secured the sole rights to telecast the Cricket World Cup for 2003. Since operators here could not get the desired connectivity, the telecast has been withdrawn temporarily. Negotiations between the two sides are on and telecast will be resumed shortly, inform sources.

Rates in Panchkula had been increased from Rs 200 to 275 per month ( plus Rs 14 as service tax), the rates in Chandigarh were hiked from Rs 160 to 210 per month from July onwards. This hike was following a hike in subscription rates by some pay channels from May onwards and an increase in connectivity charges by the Star package.

This hike was a result of Star TV having increased its connectivity charges by over 25 per cent. Sony package increased its subscription from Rs 22 per connection till April to Rs 40 now. Also, Modi Entertainment Limited (MEL) has increased its subscription to Rs 23. 75 , ever since Ten Sports was launched in April ( which had the rights for Indian subcontinent to telecast the Football World Cup.)

It may be noted that cable tariff had been hiked from Rs 150 to Rs 165 per connection in October 2001 and to Rs 200 in January this year, following the hike in connectivity charges to the operators by the pay channels.

As of now 52 channels are being shown by the operators in the region. Of these, 34 are now pay channels and are charging anything between Rs 23.50 to Rs 42 per connection from the operators. However, the operators are tightlipped about the imbalance in services offered to nearby areas and at comparatively lower prices.

The cable operators said with The Cable Television Networks ( Regulation) Amendment Bill, 2002 , likely to come into force soon, the rates were likely to increase manifold. 



School bus issue to be discussed today
Geetanjali Gayatri
Tribune News Service


  • Deadline for signing contracts between schools and bus operators expires tomorrow.
  • One-year agreement between schools and contractors to be discussed.
  •  Harassment by registering authority to be taken up with the UT Administration.
  •  Meeting of bus operators to decide the future course of action.

Chandigarh, September 1
It could be a tough time for school managements and bus contractors tomorrow when they meet to give a final shape to contracts for plying school buses in the city.

While a couple of schools without contracts have submitted their agreements to bus contractors, others are expected to do so by noon tomorrow in keeping with the deadline set by the UT Administration.

However, despite the fact that the schools have given their nod to signing contracts on account of mounting pressure from the Administration and parents of students alike, the mood is hardly upbeat in the contractors’ camp.

The reason is a clause in the agreement that is likely to upset their applecart tomorrow. The agreement handed over by the schools says that the contract for plying buses would be for one year at a time. However, most bus contractors seek a permit of five years from the State Transport Authority (STA).

“One-year agreements with schools would mean that we keep renewing the permit every year. Since it usually takes six months to get a permit from the STA, we will have to run from pillar to post year after year instead of being able to get the permit for five years at a stretch. The STA would not be in a position to issue a permit for more than one year unless the school makes such a provision. So, the schools will have to amend this,” said Mr Manjit Singh, president of the Bus Operators Union.

He said the union would suggest that the contracts should be made for five years at a time, with the provision that these are extended every year after the buses produce a “fitness certificate”, insurance and other documents

Also, another hitch in the smooth plying of buses has come by way of complications being created by the registering authority itself. “They are troubling our members by demanding irrelevant documents, be it dates of auctions of the buses, previous owners or their income tax returns. Any attempts to contact former owners has only led to trouble for our members. Instead of cooperating with us, the registering authority is rubbing us the wrong way,” he added on behalf of others.

After receiving all contracts from the schools tomorrow, the contractors would separately hold a meeting to discuss the shortcomings and demand rectification, after which the terms would be agreed upon or the future course of action planned.

School buses had remained off road after a few schools had failed to sign contracts with bus operators following an accident of a school bus. Later, the STA had launched a challaning drive against buses not conforming to rules laid down by court.

After almost a week of inconclusive talks, the UT Administration had stepped in and asked schools to enter into a contract with operators and suspended challaning to give them time to update their papers.



Maggot-infested body found
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, September 1
The maggot-infested body of a 60-year- old man was found in the area under plantation of Golden Forests near Kot village this afternoon. The body appeared to have been atleast three days old, informed police sources.

The police received information about the decomposed body lying in the forest area by some villagers around 3 pm today.

The victim was wearing a cloth around his waist and a white shirt. He had tied a piece of cloth tightly around his arm.

This raised suspicion that he had been bitten by a poisonous insect or snake and had tied the cloth to prevent the spread of poison.

A bag was found lying near the victim . Some rope loops ( used for catching geese and snakes) were found in the bag, which led the police to believe that he was a member of the Deha community.

The police has informed members of the community settled at Mubarakpur, Majri chowk in Panchkula and Manimajra to identify the body.



Heavy rain in city
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 1
The beginning of the month of September was today welcomed by a heavy rain keeping alive hopes of the remaining part of monsoon being active after an initial phase of drought-like situation in June and July.

The city received rainfall of 48.6 mm.

The rain started at night and the city received a rainfall of 29.6 mm during the period till 8 a.m. There was another spell of four hours beginning around 8 a.m. today.

During this period rainfall recorded was 19 mm.

The Meteorological Department has forecast a similar situation in the morning.

Roundabouts in southern sectors were inundated.



Missing man found murdered
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, September 1
A man, who had been missing for the past 10 days, was found murdered near Paploha village in Kalka this evening.

The victim has been identified as Radha Krishan, a resident of thevillage. He was reportedly hanged by assailants in the fields.

Police sources said, the murder was a result of an old land dispute between the victim’s family and his assailants. The victim was an accused in a gruesome murder of a 76-year-old man.

The incident took place last year when the two families (of the victim and that of Manju Ram, both Gujjar families of Paploha village), clashed over cattle head. Subsequently, the victim, Radha Krishan, and other members of his family were arrested. The victim was released on bail only a few days back.

It is learnt that Manju Ram along with his sons Amar Chand, Shyam Chand, Kesho Ram and Sita Ram cornered Radha Krishan. He was taken to the fields, 2 km from the village, and hanged.

The police has registered a case against Amar Chand, his son Sucha Singh, wife Gomi Devi, Shyam Chand, his son Bhajan Lal and wife Devi, Kesho Ram, his sons Ramesh Kumar and Jai Singh, wife Amro Devi, Sita Ram, his wife Resho Devi, Mehar Chand, his son Sohan Singh and Kaushalya Devi.




The politics of Chandigarh is taking an unsavoury turn with the National Secretary of the Congress and the local MP, Mr Pawan Bansal, registering an FIR against BJP national leaders Om Prakash Dhankar and National Executive member, Mr Satyapal Jain, amongst others.

The BJP leaders in Mr Bansal’s complaint have been accused of trespassing, hurting religious sentiments, criminal intimidation and taking away tents of the Heritage Society after a havan was performed by Ms Ambika Soni and Mr Bansal for bhoomi puja on a school society.

The confrontation has reached such a level after the BJP alleged that the land allotment to Ms Soni and Mr Bansal was secured through ‘’influencing’’ officials.

The political culture of the city is taking a turn for worse. Maybe leaders do not want to fall behind Delhi.

Ravan in Ram

The BJP was accused of following Ravan despite swearing in the name of Ram.

The allegation came from the Congress which said the BJP activists protesting the land allotment to a society belonging to Ambika Soni and Mr Pawan Bansal sought to show disrespect to the havan kund of bhoomi pujan performed by the two Congress leaders.

‘’BJP activists are like Khar and Dushan, brothers of Ravan, who used to disturb havans of sages by pouring water into the fire and throwing dirty things in the kund,’’ the Congress Leader in the Municipal Corporation House, Mr Subhash Chawla, said.

The BJP has denied the allegations but its press note on the day had written that water of Sukhna Lake was used to purify the land where havan was performed.

The BJP seemed to have been caught on wrong foot with the Congress now clearly seeking to incite Hindu sentiments.

Faujis’ gesture

The Defence Brotherhood, a body of retired soldiers based in SAS Nagar (Mohali), has offered its services for the conduct of election in the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir. The former soldiers are offering to go to the state when employees of state governments are holding protests if they are sent to J & K.

The faujis say since most of them served in the state they are fully conversant with its demography and topography. Besides this, the former officers of the Indian defence forces say they are the most neutral body with no axe to grind. Thus they will be highly successful in J&K.

It seems the spirit never dies for these men who at one time have adorned the uniform with pride to display valour under all circumstances.

The body was formed with the idea to bring about all ex-servicemen bodies together for common causes. The body will not be affiliated with any political party and would mobilise the ex-servicemen as vote bank or a pressure group to work for welfare-related goals. The body will have a think tank which includes Lieut Gen H.R.S. Mann (retd) , Air Marshal P.K. Jain (retd) and Air Marshal B.S. Basra (retd).

State chapters have been set up in Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh , Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir. The body is headed by Brig Harwant Singh (retd). He can be reached at phone numbers 0172- 222185 and 0172—673831 or house number 54, Phase VII, Mohali. PIN 160061.

That’s cricket

Cricket is known to ignite passions among Indians. Damanjit Singh, a class X student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Sector 31, Chandigarh, has gone a step ahead and likened various things of education to cricket. Using each word he has come up with a list is of interesting linkages. Just sample this: Examination – match; Examination hall – ground; Desk and bench –pitch; Study – practice; question paper – ball; Evaluator – umpire; Students – batsmen; Long question – fast ball; Invigilators – fielders; Parents – spectators; short question – spin ball.

If all this was enough Damanjit goes on to: Out of course question – wide ball; Tricky question – googly; Caught while coping – LBW; Distinction – sixer;First class – four ; Shortage of time – run out and finally , Failed because of not studying – clean bowled. Not bad, Damanjit , keep it up.

From articles to book

Historian Dr Pramod Sangar, of the Correspondence Department, Panjab University, will bring out his various articles on socio-economic history of medieval India in the form of a book. This will be titled “Some studies in medieval India”.

Dr Sangar is also a frequent contributor to The Tribune and has written about two dozen articles on various interesting and absorbing themes of medieval India. His articles have been regularly appearing in various journals of Indian history.

Deputation blues

The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh employees have long been demanding the status of deemed deputation employees of the Chandigarh Administration instead of the corporation.

The MCC has sought to take an advantage from this stand of the employees at a time when the corporation is in a financial crisis.

The corporation has decided to sell 6.9 acres of land allotted to them on commercial rates.

Politicians, however, did not want this to happen by deciding to sell this land in lieu of another piece of land somewhere near the plot.


Two former BJP Mayors, Gian Chand Gupta and Kamla Sharma, have been giving a “duet” performance in the Municipal Corporation House for the last seven and a half months.

Councillors cannot recall a single incident when the two senior leaders have not stood up jointly to speak on a matter.

The two vocal councillors speak in unison almost the same thing inviting comments from other councillors that both of them could speak separately.

Is there any politics behind even this — may be, an effort to outwit each other?

Illegal cleanup

The Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh by-laws do not allow anybody to rear animals in the city.

It seems to have indirectly accepted its failure to check illegal cattle rearing by approving a Rs 15000 contract for the lifting of dung from Mani Majra locality. The contract has been approved by the Finance and Contract Committee.

The corporation may now be thinking why should the people suffer from the heaps of dung.

Ending suffering from the cattle rearing, however, does not seem to be on its agenda.


Local MP Pawan Bansal seems quite conscious about his image as a clean man. He has been passionately trying to remove garbage and debris from the city.

While understanding the problem, the MP was reminded that one has to take permission for carrying out construction work in one’s house in the city.

There was minor construction going on in his house.

When he came to the Municipal Corporation for his political engagement, he asked for the requisite form to be filled and deposited the fee demanded by the corporation.

Spot reporting

The news hound qualities of scribes were plainly witnessed outside the residence of Ravi Kant Sharma, a senior police officer wanted in connection with the murder of a newsperson, in Sector 6 Panchkula.

As sleuths of the Delhi police turned out everyone before interrogating Ms Madhu Sharma and Komal, wife and daughter of the IPS officer, the prime accused in the murder case, newsmen were hard pressed to know what was being said in the foyer of the house.

Some journos ripped open stretches of a hedge on the boundary wall of the house in an effort to catch snatches of the conversations going inside.

This was a comical sight but then news gathering is not a bed of roses as affirmed by some journalists who had scratched elbows to show for the enterprise.

The most hard pressed are the photographers and the electronic media who have been camping outside the house ever since the episode begun, prompting some neighbours to keep a camper of cool fresh water for everyone to quench their thirst.


The Government College of Arts, Sector 10, Chandigarh carried out a week- long unique conservation exercise to beautify its building and to give new life to the sculptures around the campus.

Led by Principal Braham Prakash the faculty members and students planted about 70 saplings which are associated with Indian art. There include Baby Krishna’s makhan doona, Rudraksh, Parijat, Harshingar, Kadamba, Champa, Swarn Champa, Bel, Maulsari, Mangoes, Gular, Amla, Neem, Camphor etc.

The students were thrilled when they were told that these plants are seen in our ancient sculptures and paintings and folklore.

A lotus pond will be constructed in front of the college door to adorn the surroundings. These activities are supported by the Environment Society of India (ESI).

Petty crimes of cops

The much feared Vigilance Bureau of Punjab hounding the alleged corrupt politicians and the former PPSC Chairman Ravinderpal Singh Sidhu themselves have allegedly indulged in petty crime.

They are, a few of them senior officers, accused of refusing to pay to parking contractors in Sector 17.

The matter came to the notice of the Municipal Corporation of Chandigarh recently in complaints from contractors.

Contractors had been complaining that vigilance men of Punjab and Haryana with red lights atop their vehicles had not been paying them.

The corporation asked contractors to file FIRs against these officials saying the municipal body would support their case.

The VB probably has a very narrow definition of corruption.

Green authority

The city has been woken up to the environment protection campaign of which is being run by a young girl, but lower-rung officials fail to understand the authority of the lady.

These officials say they are afraid of the girl as she might straight away call them up for a meeting.

The officers had been grudgingly obliging the green girl because she is buddy with the top officials of the city.

The green lady has been successful in giving to the city garbage disposal in an environmentally friendly manner.

The city has now several compost and vermi-compost centres in different sectors.

Prison term

Press reporters and inmates of the jail had to face a tough time at the inaugural function of the IGNOU centre in the Model Burail Jail as one of the speakers while addressing the gathering became so emotional that he forgot the timelimit and continued despite repeated clapping from the audience to convey to him the message to conclude his lecture.

But the speaker remained determined, and finally it was the chief guest who came to the rescue of the harried listeners and requested the speaker to continue his lecture after tea break.

Raksha Bandhan

The day before Raksha Bandhan turned out be a special day for the jail inmates and jail staff as Brahma Kumaris tied rakhees to them at a function organised in the Model Burail Jail.




Quash allotment of ‘public land’: BJP
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 1
The local unit of the BJP today took out a “prabhat pheri” in Sector 40 the demanding cancellation of allotment of a ‘’public land’’ to a school to be ‘’managed’’ by Ambika Soni, the Political Secretary to Ms Sonia Gandhi, and local MP, Mr Pawan Bansal, and their family members.

They also protested the imposition of paid parking, property tax and hike in water charges by the Congress-run Municipal Corporation.

The “pheri” started in the morning from the plot (which BJP terms as a public park) that has been allotted to the Heritage Society and activists of the party went from street to street in a two-hour protest.

Pamphlets demanding cancellation of allotment and converting it into a park were issued jointly by the BJP and the Shiromani Akali Dal.

It also said the plot should be used in consultation with the people of the area.

The BJP’s Ad-hoc committee president, Mr Yashpal Mahajan, former MP, Mr Satyapal Jain, Mr Purushottam Mahajan, Mr B.K. Kapoor, Mr Meghraj Verma, Mr Satinder Singh, Ms Nancy Ganju, Ms Urmil Devi, Mr Harbhajan and Mr Kanhaiya Lal Sharma — all members of the committee — councillors Ms Kamla Sharma, Mr Rajesh Gupta and Mr Mohinder Arora participated in the procession.

The Akali Dal was represented by Ms Harjinder Kaur, Mr G.S. Palia, Mr H.S. Sawhney and Mr Amarjit Singh Chaudhary.

At the conclusion of the “prabhat pheri”, which was converted into a rally at the roundabout of Sector 40 A, B, C and D, Mr Jain said the party was not interested in levelling personal allegations but the issue of land allotment concerned the interest of the people of the city.

Mr Jain attacked the Congress for imposing taxes despite the “Central Government’s grant of Rs 17 crore.” 



Cong’s charge-sheet against BJP leaders
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 1
The Congress here today pressed for action against BJP leaders for allegedly indulging in ‘’unlawful’’ activities and a CBI probe into alleged bungling by them.

The District Congress Committee (Urban), led by Mr Pawan Sharma, and the Chandigarh Territorial Youth Congress Committee (CTYC), led by Mr H.S. Lucky, held a protest march from the Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan to the Punjab Raj Bhavan to press their demands. The Congress protesters burnt effigies of the BJP, Sangh Parivar and the Prime Minister, Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee.

The march was flagged off by the MP, Mr Pawan Bansal, and the Chandigarh Territorial Congress Committee President, Mr B.B. Bahl.

The two Congress bodies issued a charge sheet against the BJP accusing the authorities of “shielding the guilty in the trespassing case.” The charge sheet contained four allegations against the Central Government and seven against the local unit of the BJP.

The charge sheet was handed over to the UT Administrator, Lieut-Col J.F.R. Jacob (retd), demanding a CBI probe into all these allegations.

In a separate statement, Mr Bansal accused the former BJP MP, Mr Satyapal Jain, of spreading lies and showing lack of faith in the judicial process. He alleged that Mr Jain had got two public interest litigations filed in the Punjab and Haryana High Court to challenge the allotment of land.

Mr Bansal said he was ready to quit public life if any allegations against him were found to be true.

The MP said he had already denied allegations twice and would prefer representing himself in the court to answering Mr Jain’s “lies”. Marchers carried placards and shouted slogans against the BJP, Sangh Parivar and the Prime Minister.

Addressing protesters, Mr Lucky and Mr Sharma targetted the BJP both at national level and the local unit for scams and spreading lies.

Mr Lucky said the issue of land allotment in the city was being used by Mr. Jain as a “cover” to protect the party at the national and local levels for allegedly indulging in corruption. He also said Mr Jain was also evading an answer to the allegations levelled by the CTCC President, Mr B.B. Bahl.

Mr Bahl had accused BJP leaders of purchasing a piece of land for a song in Dera Bassi, being hand-in-glove with the land mafia, taking money from marble market operators and getting the local unit President, Mr Yashpal Mahajan, appointed Chairman of the Technical Teachers Training Institute despite lacking educational background.

The charge sheet also alleged that Mr Mahajan appointed his relative Mr Ashish Kumar as Research Assistant at the cost of deserving candidates. It also alleged that Mr Jasbir Singh Bhatti, the brother of the Market Committee Director belonging to BJP, Mr Ramvir Bhatti, was given a job meant for ex-servicemen.



Attack on Cong men condemned
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 1
Dr Rajdeep Singh Sandhu, vice-president of the Punjab Pradesh Youth Congress, has condemned the attack by BJP workers on the AICC office on August 29 in which a number of Congress men, including Ms Ambika Soni, political secretary to AICC chief Sonia Gandhi, were injured. He alleged that the Delhi police, which was controlled by the Minister of Home Affairs headed by Deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani openly sided with the attackers and took no action against them. Mr Sandhu demanded the Prime Minister's intervention in the matter. 



BCL to introduce section for kids
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, September 1
For the citizens who have been keeping a track of the British Council Library, Sector 8, it comes as a little surprise that the library is into yet another spree of upgradation. Acting upon popular demand, the library is now going to introduce a children section as also some other services.

A recent visit by a team from British Council, New Delhi, comprising Mr Greece Conecher, First Secretary, State, British Council, India and Mr Justin Gilbert, Deputy Director, State, South Asia has okayed the plan for extension of the library both in terms of space and services provided by the library here. "Now we are on the lookout for a proper place to house the library which with its new additions will need double of its present space," said Mr Sushant Banerjee, Manager of the library.

Other than the children section, the major attractions of the new library include an enhancement in the number of membership and opening of centers for International English Language Testing System (IELTS), English Language Teaching (ELT), Young Learners English (YLE) and Basic English Teaching.

The library is also organising an open house session on September 7 to give detailed information on various scholarships and training schemes including the British Chevening Scholarships for 2003 which provide over 120 scholarships for the Indian students and the professionals to study or train in the UK. Ms Nita Dey, Assistant Manager, Scholarships, British Council, Delhi who will answer the queries of the participants will also give information on schemes like Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship programmes, British Oversees Industrial Placement Scheme, International Networking Programme and Charles Wallace India Trust Programme.

The session will accommodate about 50 persons who will be selected on the first come first basis. The registration for the same can be done in the library hall in Sector 8. 



Award for K.S. Kang
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 1
It was yet another day dedicated to memory of a celebrated Punjabi writer. The Hasrat Yaadgar-e-Society, in collaboration with the Punjabi Lekhak Sabha, today again organised a special function in memory of the late Punjabi writer Sukhpal Veer Singh “Hasrat”.

The tradition started last year in remembrance of the celebrated writer.

While last year, the maiden function of society took off with the honours being presented to Prof Kirpal Singh “Kasel”, this year the award was given to Prof Kulbir Singh Kang, a famous Punjabi writer based in Amritsar. The award was presented to Mr Kang by the Punjab PWD (B and R) Minister, Mr Partap Singh Bajwa. The award comprised a memento, Rs 5100 and a shawl.

Mr N.S. Rattan, Principal Secretary, Higher Education, Punjab, released “Rabab”, a book written by his son, Nurpinder Singh. Mr Deepak Manmohan Singh and Prof. Harnam Singh were also present.



7-yr-old electrocuted
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 1
A seven-year-old boy, Harjinder, was electrocuted while washing hands from a water cooler in a government school in Makhan Majra village here this evening. According to the information available, the boy had gone near the water cooler after going to lavatory. The boy was declared brought dead at the Sector 32 GMCH.



Jalandhar resident hurt in mishap
Our Correspondent

Chandigarh, September 1
A resident of Jalandhar, Mr Kewal Krishan, who was driving an Ambassador car (PB 08 U 0734) was injured after his car was hit by another car in Sector 9 here today. A case under Sections 279 and 337 of the IPC has been registered against Ram Parsad, driver of the other car (CH 03 D 4000). The driver has been arrested.

Wheel stolen: Mr Tsering Paljor, a resident of Sector 15, reported rear wheel of his bullet motorcycle was stolen on Saturday morning. A case has been registered.

Man arrested: A resident of Kumhar Colony, Sector 25, Barjesh, was arrested for quarrelling with Ms Lakesh, a resident of the same area. He was booked under Section 324 of the IPC. Meanwhile, Ram Lal, a resident of Palsora Colony was arrested for allegedly consuming liquor at a public place on Saturday.

Man assaulted:
Mr Ashwani Kumar was allegedly assaulted by a son of Sabu Karan in the Chandi Mandir area on Saturday. A case under Section 325 of the IPC has been registered.

Case registered: Mr Kehar Singh, a resident of Shahjahanpur village, has accused Suresh Kumar of selling him a different plot of land that the one he had paid for. A case under Sections 420 and 406 of the IPC has been registered on orders of the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Panchkula. 



First HDFC branch in Kalka
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, September 1
HDFC Bank has opened its first branch in Kalka. The branch was inaugurated by Ms Neena Singh, Regional Business Manager, North, HDFC Bank, yesterday.

Speaking on this occasion, Ms Neena Singh said, “The HDFC Bank customers would be able to avail world-class banking services under one roof. These would include basic services such as saving account, fixed deposits, current account, plus current account, mutual funds, NRI services, car loans, loans against securities, DEMAT and investment advisory. Sophisticated direct access banking channels such as ATM, phone banking, mobile banking net banking and HDFC international debit cards would be also available in this branch.”

She claimed that the HDFC Bank network had increased to 199 branches and over 600 ATMs across 100 cities, making it convenient for its customers to operate their accounts from anywhere and at anytime. The bank had also introduced, she said, net-banking — online internet banking facility, that would instantly update the account for all transactions and show them on the screen. Similarly, the bank was offering a wide range of services to NRIs, which included web enabled banking.

Ms Neena Singh disclosed that HDFC Bank had also launched international debit card in association with both Maestro and Visa Election. It would allow the user to directly debit his account at 12,000 outlets in India and 10 million outlets across the world. 


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