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Bullets injure brothers, but cops ‘hear’ no gunshot
Tribune News Service

Harwant Singh, who were injured in an alleged shootout in Bhattian, in Civil Hospita
Harwant Singh, who was injured in an alleged shootout in Bhattian, in Civil Hospital, Ludhiana, on Tuesday. — Photos Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, September 3
Mystery shrouds a reported attack on two brothers in Bhattian village by about seven persons because of some property dispute early today morning. While the two brothers were admitted to the Civil Hospital here with injuries inflicted by bullet and sharp-edged weapons, the Salem Tabri police claimed that no such incident had happened.

The injured brothers, Harwant Singh and Rachpal Singh have accused seven persons of attacking them with a gun, sharp-edged weapons and rods today morning in their fields. Rachpal Singh suffered from a bullet injury on one of his legs, while Harwant Singh received sharp-edged injuries on his back.

The police is, in fact, suspecting some foul play behind the incident. ‘‘ No one has informed or complained to us. Not even the Civil Hospital authorities informed the police. We had sent a police team to Bhattian village after media persons enquired about the incident. But no villager has confirmed the incident ’’ said a police official concerned of the area.

The official, however, said they would register a case as per the statement of the injured if they or their relatives lodged a complaint with the police. The official said the injured brothers had a property dispute with another family in the same village. Both have had clashed earlier also. Cases had been registered against the two. The official suspected that the injuries could be self-inflicted to settle scores with the rival party.

However, Yadwinder Singh, a nephew of the injured, told Ludhiana Tribune from Civil Hospital that the two brothers had 6.5 acres of land in the village and a family in the village was trying to grab the land. He said the brothers lived mostly in Amritsar and used this land for agricultural purposes.

Today early morning, he said, seven persons armed with guns, sharp-edged weapons and rods attacked the two brothers, when they were working in the fields. The attackers first fired a shot at the brothers, but missed the aim. They then succeeded in hitting one bullet in the leg of Rachpal Singh, who fell down.

The attackers then pounced on both the brothers and beat them up severely. They even hit them with ‘gandasas’ on their backs. The injured were brought to the hospital by some relatives.

According to hospital sources, both the brothers were out of danger now. They were, however, not in a position to give any statement.

The police maintained till evening that no such incident had happened. An official of the Salem Tabri was camping in the Civil Hospital waiting for doctor’s nod for getting the statement. A top police official said it was strange that such a major incident took place and no one in the village knew about it. He said true picture of the case would emerge shortly.



Halwara airbase still under inundation threat
Tribune News Service

Fact File

  • SOS calls by Halwara Air Force Station authorities fails to get adequate response.
  • Air Force Station is under threat due to cracks in the banks of the Abohar Feeder Canal.
  • Cracks in at least 60-foot area can develop into a breach.
  • Irrigation Department is in catch-22 situation, as stopping of water flow means inviting the ire of farmers.
  • Fund shortage is another problem being faced by the Irrigation Department.
  • A breach can result in inundation of key installations of the Air Force station.

Ludhiana, September 3
The SOS call of the Halwara Air Force Station authorities to the district administration and the Irrigation Department to repair the widening cracks in banks of the Abohar Feeder Canal that threatens the airbase, seems to have made only a little impact.

The Irrigation Department has done a temporary protection work on the canal banks. The department workers have simply thrown trees on the cracks maintaining these will do the protection work till the state government provides funds for carrying out elaborate repair work.

Adding to the problem was the full-flowing canal, Irrigation Department sources said. The flow of water would have to be reduced gradually, as it was used for agricultural purposes downstream as well as upstream.

“The canal is one of the three branches emanating from the main Sirhind feeder. Water flow is released in turns. The canal’s turn came only recently and if water is stopped now, department will have to face the ire of the farmers,” they said.

The SDO, Irrigation Department, Mr Jagroop Singh, said these two problems were delaying the repair work. He said the department knew that it was a question of national security and was doing whatever was in its hands. He said using the brass-wood technique, his workers had thrown trees on the cracks. This would help in controlling erosion and checking the widening of cracks. He agreed the measure was not permanent, but was still helpful.

The ‘temporary’ work and the lackadaisical attitude has infuriated the Air Force Station authorities. Talking to a Ludhiana Tribune team, Air Force sources said they had been writing to the district administration and the Irrigation Department for the past eight months, but to no avail. “Now the situation has become very sensitive. The cracks have widened. Had our pleas heard earlier, the situation would not have deteriorated to such an extent,” they said.

Mr Midha, Chief Administrative Officer-cum-Group Captain of the Air Force Station, said workers of the Irrigation Department had come only after news reports. “We have been informing them for the past eight months, but to no avail,” he added. The station continues to be threatened as the workers have done only a patchwork. Continuous rain in the past 24 hours has further increased the flood threat perception. According to reports, water level in the canal has increased in the past three days,” he said.

Authorities of the Air Force Station have expressed concern over the widening of cracks in the banks of the Abohar Feeder Canal that flows near the station. “Cracks emerging in an area of about 60 feet have been threatening to develop into a breach that can inundate the low-lying residential areas, besides the key installations. At least three breaches, a serious one near Ahmedgarh, have occurred in the canal in the past few weeks. With the water level in the canal being quite high because of rains in the hills, besides the downpour that lashed the region today, the weak banks of the canal are under a threat and may give way to the gushing water,” sources said.

Mr Midha said wide cracks had appeared in the banks of the canal and any breach would immediately flood the residential areas. He said their worst fear was that the water would flood the low-lying areas in the station. He said the workers of the Irrigation Department were camping here, but the experts were yet to arrive.

Residential areas in Gursar Sudhar village were also under threat. Malkiat Singh, a resident, said cracks had developed at several places. He said the residents had requested the authorities to undertake strengthening of the banks, but nothing had happened.



Cracks due to power projects on canal

The Irrigation Department has blamed power generation by the Punjab Energy Development Authority from several spots on Sirhind Feeder Canal and its distribution channels for the cracking and erosion of the river banks that threaten Halwara Air Force Station.

“The power generation causes fluctuation in the water flow, which causes erosion or scouring on the banks,” said Mr Jagroop Singh, SDO of the department. “The canals were designed 100 years ago when hydroelectricity was unheard of. Now, when it has arrived, it reduces the flow downstream. The water tides towards either side, causing erosion,” he said.

Mr Jagroop said the department had written to the state government some years ago that the banks should be strengthened to check this fluctuation. Action on the letter is pending due to financial and time constraints. He said the cracks at Halwara were not much threatening, so, the Air Force Station was safe.



Jangams stage dharna against police
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 3
Members of Jangam community today staged a dharna in the Mini Secretariat to protest against the alleged misbehaviour of some police personnel with one of the members of the community.

Hundreds of Jangams gathered outside the office of the Deputy Commissioner and started raising slogans against the police. They also met the Deputy Commissioner, Mr Anurag Aggarwal, and submitted a memorandum to him.

Mr Lakhmi Ram Gautam, president of the Jangam Sabha, said one of the members of their community, Ishwar Dayal, was badly beaten up by some police officials and some residents of Tajpur Colony on Sunday. He was illegally detained in the Tajpur police station and was let off after about three hours.

The president of the sabha said Ishwar Dyal was seeking alms in Tajpur Colony area when he was rounded up by some residents and handed over to the police. He was thrashed and kept in the police station. He said the victim was not keeping a good health for past few years and was making his both ends meet by seeking alms.

Jangams demanded strong action against the police personnel concerned. After meeting the DC they said he had assured them that action would be taken against the guilty.



Land grabber vs MC men: officials lose
Our Correspondent

Khanna, September 3
Officials of the Municipal Council, Khanna, had to return back without removing encroachment following strong resistance by a man who had allegedly encroached upon public land. The MC officials, accompanied by police personnel, had gone to pull down an illegal construction along the Amloh road here yesterday.

According to municipal officials, Nathu Ram, a resident of Amloh road area, has encroached upon the MC land. Notices were served on him, but he did not remove encroachment. At last, a notice was served on him which mentioned that the council would remove the encroachment forcibly and the expenses would be charged from him.

A team, comprising the Municipal Engineer, the Sectional Officer, the Head Draftsman and the Superintendent, accompanied by five policemen, went to the spot. Nathu Ram opposed the action of the council officials and said the case was pending in the court and they had no right to demolish any part of his house. He called his advocate. He also opposed the move. However, there was no stay order in favour of Nathu Ram.

According to the council officials, the policemen refused to take any action against Nathu Ram unless a police official of the rank of Sub-Inspector was present on the spot. Later, the team returned back without removing the encroachment.

The Municipal Engineer, Mr Rajiv, said the encroachment would be removed in the presence of a Duty Magistrate on some other day. Sufficient police force would also be arranged, he said.




BE it flaunting of the riches or connections or the status. Ludhianvis have by and large been known to be spendthrifts. Not surprisingly people who come over here, whether to settle permanently or for brief spells of official assignments, also seem to acquire these traits of vanity. And the best (read the worst) of it, can be seen at social and public functions where people flaunt many things ranging from riches up to the official security. Interestingly, people do not mind taking along their security guards while going for morning walks. Some officers in the district administration can be seen making their security guards follow them while they jog or walk in the PAU campus. These unfortunate children of lesser gods are made to shed the calories for their bosses.

Changing loyalties

Bureaucrats are considered to be sycophants in character. They do not mind changing their loyalties with the change of regimes.

What matters is who is the political boss ruling over them. While defending the policies which keep on changing with the regimes may be part of their jobs, some of them do not mind walking an extra step to please their incumbent (political) bosses.

Recently, the district president of the youth wing of a political party, which was earlier in power and is now in Opposition, was forced out of the room of a senior officer in the district administration when he tried to plead with the officer to sign his documents, as the officer had refused on the pretext that the time was already over. Interestingly, the same officer would not mind standing up for the same people whom he got turned out by his gunmen.

Janmashtami celebrations

Most of the schools in Ludhiana celebrated the Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna. It was the mixture of tradition and modernity during the Janmashtami celebrations as different schools organised different functions in their own way. While some schools organised the Ras Leela played by young Krishna in Brindaban, some schools preferred to celebrate the birthday of the Lord by cutting the cake.

However, in an interesting function when the students failed to break the matki (pitcher) with their flutes, one of the teachers shouted from behind offering to provide them with a hammer for breaking the matki.

Transporters’ terror

Each time there is a rally in the state, which is organised by the government or the party in power, it is the private transporters who are worried, rather terrorised, the most. Because the axe falls directly on them. In order to ensure maximum presence in government functions so that they are termed to be “massive public rallies,” the administrative machinery in the district starts impounding all types of vehicles for ferrying the “enthusiastic supporters” of the government to the venue of the function. And these poor fellows are not paid a penny for it. Not even for the fuel that is consumed in the trip, which they have to arrange of their own. They dare not object or resist it, lest they be challaned for various offences by the too loyal officers of the sarkar.

During last month the transporters were made to provide their vehicles six times for different occasions ranging from Congress president Ms Sonia Gandhi’s rally in Delhi or the death anniversary of the late Beant Singh at Kotli village, now called Shaheed Beant Singh Nagar. The transporters cannot even protest.

Punjabi hospitality

Punjabi hospitality was in full show at a delegates’ convention of co-operative societies in Punjabi Bhawan recently. The organisers had arranged a langar for the 400-odd participants from the state as well as for the guests coming from other parts of the country.

Choicest Punjabi dishes were arranged. However, in the nick of time, some of the important guests informed they could not have spicy and oily food. The menu was changed within minutes and caterers called into service. Continental food recipies, seen very rare in functions of farmers, were spread for the buffet. But only the outstation guests queued up for them. The farmers stared at the delicacy, frowned at it, murmuring, ‘‘Key ubli sabji banayee hai’’, and ignored it. They fell over each other for plates full of dal makhni and shahi paneer. The other form of Punjabi hospitality, kheer from pure milk, was an instant hit with the guests as well as the farmers. Farmers had brought milk from their houses to prepare the kheer. ‘‘You rarely get pure milk these days to make such a delicacy ’’ was the common refrain.

Rain romance

The word rain has a romance in itself. The cool breeze, the music created by the rain-drops, croaking of the frogs and scent of the earth, all add to the beauty that surrounds the rain. After a long time the rain gods were pleased with Ludhianvis. It rained, rained and rained for the last two days.

To be precise it was the birthday of the romantic Lord Krishna that brought rain. It started right after the midnight on Janmashtami and went on and on adding to the festival spirit. The Ludhianvis had a gala time no matter if the monsoon had eluded them.


As the rains lashed the city this week the residents suddenly started facing problems with their servants. They were the ones who did not turn up for work. Thanks to gastroenteritis that affected many of them who were especially living in slums or other unhygienic colonies. The city was really under the grip of the disease as more than 200 cases were reported in various city hospitals. Hundreds, however, went unreported. The health and Municipal Corporation authorities were busy in passing the buck to each other. This has become a common practice for all the cities like Ludhiana that diseases spread every year but we never learn lessons. No preventive measures are taken and nothing happens at the ground level. The authorities wake up only when disease is spread. One wonders when will this country become ‘‘worth living’’.

Rain too late?

When the monsoon did not arrive in the region on time, farmers were a worried lot. People in rural Panjab revived the old practice of burning of dolls made of wood and rags to please the rain gods but that too did not help. The paddy fields were getting parched and the heat-struck people were seeing no signs of the much-needed rains.

But rain in the past four days which was fairly widespread compared to the sporadic downpours earlier in the season suggests a changed pattern and is causing worry among the farmers once again.

They had been praying for rains earlier but not now. Because paddy is ripening fast these days and any brisk showers in the days to come would only damage the crop.

Vagaries of the weather or a changing monsoon pattern, whatever it may be, but the farmers are not looking forward to any rains till they reap the paddy crop.

Politics of business

At a time when people are sharply divided along political ideologies and affiliations, certain business houses and organisations do have some definite affinities. Although most of them do try to draw a balance between various political parties to ensure that none of them is displeased, still at some stage the political affiliations become too predominant. The Ludhianavi industrialists are meeting their nemesis in this backdrop. Some prominent business men and leading industrial associations preferred to side with the former Chief Minister, Mr Parkash Singh Badal, on various issues. Not necessarily for any ideological inclination, but obviously for their own compulsions.

But these business men are now finding themselves at odds with the new regime. Although the new regime led by Capt Amarinder Singh is trying to present itself to be industry friendly, still a number of business men here have reservations to these claims.

The CM is reportedly avoiding the business men, who still occupy the centrestage in business circles but were too close to Mr Badal. It has been a long wait for them to see the new Chief Minister, (who no longer remains new) in the city to ameliorate their ‘perpetual’ sufferings. Their luxurious lifestyle notwithstanding.

Literate politicians

Ask any politician how much he is educated. There would be an instant reply, graduate, if he is literate and matriculate, if he is illiterate. Even those politicians who have no formal education do not mind telling their qualification not less than matric, for obvious reasons. In fact they also mention this qualification in various documents needed of them from time to time.

This is not the only instance where they conceal or withhold the information. There are so many who are involved in various criminal or other cases. And Ludhiana has no dearth of this breed. These days some concerned Indians have started circulating a letter through the net urging the young Indians to sign a petition to the Election Commission of India, to enforce the Supreme Court of India directive asking for total transparency about the politicians.

The letter appropriately points out, “greater transparency strikes at the root of corrupt and criminal politics” that is why the politicians have deep aversion for it.


While all the ex-servicemen who take pride in mentioning their past ranks after superannuation mention word ‘retired’ with their names, why don’t the Chief Minister, Amarinder Singh, or the former Finance Minister, Mr Kanwaljeet Singh, write word ‘retired’ with their names as both of them start their name with Capt.?




Digging along roads leads to traffic chaos
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 3
Thanks to the widespread digging along the roads by a private telecom company for laying optical fibre cable, it is chaos that rules the city in the morning hours. Surprisingly, even the traffic cops are found missing till a part of the city comes to a standstill.

Traffic becomes so much chaotic that it takes hours for the vehicles to cover a few kilometres. Even the last-minute diversion of traffic does not help much. In the morning the traffic moves dead slow near Domoria Pul as the people are taken by surprise with sides of the roads having been dug.

Moreover, 2 to 3-foot high piles of dug out soil and other material and 3 to 5 foot-deep trenches for laying the OFC are posing great danger to the lives of commuters. Besides, during the peak hours, the vehicles on a large number on the roads are dead slow since the roads have been shortened due the development work by these private telecom.

Interestingly, these companies are not taking precautionary measures they are supposed before starting their job. Whether a government agency or a private contractor carries out any work on any road, red flags should be put to indicate to the commuters for their convenience and safety. Moreover, the caution boards like "Men at work", "Work in progress", "Diversion" and "Drive carefully" are required to be displayed for the safety of the men at work as well as road-users.

Usually such cables are laid during the nights only and the work is done in patches. It was also found that the company had hired small-time contractors with limited resources who could not employ the required labour.

After refilling the trenches, these companies do not relay the road properly. After a heavy downpour the little quantity of bitumen and gravel gets eroded. These companies usually do not do the patch work as per the standards laid down by the Municipal Corporation.

A couple of months back the MC had refused to give permission to a private telecom company for road cutting. The sources said that after several inspections carried out by the MC engineers and other officials of the civic body, the restoration work done by a private telecom company after laying the OFC was shoddy and substandard.



Breach after breach, but authorities sleep
Mahesh Sharma

Ahmedgarh, September 3
Even as two breaches have occurred in the Abohar-Bathinda feeder canal near Dehlon within last three months, these have failed to attract the attention of the canal management authorities. The authorities have failed to take any concrete step to check further erosion of the banks. There are many weak points on the banks of the canal which can be washed away any time by the strong and fast currents of water flowing through the canal.

A survey of the canal passing through Dehlon revealed that at many places both the banks were getting weakened due to various reasons but no repair work was being undertaken by the authorities.

Villagers living alongside the river are also having sleepless nights and fear that anytime the pressure of water can cause a breach. They say that the local administration also doesn’t have adequate flood-fighting equipment.

While a metalled road protects the canal from a breach on the southern bank, making it comparatively less prone to a breach, most sensitive points here are Jandiali bridge and Khatra bridge. The bricks of almost all the wharfs have since been washed away with the water. Major portion of metalled road between railway crossing and canal bank near Gurdwara Damdama Sahib is also in bad shape . Same holds true for the road near Khatra bridge that is not less than a death trap. Water has once again started eroding the soil underneath the surface, which can prove hazardous keeping in view the heavy flow of traffic from this bridge.

Northern bank of canal is even in worst condition. The most sensitive point is near microhydel project where water is ready to cross the alarming point.

Although a breach had developed in the bank of the canal three months ago and later on August 14, the department has not bothered to check the erosion of banks. The breach near Jhammat near Jagera bridge had inundated many acres of agricultural land and the situation could have taken a serious turn had the villagers not offered their help and plugged the breach immediately.



SAD holds dharna
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, September 3
To protest against “ poor conduct” of a former Congress minister, Mr Darshan Singh Brar, in the Zila Parishad elections, SAD workers took out a procession and held a dharna in front of the SDM office, here today. Later, they also burnt his effigy. Leaders who addressed the rally, condemned the conduct of the former minister and his son accusing them of booth capturing during the Hans Kalan zone poll. They also criticised the local administration and the police for their “partiality” towards the Congress leader and demanded the arrest of those who had assaulted SAD workers during the incident. Mr Bhag Singh Mallah, SAD MLA, Mr Amrik Singh Aliwal and others addressed the rally.

Mr Mallah challenged Mr Brar to get has property assessed and reminded Mr Mukhwinder Singh Cheena, SSP, of his assurance of arresting those responsible for the assault. He said that the police had not taken any action except for registering a case of conflict against SAD and Congress workers. The SAD workers demanded action within four days. They also blocked the G T road for about 20 minutes .



Nirwana mahotsav at Dera Harisar
Our Correspondent

Kila Raipur, September 3
Hindu and Sikh saints participated in a sant sammelan on the second day of the three-day 60th nirwana mahotsav of Swami Devi Puri ji Maharaj Kali Kambli Wale at the ancient Dera Harisar here today.

Among the saints, who delivered discourses on “mrityu vigyan” and the “science of death”, were Swami Chinmaya Puri, Swami Shantanand from Jhammat, Sant Gurmail Singh from Rampur, Baba Bhupinder Singh and Pandit Charan Dass Shastri from Gurdaspur, Swami Premanand from Rampura Phool, Giani Jarnail Singh from Rara Sahib, Swami Chetnanand and Swami Rameshwar Giri. Swami Budh Puri, current head of Dera Harisar, under whose supervision the sammelan was held, also spoke on the subject.

The saints maintained that everybody was afraid of death which was due to ignorance. But for the enlightened, death was an opportunity to meet the Almighty.

Earlier, the saints participating in the sammelan were welcomed among others by Mr Rajnish Sharma, former OSD to Ms Rajinder Kaur Bhattal.

The mahotsav got off to a brisk start yesterday with thousands of saints and people coming to the dera. All trains between Ludhiana and Dhuri were quite crowded.

The dera was full of saints and the devout which included Hindus and Sikhs in equal measures. and the road to the venue witnessed hectic traffic. A bhandara would be held tomorrow on the concluding day.



Property dealers protest against rates fixed 
by admn 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 3
The Punjab Colonisers and Property Dealers Association today submitted a memorandum to the government, through the Deputy Commissioner , seeking a review of the rates fixed by the local administration for registration of properties.

According to property dealers and colonisers, the rates fixed by the administration were inflated and adversely affecting their trade and the common man.

They claimed that rates of property in Ludhiana were not as high as mentioned in the list issued by the authorities.

The property dealers claimed that the list issued by the District Commissioner, who is also the Collector, last week was showing the rates of the properties four times higher that actual rates.

The memorandum said the government should fix the rates through a legal procedure detailed in Section 47 A of the Stamp Act under the Indian Registration Act of 1908 which said that in case of any under-valued stamped document presented for registration, the sub-Registrar, after registering the property, can send it to the Registrar for verification.

And the Registrar, or the Collector, after giving appropriate opportunity to parties concerned could pass a quasi-judicial order.

The property dealers claimed that the list issued by the district administration was without any authority of law and the minimum prices shown were not the actual prices of the property and demanded its cancellation.



Book of poems released
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 3
Dr Sarjit Singh Gill, Additional Director, Extension Education (Communication Centre), PAU, today released a book of poems ‘Watano Door’, written by NRI Punjabi Gurdial Singh Premi.

Dr Gill said that the effect of the invasion of alien values on our culture and education system was more dangerous than the invasion by the armies.

He appealed to the right thinking persons to stand unitedly against the onslaught on Punjabi culture by the electronic media.

The chief guest, Mr Om Gauri Dutt Sharma, Deputy Director, Doordarshan Kendra, Jalandhar, said that fight against social evil should not be limited only among the creative writers but all channels of communications, including the electronic media, which could play a great role in curbing this menace.

He said that the writings of Gurdial Singh Premi would be used on Doordarshan Kendra, Jalandhar, to create awareness about social problems among people.

Speaking on the occasion the acting president of the Punjabi Sahitya Akademi appreciated Mr Premi’s initiatives taken while the poet was living in Rajasthan or Canada.

Present on the occasion were Dr Avtar Singh, Associate Director (Publications), Dr Jagtar Singh Dhiman, Communication Centre, Mr Madan Prashar, producer, Doordarshan Kendra, Jalandhar, Dr Surinder Singh, Mr Gurdip Singh Pandher, Mr Nirmal Jaura and Mr Karamjit Singh Narangwal.



Dharna held
Our Correspondent

Jagraon, September 3
Residents of Gandhi Nagar held a dharna in front of the Municipal Council office, here today, to protest against poor sanitary conditions of streets in their area. They also criticised the civic body for failing to take any action following the havoc after the recent rains. 



Dera ransacked
Our Correspondent

Ahmedgarh, September 3
Some unidentified persons ransacked a dera at Jandali village today. Total loss could not be assessed as the dera chief was away to Hardwar at the time of the incident.

According to sources, miscreants entered the dera by climbing the wall around midnight. They overpowered about six ‘sewadars’ and locked them in a room. Robbers then broke open the doors of rooms and ransacked boxes and almirahs. Ramu, a migrant labourer who lives in the dera, said the robbers also took away Rs 4,000 which he had saved. The total loss could not be assessed, because only the dera chief knew about the contents of the boxes and almirahs. The chief had left for Hardwar on August 1.

The ‘sewadars’ could not furnish much information to the police about the miscreants. The police had rounded up some persons for interrogation.



Extortion charge against Tangri
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 3
The police registered a fresh case against Jagdish Tangri and his son, Sunil Tangri, here today on the complaint of a Gur Mandi shopkeeper. They have been charged with extorting money from the complainant.

The Division Number 3 police has registered this case under Sections 384 and 34 of the IPC. According to the FIR, the complainant, Shiv Kumar, said he had given Jagdish Tangri extortion money from 1992 to 1996, after which, his son, Sunil, had started collecting this money. He accused the two of taking Rs 3.5 lakh from him this way.



Hotels given star categories
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 3
A delegation comprising Mr Kirpal Singh, Director, Tourism, Punjab, Mr U.D. Kamat, Regional Director (north), Mr A.M. Basheer, Assistant Director, Tourism, Government of India, and Mr Harmit Singh, member, IATO, visited the city for the classification of some hotels in the state under the star category.

After the inspection, the team approved and classified some hotels at Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Pathankot, Hoshiarpur and Phagwara under two and three star categories. Owners of the properties, which could not be approved and classified due to certain reasons, were advised by the team to keep up the standard and infrastructure of their hotels and be geared up for the next inspection.

Stating this, Mr N. S. Nanda, president of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Punjab, said members of the team advised hotelier to take special interest in upgrading their establishments up to the international standards as the guests who were satisfied as tourists, went back as “goodwill ambassadors”.

Members exhorted the hoteliers to serve hygienic food, give prompt service at reasonable rates, extend maximum facilities and take care of entertainment and medical facilities.



OBC upgrades satellite office
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, September 3
The Oriental Bank of Commerce today upgraded its satellite office situated at Sidhwan Khurd village to a fullfledged branch. The branch was inaugurated by Capt Darbara Singh, president of the Shree Guru Hargobind Ujaggar Hari Trust, which controls the education institutions at the village.


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