Saturday, September 21, 2002
M A I N   F E A T U R E

The man behind Bombay Vikings
Dharam Pal

NEERAJ SHRIDHARNEERAJ SHRIDHAR'S (Bombay Vikings) name might not ring an instant bell as a singer, but when one thinks about his hit albums Kya Soorat Hai and Woh Chali, one knows that he is among the few good singers who have an appealing voice. A popular singer on the Indi-pop scene, he has come out with yet another album Hawa Mein Udata Jaaye. Neeraj is also known as the face and voice of the band Bombay Vikings. The name aptly describes him and his music: Nordic musical influences mixed with sounds from Bollywood. The latest album came about when famous music company Universal Music India Ltd launched Bombay Vikings' latest album Hawa Mein Udata Jaaye. Since the album experiments with new sounds its release has happened at the right time, since listeners are very receptive to new trends in Indi-pop these days. One would be tempted to classify the Bombay Vikings' style as remix, a term that is widely used in the music industry today. But the term does not do justice to Neeraj's sound and style. New contemporary lyrics and funky beats blend in beautifully with old classical tunes. The music retains an old-world feel while appealing to the youth.


"The new album Hawa Mein Udata Jaaye is a result of many brain-storming sessions in the studio. The album is dominated by western music but also has an Indian feel since Indian music is blended with Western music", says Neeraj.

Describing his first album Kya Soorat Hai, he says, "I remembered this song Sona Re but I could not recall the lyrics. But the whole thing sounded great, funky lyrics on old tunes".

Later Neeraj went home, discussed the idea with his friend and got cracking. The band Bombay Vikings decided to launch the first album Kya Soorat Hai in India as it had a very big market for pop music. And the Bombay Vikings’ success story started with the hit Kya Soorat Hai. Their next album Woh Chali just served to reinforce the band’s popularity.

The new album Hawa Mein Udata Jaaye has ten beautiful tracks, including a duet with Falguni Pahak, Tera Mera Pyar Sanam. The title track Hawa Mein Udata Jaaye has also been made into a music video and is surely the most impressive of the lot. Call me up, I believe, You and I, Chalte Jaana Dancing all night, Stop, I got to be loved by you are others track in the new album.