Saturday, September 21, 2002
R H Y M E  T I M E

Elections: Solution or illusion?

Between the robbers and thieves,

A race up to the point,

Where humanity leaves.

Huge promises, large expenses,

Resulting in seats for khadi jackets

And for us, a few more grievances.

From Kashmir to Gujarat,

All honesty fell apart.

A few scams and more mischief,

You have to choose between a robber or a thief.

‘Fresh water and no corruption’

After polls becomes

‘No water and fresh corruption’

It is a complex malicious game;

So after this toil and drama

Will the conditions improve or remain the same?

— Vasu Kumar, Class XI,
K.R.M. D.A.V. College, Nakodar.


In praise of India

Having fought colonial rule,

With pride in my eyes, I watch the tricolor unfurl.

With the launch of cable,

Don’t I find the world at my table?

Guided missile and nuclear power,

The meteoric rise of my nation,

Is the need of the hour.

Amidst the din and uproar against brain drain.

I fear

My voice shall drown, in this surcharged atmosphere,

Against which I cry hoarse

For talent which leaves my country.

Without any sense of remorse.

Since we have entered the cyber era,

Why should we join Indian diaspora?

Be it Germany, Poland or Japan...

Isn’t mera desh mahaan?

Anterjot Singh Bains, Class X-B,
St. John’s High School, Chandigarh.

A wrestler

A man who is fit, strong and the best,

And has a strong and a sturdy chest,

A man whose biceps are like iron ball,

Is called as wrestler and is known to all.

A wrestler has an strength of his own,

And can lift a rock like a small stone.

He can beat any odds for he has the power,

To reach the moon and the stars.

For him it’s not a gift of nature,

He has worked hard to have such features.

But still deep within under that tough skin is a beating heart.

No matter what they are,

No matter what they’ll be,

Concern and love they too deserve,

Despite of their cruel destiny.

— Aseem Surinder, Class VII-B,
St. Joseph’s Convent School, Ferozepur.